Rise To The Top In Digimon World Re:Digitize’s DigiTower

By Laura . June 27, 2012 . 1:30pm

The DigiTower is the central location of File Island and of your adventures in Digimon World Re:Digitize. It not only houses your training facilities, but also the coliseum, where you can partake in various types of battles. With each victory, you climb higher in the tower, and your goal is the top.


There’s 1 vs. 1, Tag battles, Tournament-styled battles, and Survival battles.


You can also talk to people in the various areas within the tower. Talk to them and they’ll challenge you to a battle, sometimes with unfair odds. If you win, though, you gain much more recognition for having beaten them despite the disadvantage.


All the players in the DigiTower are those accessing the game from the real world. Most of the characters are of the generic kind, but there are two that attract particular attention. The first is Tekken’s Lili, as previously reported. Usually, she spends her time in street fights, but she’s recently gotten interested in the online game “Digital Monsters”. Her favorite “cute” Digimon, named Catherine, is a Numemon, but she also has a Monzaemon.


The second is Sebastian, Lili’s faithful butler. He follows Lili’s lead and persistently chases the protagonist for battles. Even if you try to avoid Lili, you’ll just end up getting challenged by her butler instead. Sebastian prefers to use Angemon in battles.


Other Digimon announced for the game are Devimon, HolyAngemon, and Chaosmon. The status effect Crystallization also makes a return. It basically renders your Digimon defenseless, attackless, and 3D-less. The creators of the game urge players to try to see their Digimon’s LCD art at least once.


Digimon World Re:Digitize will be released on July 19 in Japan. Oh, and here’s the game’s cover art:


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  • LunarKnite

    You tease us, stop teasing us with articles about Digimon! T__T

  • Anime10121

    Cover arts sexiness, belongs on my counter, Namdai make this happen, I will not import a game I dont understand, but I WILL pay full price for that to sit on my counter.  Please accept my money and somehow bring this to the US.

    • Christopher Nunes

      I’m still getting, regardless if it’s in Japanese (not my first Japanese import game, that honor belongs to Namco X Capcom), but I would LOVE to have it localized and brought over to the US.

  • kupomogli

    “Oh, and here’s the game’s cover art”

    Despite being mainly for kids and young adults that probably grew up with Digimon, Namco Bandai still looks to be going for the sex sells approach.

    • LunarKnite

      Seeing how this game would very much appeal to those kids and young adults who played the original Digimon World, I’d say it’s not a bad approach.

    • Anime10121

      Why do you think its a “sex sells” approach?  Women in real life (especially at the age of the characters on the box art) do not dress like prudes with their whole bodies covered up.  Hell, most teenagers, if they’re not wearin clothes with similar “sex appeal” (shirts that show half their breasts and shorts/skirts that dont leave much room for imagination), wear clothes so tight that they might as well be naked.  

      Just curious (not an angry about it or anything), because every time people see a video game girl character, she’s automatically a slut or going for a “sex sales” approach unles she’s covered in Armor like the (Halo) spartan from Dead or Alive.

      • Evan Groman

        Okay, the girl is hardly even a teenager, and her skirt is FAR FAR FAR FAR more revealing than any skirt any actual human wears, ever, unless they’re in a porn film. This is because moving anywhere and/or being in any pose other than the pose in this cover would flat out reveal her underwear to the world. It’s illogically short, it’s not standard teenage clothing in the slightest.

        But the clothing and the designs aren’t even the important bit here. Look at the pose. Look at the fact that you can see her actual breast through the shirt. How was that opening necessary in the slightest? How was it necessary for her to take a bigger and more important spot in the cover than the MAIN CHARACTER HIMSELF? Anatomically speaking, their bodies are nothing like real women anyway.

        Other than the main character, the male NPCs are hardly even noticeable here, his main bro has nothing but his face showing, and the emo dude is just a little figure in the background. Seriously, I don’t even know what to say. The second a female NPC takes priority over the main character and is wearing illogically provocative clothing (in an unrealistically sexually-oriented pose) it’s hard to NOT play the “sex sells” card.

        Regardless, people don’t immediately yell out the “sex sells” complaint at everything, but this is definitely a game where sexual appeal is completely irrelevant to the game’s content, yet it was put at the center of the cover as the most important aspect.

        • Anime10121

           Maybe its just where I live, Memphis, but I see far worse than that at the mall or even in Wal-Mart. The whole breast slit thing is not really that crucial either considering its so small, again, I see teens out in public that have half their breasts out in the open every time I go out somewhere.  On the whole skirt thing, It may be smaller than what most (early) teens wear, but again that’s still normal for club wear (18 which is only a few years older than the characters here 14 and most girls in general start dressing similar at age 16).

          It would be nice for the main character to be brought up a little to the front, but most of the time the main character is usually situated in the center and with the side view they were going for, them’s just the breaks. And in reality, the main characters are the Digimon, and they are featured nicely on the cover.

          And of course their bodies are nothing like real women, they are DRAWINGS and by the Shin Megami Tensei artist at that, look at some of the guys art, most of the women look like that, it’s just his style.  Maybe he’s a just breast guy and it comes out through his art ;)

          • Well, the difference between that picture and real-life would be that those sorts of slip-ups are usually unintended in real-life, whereas the picture is made by hand from scratch intentionally. Secondly, there exist various levels on the scale of female character design modesty between the two extremes of “prude” and “sexual”; they could have chosen a different level if they wanted, but they didn’t. And there’s also the fact that the main character is rather concealed compared to the two girls. So, it is fanservice intended to draw attention; it’s pretty nice art, I admit, but the embedded intentions shouldn’t be ignored just because of that.

          • Anime10121

             The only thing I can agree with is that the main character should have been brought forth a little more. As I’ve said in my city (and many others I’ve been to), teenagers dress FAR more revealing that what that girl has on and it is NOT a slip-up when people where revealing dress for their significant other out in public, are trying to find someone, or are just trying to look “hot” in general.

            It’s not like the artist drew her actual nipples popping out and since its a drawing, the nipples dont exist anyway unless the artist draws them. Its part of a very small slit of her breasts you get to see, its no more revealing than cleavage, “underboob”, or “sideboob” that real life people/celebs expose all the time.

            Its Yasuda’s art, its just the way he likes to draw his female characters, it doesn’t have to be because of “sex sales” or fanservice, its just the way the man draws.

            But then again thats just the way I see it, and I can understand how others see things a little differently, especially in a world where sex does indeed sale product, I just dont see this artwork as one of those times.  Its just like when Serah Farron from FFXIII-2 was revealed people bashed her for having “skin exposed on the top half of her body”.

          • @Anime101210:disqus
            Saying “it’s his style” doesn’t change anything; he still had the choice to not draw like that. If we’re gonna talk about styles: I also remember reading Suzuhito’s Manga “Yozakura Quartet“; while there were a few character designs in there that qualifies as “fanservice”, the series as a whole is rather modest – and take note that this is a work where he has complete control over things.

            (Regarding what you say about seeing things like that in real-life as well: Unless those cases are in Japan, I don’t think that means much for Suzuhito from across the waters. These weren’t drawn because they’re realistic; these were drawn because – bluntly put – it appeals to people’s preferences. Simple as that.)

            As @Nyanyaan:disqus said above, the cover itself isn’t that good with juxtapositions either; the player character is clouded in favor of Digimon (which aren’t exactly the main focus either) and of course, Rindo Akiho. I’m all for a female character taking the spotlight in a meaningful way, but this isn’t such an instance. Digimon isn’t a series that built itself up on sex appeal – there were “sexy” Digimon, but those weren’t the main focus overall. If what Toei wanted was to make something for the now-grown-up Digimon fans, I can understand that. But sex appeal as eye candy is not an inherently mature concept, and certainly not the way to make things “grown-up”.

            I’m thinking overall that the game would turn out rather fine, and it’s not like this is a shallow game that’s trying to sell on sex appeal alone either. The fact that we’re talking only about Akiho means we have no complaints about the game otherwise (for now); who knows – we might even forget about it once we get to experience the game. That being said, I don’t want to make Toei think they’re on the right definition of “mature” yet, which is why I object to this.

          • Anime10121

            Sorry its taken so long for a reply to your previous post, was at work.

            I’m not saying that it cant be perceived as fan-service (because it most definatly can), but a lot of people are saying this cover was drawn SOLELY for the sex appeal and because sex sales.  I dont think for one second (at least I hope not) that Yasuda was told/thinking, “I’ve gotta make this pic sexy, to boost sales”.  He was just drawing art that he thought was fun and interesting.

            About the real life thing, I was just saying something about that because people were acting like they’ve never seen teenagers (or adults) that normally dress in revealing clothing.  I know that what I see everyday has no impact on what happens across waters.  In the end they are drawings of unproportionate  anime characters that in no way can be misconstrued as a real human being. 

            Its what I’ve been saying to begin with, if Yasuda doesnt draw nipples they dont exist, so the slit is no more revealing than the cleavage, “underboob”, or “sideboob” exposed everywhere (even in “classy” outfits).  Its looks to be less than an inch of exposed breast and the rest is completely covered.  The short skirt is more or less the same, you will NOT see this chicks panties or butt in the game (at least im 99% positive) considering its rated TEEN and what type of game it is, so what people see on the cover as “sex appeal” is just (IMO) their own  sexual desires/insecurities coming out and attacking what just looks like a  cartoon drawing to me.

            If the drawing is to appeal to peoples preferences, isnt that giving people what they prefer.  I mean its not like the human body is an ugly thing anyway.  The body is a beautiful piece of art in and of itself, and I feel at least in art, there is no reason to have to ALWAYS draw something as it relates to realism, because, its NOT REAL.  When people draw things, I feel they should be able to draw them the way they want to, and not because of restrictions based on real life, because those restrictions shouldnt apply to art. 

            About the cover’s juxtapositions, I know that the Digimon could be brought a little more out in the open, but maybe Yasuda wanted to place more emphasis on his characters and not ones that he had no influence creating.  Although the main character is the guy in the center (and admittedly should have been brought up a little more to the fore front), the main female lead is usually a pretty important part of the game also, and maybe Yasuda just really likes what he created.  I dont have anything to say about the other chick though because I know as much about her as I know about the guy that hidden behind Akiho, but perhaps she is more important to the story than he is.

            And I agree with you on the whole sex appeal as eye-candy is not a mature concept in the slightest, but it still is and probably forever will be something interpreted differently by different people.  Like I see nothing in this artwork as overtly sex appealing (as they are cartoon characters never claiming to be real so in my mind they dont have to adhere to the “rules” of real life) as others do, there are those that’ll find sex all over this cover.

            And yeah, on your last paragraph, hopefully the game is awesome and is released in some way in the west (although doubtfull), as thats the only way I’ll get to buy/play it. Not buying an rpg that I cant understand the story to.

            (Sorry that turned into such a long post, I think that’s the longest post I’ve ever written on this site, and I’ve written some long ones.  This just turned into a more interesting discussion than I had anticipated)  :P

      • The pink haired one has one boob going up and the other down so she seems ..unrestrained. The other is wearing a dress that has her breast also stand out more. It’s calling more attention than necessary for a Digimon game cover.

        • Anime10121

          Thats just the way the artist does his female characters, I dont see many people calling this out in the Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor articles.  When people saw who was drawing the characters, it should have been kinda expected, its his style.  I just find it weird that its okay for one series but completely sacrilegious for another.

          Edit: about the one boob going up and one down thing, that’s just anime bounce, its a phenomenon that for some reason or another happens in a lot of anime (especially nowadays).

          • I wouldn’t know anything what people comment on in the DeSu articles but  it’s not so much that’s it’s sacrilegious it’s just a little strange. I just kinda figured that the atention grabber might have been more the digimon and less the boobs.

            That said I really shouldn’t have been..well not surprised but maybe not even bothered commenting on the fact the DeSu artist likes his breast. I mean I do have  DeSu 2

      • Suicunesol

        I’m afraid you’re fighting a losing battle. No matter what reasoning you may give, there is not a soul on this Earth who would create a dress with an opening directly over the nipple area and say it’s not sexually suggestive. Skin and cleavage you may see in real life. I’ll give you that. But I have never seen a dress like that in real life worn by any woman OR in games.

        Not to mention her dress which by itself would not have been suggestive had it not been cut so short. But, alas, I guess it still wasn’t short enough, so the artist had to cut a slit through it so we could see her panties.

        I don’t even need to mention the woman with the breasts glasses.

        Granted, I think it’s pretty subtle compared to other art I’ve seen. And Japan’s standards are quite a bit more lax than Western standards. Maybe it’s not such a big deal over there.

        • Anime10121

          I guess you’re right on the shirt thing (even if the slit is small), but its not like this girl is real anyway (nor anything close to it) so I cant understand how people are getting upset about seeing nipples that dont exist to begin with.

          But I still say on the dress, I see people dressed with skirts that little at clubs, the mall, and at stores around here all the time.  They’re constantly pulling em down so people wont look at them, and I always find it funny, its like people who sag and constantly pull their pants up, if you dont want people to see it wear clothes that fit.

          • Suicunesol

            They’re getting upset because they’re Digimon fans who only want the best for their favorite franchise. :P This includes getting a boxart that represents what the game is rather than what the marketers want you to believe the game is.

            By the way, where do you live? :O Well, that’s irrelevant. The girls you have described in your town are clearly not the type that is (or should be) in the game. The pink-haired girl on the cover is fourteen, and she is not from Memphis.

          • Anime10121

            I can understand fans getting a little upset, but its being blown up like its some huge God awful thing when its not.  I mean even Dawn from Pokemon has an extremely short skirt, but it doesnt make her design bad because you never see her undergarments once, and the same thing can be applied here.  I can guarantee regardless of where her shirt’s cut off, or how short her skirt is, you wont see her breasts nor her underwear in this game or art.

            I live in Memphis, TN but I’ve been to many other parts of the US where teenagers dress close to the same, not as bad, but very close (although Memphis does have one of the highest teen pregnancy populations in the country, so what I view as normal and see everyday, may not be what’s normal for everybody else).

          • Suicunesol


            Yes, fans tend to make mountains out of molehills. That is true. :P Everyone will one day tire of talking about the boxart and forget about it.

            The thing with Dawn is a little more interesting. Her skirt is short, yes. But for some reason it passes because it doesn’t seem sexual. You can’t see her panties and she’s posing in a very neutral, natural way. Granted, there was some outcry at first regarding her short skirt, but it disappeared at some point.

            She’s also completely flat. So there’s a balance here. :P

    • malek86

      This is probably just the style of the artist in charge. It looks the same as Devil Survivor, so I’m guessing it’s him/her… and did you see Yuzu’s bonkers? And SMT also never really relied on fanservice. So I’m guessing this is just the artist doing what he does best.

  • rebecasunao

    That cover… ugh. Why.

    It took me a while to notice the guy behind the pink haired girl.

    • Christopher Nunes

      What are you talking about? It looks awesome, I love it! Though the glasses guy does need to be in a better spot.

      • rebecasunao

        Well, I’m not a fan of that artist. He draws boobs sticking out like sand bags (that reminds me of The 40 Year Old Virgin lol). @google-dc90442117b6fec884f52972cf12316c:disqus already said pretty much everything I thought about it.

  • This is… demographically confusing. 

    I honestly can’t tell what the target audience is here. Kids who love digimon, or RPG lovers who enjoy fanservice

    • Renaldi Saputra

      nah that’s the problem.. I think bandnam mislabeled it with CERO A..

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Urghhh this is one of my most anticipated games this year. Can’t freaking wait. And Suzuhito’s art is looking as delicious as ever.

    • Christopher Nunes

      Sadly it’s on the PSP, which isn’t boating so well in the US. I SO want this game to be available to play in English! Seriously Namco bring it over, even if it’s a DLC game-only!

      I want it!

      Even though I’ve pre-order and waiting for my import, I want one copy in my own language. You know, I’m seriously going to learn to Japanese completely so I can enjoy the game in pure Japanese. Kanji is going to be the death of me though…

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        I’m fine, I can already read it. If you wanna learn, better now than later!

      • Anime10121

        Good luck, I’ve tried, I even memorized all the katakana symbols at one point and then a month went by without me being able to see any Japanese and my memory (which already sucks) went caput, I forgot EVERYTHING after a years worth of studying.  Not gonna go down that route again, as I think my brain couldnt possibly handle going through that again. :(

  • Evan Groman

    Actually disappointed by the cover. Sex can sell all it wants, but it shouldn’t take priority over the game’s actual content, and that imagery is just anatomically silly anyway. Can’t the girls look attractive without covering the guys, taking more priority in the picture over MC, and having their actual breast skin revealed through openings in their shirt?

    Either way, it’s a Digimon game, not a dating sim. I just don’t get the point of doing this, but whatever works for selling their stuff, I guess.

    • Anime10121

       The Digimon (the games actual content) are featured predominantly over the cover, and while it would be nice for the main character to be brought a little more to the fore-front, it is still a very nice pic.

      On the matter of the girl having her breast skin revealed through her shirt, go to a mall, I’m sure you’ll find plenty teenagers that have on FAR more revealing apparel.

      • Evan Groman

        Really, now? Girls leave openings in their shirts at the correct spots that under 99% of realistic conditions, their nipples would pop right out?
        The most they do is show cleavage. Have you actually seen any real women in your life?

        Of course it’s a nice pic, the artist is fking amazing. They’re just wasting his talents on this, though.

      • Evan Groman

        Are you serious? They show cleavage at most, nothing anywhere near the part of the breast where the nipples could pop right out. The digimon are given far less attention and detail in their drawings than the girl’s sexual parts, what are you even talking about? A female NPC who is probably hardly relevant to the plot is emphasized more than the MAIN CHARACTER. How is this not a problem to you? You can try defending it as long as you want, but it remains factual that they were clearly going for a certain audience here.

        edit: sorry, I didn’t realize my first message went through, so I typed that one out, too.

        • Anime10121

          No prob on the double post, sometimes the thing loads wrong for me too.

          Of course no one actually wears clothes like that with the slit in the front (yet), but I guarantee if one of our holy worshipped female celebrities (or even Snooki) came out wearing it, you would have plenty of young women doing the same.  I also can argue that showing as much cleavage as most teens do normally is FAR worse than showing what looks to be a very small cut in the front.  Why is it ok to show cleavage but any other part of the “boob” is sacrilage? Just because something isn’t normally done, doesnt make it worse than what is normally done/worn by real people (but again I’m basing this off of where I live and what cities/states I’ve been too).

          • Suicunesol

            It’s not okay because this is a Digimon game for the PSP. Plain and simple. Digimon is about digital monsters. Not digital boobs. (unless there’s a digital boob monster lol)

          • Anime10121

            As someone already up top mentioned, see Lilithmon


            Different people draw different characters/digimon differently.

            But alas I’m done. I see that I am indeed fighting a losing battle and that what I see (great art and great Digimon by a great artist) is not what many others see (sex appeal), not directing that at you directly, but at others who seem to believe that this art was solely created this way because of sex appeal.

            Gotta get to sleep, I’ve got work tonight :P

  • Christopher Nunes

    Catherine… the Numemon? Seriously? o_0
    Lili has… interesting taste in Digimon though I have to admit Numemon is a deadly Digimon with the right skills and Tamer.

    Anyway, that Cover Art looks GLORIOUS! And more options for the Tournament? Sweet! The fact we can team up with other Digimon Tamers like your friends, or the purple-haired bespectacled beauty, (or is it possible your own Digimon?) is so awesome!

    But we also have to recruit Digimon to the City still, right? That reminds me about Digimon World 2’s plot where you have to continue through the plot by going through the Tournament to increase your Rank to explore more of the world of the Digimon.

    Kinda like what I’m reading from this article here which the mention of the buck of the game’s hub and story resolve around here.

    Seriously can’t wait! July 19 can’t come any sooner! :D

  • What’s with the pink haired one’s boob!? And the purple haired chick looks like Tico but has the faces Al Saiduq. That’s freaking me out!

    • Evan Groman

      Y’know, anime boob physics. You don’t have to actually apply any realistic constraints to it, it’s trying to appeal to people that have never experienced a real breast in their life.

    • You don’t say? Tico+Al Saiduq!? CANNOT UNSEE.

  • VITAAAAAAA plz!!!!

  • oh cmon ,its a digimon game ,no a fan service game with lolitas and a mature voluptuous woman -.-

  • Love the dude’s art but he’s gotta stop drawing girls in tight-ass clothing. Also what’s with that opening on the pink one’s clothes? It’s like right where her nipple should be. And where are her pants?!

    • Prinnydoom

      Yeah its dangerous territory that……………..surely she can’t be sixteen. That ain’t right >____<

    • When one looks that good, pants are not needed. =P

      • amagidyne

        That defense never works. I learned that the hard way.

  • Laughing at all the people butt hurt over the cover art of the game =P

    I really hope this Digimon gets localized. I haven’t played a Digimon game in forever, and it looks like this game will be a good place to pick it up again. From what I’ve seen the game looks good, and I love the character design. Pink haired loli and all, mmmmmmmmmm =^_^=

    • No one’s butthurt, smartass. Just surprised and concerned because this is Digimon. You know, that series for kids and young adults that had never relied on weird fanservice to generate interest?

      • Lol, by butt hurt I meant I was surprised myself at how many people made comments about that subject, and the face at the end was to signify that I wasn’t all that serious about making fun of those people. I mean in this day and age though its not like this is out of the norm for anything. We see this kind of style all the time everywhere now, so I saw no need to be surprised.

        • That’s not what butthurt means. You’re not using it correctly.

          Okay. This is indeed what everyone is used to seeing. But every time we see a lack of pants or boob slits, it’s not coming from a kids game of a kids series meant for kids.

          • I understand what you mean, but you do realize that this is a Japanese game and the standards are different right? For example anime is the equivalent to regular cartoons and etc. etc. I didn’t make the game, but I like what I see, artwork style and all.

          • So, you’re basically saying that you think the majority of the Japanese are a-okay with letting their children play as fourteen-year-old jailbait?

      • LynxAmali

         -You know, that series for kids and young adults that had never relied on weird fanservice to generate interest?

        Give me a minute.

        You HAVE seen Xros Wars, right? RIGHT?

        The series has Lilithmon.
        All arguments regarding weird fanservice have since been thrown out the window.

        • Suicunesol

          Don’t tell me those monster heads actually talk? O_O

          •  Vilemon bra and panties. Wait till you see Mervamon.

            Pokemon caters more to the young audience whereas Digimon, with its more darker and fanservicey touches are somewhat aimed at older audiences.

          • LynxAmali

             That’s a gimmick of Xros Wars.

            Jogress all day, every day.

            And yes, those are Vilemon.
            Not to mention to the Blastmon flail.

        • Renaldi Saputra

          and don’t forget about what savers did.. rosemon bouncing boobs in episode between 41-47

          • Not to mention the Nanami mind rape to poor Touma as Bio Lotosmon.

            There were some Savers episodes, like the one with the jiggly Rosemon where Yoshino and the rest of the Saver’s female cast got their chests “upgraded” art direction-wise.

            Even little Chika Daimon.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            ahh yes i forgot about Nanami.. lol

            digimon had got into ecchi since digimon frontier.. the sexy dynamite scenes

        • Nope, back into the window again. Because Xros Wars is a series that pretty much abandons most – if not all – of the prior Digimon concepts. Because of which – the lack of Evolution levels and consequent power structure in particular – the creation team had no boundaries on what they could do with the Monsters. Which gave birth to DigiXros, which led to that.

          Which brings me to the next point: Hasn’t Bandai Namco themselves said that this game is a call back to the past? Then all the more reason to really show how things had been like before. This is how Lilithmon actually looks like; even for the Demon Lord of Lust, she’s been drawn and kept pretty classily until XW.

        • You guys should Google image search Venusmon~ XD

          • Renaldi Saputra

            TROLOLOLOLOL venusmon… yea, more than lilithmon

  • Oh~ boy, the cover… On one hand, it’s obviously trying to draw attention with sex appeal, which is something I don’t exactly consider “classy”; on the other hand, the artwork is pretty detailed, colorful and tidy, which is the sort of workmanship I admire.

    Well, if Bandai tries to make the game good, people likely would let it go in general. Not like it’s bad art or anything; just kinda… exploitative, I guess.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      As a video game cover, I just don’t see it as an effective one. Not only will the attention be on the nearly out of picture poorly dressed twelve year old, the focus of the rest of the piece is all over the place. The bird is not looking at either rack or the viewer and the ‘mystical green light’ only takes MORE emphasis away from the games MC.

      Dump a mon or two as well as both background males. There’s too much traffic.

  • I promise you there is no sex in the game, hating on nice artwork because a girl isn’t fully clothed is so silly. I can accept not liking the art, but the “too much sex appeal” hate is so going on my nerves at this point, all they do is point out the problem but never give any solutions, seriously people..

    That said, yes I like the art, just wish Wargreymon wouldn’t be so covered by the others! ><

    • I think the general consensus here is that the dude can draw really well, so no one’s really hating on him rather than the girl’s clothing or lack thereof.
      And you want solutions? You mean ones that aren’t painfully obvious or something?

      • Yeah, but what’s the point? You know I get it, she wears a silly dress, Ok but I don’t need to see useless texts which in the end say nothing but “blegh nekkid girl!”..And no I don’t want solutions, but if people continuously say the same stuff in every single topic, at least come up with something for yourself.

    • Some may find it annoying/repetitive, but if nobody’s objecting, there’s nothing stopping companies from putting more and more shallow elements into their products and making those the selling points instead, because then they could get away with it. Solution or not, I’d at least consider the resisting force of objections to be useful in its own rights when it comes to preserving quality.

      • No seriously, if I’m going to say I find the design of certain characters exploitative or bad for the female/male whatever image, and that in almost every topic with those kinds of things, it won’t change anything. It’s not useful and it’s annoying to boot. I mean I understand your points, but why not bother the persons who do the stuff, maybe then it would be of use.
        Imo, it’s on the same level of annoyance as “why isn’t this on a Sony console” or “WHY MULTIPLATFORM?!” or “localize this game!”. You know you understand them, but it’s always the same and at some point you’re sick of it.

        • SirRichard

          “This sexual imagery is out of place” is a bit more valid a point than “VITA PLZ”, mate. If nothing else, it demonstrates that the community’s taking a step back to think about the media they’re consuming on some level. And if this comment section qualifies for hatred, well, you simply haven’t seen hatred.

          And it’s not like this a topic that pops up in every other article, either.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            This is another darn easy thread to mod; even those not in the consensus aren’t straying far beyond the pale. Kudos to the community.

            If there’s a purpose for her precocious nature and it’s dealt with in the game in a professional manner, I can’t say I’d have issue with the character. But when even an admitted moe to yes even  loli fan thinks an unneeded line has been crossed, I would hope the Japanese creators understand they need to consider the extent of their audience.

          • Nah I understand that, I’m just saying approach it differently for once? You know for varities sake. And believe me this topic appears more often than not. Not saying the creators of such stuff aren’t at fault here.

          • “Approach it differently for variety’s sake”? Exactly how? Why should the motive for consideration of a different approach be based on frequency but not logic? What other alternative perspectives do you have in mind? Is being aware of the implications and subtext of the situation not enough?

          • SirRichard

            What do you mean by “approach it differently”? We’ve had a fair range of approaches already, from condemnation to slight disgust to lightly touching on the exploitative nature of it, others have looked aside from the sexual imagery and criticised/appreciated the artwork itself. We’ve had people defend the artwork, the artist and the imagery too, we’ve got the whole range of perspectives from both “sides”.

            The only approaches not covered are screaming about everyone being paedophiles or screaming about everyone being prudes, really.

        • It won’t change anything? I beg to differ. Remember the Hitman: Absolution trailer with leather tightsuit nuns? And the public reaction to it? And how IO Interactive had to apologize for that afterwards? I take that as a sign that at least some consumers are starting to watch what they consume; and that’s a great step forward.

  • I wish the pink haired girl is replaced with Lili…

  • M’iau M’iaut

    That messy cover is like a Where’s Waldo, where the MC is lost in a mess of bewbs and talking monsters.

    • Not to mention individual boob physics. Pink`s right boob is incredibly bouncy and floaty, I can’t comprehend why Purple’s boobs aren’t all over the place.

      Oh and the keyhole right on Pink’s boob… and her vapor wear. SHE CAN’T BE TAMED D8<

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Either that or she’s tamed by lots of boys. Yes, I know even in the original series there was a lolita-esque character and mon, but she was never the blatant sexually-charged pre-teen this girl is portrayed as.

  • Nitraion

    Is the clothing for pink in cover hair kinda…oh never mind… ^^”

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Unprofessional? Slutty? Short? Revealing? Ten years too old for her? Come on man tell us what you think!

      • Nitraion

        I just doesn’t get what’s point having small gap on chest area ^^”
        Its like They say “The clothes is easily to be torn” in my head ifyouknowwhatimean..

      • Renaldi Saputra

        I think she’s 14 years old not 10

      • At least it not blatant/in your face type. I mean, I’ve seen more daring attempt at fanservice. (*ahem*Hinako*ahem* not tht I complain) But she did seem to dress sexy to compensate for lack of developement in certain area.

    • neocatzon

      first thought, what’s the point of having gaps on chest area?

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Basically the consensus here is not only is there not a point for such gaps, but that even from a fanservice standpoint, it’s pretty weak.

        • Nitraion

          Even pretty weak… I think thats sooo unnecessary

          • neocatzon

            so unnecessary but effective enough to makes the guy behind him enter my blindspot

      • Nitraion

        yes that’s my first thought too actually…
        she should dress property before photoshoot lol… XD

  • darkfox1

    This how the artist draws. See Devil Survivor 1 and 2 hell even Durarara.

  • Well, now… I am liking both the news here as well as the discussion regarding the concept of Digimon fanservice ‘ere represented by Akiho Rindou’s… “Bold” design.

  • Right clicked and saved. Now let get to the business.
    HNNNNNNGGGG. Akiho so cuuuuttte. Who cares abt the slits and nurse costume she wearing. Oh, Mirei and her anti gravity b00bies. But I still prefer pink.
    Isn’t it sad, Yuuya and his Black WarGreymon??
    @Vince:disqus its not dat bold compare to, say Code of Princess.
    Oky who ready to climbing the Tartarus while finishing request? climbing the Digitower while running away from Lili and Sebastian while finishing request?

    •  Hehe, I do not find myself turned off with the recent… ” More daring” degree of fanservice the franchise has presented in its current anime installments (Savers and Xros Wars.) and recently in this game. In fact, it was personally amusing and interesting at times to poke fun at. Adventure to Tamers did have its own fan servicey moments, (Though just few of it.) but it noticeably start to become slightly scaled up in Frontier.

      Does add an intriguing touch to Digimon as a fan myself.

  • Abhishek Posooa

    I’m not going to say that I’m waiting h-doujins of this.
    No no no no

  • Renaldi Saputra

    umm, just saying.. well, the cover I think it’s kinda ‘lusting’.. and I don’t really like it bcos honestly I kinda hate exagerrating fanservices.. maybe bandai namco should make it as CERO B or C instead of CERO A bcos fanservices aren’t appropriate for kids especially under 12

    but, still, I’m hoping so much on this game

    • It’s hard to take you seriously with an avatar like that. I don’t find it “lusting” at all, but it’s kind of funny how the person with the sexualized anime girl avatar said something. Projection much?

      • Renaldi Saputra

        I think there’s nothing wrong with my avatar, the fashions of my avatar are still reasonable for me although it still gives a sensation of fanservice, but still not exagerrated.. and don’t be misunderstood. I said ‘I kinda hate exagerrating fanservices’ and it seems I found it while seeing the whole Akiho’s fashions.. umm tight clothes and a small gap on chest area.. and I don’t really like it which doesn’t mean that I don’t like it, I still do.. well not really exageratting, though.. only a little bit exagerrating

        And thus, I began to think that this game is labeled ‘CERO A’ which means playable for all ages, and it was kinda silly, I wonder why?? It should be labeled with at least ‘CERO B’ which means only appropriate for above 12 yrs old for those fanservices they give in this game even though it’s still not much..

  • Forgot to comment this. I kinda find it funny that Sebastian will stalk/pester Taiga even if the latter won’t have any intention of challenging his young mistress. He’s like an over protective parent slash one man Team Rocket in a dandy old butler package.

  • like i commented before and will comment in another manner again… MAY THE GOD OF LOCALIZATION PICK THIS!

    oh i don’t know if i missed it out, but in case of multiplayer modes, will everyone’s tamer look exactly the same?

  • raymk

    I like the artwork from this guy and the characters.  Though the cover I can’t say but it seems odd that they are drawn from the side instead of the front.

  • dothackjhe

    This reminds me during those times I was playing Digimon World on the original Play Station. This new Digimon title must be great on PSP as well. =3

  • Any news if it will get localized? :(
    I hope this manages to come out over seas.
    Digimon world 1 is my favorite Digimon game and this one seems like it returns to those roots. Plus I have been having a blast playing with the pendulums this summer lol XD

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