Nobunaga’s Ambition: Tendou Goes To War On PlayStation Vita

By Ishaan . June 26, 2012 . 10:00am

Pokémon + Nobunaga’s Ambition (or Pokémon Conquest in the west) was an original game, but for the next Nobunaga’s Ambition release, Tecmo Koei are dipping into their back catalogue.


This week, Dengeki PlayStation magazine reveals Nobunaga’s Ambition: Tendou for the PlayStation Vita. Tendou already exists on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and the Vita version is being updated with touch screen shortcuts, and the ability to exchange data with other players over the net.


Nobunaga’s Ambition: Tendou will be released on September 27th.

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  • Jungo

    Oh my goodness that looks complicated. And the odds of it being localized are probably next to none. And I don’t read a lick of Japanese.

    Still want it!

    • ddh819

      I hope one of the US ps2 games comes to PSN some day.

  • Dan Soto

     Maybe they could do a Vita and PC dd localization since with Xbox 360 you need a minimun of 50,000 discs. Don’t know about the PS3 though.

  • RaikageV

    Another remake/port for Vita, yay~

    Seriously, what are they thinking?

    • kupomogli

      As someone who I’m 99% sure is not a Japanese citizen, a port of a game that hasn’t came to the west shouldn’t much matter to you should it?  If it’s a game you haven’t ever played and won’t ever get the chance to on the native console, then to you, it’s a brand new game despite being a port.

      But hey.  How many ports, enhanced ports, or remakes are on the 3DS.  A sh** ton.  Both systems have ports and remakes, both have exclusives.  Despite what Nintendo fanboys like to post every two seconds, no, the Vita is not only ports.  A good majority of the Vita is exclusive.

      • RaikageV

        Hmm, I guess I have to agree with the first past.
        However, the 3DS hasn’t many ports/remakes, has it? The only ones I can think of at the moment are Ocarina of Time and Starfox.

  • kupomogli

    I really really really yreally really really really really really hopes this gets localized,  Not my favorite game by any means, but while I hate Koei’s Dynasty Warrior style games with a passion, I’ve enjoyed the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Nobunaga’s Ambition since the NES.  Granted I wouldn’t be caught playing the NES games now when there are far superior versions out, but these and the first two Kessen games are my favorite Koei games.

    I think with the Vita having few games right now, there’s a chance that this comes over.  Still a very slim chance as we haven’t got a game in either series since 11 and Iron Triangle on the PS2, but still a chance.

  • doc chain

    Ugh, I’m tired of people porting games to the Vita. It’s probably the reason why the console is slowly dying, developers would rather just port their existing games rather than create new IPs/spinoffs. 

    • Well you know making new games takes time and money right?

      Considering they need more money to make new IPs, making ports at first
      is kinda what well, most companies has to do for new systems. What you
      dont want is Ports well into the consoles life. I do understand being frustrated and sick of ports though, I am with you on that.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      This is only a half true point. It is true that ports / enhanced remakes are the bane of the video game industry. It’s also true we all frown at ports and remakes…unless, of course, said game just happens to be globally loved. Nobody complained about Zelda OoT for the 3DS, which at that time happened to be the best selling game of the system~.

      Persona 4: The Golden is the best selling game for the Vita and also the reason the sales spiked to a new high for one week. To this day, people still insist that Squeenix needs to remake FFVII. So…it’s not that we hate ports and remakes. It’s that we hate ports and remakes of games we don’t care about. It’s because of things like this I can’t fully back up the legitimacy of such complaints, because in the end, it’s clear people want ports and remakes~.

      • kupomogli

        Calling ports on portables and consoles is usually fans trashing the console that isn’t their favored.  I myself usually don’t like ports, but like you even mentioned, people didn’t bash on the 3DS for as many ports as they have and they have a ton.  Zelda and Star Fox 64 are both by Nintendo as well, so not only are third party developers doing it but first party as well.

        However, ports are always good if it’s a great game on a portable console you’ve wanted to play again and would like to take it with you, or a game that’s never made its way outside of one region, like this one.  With that, I don’t mind ports.  Just like you said though, it’s ports of games people don’t want which are the real problems. 

    • Hraesvelgr

      Considering Tecmo Koei’s original Vita game, I’m thinking porting a game is a better choice…

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    As I already own 360 and pc version, I am not really sure on buying this here lol.

    However if koei take some chance and release them in english like the last ps2 nobunaga no yabou, I will surely buy this one.^^

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