Monster Hunter 4 Trailer Gives Us A New Look At The Game

By Ishaan . June 30, 2012 . 3:06am

Capcom have released a new Monster Hunter 4 trailer, following its debut at their stage show during the ongoing Capcom Game Jam event this weekend.  The trailer shows off some of the new features in the game like new monsters and the ability to climb monsters, as well as familiar elements like Felynes, the Tigrex and Rathalos. Take a look at the trailer below:



Monster Hunter 4 will be released for the Nintendo 3DS in spring 2013.

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  • nitronite

    During the fight scenes, is that really horrible lag??

  • As per the site rules, I’ll have to remind everybody to not make console requests. I know some people want to, but we can’t allow them due to their redundancy, tendency to derail threads, and/or in the worst case, bring up console wars.

    Please keep that in mind, because I’m instructed to ban those who don’t follow those rules. I felt the particular need to bring it up here because, well, it’s Monster Hunter 4.

    • Asura

       Thanks for bringing it up, because it’s the first thing that came to my mind upon seeing the article/trailer.

      Looking at these graphics, I wonder if the developers simply don’t want to take the time to make something HD-worthy though. Just how much better graphics are we expecting in the final version? This can’t be at all indicative of the graphics for the final version of MH4, can it?

      • [Shrug] You’re asking the wrong guy here… Let alone Monster Hunter Tri-G, I don’t even have a 3DS to base comparisons upon. (Not to mention that I haven’t really been into Monster Hunter in general, so far.) Perhaps @Ishaan:disqus can answer those for you once he’s available.

      • Peace Legacy

        please try to remember that the trailer display is much larger than the actual console screen.
        Try to download the trailer in 1080p using keepvid, then play and downscale the media player to the 3DS approx screen size, then tell me what do you think
        (hint: it’s awesomesauce)

    • Tom_Phoenix

      …Drakos, that was weak. You should have said it like this *clears throat*:


      You need to put some omph into it. Like this kid:

  • Go2hell66

    who got their mario in my monster hunter !?

  • Peace Legacy

    The low resolution texture, jaggy environment is kinda underwhelming, initially, but the mid air sword swings part had me yell “Holy sht!” several times :D
    Strange how the trailer doesn’t show off much of the new flagship monster, or multiplayer aspect (crucial promotional element of the series)
    Guess we will see more in Capcom Summer event

    *Edit: I’ve Just downloaded this trailer in 1080p and scale it down to approximate of the 3DS screen size and watch it. The graphic actually look really awesome! EVERYONE, please do this to see how good this game ACTUALLY look. 360p on a big youtube screen is deceiving*

    • malek86

      On a side note, you should also download the trailer in 400×240 resolution before scaling it down to the 3DS screen size. Of course a 1080p trailer will look jaggies-less when scaled down to a tenth of its size. But as it turns out, the 3DS is not 1080p.

      • Peace Legacy

        That would be fine and all, but the thing is that with youtube compression, it is not the 3DS native 240p, but rather the youtube compression of an uploaded 1080p, and youtube use a VERY LOSSY compression method for reducing video size
        This video was recorded and upload in 1080p, watch it in any resolution lower than that and the youtube compression will absolutely ruin it (more compression noise on texture=>blurrier image)
        Sure, the downscale of a 1080p video will take away most, if not all the aliasing, but would still ACCURATELY display the texture resolution and polygon counts for the game (fixed asset), which is more important to assess the graphic imo, since aliasing on a 3DS game is almost a given anyway

      •  huh huh huh jagies-less. I see what you did there.

  • Gideon de Groodt

    Holy shit, that thing in the end.. it looked so.. So.. BEAST. o_O”

    Flagship monster? Right there. As a shadow okay, but still.

  • Draparde

    Wow. this is looking wonderful. the new things that the monsters can pull out will make fighting the older ones more refreshing to me. 

    im loving the new monsters, i just hope that it includes *all* the old monsters(probably wishing for too much),perhaps some from frontier
    (like Espanas..i love his armor),
    …and a new weapon type 
    (which seems to be one of the traditional additions for the main series installments) 

    • I hope they at least bring back some of the elder dragons from unite, and Rajang as well

    • Exkaiser

      I hope they bring in some of the more interesting Wyverns from Frontier, like the scorpions.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      I thought the monkey there is from Frontier?

  • 70% of this trailer is made up of jump.

  • heartless141

    the hell’s up with the colors?

    • Peace Legacy

      One environment seems to incorporate saturated color scheme, that’s all.
      Look very eye-pleasing imo

  • Alex Sargeant

    …I’m getting a circle pad pro aren’t I?

  • after this game comes out. sony can grap there bags and leave the vita is game over and everyone besides sony knows it>_> stil little weird why they disrespect them so much  monster hunter is big because of the psp  not the ds…..ow well.

    • Marik78

      Soul Sacrifice come out before that.

      • Herok♞

        Soul Sacrifice is a new untested IP, like even Ragnarok Odyssey didn’t sell that spectacularly on Vita. @facebook-100000996519661:disqus this isn’t the right place to talk about the vita’s problems because it will lead to a console war.

    • malek86

      “Monster Hunter is big because of the PSP”

      Might wanna change that around. The PSP was made big by Monster Hunter. True, it probably wouldn’t have become as popular on the DS due to its limitations, but I can guarantee Sony is the one who should be bowing to Capcom for actually making the PSP relevant somewhere, not the other way around.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Or the opposite here? PSP become big because of Mon Hun?^^

  • Dylan Anantha

    The characters are beautifully animated, the background are badly animated.

    • It’s still in development, so give them some time xP

  • keithmaxx

    Wow. I haven’t played MH before but I’ve been following the franchise way back… If this gets localized I’m gonna grab a copy!

  • Paradox me

    Looks good, but it also looks pretty early. Give it another year and we’ll see.

  • Myles Lee

    hell yeah im getting a 3ds just for this game

  • Eilanzer

    Crap graphics =/
    Capcom didn´t try at all to change the graphics of psp =.=”

    • dont be such a graphics whore

      • Eilanzer

        Why not? This game don´t have a story, it´s all about gameplay and feel like a hunter IN A HUNTER world…And for me…A hunter world that looks like crumpled paper isn´t imersive at all =/

        • MINT_FanFan

           It’s early teaser, i’m pretty sure they will detail it later <_<
          Also it has different art direction than 3rd generation, so i' not sure everyone will like it.

      • 30sGamer

        There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little eye-candy here in 2012.  Video games are an audio/ visual experience.  That’s what separates the genre and its type of immersion from choose-your-own-adventure books or bbs games and MUDs.  Most mid-budget iOS games have sharper visuals than this (any iOS Unreal Engine 3 title surely does) and are made with a fraction of the development resources that Capcom has at its disposal.  I agree with you to an extent that gameplay is key, but dazzling visuals certainly help with immersion and generating atmosphere and awe.  

    • Marik78

      It’s even worse than the psp graphics, look at those Bosses.

  • As a fan of the series I’m really happy with this game, they seem to be evolving the concept  which is more than previous games where they just renew the same things at the end of the day. 
    Although, I would like to see a nice hd Monster Hunter game one day, the game play is what matters more to me.

    • I think monster hunter does not need much evolving in terms of the core gameplay.Just like pokemon.However it could benefit from new weapon types,environments and monsters.

  • taken  a few things from Dragon’s Dogma, eh?

    good idea.

    Now if only we had magic in the likes of a sorcerer lol

  • Okay now I am tired of rathalos.They don’t even change the armour you can make from him.

    • Exkaiser

      But they even gave the poor guy new attacks in 3rd Gen so you wouldn’t get tired of him!

      He works so hard to get himself killed for our amusement, working two jobs just to put bread on the table for his wife and eggs. Of course, Rathian has to work two jobs herself to get the mortgage paid.

      If they took Rathalos out of the next Monster Hunter, think of all those Wyvern Eggs that would go to waste! Those delicious, nutritious, account items.

      • Ha ha true but they don’t have to show him in every trailer of a new mon hun game.He is old now.His days in the limelight are over.It is time for a new monster to take the lead.

  • Shadowman

    This game looks awesome. Kinda sucks that it want get ported to the U.S.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    God eater Lindow: So you kill huge monsters for fun? Why?
    Monster hunter: Yeah I  don’t even know what I’m fighting for?!

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      …….Hunter: WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOR!!!!!!?

    • Code


    • Now let me give a brief explanation bout what a hunter is supposed to do.

      Your job as a Hunter is to be a Forester/Guardian which basically means keeping towns safe and making sure that some species stay where they’re supposed to.

      For example; A Population of Jaggi Growing large and rampant?
      Cut down their numbers so they won’t bother anyone

      a Rathalos that keeps attacking Caravans on the road?
      Slay/Capture it.

      The mission descriptions state why you have to hunt them.
      So it’s not really hunting for fun, it’s a job just like God Eater’s God Eaters xD

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    If they can make the background better here, i will be so pleased here as the char and the monster all looks great here.^^

    And does anyone find that the open world here gives a bit of feeling like Xenoblade?^^

  • I swear, if they don’t localize…

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      ….. You know, i have been keep saying that for MH tri G 3DS here.T_T


      • Same here With Freedom 3. Guess we’re not getting that.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          Well Freedom 3 is…….dead.T_T For sure there considering they are released on PSP which is also “dead” outside of Japan however TriG is released on 3DS here. Which is not struck by all the pirates problem yet. This should possess a problem for them to release the game here.T_T

  • Code

    Looks prettty good, although took a few watches to get over the super jaggy visuals, but I imagine that’ll pan out soon as production continues >wo>~! Plus Cat Partners have returned TwT they were by far the bestest thing to happen to the series~!

  • The character models look good to me but the environment needs work…. If there’s one thing that could surprised me, it is the map design…

    Holy ****…. For a 3DS and a MH game, that is one gigantic map… Which means no loading screens???

  • Spider-Man

    The environments are a bit bright. : Jaggies popping around. I hope some of these moves aren’t forced on us. As interesting as they may be. Nice to see the return of a few classic monsters. Hopefully Khezu returns redesigned a little, like the Rath pair, and Monsters have better AI. 

    And of course, after its release, I HOPE we get this game localized. 

  • Carocaro4

    i don’t know about this  folks. If it gets to be available in the west then MAYBE I could play the game with a bunch of friends that aren’t online. Oh that’ll be the day.

  • malek86

    Looks pretty good, althought not too different from the PSP games. In fact, some textures actually looked a bit worse. But I guess they have used the extra power for making bigger maps, rather than improving the graphics.

    On a side note, it’s difficult to say from a compressed video, but it looks like they added mipmapping.

    • 30sGamer

      I’m fairly certain that the reason Capcom is avoiding an HD monster hunter is because they’ve been using the same assets (or variants thereof) since the PS2 days. Not trolling or complaining (Ishaan, keep that banhammer away pls! :P)  I remember reading something to that effect years ago when they dropped the PS3 version of MH and went to the Wii – it was a strategic decision for cost>development.

      Its allowed them to have a MH release pretty much every year between all the SD (and sub HD) platforms. It does look like this one has larger environments though. But it’ll probably be instanced free-roam like the other iterations. I’d be shocked if we see anything other than HD or iOS/ Android ports at this point. Not an original game with HD assets. Costs too much and takes too long.

      • No worries, it was obvious you weren’t trolling. :)

        I agree, keeping costs down is obviously one of the considerations. Just look at Dragon’s Dogma, for comparison. That’s one of the largest projects Capcom have done this gen, and all said and done, it “may” manage to crawl its way to 1.5 million by next year. The other comparison I can think of is Dark Souls, which is also capped at 3 mil. worldwide. (my estimate of how much it will eventually do)

        …then, in contrast, we look at Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, which did 4.6 million in Japan alone. 

        With Monster Hunter, there’s a two-fold advantage to not going to HD consoles. Keeping the budget under control is one, but it’s also that the “Monster Hunter audience” in Japan prefers the games in portable form. They sell many more millions on portables (see: MH Tri sales).

        I do think they made some significant advancements with Tri, though. Nearly all of the monsters–if not all–got new models and textures, and it’s one of the most beautiful looking games I’ve seen this gen on any system in general.

        Now, I do feel that there’s a chance for Monster Hunter on consoles at some point in the future, but in the event that it happens, I’m fairly certain they’ll want to charge a subscription fee for it. Tri had a subscription fee in Japan for online play, and Frontier on the PC/360 has one, too. Of course, this would never fly in the west, and we know for a fact that Capcom are interested in growing Monster Hunter in the west as well.

  • Is anyone else getting a Xenoblade vibe from this? Around the 0:45 mark onward, all the landforms they show they show look like they would feel right at home in Xenoblade. 

    That’s a very, very good thing, if you ask me. Xenoblade’s world was interesting to look at, visually, which encouraged you to run around and explore more. That same style of design could work wonders for Monster Hunter.

    Something else I wonder about is what “season” this game will use. Freedom Unite always gave off a very cold, very chilly “fall” vibe. Tri had a really nice warm, summer feel to it. Finally, Portable 3rd was obviously spring. From the trailers, I can’t place what Monster Hunter 4 will be.

    • Sheimi12

      FU seemed more winter to me, this looks very fall like with the vibrant oranges and such

      It’s also a lot more colorful and bright! TriG and back look more subdued than this in relation to the colors

      • OK, you’re right. “Fall” was the wrong term to use for FU. It was definitely more winter. This could be autumn/fall, yeah! But personally, I always secretly kind of hoped that MH4 wouldn’t stick to any one season and would, instead, keep changing seasons, giving you a different feel with each one. 

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Me too here.^^ THe moment i see the sky there, i feel that it gives more Xenoblade vibe rather than Mon hun there lol.^^

  • konsama

    1st.- I LOVE they returned to a more similar theme to the original, i HATED the 3rd gen theme, or A.K.A Jhen’s music after dragonator. Ugh.

    2nd.- This looks better than i expected, after playing DD for some time i think the climbing thing wouldn’t be a bad idea at all, if it got an improvement from DD that was annoying at times it could be great.

    3rd.- That monkey fights too close to how gogomoa does, at least on some moves, maybe that’s another region where pelagus are the main species.

    Kokoto (west)= Wyverns
    Pokke (north)= Variated
    Moga, Yukumo, Loc Lac (South)= Fish (brute) wyverns and leviathans
    New Area = East(?) considering it looks like an african Sabana savanna and we already have one pelagus shown in trailer, and there are ruins that looks like Indian temples i’d say the east is arid.

    I still have mixed thoughts about this game, as i don’t like that Kratos climbing it has now, and considering how much it runs and jumps and all, i guess having Mega juices instead of rations in supply box is a must… 

  • JustAnotherTraveler

    3DS? There goes any interest I had. 

    • Sigh. Banned.

      Once again, please find our site posting guidelines here. We don’t tolerate console complaints/port-begging:

      (please don’t reply to either of these comments, guys. Continue discussion as usual)

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Hopefully by 2013 numerous improvements in the visual department can be made. Ground textures could receive considerable improvement. At this point in time they kind of rival the textures seen in Resident Evil Mercenaries, where they are really bland, murky, and lacking detail. They kind of look ps1 era, which is shocking considering the 3DS is way more powerful that that. With the amount of animation they seem to be skipping in the basic attacks, surely they could dedicate more pixels to the textures to give them the much needed depth that is necessary to allow the game to stand against more graphically powerful games on the market today? Just because it is on a handheld doesnt mean concessions need to be made. They should employ a no holds barred approach. 
    The mountains could also receive some much needed work. Really they are quite polygonal that they dont even look anywhere near being ultraphotorealistic. Perhaps a few more polygons could be given to them as well as some forestry and snow on them to make them look more realistic? Or perhaps add some volcanic textures to them to give the impression that the Monster Hunter world is lively yet dangerous. I think it would actually works wonders if they could detail it a bit more. Lastly I think they should work on the water and ground in that regard too. At times it is just so flat that the vines are essentially as thin as paper, creatures in water dont even look like they are in water, no depth. I wonder if this is just an artistic move or just something due to technical limitations as it seems to require quite a stretch of the imagination to make ones eyes immerse themselves into believing that the characters are physically in the water. Notice the water doesnt move around the creature and that there are no splashes to be seen, and the water kind of just glides along in one plane on the surface. I think they could really improve upon that too. The vines as well, perhaps add more layers or something so that it isnt that thin, that one could get a paper cut on. The character modeling is alright and the creatures could also be a bit more detailed. 

    A nice start but many improvements could be made. If they make these improvements then I and others would no doubt try to make this our first monster hunter game if it comes to the west, otherwise, I guess, like the others Ill avoid.

    • malek86

      I’ll assume the large maps would be difficult to handle for the 3DS, especially if this time they are going for streaming the entire map, instead of dividing it into bite-sized chunks.

      Also, if they really are using mipmapping, that requires extra memory too, although the final result should look better than not using it (keyword being “should”, since the 3DS can’t do trilinear).

    • I do think they’ll make considerable visual improvements by the time this game is out, and considering this is Capcom, I don’t doubt that they’ll exploit the 3DS to the fullest of its capabilities. The reason Mercs 3D doesn’t look all that great is because it was literally their first graphics-intensive game on the 3DS. It was thrown together from RE4 and RE5 assets, not assets that were custom-built for the 3DS, so that explains a whole lot right away.

      Now, as for MH4, I think there’s a lot going on under the surface like @malek86:disqus  said. The environments do look seamless, and even if they aren’t, they certainly look much larger in size than anything in Tri or Portable 3rd.

      Second, something else to note is that while they could use their polycount to simply add more details, it appears as though they’re using them to make more interesting landforms instead. Look at the shapes of those over-arching cliffs and everything else. This game looks like it took a few pointers from Xenoblade when it comes to environment design, and those kinds of shapes require that you utilize more polys in general. 

      I don’t think they’re skimping out on the effort–it’s just being directed into some major advancements to environment design from what I can tell.

  • MrRobbyM

    That was awesome.

    Side note, you can really see lots of Dragon’s Dogma moments in this trailer. DD definitely got lots of Inspiration from MH. I’d even go as far to say that DD is Capcom’s take on a “westernized” MH game.

    • But the first tech demo of mh4 had the same mechanics shown, which we seen similarities in DD. But as you said, I’m certain they split the tech to “market” similar but different games. Now I’m betting the West won’t even see another Monster Hunter. I is sad now…

      • This is completely untrue.

  • TheInternetNomad

    they should have gear rex as a special monster 

  • Nathan_GreeneIV

    The only thing i wouldnt climb on is khezu……….. You know why……. Ew.

  • Red9ro

    I’m not a graphics-whore, just curious; will MH4 look inferior to MH3?

    • MINT_FanFan

       Different art direction, i’m not sure everyone will like it.
      I do, though. It’s more colorful than previous MHs i played

    • malek86

      You mean the Wii version, not MH3G, right? If so, depending on the map size, it’s actually possible it will. Higher draw distance and larger backgrounds polygon count don’t come free, and the 3DS isn’t even as powerful as the Wii (although MH3 didn’t really look all that good for a Wii game, it even ran at 360p).

      Though of course, even if the game looked “visually” worse, chances are you wouldn’t really notice on the 3DS’s small screen.

      Even so, I think the visual look will be pretty much on par with MH3G and the PSP games, not worse.

  • Visa Vang

    Needs lots of monster climbing. Just swinging on the ground is no fun.

    • I want to fly!!! (Like an eagle). 

      But seriously climbing would be fun ( ^.^)

  • Michael Revis

    If Capcom wants to regain any credibility, they better release this in NA.

  • Whoa forgot about this one. Been a bit overwhelmed by the games on my must have/import list (I really do have a list to keep track…) Weird since I was playing the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd yesterday and was wondering when the next game would be coming out and poof!

  • Hinataharem

    Oh look, the Rathalos is flying.

    That never happens.

  • Domii

    Wow the graphics look pretty good.

  • WyattEpp

    I’m loving the look of the revamped movement.  The climbing and jumping is welcome, much moreso than swimming ever was.  I guess the black thing at the end is the new flagship monster?

    But is it just me or is Capcom moving away from non-portable releases for Monster Hunter?  More to the point, the quality of the visuals seems to have taken a serious hit from it.  Even though the video has a lot of compression artifacts the aliasing hurts.  I can’t imagine putting it on a 3DS screen will make that go away entirely, especially with the upscaled version on the way.  For now, it’s probably too early to be really sure: the poly count they showed is extremely low; even if they’re streaming the whole map, occlusion culling exists for a reason.  I can only imagine those environments are very early WIP.

  • bL4Ck

    >3DS (nothing wrong about it, but this means no multiplayer)
    >JP Only (again?)
    >Region locked (…)
    >Graphic worse than MHP3rd on PSP (how did they achieve this?)

    i hope crapcom fails.

    • I don’t see how this being on 3DS would mean no multiplayer when Tri G has multiplayer. In fact, not putting multiplayer in would take the appeal of Monster Hunter away entirely, so I highly doubt there’s no multiplayer. Cooperative multiplayer is the whole point of this series.

      I’m also fairly certain this game is coming over, as Capcom have expressly stated that they want to grow Monster Hunter in the west. We’re just going to have to be patient for an announcement.

      As for the graphics looking worse than P3rd (and I’ll admit they do in some places), it’s likely because: 1. this is a work-in-progress, and 2. those environments are much larger than anything in Tri or P3rd.

      • Showmeyomoves

        Also, don’t forget the 3DS needs to render everything twice. Besides, seeing it on a big PC monitor is very different from seeing it in action on your little 3DS.

        • Exactly. The trailer for this is already up on the eShop in Japan, and people say it looks fine on the 3DS screen.

  • the worse graphic on monster hunter….

  • Göran Isacson

    DEM PAPERFLAT VINES oh yeeaaah.

    So yeah, while I like the Dragon’s Dogma vibes with the monster-climbing, I gotta say I hope they keep on polishing the graphics. Even for an online-intense game on the 3DS, there’s got to be a way to make the games polygons and effects look better than this… right?

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