3DS Hits 5 Million In U.S., Nintendo Portables Held 75% Share In June

By Ishaan . July 12, 2012 . 4:39pm

The Nintendo 3DS has crossed the 5 million mark in the U.S., Nintendo of America announced in a press release this afternoon. Along with the hardware sales, Nintendo also provided an update on how some of their first-party 3DS games are doing.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D has become the third Nintendo 3DS game to sell over 1 million copies in North America. Meanwhile, Super Mario 3D Land is at 2.1 million copies and Mario Kart 7 at 1.75 million copies.


Despite these figures, however, Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, recently stated that he feels Nintendo 3DS sales are lagging in the U.S. and Europe, and that they should be better, owing to the sizes of both territories. Iwata hopes that the Nintendo 3DS XL and New Super Mario Bros. 2 will both help boost the system’s sales this year.


More interesting, however, is the fact that Nintendo’s press release today also gives us an idea of how the PlayStation Vita and PSP are doing in North America.


NOA say that they sold over 155,000 Nintendo 3DS systems during the month of June and over 150,000 systems in the Nintendo DS family (DSi, DSi XL etc.). That, they say, amounts to a 75% share of portable hardware sales for June (and for May as well).


Doing the math, that means the Vita and PSP combined sold about 100,000 units in the U.S. in June. By the end of March 2013, Sony hope to sell 10 million PlayStation Vita systems and 6 million PSP systems worldwide. As of March 2012, the PlayStation Vita had sold 1.8 million worldwide.

  • onilink888

    Is it me, or is that 10 million unit forecast for the PSV – given its current state – a little… overzealous? 

    I also have to say, I’m rather surprised at how the DS family is selling given that the 3DS is currently out. I’ve heard that the adoption of new hardware in the U.S. and Europe is on the slow side, so might that be what we’re currently witnessing with the 3DS in said territories?

    • Roberto Armando Iraheta

      Yeah, it’s a bit ridiculous when you factor in the high price of the unit. Even with the Assassin’s Creed bundle and how clearly fantastic the machine is, they still need to get a price drop for Christmas if they want to even get close to that. 

      But at 1.8 million sold atm for the Vita, isn’t too bad at all. I was expecting the number to be vastly worse.

      • onilink888

        Honestly, I think it’s going to take more than a price drop to get it out of its- let’s call it “slump” if the 3DS is any indication. It needs hardware moving software, too.

        Of said software, I know of:
        Phantasy Star Online 2
        Soul Sacrifice (big question mark on this one)

        What else is there, though?

        • I don’t think any of those three will move hardware in the U.S. (and Miku isn’t even confirmed for overseas release so far). In the U.S., the games that could “potentially” sell the Vita are:

          Call of Duty: Unfortunately, this is also available on every other platform under the sun, and I can’t imagine it will do much to boost PSV hardware.

          Assassin’s Creed Liberation: Unfortunately, this releases around the same time as Assassin’s Creed III, so again, I can’t imagine that a lot of people will pay much attention to it.

          The holiday season in general may help, though, especially if there’s a price drop. But the problem there is that the holiday season tends to be particularly generous to products that are already popular, so I could see the 3DS taking away a lot of the Vita’s holiday potential.

          • onilink888

            Haha, was mostly thinking in terms of Japan. Hadn’t given the U.S. and Europe any thought.
            Though, you have to wonder: is Sony keeping anything under wraps? I mean, a 10 million unit forecast isn’t just overreaching, at this point, it’s downright delusional, isn’t it? They wouldn’t make such a prediction if they could at least get close to it… right?

            Oh, and long time no see! :D

          • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

            I do hope that Sony has something up their sleeve…I do want to purchase a Vita, but other than Gravity Rush and the Special Report Division game that just trailered…there is nothing motivating me to invest that amount of money.

            I agree, there needs to be a price cut and some driving software. –

          • Zetsomaru

            I think delusional is a bit of an overstatement in this case. Granted, hoping for ten million may be a bit overoptimistic but I think Sony knows what it’s doing. Perhaps they have an ace in the hole… like improved remote-play compatibility or PS2 game streaming. I like to think that’s part of what makes rooting for the underdog exciting, you’re never really sure what to expect.

          • TGS will tell us if they’re keeping stuff under wraps, but honestly, if they are, I don’t know why.

            And yes, it’s been a while!

          • onilink888

            This is a reply to Zetsomaru

            I don’t think delusional is an overstatement when taking into account the software lineup that we know of and the current pace of its sales, which is precisely why I supplemented that statement with that “they’ve gotta have something up their sleeves” bit. :P

            Otherwise, I think delusional is very much an accurate descriptive of the current state of their forecast. It’s harsh, I know, but it’s reality.

            Personally, I think TGS is their last chance at turning things around.

          • Solomon_Kano

            @Zetsomaru:disqus I’d have to agree with link. That’s pretty delusional based on the system’s currently know lineup.

            Honestly, even with the features you suggest, it would be pretty far off. The PS2 was the best-selling console ever for a while, adding the ability to play a currently negligible number of PS2 titles would do them no favors. Improving remote play wouldn’t either. That would be selling specifically to PS3 owners and, honestly, how many people are going to buy a whole other system just to play games they’re perfectly capable of playing on their existing one?

            As a Vita owner, I hope they have something in the pipeline. As someone who follows sales data, I’m sure they wouldn’t set that goal without something in the pipeline. As it stands right now though, they’re sounding pretty crazy.

          • Roberto Armando Iraheta

            To be frank, I may not like Call of Duty, but it’s supposed to be a brand new game and not just a port. It might actually get heads turning to have people be able to do no scope headshots on the go. The franchise is incredibly huge and it’s a game they can show off to their bros.

            You’re also underestimating the brand power of AC. It’s still the holiday season and even if people don’t pick it up the first time, they might on the next go.

            But honestly, when it comes to the 3DS, there isn’t much coming out in the future that warrants much attention except for the usual kid market and stock Nintendo fanbase. So far the only game I see myself getting is Kingdom Hearts, unless they somehow manage to get Fire Emblem.

            I think Sony can pick up the pace and make somewhere in the ball park of 6-8 million if they play their cards right.

          • Solomon_Kano

            They’re going to have a tough time of making Call of Duty seem like a worthwhile entry though. At present it doesn’t sound any different from those DS Call of Duty companion sort of games. Glancing over it at E3 after having announced it a year+ prior wasn’t good. Activision not mentioning who’s developing it also leaves some doubt as to its final quality. It definitely has the potential to be something, but it also has to prove its not the same sort of deal we saw on PSP where “original” entries in large series (like a few NFS titles) proved to be little more than poorly developed slapdash spin-offs.

            I do believe in Assassin’s Creed’s potential though. The only problem facing that title is that it actually releases on the same day as AC3. Unless they do some killer cross-promotion leading up to its release, I can see it easily being overshadowed by its console counterpart. Some might pass over it due to it being a “spin-off” (if you’re a fan of KH, you should certainly know how that goes). Being called Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation makes it sound less like its own thing and more like a side project. Not that that inherently means it won’t sell but, looking at the PSP’s past as a guide, that doesn’t usually make people wanna rush out and grab a game. On the flip side of that, the Assassin’s Creed PSP game did well enough to become a greatest hits title, I believe. So, yea, I think Assassin’s Creed will do well but it could certainly end up being inconsequential.

        • If the heavily marketed Persona 4 Golden couldn’t move Vita hardware sales, then I highly doubt those three will.

          Right now the only thing I can see that will really help the Vita is a price cut.

    • ZEROthefirst

      I think the PSV may come close to 10 mil but not exactly that. There are some good games coming out for the Vita and then early next year Phantasy Star Online 2 will get a Vita port, and I know quite a bit of people who will be playing the Vita version for high quality and less lag since they have basic comps that can’t exactly play the PC version very well.

  • Paradox me

    NOA say that the Nintendo 3DS sold over 155,000 Nintendo 3DS systems during the month of June..

    Nintendo 3DS has become self-aware!


    Edit– Bah! You would fix the article while I slap together a T2 pic for my terrible joke. The day is yours, Ishaan.

    • Haha, I scrambled to fix that the moment I spotted it myself!

  • Herok♞

    I love how the discussion in a 3ds article is about vita.

  • LittleMofreaky

    I have nothing against the Vita, but let’s face it. The Vita just doesn’t have the momentum that the 3DS has. The 3DS XL is gonna build huge confidence in the brand and Nintendo still has a ton of AAA titles coming out soon.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      The upcoming Castlevania there is surely going to steal my 3DS here lol.^^

  • You expect to sell 10 million Vitas by March of next year and you haven’t even sold more than 2 million of them, Sony?
    Freakin unbelievable.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Sony would have to have literally the best lineup ever showing at TGS and releasing directly after to meet their current goal. They haven’t sold 2 mil yet and the year is over half done. They have 8 months to meet their goal. That’s lot of time in the human sense but looked at from their perspective, that’s very short. That’s 8 months to reveal, market, and launch what would have to be a slew of titles to meet their goal. As a Vita owner, I’d love for that to happen. As someone who lives in the real world, I’m pretty much certain that it won’t.

    As for the 3DS, Nintendo can do little to change its draw in the US at this moment. I like how, despite having two million-selling Mario titles, Iwata is banking on another Mario title. It’ll obviously be to the 3DS’ benefit, but the holiday season is gonna be where they see it payoff in full. NSMB2 will do well, it’s guaranteed to by virtue of being a Mario title and being the more popular strain of Mario title (with 3D Land taking more after the lower-selling Galaxy titles), but I don’t know that it’ll be the key to 3DS sales picking up long-term. Combined with the holiday season, it’ll provide a significant boost moving into the latter part of the year, but Nintendo needs more of that software that got the original DS rolling. More Brain Training and the like.

    At this point, NSMB2 and the XL look like they’ll provide a boost, they don’t look like they’ll keep the system selling at a comparable rate to how its done in Japan. That aside, I’m liking how the 3DS is selling right now. It’s doing better than a lot of the doom and gloom media types predicted it would at first, so I’m happy about that. If it’s not up to Ninty’s expectations though, well, that’s that *shrugs*.

    • To be honest, I don’t see the Brain ___ games doing very well on the 3DS. I mean, look at Nintendogs + cats. That didn’t do nearly as well as the original Nintendogs, so I suspect Oni Training will perform the same way.

      I think for 3DS, their best bet is Mario, Pokémon, perhaps another Mario Kart, and a steady stream of B-tier titles from third-parties and their own studies to keep interest in the device alive.

      Actually, I feel Pokémon could be really big on the 3DS, owing to all the different features the device is capable of executing on. It can do much, much more than the DS can as far as things like online play go, and I fully expect them to take advantage of that.

      At this point, though, I think it’s pretty much a given that the 3DS will fall behind the Nintendo DS at some point and won’t reach the same heights. It will still be a very successful device, but not the kind of social phenomenon that the DS was.

      • Solomon_Kano

        @Ishaan:disqus You know, with BW2 having just released, I actually completely forgot about Pokemon haha.

        I actually meant more of that software that targets people beyond gamers rather than actually doing more Brain Training games. I never even considered that Oni Training is actually on the way. Looking at Nintendogs + Cats’ performance, you’re probably right about Oni Training’s chances. Unless cats suddenly went out of style or something.

        Considering it further, I think that, with the original DS having already hit that group with practically everything under the sun, that audience probably won’t be there for Nintendo to bank on a second time. Kinda like how I don’t expect the Wii U to actually hit the Wii’s crowd. I can’t imagine that the more casual crowd that picked up DSs with Cooking Mama, Nintendogs, and other games of the sort would be swayed to this new system when those experiences already exist. They don’t seem like the kind of titles that would truly benefit from iteration nor does that seem like the audience that would truly appreciate such iteration.

        So, yea, Pokemon — still can’t believe I forgot that! — is definitely Nintendo’s best shot. Mario is Mario, so that’s guaranteed to boost them time and again, but I think Pokemon is gonna settle the 3DS’ pull for the duration of its lifespan. As you said, all of the potential things the 3DS hardware offers the series should prove advantageous. If Nintendo finally delivers on a full online experience in a Pokemon game, that in and of itself could increase its draw in the west a good deal. 

        As you also said, those B-tier titles are also very necessary, so I look forward to seeing how Kingdom Hearts holds up upon its western release. I can’t think of a bigger B-tier that would have an audience who would likely be interested in the 3DS. Western A-tier franchises never really see much attention from consumers when they get spin-offs for handhelds, so Nintendo is definitely going to need those B-tiers in the west.

        I’m inclined to agree on the 3DS not reaching the original DS’ level as well. That kind of success is very difficult, nigh impossible to replicate. The PS2 was the best selling console of all time until the DS overtook it. The PS3 isn’t even close to what the PS2 managed near the end of this console cycle, and I see the 3DS playing out the same way. It’ll be owed to different reasons and the system will still be successful, but it won’t be that successful. When all is said and done, it certainly won’t be the Virtual Boy like some predicted early on lol.

        • I think Nintendo are well aware that Oni Training isn’t going to be performing to Brain Age standards, which is why they’re making such a big push with it in Japan. That’s the one territory where it still has some hope of doing reasonably well. 

          Hopefully, they have other kinds of experiments in development to try and sell the 3DS to a more mainstream market outside of Mario and Pokémon.

  • darkfox1

    “Despite these figures, however, Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, recently statedthat he feels Nintendo 3DS sales are lagging in the U.S. and Europe, and that they should be better, owing to the sizes of both territories. Iwata hopes that the Nintendo 3DS XL and New Super Mario Bros. 2 will both help boost the system’s sales this year.”

    Ya know I would LOVE to have some of the games Japan are getting. Some big name RPG’s ya see where I’m going with this? Man my 3DS would LOVE SMT IV, and Soul Hackers. Can’t forget Project X Zone either. I will just wait patiently for these announcements. I know they are coming…..Right? I forgot to mention EX. Troopers man.. All these games Japan are getting I hope we get them too :(

    • zeta

      dont forget monster hunter 3g and 4

  • Göran Isacson

    I wonder, is Satory Iwata’s expectations right and 3DS is just underperforming, or is he being a bit too optimistic considering that they’ve got more competition in the field of portable gaming than just Sony these days, what with smart phones and all that?

    • Iwata definitely has a point. 3DS is still outperforming the Nintendo DS at this point in its life by 25% in the U.S., but the question is how things will play out in the long run. DS was a very, very successful videogame system and eventually, the 3DS is probably going to fall behind since it won’t have the same kinds of breakout hits that the DS did (Brain Age, Nintendogs etc).

      • Göran Isacson

        When you say ‘eventually’ do you mean that the numbers we’re seeing here don’t mean that “The 3DS has outsold the TOTAL number of sold DS’s”? But that they have just sold more than the DS had when it had been out for… what’s it been now, a year?

        Yeah, the kind of “small” titles that could be released on a much cheaper platform for far less money, such as Brain Age and Nintendogs, truly seem like long shots now that the smart phones have muscled in on that market. Do you think that Nintendo can score something “simple and easy” for the 3DS that drive people towards it like Tetris once did, or do all such titles pretty much belong to smart phones these days?

        • Right, at this point in its life (a year and few months) the DS wasn’t doing as well as the 3DS is. However, in the months/years to follow, DS gained an incredible amount of momentum from a large number of games that I don’t think will be as successful on the 3DS.

          NSMB and Mario Kart were both very successful on DS and I’m sure they will be on 3DS, too. However, Nintendogs and Brain Age also contributed very significantly to the system, and all of these titles together ended up having a positive impact on each other.

          In the case of the 3DS, Pokémon will probably be the biggest surefire driver of growth that I can envision. 

  • TiredOfMyOldUsername

    If they want to sell more 3DS in America and Europe the solution is simple… release game people want…
    After more then a year since the 3DS have been released i’m still waiting for a new rpg to play on my 3DS.
    I have Tales of abyss and Overclocked, but theses are port not new games.
    At the end of this month with KH3D we will finally have our first new RPG 1 year 4 months after the 3DS was released.

    That’s just ridiculous…

    • zeta

      then comes SMT4 and SoulHackers for you. With Bravely Default for some of those RPG.

      • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

        Those games however are coming out in Japan, and while they’ll make it here since Atlus never disappoints, it won’t be right away. For all the complaining about the Vita, people are failing to realize that the 3DS hasn’t particularly gotten what you’d call a healthy influx of games lately. And asides from the new Mario game next month, what else is coming out for the 3DS in the next few months (in the West, that is)~?

        Nintendo has so much money that it makes no sense that they release their own first party titles so much later than in Japan. Really, there’s no excuse why a game like FE will take so freaking long to be localized~.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          Thearythhym? Kingdom Hearts?? Rhythm Thief???

          And about FE here,it had lots of text and also VA to do which is the main reason why the game took so long there.

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            Since when did people care about rhythm titles? I’m not dissing the games, but those are extremely niche games that only appeal to a very small percentage of the user base; I wouldn’t use Orgarhythm as an example of a superb game coming for the PSV~.

            Since Kid Icarus: Uprising (march 23) to this day, what outstanding games did the 3DS get? Rayman Origins was a bad port. Mario Tennis Open was a flop. Heroes of Ruin is OK. And Kingdom Hearts DDD (which I’m pretty damn sure will be amazing) won’t come out until July 31. So that’s four months and a few days since one superb title until the next. And what do you have to look forward to other than the new Mario game and Epic Mickey~?

            Yes, I’m sure FE has a lot of text. And Nintendo has a lot of money. There’s no reason why they can’t invest in a localization running in parallel to their japanese development so that the game can be released overseas within a few months of difference at most~.

            Don’t get me wrong, PSV is doing just as bad on that front but my whole point is that people point fingers -solely- at the PSV when the 3DS, in the west, is just as sloppy with releases as Sony’s handheld~. 

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            Because the rhythm game here is all about FF? And about since when did people care about rhythm game??? Since DS Ouendam there and Elite Beat Agents lol people has started fall in love with the genre here.

            Not to mention Rhythm heaven also added more love there. Which is why i said here, while if the game does not please you here, others can think otherwise lol.

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            I think you are overinflating the genre’s popularity for the sake of saying the 3DS has something. You’ve yet to address the gap I pointed out between Kid Icarus and KH DDD (or the FF rhythm game if you are so adamant about it) as well as the fact you only have 2 games to look forward to in the foreseeable future~.

            I repeat, for all the bitching I hear from PSV detractors, I fail to see how you all turn a blind eye on the 3DS situation -in the west- when to me, judging by dates, looks just as bad as the PSV’s~.

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            Lol, the problem here is, you are overeacting too here. I never bitch about PSV here, hell i even had planned to buy Vita this December.

            However, about the gap youkmention here, Lets try seeing them starting month here. This month we have KH:DDD, next month we had New Super Mario Bros 2, September had nothing interesting here, October we had Pokemon for DS and also Pokemon eshop program there. November we get Epic Mickey and Sonic Racing.

            While not all this game is great in your eyes here, i still sees some big titles there even though it can’t be compared to DS era here.

            And about turning blind eye here, everyone also feels that there are not enough game too here however whats the use keep complaining here. Or at least Nintendo themselves had the courtesy of coming out with Nintendo Direct to please us about the upcoming game here which is probably why many 3DS owner does not complain so much (ere.

            For Vita’s case, Sony rarely really goes all out to promote their upcoming game here. You can see the difference here. Sony’s Game Tengoku(Heaven) web does not even come out with any more new news about the upcoming great game while Nintendo Direct keeps getting updated like every 3 months.

    • LightZero

      Even the PS2 didn’t receive a lot of rpgs at the beginning. We all know how much of a beast the PS2 became. I say just be patient. The 3DS is only a year and few months old now. Even then there are quite bit of games that have yet to receive localization but are coming out for the 3DS. 

      • TiredOfMyOldUsername

        The day the PS2 was released it already had 4 RPG and after 1 year and 4 months 18 rpg games was already released on the PS2.

  • “By the end of March 2013, Sony hope to sell 10 million PlayStation Vita

    Then they best drop the price of those memory cards.

    • keithmaxx

      It’ll take more than price drop in just memory cards to drive the flagging sales of that handheld… mostly for the reasons that have been discussed further below in the comments.

      While I think that indeed the specs would warrant the price, it just won’t cut it anymore; if Sony doesn’t act on this new marketplace reality then I really think they’ll just be shooting for the stars with those sales goal numbers.

      • All Sony needs to do is prod Banpresto to hurry up and make SRW Z3 for the Vita and it will be set for life in Japan.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Hmm. I still think the whole reason why 3DS is not able to sell so well i caused by most gamers is still waiting for 3DS revision here which is hopefully, the coming 3DS XL able to attract those gamers here.^^

    And also, Nintendo should also tries to shows to game developers here that 3rd Party title here can also sells in Nintendo platform here as it has always be a believe that other than Nintendo first party title, nothing sells there.^^

    • I’m just waiting for a game I want to play… I’ll get a 3DS when Fire Emblem arrives in the West next year. None of the other games caught my interest.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Well, each person with their own preference there i see.^^ Well hope that you will be able to find more game that can interest you there when you get your 3DS.^^

    • Solomon_Kano

      I don’t know that people were waiting on a revision in particular, but I do think they were waiting on something to happen.

      Having read the comments on several sites at the time, from those specializing in gaming to those that cover it cursorily, a lot of people had their confidence shaken when Nintendo announced the price drop so quickly after the system’s launch. Now, the internet often makes a bigger deal of things than they really are, but the variety of places that gave that sort of reaction makes me think it was more than that this time. The 3DS’ sales post-XL will answer that for me, but it seems like a plausible enough factor.

      As for western publishers, I think they’re just waiting out a sufficient userbase increase. Then again, EA was never the strongest supporter of the original DS either, so they may never come around. Activision supported the original DS with licensed games like Spider-Man (which they’re doing on 3DS) and their big franchises. Most of those franchises are gone now and it looks like the Vita will be COD’s mobile home this time. Ubisoft, being the last big western publisher, well… they actually seem like they’ll support the 3DS in the long run. They had a few launch/launch window titles, and they’ve also shown the strongest support for the Vita of any publisher. I think they’re just waiting to find the right games for the 3DS.

      The western publishing side of the Japanese 3rd parties seem to be on board in full though. Square Enix has given us everything but Bravely Default (an announcement could still be coming), Capcom’s brought everything but MH (which is apparently on the way) and Namco even localized a Tales game on it lol. I don’t think Nintendo will need to worry about those groups.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Well if you asked me here, my whole DS library is only consisted for Japanese game though.

        And i still think that the main reason why DS succeed is mainly because of the large number of game released by Japanese publishers there. It is just kinda sad that some of the game never really come here.T_T but at least there are some of the game there that get translated here.^^

        Here hoping for new Lufia and Lunar series for 3DS too.^^

        • Solomon_Kano

          It’s definitely due to the Japanese publishers that the DS was successful, western publishers got their games out there once the system was already success. All of my DS games were Japanese as well. It did suck that we didn’t get some games, but I was at least happy to import the ones that didn’t take too much reading. That’s a different story now, of course.

          I never played Lufia or Lunar, but I always did wanna get Silver Star Harmony on PSP. I guess I’ll pick it up for my Vita one of these days. Looking at all the platforms its been on, I hope a new one would be multiplatform. That’d be great. I’d buy a new Lufia too, since Neverland makes those games.

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            Lufia is indeed a gem there.^^ However, without a faq, you are surely going to face problem here considering it is an RPG series with……… super difficult puzzle inside.T_T

            And you can also find Lunar series for DS there.^^ It is just if you don’t like old traditional turn based rpg like FF1-6, you probably will hate them.^^

          • Solomon_Kano

            I love turn-based RPGs (the original FF actually being one of my favorites in the series), so I’ll definitely check it out. It’ll have to wait til I get a 3DS though, since I got rid of my DS ages ago.

  • malek86

    Wait, do they want to get to 10 million total sales by March 2013, or do they mean 10 millions just in fiscal year 2013? The latter requires selling an extra 1,8 million units. Not that the former would be too much easier. 8,2 millions at this rate looks pretty farfetched, unless they either saturate the retail channels, or announce some kind of super-powerful lineup consisting entirely of Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy exclusives and then cut the price of 40%. I’m thinking oversaturation.

    6 millions for the PSP also sounds incredibly difficult. The console is now barely selling 60k units per month in Japan, nevermind in the other territories.

    Not sure what Sony is thinking here.

    Mind you, Nintendo probably isn’t laughing either. I think Iwata has already come to terms with the fact that the 3DS just won’t be as incredibly successful as the DS, and is now thinking about making it at least a good success.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Well, 3DS in Japan is more or less guarantted for success here however for worldwide, thats the main problem.

      I still thinks that the main problem here is most country outside of Japan here loves consoles more than portable games which is why they are having a great difficulties trying to get them to buy the products here.T_T

  • Code

    rar, I got my 3DS last week on the 3rd because of a good deal, and I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised, enjoying the system way more then expected uwu; Been playing Kid Icarus a ton, and even it’s been a ton of fun owo~!

    About the only thing I don’t like about the system is the shop layout really, really needs work, so hard to navigate .___.’ That and the stylus placement makes is hard to put back/pull out, I keep accidentally ramming it into the side of the 3DS, because of DSLite habits >3<;;

  • Damn, just realized that not a single retail release won’t come out for Vita in North America until Madden 13 (August 28th).


    Vita’s being treated like the PSP in the US.  In other words, we will probably get around 2 games for every 20-30+ released in Japan..

    Just no point with that crap still..

  • Jorrell Dove

    Too bad a majority of those sales are thanks to Nintendo’s First Party.

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