The Stranger in Alda Dungeon RPG Crawls To Xbox 360 Next Year

By Ishaan . June 26, 2012 . 12:30pm

In addition to their Knights of the Round port for PSP and their unnamed PlayStation Vita title, Kadokawa Games and Experience are also working on another Xbox 360 dungeon RPG as part of their “DRPG Progress” project.


In Japanese, this game is titled Ken no Machi no Ihoujin (Stranger of the Village of the Sword), but Experience also have a French subtitle for it: L’etranger de La Ville de L’epee. None of those are very easy to remember, so we’re just going to use the game’s English subtitle instead—The Stranger in Alda.


The Stranger in Alda will be released sometime in 2013.

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  • DanteJones

    Dat art. *__*

  • SaberSaurus

    Why is this Xbox Exclusive? Do they actually think it’l sell?

    • N2O1990

      exp already made two 360 titles,if it didn’t profit i don’t think they will make third 360 title

      • 30sGamer

        You realize they’re porting Students of the Round to PSP now, right?

        That’s because the 360 isn’t profitable to develop on in Japan (generalization, in this case applicable). More likely, this has to do with MS’ Hellish contracts that force developers make multiple titles on the 360 or not make any at all.  I believe the amount is 3, so that would make sense. I wouldn’t expect another “exclusive” (timed or otherwise) Kadokowa game on the 360 after this.  And you can expect this to be ported in a year or so once the contractual obligations on console exclusivity expire.

        Edited for clarity.

        • N2O1990

          …Students of the Round 360ver also ported from PC,and the PSP release date means it’s 2.5 years old title(PC version released at 2010 April 23)

          and actually,360ver it’s profitable,according to exp boss’s blog
          next time check first alright?
          why the hell MS will give them a “contracts” when this even just a small title?help?maybe,money hat?can’t you people just stop this?it’s not early this gen anymore

          “I wouldn’t expect another Kadokowa game on the 360 after this.”
          yeah really

          • 30sGamer

            I implied a three title contract, I never said that those games had to be exclusive, and in lieu of the PSP port, and PC origins, its clear that they aren’t.  Regarding the Grasshopper game though, curious that its not platform exclusive, which lends credence to my line of thinking.   Clearly there is a contract in place, there always is with regard to distribution on a particular platform. That said, you might want to tone your paranoia and aggression down a touch, as I never mentioned “money hats”.  Furthermore, if you need confirmation of MS’s strong arm development tactics you can look to any number of articles on the web (Super Meat Boy, Oddworld HD, PSN ports) to confirm this.

            Edit: I also don’t know how you inferred that it was profitable from this (via your own link):

            “The impact of low visibility due to new entrants, and the weakness of the advertising power
            as the first title is, but we have fared,
            the number of production for the first time students of the Round Table 360 is fewer.”

            Sounds like the first go was a bust, but they’re sticking it out for another and hoping for the best. I’m not a native Japanese speaker, so maybe there’s some nuance Google translate is missing. Between Media Create and Vgchartz Students of the Round (360 version) is between 10-14K, which isn’t great by any stretch of the imagination.

            Edit 2: N20, by your own link, the sales data we have access to and the port to the PSP, I think we can assume that it wasn’t profitable. As malek86 implied, the move to the low-dev cost PSP will hopefully make it so. Regarding “exclusivity”, its common knowledge that console exclusive counts as exclusive as far as MS is concerned. Mass Effect was “exclusive” remember? (and also on PC at the time.)

            Please stop stealth editing your comments too, its making this whole thread into a mess.

            Edit: Umm, Tales of Vesperia was initially planned, sold and delivered as an “only on Xbox” exclusive. So was Star Ocean: TLH. I could go on, but I realize that I’m engaged in a battle of wits with an unarmed man. Take care. And yeah, 2Chan says its profitable, so it must be. Sales data and the developers own words be damned lol Selling 10K copies of a boxed, retail game (over the course of a year, even) with royalty, licencing and distribution fees isn’t profitable to anyone. Even NISA went on record saying something to that exact effect on both the Playstation Blog and the NISA forums.

          • N2O1990

            so you turn it to what,”
            strong arm development tactics”?why i need to care that?check back my reply,i am talking about 
            profitable or not,and it’s profitable

            paranoia and aggression?that’s you,not me,look at your reply about this game/developer/publisher,everything just your guess,while my reply have proof link,get it?oh and,this is not PSN/XBLA game

          • N2O1990

            he’s blog is not,what are you doing?

            “according to the blog you posted”,i bet you didn’t even click the link

            and hell,i don’t even know porting a game to other console means the older version must not profitable

          • malek86

            I think they said that, due to it being just a port, the 360 version didn’t cost as much as the PC one. In that case, it might have been profitable, but who knows. I’d wager the PSP port is also coming in cheap, anyway. Between all those platforms, surely the title will eventually become profitable.

            But if they are doing another exclusive one, instead of simply relying on multiplatforms to fulfill their contract with MS, it’s possible that they were satisfied enough.

          • N2O1990

            even PC version it’s pretty hard to not profitable,because…i played,nothing looks like high cost,like the resolution is just 800×600(you can’t change),and no actual VA

            well,and it’s not another exclusive,the second 360 title also ported from PC
            so it’s first exclusive,but i bet it will port back to PC,or PSP,as usual

          • N2O1990

            “stealth edit” wtf is that?i can’t keep add new info?you can delete your reply?

            and oh my god,you use google translate?and you know what,even i don’t care you use google translate,you still focus on wrong line,the 4th line already said it’s profitable

            please,you don’t need to access,it’s profitable,you can check 2ch old post to know that…oh wait

            …and you even start talk about ME1(why btw?have anything to do with this?),ME1 360 is publish by MS,and they signed the deal before EA bought bioware,you know that right?

            if you know nothing about exp,you better be quiet,i don’t wanna have a war here,but please,i follow exp’s blog and twitter+2ch very long time,you really think i don’t know everything?

          • N2O1990

            …sigh,who will compared Namco Bandai to Bioware?but i can tell you,TOV only west version have label “only on Xbox 360” on cover,because MS helped the translation(you know how “fast” is Namco for Tales of translation right?”),asia or Japan version?nope,no label there,i can show you if you want

            Star Ocean 4?sorry,they never ladel “only on Xbox 360” on cover

            who is unarmed man really?
            first,it’s not 2chan,it’s 2ch,they’re different,second,2ch help me to proof it’s profitable(because it’s japanese bbs),they original source is from exp’s boss blog(i already gave you,and told you focus on wrong line,you can’t find it that’s your problem)

            and NISA?why you keep throwing American/Europen company(yeah i know Nippon Ichi own NISA and Namco is Japanese)?you really think it’s same as Japanese company?

    • MrKappa

      Inevitable and superior Sony version is imminent, that is why they making it 360 “exclusive”.

    • Aoshi00

      Students of Round 360 made Platinum (like Deathsmiles or Mushihimesama Futari), so I suppose it sold enough copies and was profitable.. also word of mouth was actually very good.. the 360 demo was quite fun as well and the soundtrack was incredible..

  • malek86

    Chances of this being a standard party-based dungeon crawler: 95%.

    I’ll conserve a small hope that it might actually be a single-character game though.

    • N2O1990

      they just a small company
      but let’s hope they at least have VA this time(Students of the Round PSP version finally have VA btw)

      • Aoshi00

        Wonder if it’s full voice acting or only a small part for the PSP port (they always advertise a great cast then there’s hardly any spoken dialogue like Tales of the Last Promise..) . I remember fans wanted VA for the 360 ver too.. I just chk’ed the achievement list for the game, the icons look awful *.*…

        They always have these amazing artwork for dungeon crawlers..

  • My interest is piqued, I will keep a lookout for this =)

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    The french name sounds better there lol.

    And seeing this game is released on console here, hope that they can improve more for this game.^^

    Import here I come.^^

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