Panzer Dragoon Invades Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Trailer

By Ishaan . July 12, 2012 . 6:10pm

Sega have shared a new trailer for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. There’s no in-game footage here, but you will find Panzer Dragoon cameos along the way:



Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is scheduled for release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita and PC on November 20th.

  • omg Panzer Dragoon remake CONFIRMED

    • Not confirmed. Do not say stuff like this. I believe you did something just like this in the past. You just don’t get it do you? >_<;

      • I’m not allowed to poke fun at anything anymore now. 
        Oh boy, oh man.

  • Arcm

    Panzer Dragoon and Vyse from Skies of Arcadia. All we need now is Alys or Chaz from Phantasy Star 4 and I’ll buy this game just for the cameos alone.

    • Landale

       I’d take any original Phantasy Star character to be honest, but watching this Phantasy Star 3’s Wren would be the best fit; He is his own transforming vehicle.

  • Cephrien

    Would’ve been nice to have Orta as a playable character. xD

  • Göran Isacson

    … I do so hope the dragons are playable as well, because oh man do I ever love Panzer Dragoons dragon-designs.

  • zeta

    its the MK7 gliders ver that lets you go back to the future?

  • ArcadiaSymphonia

    Don’t Care what anyone else says i am so getting this!!!!

  • VenerableSage

    If only Sega actually cared about these properties beyond their scope in this game…

    Panzer Dragoon, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Skies of Arcadia, Dragon Force, (old) Phantasy Star, Outrun, Crazy Taxy… I could go on for a while listing all of the old(er) IPs that Sega owned/developed that have basically been left for dead over the years. Yeah, sure, you could say that some of those were outright classics and had their time in the sun already and that it’s good that Sega is striving to make/publish new IPs instead of following the same model that many other companies are taking. You’d be correct, too.

    However, Sega has such a rich history–one which these trailers seem to be remembering–and yet they very rarely choose to make use of that catalog (beyond ports, remakes, and HD upscales). I mean, what if Sega brought back Outrun after seeing how successful the racing sim market is (Forza, GT, Burnout, NFS, etc.)?

    (Granted, I don’t exactly trust New!Sega to actually make it *well*, unless they send it off to Sega WOW!. But, the philosophy is there; Kid Icarus came back after 20 years and fans seemed to flock to it. Focus on one “retro” property a year, given to a studio that has earned the chance to work on it and you know will make a quality product, give the fans some love for long-forgotten properties. (Even though, with the restructuring, we’d probably never get the titles…))

    On topic to the game, even with the nostalgia factor added in, I’m not sure I’m craving more zany kart racing games; I’ve had my fill of Mario Kart for a while and, honestly, I’m not seeing much of a difference beyond the characters and such here. If there’s a demo on the PSN down the road, I might at least give that a go to see how it handles.

  • Still wish it were sooner. :( Oh well.

  • ffboi7

    getting this for the vita!!!! hopefully they follow capcoms example and allow one purchase of DLC on either devices mean its available for both :D

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    ……This is probably one of the racing game that hyped me so much here.^^ All my Nostalgia on Sega franchises is torturing me here.^^

    And Panzer there??? While i can’t see them being playable here, if they can at least be some kind of bosses there, i will be more than happy here.^^

  • Solomon_Kano

    This is the most I’ve been interested in a racing game from Sega. Ever (Crazy Taxi doesn’t count).

    Now I have to decide if I’ll be getting it for Vita or PS3. Tough call. Well, unless they end up playing different.

  • MrJechgo

    Kinda wished for a better character showcase here… but hey, at least we can see Vyse a lot better ^^

  • Setsu Oh

    does that means if we buy enough copies of sonic we will get the hd collection complete full panzer dragoon madness reworked collection of awesomeness with move enabled controls?

  • thaKingRocka

    If they can keep the framerate up, I might grab it on console. If not, PC again. I was just pissed that on PC last time, I couldn’t get Ryo Hazuki’s forklift as a standard vehicle. A smooth 60 fps helped to make up for it though.

  • Bruce Watkinson

    For me, I’m hoping that Toejam & Earl will be playable characters this time around. Naturally, the infamous duo should be driving their spaceship. 

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Segata Sanshiro will make an appearance in this game, though.

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