AnoHana PSP Game From 5pb Gets Its First Trailer

By Ishaan . July 18, 2012 . 12:01pm

5pb’s next PSP title is an AnoHana game where you get to play as series protagonist Jinta Yadomi. 5pb are bringing the anime series’ voice cast back for the PSP game, and say that the game will feature original content not seen in the anime as well. It also has multiple endings. Today, they released a trailer for the game:



AnoHana for PSP will be released on August 30th in Japan. A collector’s edition of the game will come with two posters, a drama CD, a script for the drama CD, and will be encased in a special tin box. It will cost 10,290 yen.

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  • Unknown

    the anime was one of my favorites to watch, finished all episodes in one day

    • xavier axol

      damn you got some guts, i stop around episode 6 before i quit (it was very sad & painful to watch), but did you cry or were you able to watch all episodes without a single tear?

      • r0gamer940

        I watched the whole thing and almost cried at the end

      • Unknown

        a single tear probably, it was that good. Very touching, and loved the ending

  • oh man i forgot to finish watching this anime i better get going. 

  • Niermyico

    I cried to this show. T_T


  • ZEROthefirst

    I don’t wanna play, the ending to the show made me feels and manly tears snuck their way out of my eyeholes.

    • xavier axol

      i couldn’t finish watching the serie’s ending, i stop around episode 6. it was just too sad and painful to watch. :'( it really got to me.

  • zferolie

    This is that show about the ghost/spirit/whatever 1 person can see right? It also has a jerk who cross dresses?

    Sorry, I mainly know of this show through… um… special doujins… *looks around nervously.*

  • Ummm… they dont talk about this having routes, more like, just more info about their time as kids, and stuff that didnt appear on the anime and whatnot… Darn, its not that i disliked the ending, but i like when they give diff stories/routes to anime to game VN releases

    • Göran Isacson

      Huh, seriously? Have to admit that’s slightly dissapointing. I mean on the one hand the original story really is so good that changing the way it worked could flop, but just selling us the same story in mildly interactive format just seems kinda cheap.

  • Kevin Komic O’Shea

    I hope one of the route is one where u end up with Anaru.

    • Kuroki_Tenshi

       Agreed. That’s what I thought too, lol.

  • Guest

    Whats so great about drama CD’s? What is this, the 50’s? This trailer showed absolutely no game play, and just 10 seconds of screenshots with the majority of the trailer using scenes from the Anime to pad it. This is why Japan gets so criticized sometimes for being stuck in the 90’s and not progressing. Meh. At least theres Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Cast and Ni No Kuni….

    • British_Otaku

      As far as I know, Drama CDs range from audio only commentaries on the material from the original voice actors to audio only interactions between the characters. It isn’t quite an extra episode but it can add some new gags, or throw up situations which are impossible due not having the budget to animate and/or characters being dead/absent in continuity at a point.

      I would agree the trailer didn’t really push to sell. I’ve only heard of this show and seen some art of it. All I absorbed is that it is another visual novel and has an expensive collector’s edition. >_> Guess I would be hyped if I saw the show first, that’s the audience of licensed games normally.

      • Guest

        Yeah well I guess I see your point on the CD, I guess it’s sorta like bonus features on a DVD or like when you completed Evil Zone 100%, you got that birthday party audio clip that was pretty long and gag worthy.

        Still, a lot of Japanese games seem to follow this non presentation trend and then they pack on a lot of stuff to pad the game to inflate the price to ridiculous levels (I guess Japanese Otaku are their own worst enemy) meanwhile offering no real substantial gameplay or innovation. Guess its just me ranting on a lost cause since I’m sick of hearing the Japanese gaming industry getting bashed all the time and they dont seem to be making an effort but whatever Time Travelers looks cool…

        • British_Otaku

          May be somewhat off topic but…

          It’s just the limited edition concept being expressed in a different way. I would rather have this going on than actively cut content (DLC) from the game. For a few franchises, I am the equivalent of a Japanese Otaku buying the rare and limited. It is a reward for those with spare cash who love X and anyone who comes late can still enjoy the full game without hassle, perhaps they can find the limited edition at a bargain still 2nd hand.

          Limited edition prices are sadly never going to be close to proportional with the additional onto the core product, it’s just the little things which look nice, make us rush into the store and either buy the limited edition new immediately or a standard edition while we are in the store. >_> It isn’t really a “Japanese Otaku” thing as much as it is a smart exploitation of supply, demand, word of mouth and marketing the limited edition as something having a tool that Batman would use, or more weapons/skins to use online and express individuality.

          Back to the non-presentation trend, it seems visual novels are the stock genre of game for a non-action game. It makes sense right? Still models while text barrels along and environment changes are often just backgrounds if you have freedom to move or not. Less work and it can get across characters and their expressions cheaply. I’m not fond of the move myself, but it seems to be pulling in people especially as you can’t tell a bad visual novel from a good one till you play it.

  • gaiahatergaia


  • “Multiple endings”. More like multiple cry-throughs ;A; I fell that the anime tied everything up rather nicely, so it will be interesting to see what kind of plot this game pulls. Other than that, Ano Natsu game please. I need more Kanna <3

  • LunarKnite

    Ano Hana game? My locked up tears want this game so much. I really gotta learn Japanese. Mainly for Digimon, but yeah, this’ll be another reason.

  • Will every ending make me cry my eyes out the way the show did? I don’t know if I wanna do that again…

  • I remember watching this anime, at first I thought it looks kinda boring so I didn’t watch it. But after doing some research about it it sounds interesting so I watch it in one go lol. The ending was kinda sad but really suitable with the anime’s theme imo =D. I wish they make more this type of anime…. *sigh*

  • This is one of the few games that would actually reduce me to tears.

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