E.X. Troopers Stage Presentation Shows Off In-Game Footage, Trailer

By Ishaan . July 16, 2012 . 12:30pm


At their Capcom Game Jam event last month, Capcom conducted stage presentations for their various upcoming games. One of these games was E.X. Troopers, and we learnt that the game will have co-op multiplayer. We also found out that it’s being directed by Resident Evil 5 director, Yasuhiro Anpo.


Recently, Capcom shared a recording of their stage presentation for E.X. Troopers, and you can watch it above in its entirety. It shows off footage from the game, alongside commentary (in Japanese) and ends with a trailer.


E.X. Troopers will be released in Japan sometime this year for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 3.

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  • Is it good or bad that I can’t tell if the footage from trailers is from PS3 or 3DS?

    • This is the PS3 version, at 20:20 you’ll see some PS3 buttons onscreen. The 3DS version will probably look about the same except it’ll have some jaggies and will probably be more zoomed in. I personally think it’s a great thing, the PS3 version still looks good, and actually I find it visually more interesting than realistic looking games. That both versions will look nearly Identical, and both look good is great because that way you can get it on either platform without feeling like you’re getting a bad port.

      • Thanks. I agree that’s its actually pretty cool. So I’m guessing the trailer from the last ND was ps3 footage?

      • British_Otaku

        It is relatively clear as well from the lack of on the second screen or “It’s in 3D” which comes with most 3DS promos. Looking at the game alone though, it looks great from an art perspective but it is very simple and plain.

        If it does look near identical AND plays the same, I’ll be very pleased. We don’t get as many cross console and portable games which keep the original gameplay (or find a way to make it better for the system) as we should.

        •  I didnt mean this video in particular because I didn’t bother to watch it. I was talking about the trailers/footage released so far in general. The trailer released during the Nintendo Direct conference looked the same as the reveal trailer in terms of graphics. Hell might’ve been the same trailer, I can’t even remember.

  • Cero55

    i want this! hope capcom announces details about how online will work soon.

  • Cephrien

    Looks fine by me.

    Less refined/Simpler graphics = smooth, colorful 60 fps

    Also, the cel-shaded visuals and the techno-bass tracks are giving me a serious Jet Set Radio vibe.

    Totally okay with this.

  • I sooo want this!

  • Mago Iichi

    I’m loving it.

    Dat Gameplay

    Dat Artstyle

    Dat Musice

    Dat Epicness

  • XypherCode

    Great gameplay! :D

  • Voltech44

    So from what I can gather, this game has pink-haired gunmen that can fire a hail of bullets, uppercuts that let you juggle into gunfire, and massive mechs that attack with low roundhouse kicks.

    …Yep, this is a Capcom game all right — and I love both the company and this game for it.  When it comes to stylish crazy action, few can do it better.

  • AzuNo17

    Is it just me or does movement (aside from dash) seem off? Not sure if it’s the animation or the camera but it looks stiff and/or sorta slow. Everything else looks great though.

  • Liked.

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