Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua On PlayStation Vita Gets Its First Screenshots

By Ishaan . July 9, 2012 . 2:34am

This November, Kadokawa Games are publishing a port of Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua on the PlayStation Vita. Today, they released two screenshots of the Vita version of the game, and we tracked down matching screens from the PlayStation 2 version of Realta Nua for comparison. Take a look:









Story-wise, the Realta Nua on Vita won’t include any new content, but anime studio, Ufotable, have produced a new opening animation for the game. The opening theme will be performed by Earthmind, who created the song “B-Bird” for Mobile Suit Gundam UC Episode 4.


The game will also feature touchscreen support and will come with a download code for a bonus game titled Tobidase! Trouble Hanafuda Douchuuki 2. Kadokawa will release Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua on November 29th for a whopping 6,300 yen.


Fix: Whoops. Theme song title fixed. Thanks to burucchi for pointing out the error!

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  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Earthmind!!!!^^ All my love.^^

    ……While i am almost sure, that i won’t buy this game here, at least i am going to buy Earthmind singles there then.^^

  • So, let me understand: they did the good old pan&scan trick that was used to bring 16:9 pictures in 4:3 by cutting part of the frames, but this time in reverse, instead of redrawing the pictures or making them letterboxed instead?

    I have a really bad feeling about this.

    • mirumu

      Yeah, it looks like pan & scan done vertically, but the Vita is higher resolution too so they’ve also upscaled it. That makes it all a bit more blurry and the pixel artefacts a bit more visible. That said, I guess it’s still going to look better on the Vita’s smaller screen than on a PS2 hooked up to a large TV.

      It’s a shame they didn’t take the opportunity to actually increase the detail in the art, but it would have been costly to do so. Doesn’t really look like a port they’re wanting to spend money on. That’s not to say I’d turn down a localization if some publisher felt generous.

      • I don’t think it would be upscaled, unless the CGs were drawn at the original VN’s resolution (which would be unusual, since digital art is usually drawn at high resolution and then scaled down to the size you want). They’d just have to take the original image files and scale them down to the Vita’s resolution.

        • mirumu

          That’s what you’d hope, but the screenshots shown here are native res for PS2 and Vita respectively so you can easily see for yourself. There’s a bit of macro block compression visible, but otherwise the art is the same effective resolution in both versions despite the Vita version’s real resolution being higher. It’s especially obvious in the picture with Rin.

          If these screenshots do truly represent the port, it’s an upscale.

  • cropping that beautiful artwork from 4:3 to 16:9 is a crime -_-

    • shuratan

      But that’s what happens to all vns ports that I’ve played (on psp). Some of them do have an option to switch to 4:3 mode and have black bars on the sides, or the ability to scroll up and down the picture using the analogue stick. Though I have no idea whether there’ll be any of that for vita ports. 

      • I’d love to see those options included. Actually scrolling should be a no-brainer as Vita has two sticks and a touch-screen.

  • I can’t tell the different between the PS2 and the Vita except the cropping… Anyone willing to bet how much this will sell???

  • Now is the chance to sell your cake hot at the west, Type moon. Just ‘subbed it or hire the fan sub guys!

  • RaikageV

    I just began watching Fate/stay night. Does Realta Nua tell the same story or is it after/before stay night?

    • natchu96

      The Fate/Stay Night anime is terrible compared to the Visual Novel version, which came first, according to popular opinion. It take the first route of the VN, and mashes in a little from the other two.

      The story is otherwise identical. Fate/Hollow Ataraxia was chronologically after SN, I believe, while Fate/Zero was a decade before hand. The anime adaptation of that just finished airing recently. It’s more faithful, but then again, F/Z was a book, so there are no “other routes” to worry about.

    • João Madalena

      Realta Nua, is an expansion to the original Visual Novel Fate/Stay Night, it has new CG, new music and the extra epilogue with saber, but censores the sex scenes with some ridiculous metaphors. The true Fate/Stay Night experience is to grab the original game for PC, apply the fan translation patch and the realta nua patch, adds all the new content but leaves the sex scenes alone.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

       Oh when you see that dragon it’s suppose to mean something else >_>

  • Wait, *new* opening?  But This Illusion was perfect.  I’ll reserve judgment til I actually hear it though.

    What I won’t be so open-minded about is the way they just kind of lopped off big pieces of the artwork :l.  Come on, Type Moon, you’re better than this

    • Tortinita

      The PS2 version of Realta Nua also used a different OP than the PC version. The PS2 song OP is “Ougon no Kagayaki”.

      I wasn’t expecting the art to be updated anyway, but I am disappointed in the appearance of the cropped CGs. Still looking forward to seeing ufotable’s work on the OP.

  • Kefkiroth

    Reverse pan and scan? Well this just pissed me off a bit… I would’ve preferred reverse letterbox.

  • If Fate will come out in USA and/or Europe, I will buy it. Realta Nua, Extra CCC and any other. If not – then not. It’s like, you know, situation with Final Fantasy VII for PC, SE will bring it on by their own online service and shop, but not in Steam. So, no Steam – no money. :)

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