Street Fighter X Tekken Vita Will Rumble In October

By Ishaan . July 11, 2012 . 9:30am

The PlayStation Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken will be released on October 23rd, Capcom have announced. The game will contain 55 characters in all, comprised of the 38 original characters from the console version, five PlayStation-exclusive characters, and the 12 new DLC fighters which will be released this month on consoles.


The Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken will be compatible for cross-platform multiplayer with the PlayStation 3 version. Vita players will also get alternate costumes for the 38 core characters, and pre-ordering the Vita version will get you alternate costumes for the 12 new characters as well.


Finally, all DLC purchased on either the Vita or PS3 versions will be compatible with both devices, and customized data created on the Vita will be transferrable to the PlayStation 3.

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  • Adding to my vita fighting game collection.  MUvC3, MK, and SFvT.  Pretty nice looking games on the vita.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      No Blazblue? It’s a far more refined fighting game than MK and, at the very least, on equal grounds with UMvC3~.

      • Zetsomaru

        Define: “refined”

        • Luna Kazemaru

           Well balanced and without game breaking glitches.

          • Zetsomaru

            I didn’t ask for your definition. I asked for his. :L

          • ^ Have to admit, I lol’d

            To each his own, some people prefer certain fighters over others.  I’d definitely  consider it refined though, albeit a little hard to play on a hand held (on the other hand, so is Mahvel)  

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            My, I feel important. Just kidding. BB has every character quite well defined, there are no two similar characters. Even Relius and Carl who are the two “multitasking” characters of the game play vastly different and aim at different end game styles. MK has nothing of that, in the end all characters play the same despite the different movesets, it’s simpler (which doesn’t necessarily mean bad) but also less satisfying / challenging to play~.

            In MK you might have a favorite character because you can use this or that special move to do a combo. In BB you have a favorite character because its entire style suits you as a player. If that’s not more refined, I don’t know what it is~.

    • Dantis

       Vita is the first handheld that I feel can really pull off good fighters (And shooters and anything else you can think of).

      I never see anyone mention the D Pad, but man, what a D Pad. Makes the 3DS one look terrible (Mine in particular as it seems to be quite literally peeling!).

    • neo_firenze

       Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus on PSN plays like a dream on Vita too with that lovely d-pad.

      I do worry a bit about SFxT though just because I can’t stand using shoulder buttons in a fighter designed for 6-button gameplay.  Not an issue for games like UMVC3, BlazBlue, Tekken, Guilty Gear, MK…  Big issue for stuff like Street Fighter and SFxT.

      I do want the extra characters, but I’m debating whether to simply buy them on PS3 and skip the Vita SFxT, or wait a few months and get the Vita version mainly as a way to get the DLC – the portable version is more of a bonus to me. 

  • Didn’t they screw this up a bit?  It was BUY VITA VERSION AND GET DLC free.  So for me, i was thinking i’d by Vita version rather than spend $20 on PS3 content.  Now i can do that if i want to wait the two/three months to get it as opposed to getting it at end of month.  It makes the Vita version less desirable in my opinion.

    • I agree, it does put people in an awkward position.  Given the fact they pushed the DLC forward, it was going to happen.  =/

  • sasuke222

    I wonder if they added any bonus locked content that I should be looking forward to pay for. 

  • dahuuuundge

    Glad I didn’t buy the incomplete version on Steam.

  • Now there’s only one thing that Capcom hasn’t mentioned publicly yet; the fact that they will introduce two more characters to Street Fighter x Tekken in the future; Evil Ryu and Devil Kazuya.

    Oh well, I might pick up the Vita version at some point, but for now, that device is only used for the four games I currently have (Dynasty Warriors NEXT, Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen, RIDGE RACER and Everybody’s Golf).

    I’ll just opt for the PlayStation 3 DLC instead. :)

    • While this is just a rumor, I would be EXTREMELY excited for it.

  • Pete O’Donnell

    Same day as the rumored P4G release date. 

    So I don’t think I’ll be getting this at launch.

  • This makes it about 6 games on the same day, this is insane! |:

  • MrJechgo

    I’m gonna say my honest opinion here: they should have released the console version at the same time then the Vita version. That way no DLC shenanigan would have happened (because they would have been none to speak of), no one would have bashed the game early (the Vita’s not gonna get the same reviews due to the console version’s reputation) and everyone would have enjoyed the PS3/PSV cross-platform multiplayer at the same time (the console game’s reputation as of now technically reduces the possibility of finding matches).

    Furthermore, the game itself has flaws across the board:
    – the gem system that no one asked and that cannot be “removed”
    – the Pandora mode that kills you at the end of 8 seconds, making it a poor comeback mecanic
    – the matches that take forever to finish, mostly ending in time outs
    – the lack of iconic characters on both sides, like E. Honda (to complete the original SF2 roster), Alex (the main character of SF3) and R.Mika (Ono’s favorite character) for SF, and Miguel, Zafina and Jun for Tekken.
    – the guest characters that are weak, underpowered and barebone. While Pac-Man and Mega Man have arcade modes, Cole, Toro and Kuro don’t; it’s true that guest characters aren’t allowed in tourneys, but a fighting game should have balance characters for the “regular” players, which most of them aren’t part of tournaments.
    – the lack of local team multiplayer for online matches on 360 that Capcom doesn’t bother to add.
    – the awkwardly implemented Tekken characters that have too many target combos for their own good

    Regardless on what console they release this game now, it’s still gonna be a bad game. The only way they could REALLY patch things up is by releasing a Director’s Cut version:
    – on Wii U, PS3 and 360.
    – with gems that can be turned ON or OFF.
    – rebalanced from the ground up so that the game can be played without any gem.
    – with Pandora Mode that doesn’t kill you.
    – with 8 new characters, making it to 60:
    * E.Honda and Hakan (I would pay HIGH to see the Tekken characters get shot out of the Oil Combination Hold; their faces would be priceless)
    * Alex and R.Mika (yes, I’m asking for more grapplers… so sue me, I don’t care)
    * Miguel and Zafina
    * Jun Kazama and Lee Chaolan
    – with balanced guest characters, with better HPs, better movesets and arcade modes:
    * Mega Man and Pac-Man for all consoles
    * Toro, Kuro and Cole for PS3
    * Jago, Orchid and Fulgore for 360 (bring back Killer Instinct, for crying out loud, Rare)
    * Mario, Luigi and Captain Falcon for Wii U (Falcon Punch FTW !)
    – with better online functionality

    See ? With those changes, SFxTK would be a better experience for fighting game fans, SF fans and Tekken fans.

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