Atelier Ayesha Trailer Commemorates The Game’s Japanese Release

By Ishaan . June 28, 2012 . 11:45pm

Atelier Ayesha was released in Japan earlier today, and to commemorate the occasion, Gust put out a launch trailer for the role-playing game, which you can watch below:



New to Atelier Ayesha is the game’s battle system, which enables you to move around the battlefield and factors in your distance from the enemy as well as your party members. Circling around an enemy lets you strike them from behind, while being in close proximity to a party member allows you to team up for an attack.


The game has multiple endings like the previous Atelier titles. In order to help keep track of its story, Gust have included a diary feature that lets you jot down Ayesha’s memories. Doing this also rewards you with bonus alchemy recipes.

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  • gaiahatergaia


  • DanteJones

    While it might seem like the game has more muted/boring colors in it compared to the Arland games, I like it! It fits with the seemingly more mature setting the game is going for. Though that’s not to say I didn’t like the style the Arland games, those are awesome in their own right. 

    The battle system is looking to be changing things up in a good way as well. While the Arland games had the classic tried and true RPG turn-based system, it could get repetitive after a while. 

    I’m a wee bit skeptical of getting rid of the 2D character portraits in event scenes, but I was also felt the same way before Rune Factory: Oceans came out and that actually turned out to be pretty good, so we will have to see how it works in Ayesha. 

    tl;dr: Looking forward to this/GIVE IT TO ME NAO/hhhnnnggghhh

    • Radiosity

      “While it might seem like the game has more muted/boring colors”

      That’s sort of explained by the world’s state/setting though :)

      I’m also sure there’ll be plenty of pretty locations to visit, even if they’re tumbledown or destroyed. Only a few days to go now, must be patient….. 

      Also, Rune Factory Oceans is great, playing that at the moment (couldn’t really afford it when it was first out, got the best edition a month or two ago). I’m having serious trouble deciding which of the three sisters I want to marry though and there’s no option for polygamy lol
      Currently it’s on backburner while I work on P4G though, then Ayesha, then it’ll be back to it.

      Back to Ayesha: I’m a little sad at the removal of portraits too. I’m just glad they didn’t decide to do that while Mel was still doing the art, Hidari is awesome too but Mel is in a class of his own :D

      • DanteJones

        Haha, I had the same exact problem with RF: Oceans. Eventually I settled on Odette but it was definitely a tough choice! And I agree, Mel’s art is a thing of beauty. *O*

        • Radiosity

          Odette was my initial target too, she’s so energetic and generally lovely I found it hard to be interested in anyone else… but then Iris came along and she’s so adorable and cute I’m finding it hard to resist (especially after her level 6 friendship event lol). I really like dojikko Lily too but she’s pretty much out of the running thanks to the other two :)

          Looking forward to getting back to it once I’m done with P4 and Ayesha.

  • One word: Spectacular!

  • Radiosity

    “Oh hey, I know, let’s release a trailer for all the people who can already play the game! Except they’re already playing so what we’re really doing is massively annoying the foreign players who are still waiting for their games to arrive mwuahahaha”

    Gust are masters of trolling :D

    • Ravage27

      “Oh oh and wouldn’t it be hilarious if everything’s already in English?” “That’s a great idea ahuahuahua! ^o^”


  • Göran Isacson

    Ha ha oh god that Engrish. “my sister is missing- was able to recover. She makes the drug. Her sister was missing a few years ago- she was not only to pet cow”.

    Oh Japan, you so adorable.

    • Radiosity

      Engrish is a constant source of much amusement, may it continue forever :D

      • Göran Isacson

        Indeed. I must say however that I’m very curious as to what part the cow plays in the story. Like… do they own cows? Is a cow the sinister villain behind her sisters disappearance? Like, what REASON do they have to suddenly start talking about cows? I do not get it. It’s glorious, but I do not get it.

        • Radiosity

          Not sure either, though she seems to have a cow-like creature with her in one of the videos I’ve seen.

  • Radiosity

    Interesting how they’re actually using Dusk in that paper instead of Twilight. Though I suspect it’s mostly because Japan doesn’t understand some of the more subtle differences between certain words.

  • Radiosity

    Huh, well so much for the video, apparently it’s been taken down again.

  • Darkrise

    Taken down… =/

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