Check Out Yukiko’s Colourful Wardrobe In Persona 4: Arena

By Ishaan . July 2, 2012 . 2:32pm

Yukiko Amagi has been studying to be a chef when the events of Persona 4: Arena take place. She hears rumours of the Midnight Channel’s return and re-enters the TV world, where she runs into new character, Labrys. Today, Atlus USA sent out a few screens of Yukiko, showing off her various costume colours in the game:


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  • Setsuna ♥

    Why not post the entire cast ? :x Also Homura Yukiko makes me want to play her ~

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Because only the brain dead go to SRK.

    • Now if they gv us Madoka Chie…….

  • I like 1, 4, 7, and 8. XD I’m pretty sure I’ll be using color #4 the most. I do like light blue hair.

  • Shane Guidaboni

    I love Yukiko’s color set. She’s going to be my main! 

  • Herok♞

    Looks nice, but I still expect people to come to the article to complain about the optional color dlc the game will have.

    • Well in their defense, some sprite based fighting games in the past had a color edit mode (The Street Fighter Alpha Series, and King of Fighters XI, are a few games that come to mind), which gave you the opportunity to customize the characters colors to your liking.  So not only did you not have to pay extra for it, but you weren’t limited to only certain selections.

      I think it be kinda interesting to see different players’ take on characters if they’re were able to upload their own color combinations online.  It will also add a bit visual variety, I’m not sure if their has been a fighting game that has been able to let you do that, or not.  

  • Valkenhayn

    Carl /Ingrid Yukiko and Anji Yukiko colors are DLC I guess… I guess this will be my main reason for buying those DLC, I’ll play Yukiko only in those colors(Carl Main/Anji sub) even though she’s my designated healer…..

  • Palettes fit for a Princess, indeed.

  • Ben Sylvia

    I like that blue one.

  • rebecasunao

    The blue one reminded me of Umi:

    They all look pretty nice.

  • raymk

    Yep she has all good colors, I guess i’ll have to buy her DLC as I want all her colors.  I also want mitsuru glasses, damn it aksys I don’t buy color DLC but your making me do it just this one time and not ever again. 

  • I’ve never really liked the concepts of color-swaps, so the default it’ll be for me.

  • Radiosity

    After finishing Golden yesterday I’d love more P4 but… fighting games have just never been my thing and I’m not all that interested in non-canon stories either. Though they did slip a little reference to Arena into Golden so it looks like they’re going with some sort of semi-canon story at least. Friend of mine who’s been playing Golden as well this last week is buying this though so I’ll at least get to find out from a trusted source what it’s like :)

    • Herok♞

       Arena is completly canon so the story will effect the future of the franchise.

  • Nice.

  • Whatever happened to color edit mode, they’re not included in sprite based fighting games anymore?

    • Radiosity

      What, and not be able to charge you for DLC colour schemes? Heh :(

  • Yuri

    Oh god. ROFL… charging for alternate costumes is one thing but charging for palette swaps?? :-D :-v :-x 

    • Herok♞

       2 things about that
      1. these are the colors included in the game
      2. for sprite based games these are the alt costumes because if you make alt costumes every sprite would have to be redraw for every potential action and hitboxes would change which would cause glitches and other problems to occur.

      • fermented

        Hitboxes are invisible rectangles that follow the sprite animations but are independent from the sprites themselves, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

        The only thing that keeps alternate costumes from being made in a 2D sprite based game is the sheer amount of time and work required to draw the sprites, especially if they are animated at 60 fps.

        • Herok♞

           The reason I include hitboxes is because a alt costume might be larger or smaller then the original costume which would mean adjusting the size of the hitbox, which would be a game changer. I knew about the time it takes to redraw everything which is why I wrote “every sprite would have to be redraw for every potential action.”

  • revenent hell

    I dont buy alt costumes or colors often unless they come with a charecter boost of some kind I particularly want so as cool as she looks in blue if its a paid for DLC i’ll stick to one of the free colors or her regular outfit

  • WyattEpp

    Hah, the fourth one is totally Ryuuzaki Umi from Rayearth.

  • Maia Kasoya

    Yukiko’s gonna “HomuHomu” with that last color.
    Hommando? No, Yukikomando!…
    …Why can’t I hold all of these stupid puns?

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