Why Yes, E.X. Troopers Will Have Multiplayer

By Ishaan . June 30, 2012 . 10:33am

While E.X. Troopers looks nothing like Lost Planet aesthetically, it’s actually an anime-esque spin-off of that series. Yes, that includes the multiplayer focus as well, which was demonstrated at Capcom’s ongoing Game Jam event last night. Details are scarce on this front, though, so you’ll have to settle for a new trailer instead:



E.X. Troopers is being written by Dai Sato, who worked on the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Eureka 7 anime series. In order to promote the game, Capcom have contracted anime studio, Satelight, to produce an anime movie, which will be included with Sengoku Basara HD Collection in August.


E.X. Troopers is in development for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 3. Capcom will release the game sometime this year, but haven’t specified when.

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  • kupomogli

    Game looks good.  Gameplay looks like a mix between Devil May Cry and the Gundam vs games.

  • MrKappa

    Game looks pretty good but every time I see it I am reminded that they choose the oddest combo of systems to release this on. 3DS and PS3? That clearly tells you the game was built for the 3DS and will thus play like a handheld game. Meaning that it won’t be all that great.

    Then again bigger worries are the fact that this game will never see the light of day outside of Japan. So importing the PS3 version is all anyone can do.

  • pgover

    Looking good, i must say. Can’t wait to see more of E.X. Troopers.

  • darryl scott

    yay!!! megaman!!!
    wait a min….

  • LynxAmali

    Is it sad that I want to play this more than I do Lost Planet 3?
    Because I do.

    That surely says something,

  • Syltique

    I’m sold.  The gameplay looks great, and I would love to play this co-op with a few friends.  The style looks like it rivals Persona.  The mechs look super fun.  Toss in the Stand Alone Complex author and I’m already committed to a pre-order.

  • Nitraion

    After playing Dragon dogma I say capcom still not suck making action game….

  • So vibrant colour…..my eyes feels a bit discomfort….or its just me needing a break.

    Wonder how will those sound effect look lk in english? And Miko bug web LOL XD Looks good but is this canon? Just curious.

  • d19xx

    Main character looks like a flamingo or a pimp… dat hair is just too fabulous for my poor eyes.

  • Call me a pessimist or whatever, but I’m really not liking the lineup of main characters. They seem like such a generic daynamic: The Hothead Hero, the geeky sidekick, the Girl-next-door love interest, the fanservice girl, and the “cool guy”.

    The rest of the package looks cool, especially the music they used for the trailer (the secondhalf in particular), but I hope the characters aren’t as one-dimensional as I think they are.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    i WANT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • aoihana

    Oh mai goto~! (・□・;)

    I was thinking that E.X. Troopers had already sold me since the previous Nintendo Direct preview, it really left a great impression, but online?! This is just icing on the big celshaded cake! I can’t help but let wonder at the possibilities online will bring.

    Will the online play be more of a multiplayer free-for-all, where you pit against one another, similar to Kid Icarus. 

    Or will it be more like Lost Planet, where you play through levels and work together to bring down a huge monster. 

    Maybe a bit of both? Regardless, the fact that it will have online means that it will remain relevant for much, much longer, in my eyes, at least. 

    One thing I noticed from E.X. Troopers from the get-go was the beautiful style, and from the previous Nintendo Direct and now this trailer, it looks really crisp and smooth! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

    Though, the character and manga style direction is what really caught my eye. The stylish presentation and manga elements, like the sound effects, for example, remind me of Valkyria Chronicles. Both games have an amazing presentation. 

    The characters are all really interesting, but Julie, TeeKee and Chris are my favorite, they’re all so awesome! Chris, though, is especially cool, I think. He has such a cool voice and attitude. I like the protagonist, Luan, too. Pink hair, man! щ(゜ロ゜щ)

    Music and gameplay are top notch, too. I wouldn’t know about the controls, but gameplay sure seems really fun, and I love all the action and monsters, too, so I can’t wait to see some of the bigger enemies. I really love the music, it’s just so fitting, it’s stylish and futuristic, goes well with the action, too. 

    For some reason, i didn’t expect Capcom’s Game Jam event to bring significant news on their other games, I forgot Monster Hunter isn’t their only focus! Really excited! (*≧m≦*)

  • epy

    Colors! Look everyone! Not shades of brown and gray, bright colors! I’m now waiting for a Gamespot review where they give it 5/10 because there’s too many colors and the characters have hair.

  • Shadowman

    *Gasp* Localize this now!

  • kylehyde

    It just only need one thing, to be localized outside of Japan. I hope that the trademark could become a sign of that.


  • Zonic505

    DAT MUSIC. I seriously wish this would get confirmed for an US release, especially after that trademark back in Dec.

    • Syltique

      I’m digging that avatar bro-dog.

      • d19xx

        At a glance it looks like Sakura from Naruto…

  • O_O! Want! Want! Want! Want! Want! The game looks beautiful, and especially with a soundtrack like that! I really hope there are plans to release this all over so we all can enjoy which looks like an enjoyable game. =^_^=

  • Is this game at all based on the Mega Man Legends 3 build?

    • Brandonmkii


  • Nicolas Vasquez

    i want to see footage of the ps3 version, and if there indeed is, im dissapointed, unless is a cheap buy on the ps3.

  • Zetsomaru

    I’d hate to be THAT guy but… 
    Why Capcom? Why  couldn’t you also put this on VITA?! 
    I mean sure… I can live without MH4 or whatever but putting it on the home console and leaving out its handheld.. that’s just criminal. D:

    • Watch it, It’s comments like these that get you banned swiftly.

      plus I’m sure capcom has it’s reasons .

      • kupomogli

        3DS sales over Vita sales being one of them amirite?

        I agree with Zetsomaru though.  With these graphics, there could be parity between both console and handheld, and if it was on the Vita it could have cross platform play between PS3 and Vita.  Sure it could also be on the 3DS, but it’s like they missed a good opportunity with PS3/Vita connectivity.

        • yep, and I second the latter too.

          but i’m guessing the 3DS is the more preferred system.

      • Zetsomaru

        I don’t understand. 
        I’m going to be banned for sharing my opinion in the comments section?

        • nonono , Your comment could be easily mistaken for a “Whiny Console request” comment.

          I’m just giving ya a heads up ‘fore the Admins do so.

          • Zetsomaru

            That’s odd. Never really saw this as a problem, not that I was trying to whine or anything. It was more along the lines of expressing my disappointment. But, erm… thanks for the “warning”, I suppose.

          • you’re welcome and I’ll try to be more informative with my “Warnings”

          • Zetsomaru

            Right on.
            Sorry if the use of quotes in the last reply came off as pompous.I just think it’s very silly to ban users for something as little as a showcase of disapproval for choice of platform release. Especially since there are probably worse things to be said about Capcom’s decisions as of late.

          • The reason we don’t like people bringing up console complaints is because all it takes is one person to spark a whole bunch of others to come in and whine about how the game isn’t on their system of choice. Those talks never lead to anything productive.

            We’d much rather prefer that people talk about the games themselves, not complain about consoles. If a system has the games people want, there’s nothing to stop them from buying it. And if they didn’t… well, their fault, I suppose? I’d like to think we all spend our money after giving careful consideration to a system’s current and future game support.

          • Zetsomaru

            Thanks for the explanation. I just never imagined that the aim of posting comments on a video game news site was to be productive. Your rules, I guess. From now on I’ll be sure to refrain from voicing my opinion on these trivial matters and follow suit in redundant praisal and awe at how wonderful and completely logical Capcom’s decisions are. I was a fool to buy the system not doing well in Japan and I therefore hold no right to show negativity towards profit seeking developers. I’m the worst.

          • “From now on I’ll be sure to refrain from voicing my opinion on these trivial matters and follow suit in redundant praisal and awe at […]”

            ……… Okay, you know what? I’m gonna have to put something out of my systems here:
            Many people make that (essentially the same) sarcastic reply whenever they’re warned about their negativity and/or console complaint. Is there no middle ground for you people? Just because you shouldn’t be blindly negative about something doesn’t mean you should go for the other positive extreme either. “Neutral” is the word, people. That line is barely anything other than an exaggerated retort that strawmans the context of the site rule.

            We can’t stop people from thinking the way they want, of course, but if they draw that conclusion at the expense of logic, then it’s not our fault.

          • Zetsomaru

            Still a tad bit confused.
            What would neutrality even look like in this case? Dull observation? Are we forming a utopia of some sort? – I was quick to jump to sarcasm simply because I was reprimanded for a completely clean and harmless expression of disappointment. Had I used foul language or went at it with ill intent, I’d probably have left it at that. But I didn’t. It wasn’t “at the expense of logic”.

          • – Just “observation”; whether it’s dull or exciting is subjective. For the very least, I can see many users doing just that calmly; they’ve gotten used to certain games not coming to their consoles by now – especially the ones who keep watch on the market aspects.
            – The rules are meant to make the atmosphere and the community more disciplined compared to typical online behavior. Whether it qualifies as “utopia” by your definition, I wouldn’t know – although I’d consider that an exaggeration.
            – What I meant by “at the expense of logic” is the way people sarcastically retort how they’ll have to stick to the positive extreme. As I said earlier, that’s merely a strawmanned response, thus ignores logic.

            Now, I’m gonna come clear here: I’m well aware that some people just want to know why a game they’re interested in wasn’t considered for consoles they have (or have in mind). But not everyone who asks that is looking for an answer, is it? Some of them aren’t even expecting a reply. (Those who actually are looking for an answer tend to write down what they think or question to begin with.) They just want to say out loud their disappointment; which adds nothing to the conversation (although harmless) at best, and can spark a series of like-minded complaints which can lead to blaming companies or starting console wars – and those are definitely not the sort of things we like on the site. Which is why that rule exists to deter these sorts of situations altogether, and users who don’t know it gets off with a reminder.

            If you came in with a snarky one-liner expressing discontent, you probably would have gotten banned instantly. But you asked why, and Ishaan answered your questions. All in all, no harm done. There was no need to follow up with a sarcastic retort – unless you consider it insulting to you in any way, of course, but I’m sure that’s not what Ishaan intended.

    • Please read our posting guidelines here: http://bit.ly/LIfktr

      As for the answer to your question, it’s obvious why it’s on 3DS and PS3. Those are the most popular systems in Japan right now. It’s on 3DS because it’s a co-op multiplayer game, a market which Capcom currently own with Monster Hunter. 

      It’s on PS3 because Lost Planet 3 will be on PS3, and considering that this game looks very much like it’s meant to drum up an interest in the Lost Planet world, Capcom might be hoping to get people who like EX Troopers to check LP3 out when it releases next year.

      • Zetsomaru

        How was that obvious? Dx
        Still, it makes more sense than them doing it out of spite and hatred for non-flourishing handhelds.

  • “Multiplayer” “PS3” “Cel-shading”

    Yup, that definitely qualifies for my buy-list.

    • I might even Double dip and buy 2 copies, One for on the Go (3DS) and one for  at home (PS3)

      • ………

        [Looks at wallet.]


        • I know buddy….

          I’m in the same situation…

          So the answer is SAVING UP CASH!

  • I was thinking the game looks and sounds really colorful and cheerful for a story set on a cold planet. (Guess they’ve never heard of winter depression; good for them.) So I looked up the voice actor list:

    Bren ⟹ Kaji Yūki [Final Fantasy XIII‘s Hope]
    Teekee ⟹ Hayami Saori [Love Plus‘ Manaka Takane]
    Chris ⟹ Taniyama Kishō [Gurren Lagaan‘s Kittan]
    Julie ⟹ Sawashiro Miyuki [Cammy, Catherine, Carl Clover, and the list goes on…]
    Luan ⟹ Yonaga Tsubasa [Tale of Xillia‘s Jude Mathis]
    Gingira ⟹ Koyasu Takehito [Again a lot of roles, but I remember him as Arc Rise Fantasia‘s Weiss]

    Throw in the fact that the one responsible for scenario is Satō Dai who worked on Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Eureka Seven and such… and I’m starting to think the story is going to be very, very much another sci-fi Anime.

    P.S.: It might be because I don’t watch a lot of Anime, but I didn’t recognize Sawashiro’s voice initially, because of how Genki her character sounds.

    • puchinri

      Hnnng! Saori Hayami!! And Miyuki Sawashiro and Kishou Taniyama! ;u;

      Plus, Satou Dai writing. . . this is so beautiful. I don’t care for the director much, but this is all great~. I’m even more excited for the game now. ♥

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    Hope the PS3 version is localized.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      ……. Why not both of them here? Both of the console owner deserve to play this game isn’t it?

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        I didn’t say that I hope the 3DS one isn’t, did I? I’m just hoping that the one particular version that I can play is. If only the 3DS one is localized, then I won’t be able to play it. If both are, that’s nice too, but the only version I have a personal stake in is the PS3 version.

  • Brandonmkii

    Hope either version is localized.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Indeed.^^ If both of them are localized, more and more gamer will be able to try this goodness.^^

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Well, this game looks really colorful and cheerful here.^^ Even if the game is located in an icy planet lol.

    More game should try to take this kind of approach lol. I have get kinda bored here with realistic(kinda bland) color lol.^^

  • Jiikae

    I know this won’t make it to America. So I’m going to import this as a reward to myself by the end of this year. Along with a Japanese dictionary.

  • puchinri

    Hey, well, that’s awesome! Co-op is always great~. I might have to make sure that some of my friends pick up the title too. And, at this point, I’m considering saving up for the PS3 and 3DS version (the latter is a must, but it’d be nice to play at home with PS3 only friends).

    Just knowing that Dai Satou is working on the title means so much. Totes looking forward to this~. I hope it gets localized. >u<
    So many good games to look forward to now. ♥

  • This game is looking pretty darn good.  If it’s coop multiplayer I’ll be doubly happy.  Probably look to get it on the 3DS, especially with the XL coming down the pipe.

  • Göran Isacson

    Dat Escher Girls-pose at 0:49. That you could actually do that with 3d-models that I presume have some kind of parameters tieing them to the laws of physics skeleton… the world is truly full of wonders.

    Interesting to see that all five characters are playable, now I’m just curious if you get to choose which one you play or if the game picks them for you. Also, is it just me or is this version a lot more fast-paced than regular Lost Planet?

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