Dead or Alive 5 Collector’s Edition Comes With Art Book And Swimsuit Costumes

By Ishaan . June 25, 2012 . 9:02am

Dead or Alive 5 is getting a GameStop-exclusive collector’s edition, as well as pre-order benefits for those that decide to pre-order the game through either GameStop or Amazon. Tecmo Koei announced details on both fronts this morning.


Pre-ordering Dead or Alive 5 at GameStop or Amazon will get you a set of in-game bunny-style swimsuits for three of the game’s female characters. GameStop pre-orders come with a “DOA Angels” set of white swimsuits for Kasumi, Leifang and Hitomi. Meanwhile, Amazon pre-orders come with a “DOA Devils” set of black swimsuits for Christie, Tina and Ayane.


The collector’s edition is more grand. If you buy the collector’s edition at GameStop, you’ll get exclusive swimsuit costumes for every female character in the game, along with a hardcover art book and a soundtrack CD. Also included will be a poster, and the entire package will come in an embossed steel case for $80.


Tecmo Koei haven’t released images of the pre-order or collector’s editions of the game yet (just the image above), but we’ll keep a lookout for when they do. Dead or Alive 5 will be released on September 25th in North America.

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  • Well at least the guys at Team Ninja hasn’t changed when it comes to sex appeal and fanservice.

    • l777l

      Sexy women apparently are comparable to Sushi.

      • Testsubject909

        Despite the fact that Tina’s supposed to be American.

  • XypherCode

    Well this really got my attention :D
    Pre-ordering right now xD

  • I still remember DOA extreme 3 where swimsuits were ingame stuff, then again you had to fight at hardcore levels of difficulty to get them, so I guess it comes down to the same..? Anyway, I cannot say no to swimsuits, so I’ll think about it. Definitely interested in the book.

  • MaruluGames

    Sooo basically if you are a pervert you should buy the collectors edition at your local game stop or pre-order at Amazon.
    Tecmo knows their target audience.
    I wonder how many people pre-order just for this dlc.

    • XypherCode

      You know I am :D
      But seriously I really do enjoy playing fighting games especially DoA *wink*

    • LynxAmali

       I’m grabbing it for the Artbook and Soundtrack CD.

      I’ve always liked DOA’s music so that’s a plus for me.

  • am i the only one who thinks that they should throw a REAL swimsuit there so we can let someone try it on? let’s say cosplay or… yea, you get the idea.

    • or get your girlfriend to look like DOA characters and envoke somebody sexual fantasy, yes I seen girls trying to dress up as DOA characters in swimsuit to get their boyfriend to you know to “please them”.

    • l777l

      That’s an interesting idea. I’d like to witness the reactions to that.

    • Crazy_O

      Id definitly buy it with a real swimsuit. Now where can i find a red haired japanese beauty ….

  • I’m definitely getting DOA 5, but before I pre-order I would like to see some pictures of the swimsuits on the girls……..

  • Prinnydoom

    Well i was holding out until now………………….hello collectors edition nice to meet ya ^__________________________________^

  • XypherCode

    I’m planning to buy the collector’s edition (who doesn’t want free exclusives) xD.
    But is it alright to pre-order the regular game first and just switch to the collector’s ed if it finally comes out on GameStop’s list at their site?

    • Josephl64

      just go to the store and ask to upgrade whilst paying the little extra you have to pay to pre-order a collector’s edition versus a standard

      • XypherCode

        Thanks! :D

  • Really? GameStop-exclusive? Well, that’s a bummer, since there’s no GameStop here!

    Here’s hoping Europe will get an exclusive Collector’s Edition, then…

  • Hours

    I have no problem with KT doing the DLC swimsuit costumes, but I hope the do swimsuits for the male characters as well.

    If you are going to do fan service, at least make it equal.

    • MaruluGames

      “You’ll get exclusive swimsuit costumes for every female character in the game”
      You only get it for the female characters.

      • Testsubject909

        A shame really. At least something like a goofy swimsuit for the guys like they did in Xenosaga 2 would be appreciated, like the big buff army guys wearing a snorkel and boxer shorts.

        • Hours

          I wouldn’t really be satisfied with “goofy” swimsuits, personally. I want to see the guys in attractive swimwear, and I know a lot of other people would too.

          There are plenty of gay men and straight ladies that play fighting games, and it would be nice if everyone was treated equally. Like I said before, I’ve got no problem with seeing the female characters in bikinis, but only if the males get the same attention.

          • SirTeffy

             ^THIS! So much this. I tweeted Inspchin when this was announced (along with several other people) that Team Ninja needs to include swimsuits for the guys – and their banana hammocks need to be as tiny and tight as the female characters’ – NO MORE “SCUBA BAYMAN”

    • Darkrise

      I think they’ll eventually throw in some speedos or something after the game is released.

  • Selaphiel

    Didn’t nu-Team Ninja claim they weren’t going to oversexualize the female characters?

    Was there really enough negative backlash that they changed their mind?

    As is, I’m still not looking forward to it. Call me when they announce that they took out the QTEs.

    • l777l

      “Was there really enough negative backlash that they changed their mind?”

      Depends. What do you consider to be “positive backlash”?

      • Selaphiel

        You, sir, have made me smile.

      • Testsubject909

        YOU! Your Comment… IT’S AWESOME! *Smacks l777l in the face with positivity*

  • Josh Strange

    You knew this was coming!

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Swimsuits are boring. Give me more revealing normal clothing. Thats waaay better.

  • Yesfir

    Haha, this is really silly pre-order content but I think it’s kind of a cute bundle. I’m totally in for this one, I already was but this is extra neat now.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      I kept reading the last bit of your post as “extra meat” which, considering the nature of the DLC costumes, it totally made sense you’d say that~!

      • Yesfir

         Hey, if they wanna throw in some meat to sweeten the pre-order deal…Wait, no.

  • Nitraion

    Still not liking DLC costume trend…
    wish we can get some in game…

    • Testsubject909

      Makes me wonder now… If they make a Dead or Alive Xtreme 3… Would they make half the costumes DLC only?

      Great Scott I hope not…

  • Guest

    Will this game have an online pass?

    • Repede91

      Tecmo hasn’t mentioned anything about an online pass for DOA5, but Ninja Gaiden 3 had an online pass. So I wouldn’t be surprised if DOA5 does as well.

  • Andrew Tarter

    No Kokoro?!

  • aoihana

    Oh, man, I wasn’t thinking about pre-ordering Dead or Alive 5, much less the Collector’s Edition, but these bonuses are making me consider doing just that! (*≧m≦*)  

    Let’s see, exclusive swimsuits for the lovely girls of Dead or Alive 5, a hardcover artbook, soundtrack, poster, and it’ll come in a badass steelcase? You had me at swimsuits! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

    Christie, I do this for you! (●´□`)♡

    • Testsubject909

      Allow me to make the proper funeral arrangement for your wallet.

      • aoihana

        If it isn’t a funeral arrangement, then perhaps a shopping spree. The thief known as @Darkrise:disqus is apparently plotting to steal my wallet. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

        • Testsubject909

          Heh… If he knew better, he’d try to aim at Tuna’s endless wallet…

          He hasn’t posted in a long time hasn’t he?

    • Darkrise

      Allow me to plot the theft of your wallet.

  • Andrew Austin

    I’d buy this game if it meant they’d make an Xtreme 3.

    • Testsubject909

      I hear you bro.

      The amount of fanservice in that game is phenomenal, but beyond anything, it’s the perfect cool off video game. It’s like a bunch of relaxing mini games, there’s no rush, no story, you just chill so it’s perfect for when you’re feeling the weight of too many epics and whatnot.

      It’s a great buffer between larger games and the more complex mini games are in themselves pretty fun. (Volleyball and Jet Ski)

      • aoihana

        Ah, I think I have the first one for the original Xbox, but I never did play it. I was thinking of getting Xtreme 2, but I never did. Maybe I should, it sounds pretty easygoing, but fun, too, with the fanservice to keep things interesting! (◕‿◕✿)

        • Testsubject909

          I prefer the volleyball in the original Xbox. Xtreme 2’s not bad but somehow I always preferred the original on the Xbox over the one on the 360. Guess the less out there breast physics and just a simplistic focus on the volleyball and just plain chilling was nice.

          Though Xtreme 2 has more characters, I think more skimpy swimsuits and more mini games to play around with.

          It really is just a game to chill with.

  • xavier axol

    why are people way too sensitive when it comes to fan service now? come on!! look i know that more and more, group of people (not just guys ranging from early teens to young adults) are interested in video games. but for now let me enjoy this few games that have some sexual appeal.
    honestly, instead of worrying if the game is too sexual oriented. people should demand developers to create a game that has a strong female lead character, just look at tomb raider. she’s no longer in power, i can tell you that much.

    • puchinri

      You can never be too sensitive about matters like this~.
      (You can be a prude maybe, in a very conservative matter, but never too sensitive or considerate~!)

      I love fanservice myself, of the male and female sort. However, the problem is not that there’s fanservice, but that it is all of the male gaze sort and disproportionately so. The female gaze is all but inexistent, and there’s already a lot of bad messages and implications attached to the fanservice and characters alone.

      We need more female protags in general, and strong ones especially (that aren’t sexualized). Having more strong, better written leads in general is important, and again, there’s also a disproportionate bias here which is unfortunate. But speaking up about the matters helps a lot. :’)

      It’s okay to enjoy something that’s sexualized or has buttloads of fanservice, but we should still always call out how unequal/unfair and problematic it is/could be~.

      • British_Otaku

        Sorry to revive the sexuality argument (which is destroying the interwebs) here but I must say that people can’t decide on what is a good female protagonist. When people talk about female protagonists, people often list additional requirements which go on the lines of:

        The character cannot be sexualised, despite it being acceptable or even a core concept in context if you look at original IPs like Lollipop Chainsaw or Bayonetta. It also includes dressing ‘lightly’, being portrayed in a sexualised manner by official media or by a fanbase.

        Overall, it is loose enough that people see it as “No sexual relations, no males around as an influence, no moments of weakness at least not ones that a male helps resolve or get involved in, don’t wear a dress, don’t dress like a male, don’t develop a fanbase which draws sexy fanart of you”.


        I wouldn’t mind a quick definition of your “strong female protags” and how the sexuality directly harms their status…


        • puchinri

          I’m going to have disagree and say any debates surrounding sexuality (or related issues) is not destroying the internet. ^u^
          What probably is helping destroy the internet are things like trolling, flaming, intolerance and generally being insensitive or ignorant to overall problematic issues (and very particular mentalities on the net do not help either).

          Sure, some people can’t, but in general, the majority people who want “strong, female characters” can agree on the very basics of what that qualifies as. But in the end, different types of strength appeal to different people, and it’s okay if they look for that in their female characters. And if we had more female leads, that would be a great possibility, because we’d have a large, diverse group of female leads. Kind of like how we have a very large, very diverse group of male leads. :’)

          With sexuality, the main issue is how it’s handled. I do enjoy Bayonetta, but the game and character still have some problematic handling. From the start, I could not get behind Lollipop Chainsaw. And the game confirms why. The problem is that too many female characters in general are sexualized, and having sexuality is not a problem for the female characters, but that this sexuality is basically cheap fanservice. Video game characters can’t really have agency technically, but the problem is in how their creators to give it to them (or a lack thereof).

          In the end, both Juliet and ‘Netta are viewed through a very male gaze lens with their sexuality. I give the team a bit more credit with Bayonetta, because she’s more proactive in wielding her sexuality and can give back more than others try to throw at her, but there’s still very bad implications and what not there.

          A good example, while not a game, is Utena. For an anime that deals with many heavy, mature topics and uses sexuality quite often, it portrays these in an adult manner that actually has messages and does not try to say that they’re “parodies” or “satire” and fail to deliver. And, often enough, it shows how damaging certain types of sexuality can be (and how it reflects on all parties). It also shows how sexuality is wielded as defined by gender and how to break out of that. With many of our video games, sexuality is handled in a strong gender binary and in the end, does not subvert or avert anything. It still ends up playing hard into things. Take the upcoming Tomb Raider game. The team apparently wanted to tone down the overt sexuality, but they just put it everywhere else and in a more problematic way.

          The people who say this stuff (“No sexual relations, no males around as an influence, no moments of weakness at least not ones that a male helps resolve or get involved in, don’t wear a dress, don’t dress like a male, don’t develop a fanbase which draws sexy fanart of you”.) aren’t really wanting a strong, female character either. Now, the male influence part is very iffy and has to be handled well.

          In Miyazaki movies, there’s certainly male influences, but his female characters are strong and not dependent (solely) on these male influences, and there are other female influences that are equally or more so a large part of their lives and growth as the males are. When your female character is depending on male character(s) often (or more) and especially on them only, you’re just fulfilling the status quo, not really making a strong, female character.

          The problem with sexual relations goes back to the above. The problem is that these sexual relations are usually handled in a very poorly conceived manner, if handled at all. And, they are usually in a very hetero manner; if they are lesbians, again, the male gaze is there to stare them down usually. The moment of weakness is something that comes up when people don’t understand the issues and stuff on a deeper level. Moments of weakness are healthy and refreshing for characters, but part of the problem is that some people think female specifically need a moment of weakness to grow (and not men). Again, TR (and using Uncharted). Lara needs to overcome being weak, needs to be protected, has to face the threat of rape. But when it comes to male characters, devs don’t project these mentalities on male characters. These have to do more with stereotypes and conceived notions rather than research and looking at real world examples.

          Personally, I like all types of strong female characters. I like the ones that are competent and independent, but still not an able fighter. I like the ones that are badasses off the chart and can handle their ish and save everyone else’s ass (Samus – and Bayonetta, but her sexuality could have been handled a bit better). I also like ones that are calm, gentle and still strong – like Princess Zelda (in OoT and TP especially). I like ones that are girly, but still able to be competent “despite that” or even wield it (Pretty Cure, Winx Club, Princess Peach). I also love female leads that aren’t resigned to only “pure” traits and that are selfish, greedy and ambitious and handled in a fun way (Mint, Prier, Lina Inverse).

          Strong, female characters are like strong characters (male) to me. There shouldn’t be just one type. In the end, they should be a fleshed out character that’s able to overcome problems (with or without the support of others, but eventually/in the end) on their own and grow. They should be competent in some matter or grow to be competent. 

          In the end, making a strong, female character sounds impossible to some people, but it really isn’t. There are quite a few out there, it’s just that there’s more that aren’t handled well (usually problems with fanservice and sexuality, or sadly, in everything). It’s also that we have such a small number of female leads. I mean, people just need to be smarter about it. Creators like Bryke (of AtLA and LoK) handle female characters excellently and show a great diversity. Naoko Takeuchi made a large, incredibly diverse cast of female characters of varying strength (physically, emotionally and mentally) and also gave them sexuality without abusing it (because male and female creators can abuse and mishandle sexuality). The creator of Winx, Iginio Straffi, created a group of girls that have a lot of heavily feminine and girly themes around them, but they all have a strength and different personalities and while they have boyfriends that come to their rescue, they also rescue their boyfriends, depend on each other and overcome problems as individuals as well.

          Really, I’m sure we’ll have this problem less as the times go. Plenty of companies are pretty sensitive to the matter or at least smart about it, and I think that as more people speak up and also understand things, creators will be more mindful, and for those of us taking in the messages (or delivering it) that may also go into a creative, related field, we can help broaden the spectrum and introduce younger generations to it all too~.

          • > I like ones that are girly, but still able to be competent
            > Princess Peach

            If it wasn’t for Super Princess Peach I’d laugh hard at that although it still made me laugh.

          • puchinri

            You saying Princess Peach isn’t competent? >’)

            But yeah, SPP is a mixed deal (technically, it’s a smart idea, but the premise can sound and look very bad). In spin-off titles, she’s a lot of fun to me~. (And I like that she sits back, writes you letters calmly and helps out in her own way in the newer mainstream titles. I just imagine her having tea time all chill.)

          • malek86

            “In the end, making a strong, female character sounds impossible to some people, but it really isn’t.”

            Why can’t people just make a “character”, instead of making a male character or a female character? I say the day when we get a character’s role in a story not be defined by its sex, is the day we won’t have this problem anymore. I think focusing specifically on making “strong female characters” is not the solution, because it still brings back the entire issue to mind. It’s like when you put a token female in every movie just to please the movement groups – that only serves to reinforce the problem by putting it upfront. Rather, the situation is solved when a moviemaker will be able to insert or not a female character without anyone getting angry about what he did. Same here.

            Mind, I’m probably a touch clouded on the issue, since I rarely play games for the story – it doesn’t matter to me if I’m playing as a man, a woman, or a robot. As long as I’m scoring hits against monsters and increasing my points counter, it’s fine.

          • puchinri

            It’s a nice thought and it’d be ideal, but the problem is, things do not exist in a vacuum. We live in a world where there is a great deal of institutionalized sexism (among other things). That means that creators often, unconsciously (I hope) decide to make white, straight, cis-gendered, male, able-bodied characters. (And because of that, many other groups get left out. Also, in Japan’s case, the characters to me are read as Japanese, regardless of any specifics, but they can be read as ethnically neutral as well, I suppose.)

            Also, when we say we want strong, female characters – we don’t want her role to be defined by her gender. But as the female population has an interesting place in the world, it would be very nice to have more (easily?) relatable faces in the industry (well, all industries and everything). The problem isn’t thinking to add strong female characters at all; it’s that people don’t. They consciously think to add male characters more often. Sometimes they unconsciously think to add male characters more often. But rarely does anyone think to add (strong) female characters, and that’s where the problem really lies.

            Story and character are certainly first for me, but they aren’t the only thing, and I don’t have to play something that has a story. But in the end, representation is the problem. If you’d like more details on the matter, I could link you to some places and people that could explain it much better than I ever could.

          • Well…
            Peach: Hey Mario, remember back then when Bowser kidnapped me?
            Mario: Uh huh.
            Peach: Oh and that other time when he kidnapped me?
            Mario: Yep.
            Peach: And that time when he kidnapped me on 3D graphics?
            Mario: …
            Peach: And when we were on a Paper World…
            *An eternity later*
            Peach: Wish I was as courageous as you, maybe that way you wouldn’t end up rescuing me that much.
            Mario: Well, you did-a nice job when we defeated Waart.
            Peach: Huh? Who?
            Mario: My paardons, that was part of my dream-a!

            After so many kidnappings she should’ve figured out a way to stop Bowser from kidnapping her and stop relying on Mario by now.


          • puchinri

            Well, not even Mario can stop Bowser from lifting the whole kingdom. Sadly, the series is named after Mario. So really, the devs should just find a way for Bowser to be a threat without having Princess Peach be kidnapped every time.

            While she does not get to show her competence in the mainstream titles, she is pretty capable in the spin-offs and related works at least~. I mean, besides, everyone gets saved by Mario in the main titles (even his own brother).

  • How come males never get swimsuit costumes? Ryu Hayabusa would look hot if tanned and in some JM Sports, or better yet, a thong!

    • Testsubject909

      Well… technically. Zack is sort of in a swimwear…

      edit: In some of the games.

  • RaikageV

    I wonder if the swimsuits of the pre-order editions are the same as the ones of the collector’s edition.
    If they’re not the same, then I guess best is to pre-order at GameStop in order to get both.
    I don’t like GameStop but it’s for Leifang’s sake. (≧∇≦)/

    • aoihana

      That’s what crossed my mind momentarily, but it says:  If you buy the collector’s edition at GameStop, you’ll get exclusive swimsuit costumes for every female character in the game

      I’m thinking the swimsuits from the pre-order and Collector’s Edition are different bonuses, so yes, I’d pre-order if I were you, just to be safe! 

      Leifang, eh? I’m doing it for Christie! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

      • Testsubject909

        Christie’s nice. She’s definitely one of the top girls in there and one of the partners in DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball that I kept grabbing. A bit of an overaller but she was consistently capable in term of her A.I. For proper offensive and for defensive purposes, though anyone who’s used to that game knows never to rely on the partner and always have them shuffle the ball back to you so you can guarantee that you don’t hit the net with a spike…

        I’d get it for Hitomi, but honestly, I’ll wait this time around. I got the DOA Ultimate Collection, I got the DOA2 for PS2, I got DOA4 when it came out, but this turn around, I don’t know why, I don’t really feel a need to go grab it.

        Still, enjoy your Christie in Swimsuit!

    • The PR does make it sound like they’re different. They use the word “exclusive” for the pre-orders (implying you won’t get them any other way) and “premium” for the CE, again, implying that they’re special in some way. 

      • malek86

        But then, that means you would have absolutely no way of getting all the costumes, unless you preordered the game from two different retailers…

        Considering what they did with the DOA5 demo (two different sets of characters as bonus for preordering NG3, all four characters for the CE), I believe they are might be the same costumes.

        Overall, the point is that I think the CE will contain all the available content for the game.

        • Did you forget DLC exists? DOA, especially, is ripe with DLC possibilities for costumes. :P

    • Anime10121

      Oh do I hate that Gamestop has the Lei Fang costume (and is the only place to buy the CE), she’s my favorite character from DOA, but I love Amazon to death (no tax + Free shipping).

  • Jonathan Keycross

    I will always prefer aesthetic bonuses rather than gameplay privileges. So, to me, this is a good thing.

    • Testsubject909

      True, on one hand we feel like gameplay element might have possibly been cut out, on the other, it’s really harmless fluff that’s well appreciated but in no way crucial.

  • wahyudil

    I will wait the Ultimate collection with all the bundle and DLC … maybe in Wii U

  • Locklear93

    “Gamestop exclusive.”  Hell no.  I don’t mind pre-order DLC, but when something is only available at one retailer, it really irritates me.  Ah well.  I don’t really trust Tecmo titles with Itagaki gone.  I’m not saying he’s some god of game design, but he definitely left his mark on his work.

  • Tee Niitris

    Wait, weren’t they going to “tone down the sexualization?” Guess Nu-Team Ninja couldn’t follow through. Heh heh.

    *runs from thrown rotten fruit*

    Whatever, I just want the game to be worth getting the CE (so that I can have the artbook). It’s too easy to get burned off of CE’s these days.

    • konsama

      Remember when Bamco said they’d tone down SCV and it would had less skimpy suits than SCIV did? 

    • Testsubject909

      *tosses you a fresh fruit*

      Gotta eat healthy! But yeah, I’ve been noticing that too.

      They opened Ninja Gaiden 3 with an ultra gory teaser and stated they’d try something new and removed the bloody dismemberments and whatnot only to later put them back in for the Wii U version.

      Then they say that for DOA they’ll cut down on the fanservice to be a serious fighter and then well, I fail to see a difference in fan service.

      And then there was that one bit where they blamed their focus on trying to appeal to the western audience for the changes in Ninja Gaiden 3. Which just seems odd as Ninja Gaiden did get a solid audience here, and changing that formula is a risk that would most likely only cause harm to an established fanbase… So I’m still wondering, what’re they thinking and… Makes me think I can wait on this first, see how the game holds up before choosing to dive into it…

  • ArcadiaSymphonia

    I love collectors editions so i have to pre order this!

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Ah gamestop domination eh?

  • Kitestwinblades

    Lol These guys…  Teasing the fans with what they can.
    Btw, are they REALLY going with this box cover? Its getting close and I’m expecting them to change it.  …But If they don’t, I’m going to be laughing the WHOLE time taking this home XD

  • Tyler Sedrick

    Now I have to change my Pre-order-_- any ideas when gamestop will have this in the stores data base because I don’t want to waste a trip down there I know doesn’t have it listed.

  • Wondering_Zero

    I don’t particularly like gamestop…But that steel case and artbook are tempting.

    Meh, I think it’ll depend on what it looks like. If it looks bad I’ll probably just buy the regular edition from amazon.

  • SoulEmbrace2010


  • Strawberry_Pancakes

    I don’t really like the gamestop near me. Every time I went in there one person would ask if I needed help. I would tell them no and different employee would ask the same thing and then another one. They would all stare at me also.. 

    On another note the collectors edition sound pretty nice. Although I hope that you can pre-order online so I don’t have to go in.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Not trying to troll or something but…why no costumes for the males?

    • Darkrise

      Males not sexy enough.

      • Wha? Males are plenty smexy… As long as they aren’t wearing speedos…       (  ._.) 

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          ….They are going to wear koteka there.^^

          • L.O.L Seriously laughed SO loud at that!!! 

  • Darkrise

    I-It’s not like I’m getting it for the swimsuits or anything!

    • ﹁_﹁ …I would think you might have a better chance of convincing people if you had an avatar that is… a tad more modest.

      • Darkrise

        D-Don’t misunderstand! The main focus is her gaze! ( ̄□ ̄;)

  • Testsubject909

    Huh… I’m trying to remember what article was it where they said they wanted to veer away from all that fanservice stuff?

    Hmm… Eh, whatever. Guess they realized that the extra push from it doesn’t hurt their sales huh?

    • I remember that too (U.U )

      • Testsubject909


        For Shame, Team Ninja… For Shame…

  • MrKappa

    Does this “steel case” mean I get no real game case? That pisses me off with SE games. Dark Souls was nice but other games will just put the disc in some cardboard sleeve or inside their fancy steel case and make it hell to take it out.

  • thundergodCN

    Buying this for two reasons (. )( .)

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    ….. Team Ninja……. you forget about “Less fanservice”? Well not that i am complaining here lol.

    After all…….. DOA= BOOBIES!!!.^^

  • Setsuna ♥

    Another $20 for perverted ingame costumes and collectors swag ? My lunch money is yours Tecmo Koei ~

  • monk_123

     Perverts rejoice, we don’t have to import anymore!  ^0^

  • Blesmi

    om nom nom

  • Visa Vang

    PUNCH! KICKS! BOOBS!! I’m not gonna play any male character ever!!!

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