Fan Demands Elicit A Response From Tekken Series Producer Harada

By Ishaan . June 26, 2012 . 12:00pm

Of late, some rather vocal Tekken fans appear to have touched a nerve, making demands of the series’ producer, Katsuhiro Harada.


In particular, the subject of voice-acting and including certain characters in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which have been among the demands, seem to have caused Harada considerable grief, and this week, the game designer replied with a lengthy message over Twitter (via Eurogamer). Harada’s message, in full, follows below:


I have something I want to say to the people who spam me with requests to "switch back (or Bring back) to the voice actors used previously".


I believe that, before whining and complaining about everything, you need practice at taking a step back and analyzing things objectively. And also at being an adult.


First, the voice you were listening to was 16 years ago, during the PlayStation period. The current generation of consoles are totally different in how they play back sound; both software-wise, and the internal circuitry.


The playback program is different, as well as the sound effects added; reverb and 5.1 are examples of this. The compression rate, as well as the sound rate, is different today. Are you playing games on the same TV you used 16 years ago? What about your speakers? Headphones? They are all the same as 16 years ago? I wonder if it will sound like the same voice as 16 years ago, even with that data..
Also, you are assuming the voice actors themselves can reproduce the voice the recorded 16 years ago? Many voice actors decline work because their voice has changed since the original role, some have even retired. Sometimes they won’t accept, even if we ask.


The recording studio and the equipment they use is also different. With all of this in mind, you still thing it is possible to recreate these voices? Some might say "just pay them to reuse the voice data". But, often the voice actors decline this, or their agency declines.


For example, Brian’s laugh is the actual data from Tekken 3. As fans have requested, we’ve kept using the original, adapting the data recorded 16 years ago to be used on the PS2, and then PS3. Even so, some people said it is a different voice in Tekken 6 than the original.


It can’t be helped they might think that. As explained above, even though the master data is the same, all of the equipment used in adapting it has completely changed. That said, it isn’t a good idea to try to re-create the older recording environment because then the data sounds heavily compressed, with noise. More than that, it would sound out of place next to the voice data of the newer characters.


WHAT? You say some of the voices sound like they haven’t changed at all? I guess you didn’t notice that the development team has re-recorded them, but made efforts for it to sound as close as possible to the original. And you probably didn’t even notice.


Do you know that all of the voice work for a character is not always done by just one voice actor? Using Brian as an example, the laugh you guys love so much uses the original data from Tekken 3, but the short kiai voice uses a different voice actor, and the "come on!" voice also uses a different voice actor. A lot of other characters also use different voice actors for the spoken lines and for the shouts.


I did the voice work for Marshal and Forest for 15 years. However, I can no longer produce that voice after Tekken 5, so we had a different voice actor for Tekken 6.


The Tekken series has continued for 17 years. The development environment, as well as the environment in which you all play games, has changed. There are so many characters, and we can’t keep using he same voice actors every time, for a variety of reasons.


I have even complied to the requests of you all spamming me to "bring back characters" from previous installments. You often say, "let’s show the dev team how sincere we are by buying 2 copies if they bring back character X", but did you really go through with it? Expecting you to at least pre-order the game, I was met with more spam, after you apparently didn’t notice that Jun and Michelle actually return.


I still have some characters left to be revealed that comply with some of your requests, even "bringing back" several others. Even so, none of them are paid DLC. I will continue to sincerely comply with fan requests.


However, I can’t continue to engage the negative ones that, without knowing what you are talking about, or even thinking about what you are saying, blindly repeat "bring back, bring back, bring back…"


After this lengthy explanation, I will be quite surprised if there are still people who still don’t get it. Thanks for understanding or not understanding. Whatever.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be released on September 11th in North America and September 14th in Europe for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A Wii U version of the game will follow this holiday season with additional features.


Note: Harada’s message slightly edited to fix spelling errors.

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  • Paradox me

    I love this man.

    An amazing response to whiny, obnoxious fans. We need more of this.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Its about Fing time Harada showing that swag factor now if only if the tales producer did the same thing.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Well that was actually pretty educational on the voice aspects. Nice.

  • Greek-God88

    keep it up Harada :3

  • Very well said. It explains a lot. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’ll do jack squat. There will always be those fans. It just happens. And he knows it.

    But it had to be said. And how very informative.

  • Arcm

    That response is epic. Oh, Harada you so awesome!

  • l777l

    It seems he has a point.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    When Harada speaks, everyone shuts up. I love how he pretty much opens up with “Listen up you little whiny bitches,”

  • Jonathan Keycross

    First time I read about the voice-acting area in game development and the hardships it must endure, specially from the perspective of a producer.

    Quite an interesting read. I hope Harada´s account will receive less spam asking the same thing, he doesn´t deserve that.

  • Amazing, but it sucks it had to come to this. 

  • ZEROthefirst

    That’s right Harada, put those retards in their place!

    • puchinri

      While I agree, it’s best to try and use idiots or fools rather than retards~.
      (And I personally would use fools, just to sound extra classy.)

      • ZEROthefirst

        Class has no meaning, only being the biggest badass matters when you’re Harada.

        • puchinri

          But we’re not Harada~. ouo;

          And besides, part of what made that so great was also that Harada was very classy. >uO

  • We definitely need more people in the industry like Harada.

  • SirRichard

    Good on him, frankly! It must be irritating as all hell to have to deal with fans like that directly day in and day out, and he handled it rather professionally, all things considered. Even completely explained why they’re wrong and need to shut up, he deserves credit for that!

  • ddh819

    they should put this kind of stuff in the game as something like a commentary track 

  • scratchbach

    This was…awesome. So much respect for this guy for saying this.

  • konsama

    This is what i like about him, his honesty, he doesn’t touch his heart to say what he has, he hasn’t only been giving attention to what fans says, but actually put them in their place when required without giving stupid excuses like “It’s a different region market” and etc.

    He at least is giving a very good and plausible explanation to why things aren’t being done as many people request, unlike others. And i totally agree with him, I’m very conscious gamers are one of the most demanding fanbase around and something is never enough for them, and i know since I’ve been in both sides of the coin.

    Also we’d have to remember this isn’t just a port with different voice covers like SH HD, but an actual new game.

  • Jungo

    Poor guy. He must put up with a ton.

  • badmoogle

    I don’t really care if they changed equipment,changed voice actors,used the same voice actors but changed the equipment,it doesn’t really matter.

    What does matter is the fact that Brian’s voice in T6 sucked balls.People don’t really care how Namco managed to fail on that,that’s Namco’s problem.
    All i know is that Brian’s voice was perfect in Dark Ressurection Online (a game that came out just a few years before T6 mind you) but still Namco somehow managed to screw it.

    So really all of his excuses sound a bit pointless to be honest.

    • Kyle D. Johnson

      … And here you are being the exact type of person he was referring to. Good job.

      • badmoogle

        Have you even bothered reading my post?Yeah i don’t think so,it seems you are more interested in getting some quick “likes” from this site’s cheerleaders.Good job on that.

        •  Have you bothered to read Harada’s statement to whining fans? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Good job.

          • badmoogle

            I did and i made a point about what he said.I said that the fans “job” is to judge the results.And the developers job is to deliver the best results possible.
            If something is good,is good.If something is bad,is bad.Excuses don’t really matter and are very unprofessional.

            But even if you want to take Harada’s word as the word of God,i raised an argument (in my original post that you obviously didn’t read).Brian’s voice changed dramatically for the worse from Tekken 5 DRO to Tekken 6 in just one year.What do you have to say about that?Is it the equipments fault?Did the character’s voice changed so much in just one year’s difference?

            If he said that he prefered Brian’s voice in T6,i wouldn’t have a problem with that because that would have been just his opinion.But the general consensus was that it sounded totally out of character.

            That’s all.

          • “I said that the fans “job” is to judge the results.”

            The thing is, as per Sturgeon’s Law, most fans are really, really bad at it. They make judgements, sure, but not everyone comes up with a sound judgement; which is part of the reason why Harada had to say this in the first place.

          • Tee Niitris

            Bryan’s voice sucking isn’t the point. The point is that some fan demands can’t be made for various external reasons, not because he doesn’t want to.

            Harada isn’t making excuses. He’s saying that things change for reasons outside his control, and it’s something people must learn to accept.

            Besides, that’s subjective regardless of general consensus or not. What isn’t subjective is the explanation being given for not having Bryan’s beloved pre-Tk6 voice.

            Also, all of that “techy-science speak” didn’t sound like an excuse to me; an excuse is “we didn’t have the time” or something like that.

          • badmoogle

            Tee Niitris
            Bryan’s voice issue has a lot to do with what he said.The main subject of his tweet was the voice acting and the reasons it changes from game to game.And he referred specifically to Bryan’s voice.

            “Harada isn’t making excuses. He’s saying that things change for reasons outside his control, and it’s something people must learn to accept.”

            You see it’s with quotes like that i have a problem.Customers don’t buy their games for free,they spend serious money for them.And as customers they have all the right in the world to complain if they don’t like something.By complaining it means that they still care for a potential sequel and try to make their voice heard.It would have been worse if they didn’t liked something and didn’t say anything because that would have meant that they moved on to other products.So Harada (and any Harada) should feel honored that he has fans who still care for the series enough in order to voice their complaints.

            There’s a fine line between complaint and demand though.The first is healthy the second is stupid and pointless.But IMO it’s just as pointless from the creator’s point of view to try to publicly answer why he made the choices he made.Any professional does what he thinks is the right thing to do and gets judged only by the results.That’s just the way it works.The technical issues that brought these results should be insignificant to the paying customer.Just like the where the customer found his money to buy the product should be as insignificant to the developer/publisher.


            “The thing is, as per Sturgeon’s Law, most fans are really, really bad at it. They make judgements, sure, but not everyone comes up with a sound judgement; which is part of the reason why Harada had to say this in the first place.”

            Lets say you buy a movie and there’s a scene midway in it that somehow looks bad to you.Now of course you don’t have the trained knowledge of a professional cinematographer to know exactly why this scene doesn’t look right (to you) but you still have your “unsounded” judgement (which is based in your own experience as a movie fan) that something is off.
            Do you really need to know all the reasons why that scene ended that way in order to make your amateur (but sincere) judgement?I don’t think so.

          •  You reserve the right to your opinion. His point is that not everything is under his control, such as Bryan’s new voice. He wants fans to make judgements, but not to make so many demands of him and lay accusations that he did a horrible job.
            His whole point is, and I quote, “…I believe that, before whining and complaining about everything, you
            need practice at taking a step back and analyzing things objectively.” The adult part not be said as you’re acting like one. Even then, Tee Niitris said it perfectly in his first sentence. Give Harada a break, he makes quality games and listens to his fans. Something I can’t say the same for with other producers and developers.

            tl;dr is to just relax and understand he can’t be held responsible for every little thing.

          • “Do you really need to know all the reasons why that scene ended that way in order to make your amateur (but sincere) judgement?I don’t think so.”

            YES. You do. Because, sincere or not, incomplete opinion is still incomplete; uninformed opinion is still uninformed. Because deciding things based on your gut feelings is not a good idea, and not a logical approach if you want to make valid criticism.

          • Scrooge_McDuck

            Fans often complain that developers don’t communicate enough with them. Here’s one that actually does, and here’s you stating that it’s pointless and only the end product that matters.

            It doesn’t cross your mind that there are actually fans who asked why why why why why? You think actually communicating why is pointless? You think explaining the rationale why some demands are not possible is stupid?

            There really is no nice equilibrium, isn’t it? Everything must be taken to the extreme.

          • badmoogle


            “YES. You do. Because, sincere or not, incomplete opinion is still incomplete; uninformed opinion is still uninformed. Because deciding things based on your gut feelings is not a good idea, andnot a logical approach if you want to make valid criticism.”

            The whether or not your criticism will be valid by technical standards is another matter.What is valid though is the 60 bucks you payed,and that gives you the right to voice your complaint as a paying customer.The relationship between a developer and a fan is nothing more than a transaction of goods.If one end of the transaction thinks there’s a problem with the goods he received then he should voice his complaint.If the publishers start receiving fake money then they should voice their complaints.They don’t have to know how world economy works,it’s more than enough that they know the money they got don’t work for them.

            You don’t need to be a film director to say that you didn’t liked (or liked) a movie,you don’t need to be a chef in order to say you didn’t liked (or liked) a particular food,you don’t need to be a car mechanic to know that something isn’t work properly in your car.

            And this doesn’t have to do anything with gut feeling.It’s all about of whether something you payed for works or not for you.If it doesn’t you have all the right in the world to voice your complaint IMO.

          • [Reply to: [Link]]

            The thing about right to complaint is: Sure, nobody’s gonna stop you from saying anything, but whether what you said is reasonable or not is a different matter altogether. If someone don’t care about being valid with their criticism, then sorry, but that means their feedback is pretty much useless to the creators/developers. Just because they paid 60 bucks doesn’t make their word instantly reliable; valid criticism relies on sound logic, not wealth.

            Everyone has their preferences, so there might be something they don’t like in a product; it’s understandable. If one of the factors that is not convenient for them makes the product undesirable for them, it’s understandable. What’s not understandable is labeling something “(generally) bad” just from dislike and/or personal inconvenience; that definition of “bad” is pretty much pointless anyway, because someone else who finds the same product likable or useful will label as “good”, but neither definition is guaranteed to give a reliably objective assessment of the product.

            That’s pretty much the essence of what Harada meant by:

            “However, I can’t continue to engage the negative ones that, without knowing what you are talking about, or even thinking about what you are saying […]”

            Unlike what some people would like to believe, the Customer isn’t always right; they have the same capacity for error as the Service Providers. The important thing is to pool together both perspectives and get to a better understanding; not just fixate on one part of the whole picture.

          • badmoogle


            When someone expresses his concerns and complaints it goes without saying that these reflect his own personal needs.Someone else could easily have different concerns simply because he has different needs of the product.This should be obvious enough.As for the definition of “bad” being pointless,well ultimately it doesn’t really matter what term someone uses to describe his distaste for something.Maybe he will choose to call it “bad” or maybe he will choose to call it “mediocre”.It doesn’t matter.What matters (IMO) is that in his personal (obviously) opinion he is unsatisfied with the product in some way or the other and therefore has all the right in the word to express his complaints about it.Just like someone who is 100% satisfied has all the right in the world to express how good the experience was for him.Btw why we (people in general) don’t ask those who are cheerleading for something if they have special knowledge about the thing they are cheering for?It seems that only those who dare voice their negativity are being put on trial regarding their knowledge.(Personally i don’t like to put on trial ANYONE regarding their right to voice their opinion based on their knowledge,i just ask this because i notice that in this site at least, only those who dare say negative things are being put on trial while those who are blindly positive about something don’t get asked if they have “technical knowledge”)

            It goes without saying that better understanding is of course the most desirable virtue in a criticism,but not everyone has the time to spend learning about the ins and outs of how the product he bought was made.When you pay for something you have the right to demand the best service possible and if this service doesn’t meet your expectations you would be stupid not to voice your complaints simply because you have insufficient knowledge on the subject.Except of course if you decide it’s not worthy and move on to other products without bothering saying anything.

            Anyway it seems we are going in circles here and it’s obvious we have very different perspectives on this matter (and probably on other non-directly associated society-rights matters as well)
            Personally i think that the elitistic opinion where only a few that happen to have technical knowledge on a matter should allowed to voice their concerns is extremely dangerous in society in general.But i’m sure you think the same about my opinion as well. :)

          • [Reply to: [Link]]

            First of all, I never even hinted anywhere about not letting people talk. I’m not talking about stopping people from having opinions. I’m not talking about stopping people from expressing their opinions; and frankly, if someone really wants to speak, nothing can stop them anyway. What I’m saying here comes after those two steps: Not all opinions have equal validity. If someone doesn’t want to learn in detail about a topic, fine, that’s their freedom; but they also shouldn’t forget that doing so impairs their knowledge on the topic. So if they want to say something about that topic where it matters but falls short on information, and/or somebody points it out, they’ll have no one else to hold responsible. And at that point, they’re not gonna convince anybody by resorting to the classic “my opinion” defense. (On the other hand, somebody who recognizes their own imperfection and is completely willing to take in the new information to get a better understanding is on the right track.)

            As for “putting people on trial”, people question what they don’t understand; that’s hardly beyond naturally expectable behavior for those who want to gain/share valid information. That has principally nothing to do with challenging people who are negative/positive about something.

            And while we’re at it:

            “(Personally i don’t like to put on trial ANYONE regarding their right to voice their opinion based on their knowledge,i just ask this because i notice that in this site at least, only those who dare say negative things are being put on trial while those who are blindly positive about something don’t get asked if they have “technical knowledge”)”

            That’s just not true. Users question and correct each other all the time if the information is off, whether they’re positive or negative about something. People who are blindly positive about something get corrected frequently too. (For example, you may notice lately of Ishaan’s conversations with “overly zealous” PSVita fans.) We do discourage negative people here, because for the majority of the cases, there’s a difference between pointing out flaws and slandering. Pointing out flaws doesn’t have to contain ill will, and it can lead to positive results; the latter is just a waste of breath and ruins good mood, which is why we’re strict about it.

  • Fantastic :D
    Almost every day I see someone complaining, whining or demanding things to him on Twitter and he always replies back even to just fans saying hello or asking little questions. It takes time and effort to do that and loads of tolerance because if it would be me, oh man…That’s why I have lots of respect for Harada.

  • JanaffStache

    It’s refreshing to see a dev stand up and “tell it as it is” to some whiny fans, rather than give a cop-out answer he may regret saying later on.

    • Scrooge_McDuck

       Eh, Bioware developers did this frequently, and received much flak because of it.

      • SH3

        Well, Bioware has a pretty terrible fanbase, so that isn’t surprising at all.

      • puchinri

        But some of those fans are also miserable people that complained about the game trying to be equal (you’re offended that there’s same sex relationship options, really??). That speaks a lot more as to the fandom and how they would respond than anything.

        • Scrooge_McDuck

           Indeed. I’m just saying that with fandoms like those, I don’t blame developers too much for opting for the “diplomatic cop-out” route.

          • puchinri

            Yeah, that’s true. I don’t blame them for addressing fans like those in any way.

  • Mago Iichi

    Harada in beast mode.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    This guy is awesome. The video game industry needs more people to take a minute to tell the angry mobs of “fans” to be quiet and shut the **** up~.

  • XiaomuArisu

    I love you…..
    I will buy this without complaining!

  • Nirun Rangraengjit

    Harada just lightning uppercutted all the whiners.

  • Now there’s a producer who’s not afraid to tell off whiners LIKE A BOSS.

    I salute you Harada.

  • “I believe that, before whining and complaining about everything, you
    need practice at taking a step back and analyzing things objectively.
    And also at being an adult.”

    Pretty much the same goes for every anxious fanboy of any other game. This is by far the most epic line I have read from any producer…

  • Eilanzer

    ok i agree with him….BUT…It´s his job to shut up and listen to the fanboys. Bad…But it´s life, and in work you have to shut up, and continue working. Imagine if I do what he did in my work, my boss will only indicate the path of the street for me XD

    •  Sometimes its not always good to listen to fanboys…especially when they’re complaining about Voice Actors :l

    • puchinri

      I work in retail, and there, the customer is always right. However, the customer will be in trouble if they actually harass me. I can tell someone to scram if they try to sexually harass me. Someone will be arrested if they try to assault me. Sure, the customer is always supposed to be right, but they can also be very wrong.

      To me, this is the same. You want to listen to and acknowledge your fans, and they can be very right. However, it does not mean that they cannot be wrong, especially if they are coming around as less of a fan and someone just looking to be a jerk or nag. In situations like that, even your boss is supposed to support you.

  • MrKappa

    This man is a legend. He told it like it was and didn’t even come off as a d-bag like most people would of.
    Heck, where do I send this guy an e-mail telling him how awesome he is and how he handles things?

    • Rolling Guy

      Did you try tweeting him? I think he needs more positive responses.

  • Tee Niitris

    I like this statement. People need to learn that things change. A long running series like Tekken has seen many images… The Tekken from Tk2 is not the same Tekken from Tk6.

    Also, Tekken has been one of the more consistent series. The Soul Series has become more fantasy than aunthentic in recent installments. Street Fighter I-IV has had 4 different images. I can’t imagine anyone else doing the Guilty Gear series other than Ishiwatari, and if ArcSys decided to continue the series without him, it WILL be different.

    Very rarely do you have cases like SNK, where characters like Terry have the same VA for TWENTY years. That said, SNK-Playmore is not SNK of the 90’s for very obvious reasons.

    Reasonable people (which most are) will understand that things change for various reasons. Others will just huff and puff about what they can’t have.

    I will say this: If Harada expects this to end because of a statement, he will be sorely disappointed.

  • *golf clap*

  • Jun Kazama, Michelle Chang AND Kunimitsu are all back for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and people are whining about voice acting? These people need to get a life.

    • Rolling Guy

      Probably the ‘hard core’ gamers. As long as the VA’s are in character I don’t care if they switch.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Most of them wouldn’t even comply to nice fans but Harada took a time to form a lengthly and intelligent reply. Well done. 

  • It’s nice to see somebody standing up and telling the whiners to get over it. Especially over something as minor as the voice acting. The voice acting in a FIGHTING GAME of all things. Where there isn’t a whole lot of it anyway.

    I think Harada is becoming a hero to video game fans. ^_^

  • rock1644

    I wish more developers would say things like this.  I’m so sick of gamers with entitlement issues complaining endlessly about every little thing in videogames.

    • I was going to make my own comment saying this, but then I saw yours. I wholeheartedly agree.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Too bad most fans are dumb. I see Devil Harada in our future

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    This is a great response here by harada lol.

    At least he still give some time to explain to the fans about how the game va work.

    however I dont see how all of this is going to endT_T consideri.g that bamco has been always facing this problem with his other franchise.

    Well hope that harada will stay strong there as many of tekken fan will keep supporting.

  • *Claps energically*

    • puchinri

      Because of your avatar and the “*claps energetically*” part, I totally read your comment like an Animal Crossing character. 

      Tom Nook for Wii U Tekken, am I right~!? :’D
      No? Okay. ouo;

  • ZBaksh386

    Gotta admit, this was well done.

  • StaticDestroyer

    Why would people even care about something so trivial. Especially considering the lengths that Harada and his team are going to to ensure that consumers get a complete and balanced product, which really can’t be said for a lot of developers.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Holy fudge. Yes.

    I’m glad that Harada said this. This is honestly the sort of response I’d like to see from more developers to some of the trivial demands that their “fans” make. Harada and his team do some of the best work around, so it’s a pity to see people still dissatisfied even after all he does to accommodate the series’ fans.

    Good job, Harada. Good job.

  • Göran Isacson

    I do believe Harada-san just did that Paul Phoenix punch that takes away like over half the HP-bar on the entirety of whiny fandom.

    And it was GLORIOUS.

  • Kitestwinblades

    Harada is just dominating everything in his path this year XD

    Playing Tekken is like an over-the-top clash of martial arts(…with humans, animals, deities, devils and even wood). I don’t see why giving all the characters the voice of their own Nationality to much of a problem honestly :3 If anything- I’m REALLY interested. I’m also shocked to hear that they’ve been trying to replicating those voices as much as they could all these years. Most of them sound so identical that the team deserves a high five.

    Harada must be confused right now… “I’m localizing TTT2Unlimited with Jun, add 4 MORE old faces with more to come soon, promised no paid DLC, even put Snoop Dogg in the game and your STILL complaining?”

    And to top it all off he addresses right away X3
    If that’s not a Boss, I don’t know what is.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      In fairness, I can see why people might complain about the presence of that particular rapper. I’m definitely not happy about it, but not to the point where I’d bother Harada about it. 

      The other things, though, really are things that should’ve shut up a lot of people by now.

      • puchinri

        No one complained about that. They’re complaining about bringing back characters (and yet not paying attention when the request is already met) and voice stuff (without realizing how wrong they are).

        I don’t like Snoop Dogg as a rapper, but I don’t mind his presence in the game (and actually find it amusing). At the very least, his presence will be pretty minimal. Like, extremely so.

        But there’s no reason to harass poor Harada like that, either way. Especially considering all he’s done.

      • Kitestwinblades

        XD yeah that’s true. Not everyone likes snoop dogg after all.
        “You’ve got Beiber in my Tekken!” <- I'd be a little outraged lol
        I can see that being a problem for some too.

        I'm actually kinda curious if the characters are going to have costumes from other artist :3 Like they had the artist from Clamp, Tales, and Naruto make some before for Tekken 6(3P of Jin, Zafina, and Lars).  I'd love to see more of that- but that's just another request in this sea of fanservice we're already getting X3

    • puchinri

      I know, right~!? 

      To me, that shows how petty people can be for finding something to complain about. x’D

  • When I finished reading the response, I was like ”Holy fu**”. That response is awesome. True, he must hear what the fans want, but that must be something like ”add a survival mode” for example. But it’s not an obligation to hear fans that don’t think things through.

  • If only this will make those “fans” shut up… But he deserve to gv such a rant.

  • Fans these days. o.o Imagine if it the glorious 80’s and early 90’s there is Twitter and widespread email use. .

    A lot of people complain about everything it’s getting sad.

  • Speedo Redempteur

    Impressive answer …fan complaining when they are technically wrong ( like this case ) should be answered like this …I’m pretty sure this message will be a template for future complains ..

  • puchinri

    Lol, go Harada. Really, I think every fanbase has that one component that’s never happy or just wants too much, but how vocal they are and the lengths they go is a different story. I’m sorry that Harada had to deal with all of that. 

    It’s great that he’s still willing to comply with and engage the more considerate fans, and I appreciate that. It’s also funny that people complain about stuff like that and then end up wrong. Looking good there, right?

  • Yuri

    Damn Harada. He can type that long-arse letter but he can’t reply and give a reason as to why there isn’t any PC version of TTT2. 

  • Locklear93

    The Tekken series is my least favorite fighting series out there.  I don’t like the characters, I don’t like the universe, I don’t like how it plays.

    I may buy it anyway, because I DO like developers just stopping and telling people they’re being foolish and why, once in a while.

  • Jack Oz

    Harada has earned my respect. Not only is he giving fans what they want but he’s shutting up the dumbass nitpicky ‘fans’ who whine about everything. I feel sorry he had to endure the retardation of the internet. I’m glad he posted this response. More developers should be like him. He gives us what we want and tells the whiners to shut up. 

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