These Amazing Spider-Man Game Costumes Have A Whole Lot Of Black On Them…

By Ishaan . June 25, 2012 . 1:31pm

Marvel and Beenox have revealed three more costumes for The Amazing Spider-Man game, in addition to the three we’ve already seen (here and here). First up is Spider-Man’s Negative Zone suit from the comics:



Next, his Future Foundation suit:



And finally, the Big Time suit from the Big Time story arc in the comics:



The Amazing Spider-Man will be released on June 26th for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, and Nintendo DS. A PC version of the game will follow at a later date.

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  • Based Prince Vegeta #BADMAN

    Title of this article. Is a lot of black bad…?  I like the middle one btw.

    • No9

      I guess variety would be nice is what he’s getting at.

  • yoUNg_grOUp568

    isn’t the future foundation supposed to be white with the spider and his eyes black?

    • No9

      Hmm I think that’s how it normally is but I’m pretty sure it does change colour. I remember seeing that in FF#1.

  • I assume Cosmic Spider-Man will be somewhere in there as well. The game takes place during daytime only I assume? Night time would look amazing, maybe a scripted night chapter like older open world games.

    • Jahred Down

      It has nighttime in it. Some chapters are in the day and some are at night. It tends to switch it up every now and then.

  • MrKappa

    LMAO! What the hell Beenox?! Screw up the FF costume by using the ugly inverted one, use the ugly Negative Zone costume which looks eerily like the ugly ass movie 3 black suit and the Big Time? Big Time is the only awesome black colored suit in this game.
    How much you want to bet the next suit revealed is black?

  • Solomon_Kano

    When I asked for the Future Foundation suit THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT!

    Curse my non-specific requests! But, really, why the hell did they pick that version of his FF suit? Pretty lame. And why does his Negative Zone suit look like they just added white to the Spider-Man 3 black suit?

    *sigh* At least we got the Big Time suit. If these are his only suits, I’m only using his standard suit, Scarlet Spidey, and Big Time. Screw the rest.

    • Christopher Nunes

      To me the 
      Future Foundation suit is closer to the Symbiote Suit I want and I’ll probably main that costume. What did the Future Foundation suit originally looked like or the one you wanted to see in this game?

      I’ll admit they’re not doing great on the costumes in the game and the Negative Zone Suit DOES like like the SM3 Black Suit, I actually thought they did change the Black Suit probably from comments here and other places.

      So far Standard Suit and Future Foundation Suit are the only two I would see, and possible the SM3 Symbiote Suit since it IS a Symbiote Suit but I wanted the old one of the Webs of Shadow version at least. I never truly played SM3 or Webs  of Shadow (though my brother did buy both so I might try them out).

      I think there’s a few more, but why did they pick these looks for them? Not excellent the best, seriously the original Spider-Man 1 and 2 games from the PSOne Era had excellent costume selection.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Picture this FF suit, but inverted. His normal FF suit is mostly white with some black. This version looks more like Flash Thompson’s Venom costume… which, would actually have been a really awesome alt. Drat.


        Flash’s Venom:

        You’re right, Spider-Man on PS1’s costume selection was excellent. I always used to use Scarlet Spider in that game. I think the most disappointing part of Beenox picking all these lame costumes is that they picked such great costumes when they did Shattered Dimensions. Seriously, that’s the most I’ve ever enjoyed unlocking costumes because they had a lot of Spidey’s best.

        • Christopher Nunes

          I see… to be honest I want the FF Suit to be white now! It looks better white than black, no offense! ^_^

          Though I prefer the original Venom or Black Spider-Man Suit, the Flash Thompson one is interesting, but not Venom for me. Though I would’ve preferred the Flash Thompson Venom over the SM3 Black Suit… at least it’s a better and closer to the original Symbiote Suit Spider-Man suit and it’s very Spider-Man-like compare to Venom.

          Hopefully there’s more Costumes in this game and are MUCH better than what we see here.

          PS: Sorry for being off-topic here, but I wanted to let you know that CDJapan DECLINED my order on my .hack//Versus Combo Pack… I knew something was up… and now both CDJapan and Play-Asia are out-of-stock. Luckily I found out I could pre-order on YesAsia and got it there, however instead of paying around $150 I’m paying about $200! I’m peeved at paying an extra $50 from a different site for the same item! >_<

          Well I'm getting The World Edition, but this is WHY I don't buy stuff off of YesAsia unless there's no other option. Sorry for ranting about that.

          And on another note, who's that in your Avatar? I can't tell since I was used to your Rider Avatar from Fate/Zero!

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, Flash’s Venom is far from the usual symbiote suits, but I’d also prefer it to them reusing the SM3 suit. That’s just so lazy. So, yea, let’s hope they’ve got better ones on the way.

            Wow. That’s crazy. Sucks that you had to pay an extra $50. I’ve gotta get my hands on that hybrid disc eventually, but it looks like now isn’t the time if it’s out of stock.

            Oh, and my avatar is Jedah Dohma from Darkstalkers. I’m thinking about changing back to Rider after having seen the end of F/Z. So awesome.

          • Christopher Nunes

            I agree… Flash’s Venom Suit would’ve been better!

            Well no use crying over spilt milk, but now I have to start saving again after this. T_T
            Totally need a second job, hate how my paycheck is below $100 a week now as of many months ago.

            Ah, I see… I thought, for some reason is was Yukari because of the purple, but I know of the DarkStalkers series though not that character at all. Haven’t seen Fate/Zero yet but I want to! Just reading about Rider’s personality from the Type-Moon wikia makes Rider SUPER AWESOME! I wouldn’t mind having him as my Servant in the Holy Grail War and he will be my bro! :D

  • Guest

    I would like a Peter Parker outfit

  • Learii

    get us a blue suit lol

  • cjeromek

    Have to admit this is Beenox’s weakest game in terms of costumes. But they do get a pass seeing as it’s a tie-in game with all kind of awesome detail put into world-building. I mean honestly I hope the movie does really well so we can see a sequel to this and see how much more these guys have in store.

  • spiderman is getting ready for Tron.

  • William Carpenter

    Oh, right, the Big Time stealth suit that he used for like… five issues? I don’t understand why Marvel tried making such a big deal about it. It’s an alright looking suit, but man, it was so forgettable otherwise. It’s almost as if they want more excuses to make Spider-Man variant action figures or something…

    The Future Foundation costume is kind of a disappointment too.

    But really, I’m not gonna nitpick alternate costumes. I never use them personally, and it’s far from an important aspect of the overall game.

    • Blackhowling

       funny thing is that the Stealth Suit is now Kane’s Scarlet Spider suit in the comics. Dunno why they just couldn’t give us the original black instead of this lol, but oh well I’m still planning on buying the game and seeing the movie. Hope they both turn out great.

  • AsuraZero

    Iron-Spider, Scarlet-Spider, SymbioteSuit/BlackSuit those are the  most iconic suits most people seem to like. I don’t think the people who make these games do any kind of research as to what fans might want to see in their games. They just go with what they think fans want to see. That CrossBreed costume was a dumb idea, I don’t even use it. Hell a Peter-Parker costume would have been better.

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