Summon Night 5 Announced For PSP, Summon Nights 1-4 Coming, Too

By Ishaan . July 18, 2012 . 10:00am

Summon Night 5 is in development for the PSP, according to a leak from V Jump magazine. While no release date has been announced for the game, Jump’s reveal mentions that the game’s story is being written by Kei Miyakozuki and character design is being handled by Takeshi Iitsuka, both of whom have worked on the series in the past as well.


V Jump share a few other details as well. Summon Night 5 takes place in the world of Lyndbaum, just like the previous games. The story is set in the town of Seivaar, and two characters, Folce and Alca (above), have been revealed so far.


Additionally, V Jump say that Namco Bandai are also porting the previous two Summon Night games to the PSP. Both Summon Night 3 and Summon Night 4, originally for the PlayStation 2, will be released on October 4th and November 15th respectively.


Finally, the original Summon Night and Summon Night 2 are headed to the PlayStation Network as PSOne Classics in Japan. Summon Night will be released on July 21st, while Summon Night 2 will be released on August 29th. Both will cost 600 yen, but you’ll be able to grab them for 300 yen until September 25th.

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  • raitouniverse

    Wonderful news, this PSP is turning out to be quite the handheld!
    What a robust library as of late.

    • kupomogli

      The PSP is already quite the handheld.  Best portable gaming device ever.

      • raitouniverse

        I was being sarcastic, the PSP is a decent system, but this is all coming at the expense of the Vita, it’s turrable news for the Vita. Good news to Bamco Nandai, since this is their best shot at making money.

    • noctis_nox

      If only we could play half of those game outside Japan.

  • Zoozbuh

    *sigh*.. If only any of these would actually get localized.. Still looks very unlikely though.

    • Zoozbuh

      Summon Night 5 could easily sell well in english-speaking countries?! All they would need to do is change the 5 to some suitable sub-title, market it as a new game… Just take another chance on the franchise dammit! ..Okay I’ll stop raging now.

      • riceisnice

        The fact that it’s on the psp alone makes it a risky thing to localize. Perhaps it could be localized if it was on the 3DS or Vita where wide-range pirating hasn’t appeared yet.

        • Jonathan Keycross

           But…is it really that risky? I mean, there is also the PS store and the Vita is compatible with PSP Digital releases.

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            But for people who already own PSP, they will just pirate them there as it is free.T_T

            Damn Piracy there.T_T

        • LynxAmali

          PSP Game
          PS VITA


          [At least, I’d hope so.]

    • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

       There are so many games I would buy if they were ever localized.

      Looks like I have to brush up on my Japanese…

    • Vampiric

      only 2 of 8 night games have been localized so its not strange to think this wont happen.

      • Seizui

         2 out of 8? There were 3 that were released here and more than 8 of the series.

        Summon Night 1-4 (traditional ones that never made it here) PSX(and 2, I think)
        Summon Night Swordcraft 1+2 (Released to US)
        Summon Night: Twin Age (was released here)
        Summon Night X: Tears Crown (DS, apparently English patched, don’t know)

        Now the ones (PROBABLY) not taken into account (could be wrong on which ones were not).
        Summon Night EX-Thesis: Yoake no Tsubasa (action version for PS2)
        Summon Night Gran-These: Horobo no Ken to Yakusoku no Kishi (also for PS2)

        Now, back to my cave to sleep couple more hours. z_z

        • Vampiric

           fine 3 out of 8 or so

          • Zoozbuh

            And none in the actual main series,the 3 that have been localized were all spin-offs.. So yep, only makes it seem even less likely :/

          • Vampiric

             which is fine I can import

  • Need…. to…. learn…. Japanese….. someday…. someday…. someday….

  • Vampiric

    This is shocker rpg news as most of flightplan went to apollosoft who did 2 srpgs, and are probably working on something now

    I cant believe namco picked it up

    Its like if atlus announced growlanser VII

  • Valkenhayn

    I really want to play now of this series! Maybe I’ll get a Japanese psn card….

  • bpinalone

    Did anyone at Flight Plan move to Namco Bandai? Any word on the developer of Summon Night 5?

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Oh god yes.

  • officeRen™ inc.

    wurde aber auch zeit!

  • kevinposta

    I played the three GBA ones and loved them.
    Really looking forward to play all the numerical series from the start

    • Zoozbuh

      …I’m guessing you know japanese then? Also, these SN games are totally different from the GBA spin-offs. Totally different gameplay, just so you know.

      • kevinposta

         I do know japanese.
        And I wasn’t aware. How different?

  • Wow…

    I didn’t see this coming…


  • I missed the Summon Night series.It’s nice to know that their coming out with a new one :).I have played the gba ones and loved them but the ds one … it was ok i liked it but not as much as the gba ones.So when this one comes out i can import it and play it as much as i want.

  • Already spammed twitter way too much thanks to these AWESOME news

  • make Summon Night 5 for PS VITA or PS3 instead. 

    • LynxAmali

       We do have an edit button.

      Just saying.

  • So Namco owns the rights to this series after original dev’ Flight Plan went out of business less than 2 years ago in Japan. 

  • Namco just gets better and better than Square-Enix as a company. There are seriously in their own Golden AGE right now. Financially they are doing better than Squeenix 5 to 1. 

  • Id complain about this not being on 3ds or vita but it wouldn’t get localized anyways. this series is like the shining here now.

  • Battle Ushiromiya and his sister :O

  • I’ve always wanted to play a Summon Night game, after playing the Swordcraft stories. It’s too bad all the others didn’t make it. I miss the turn based system. xD

    Glad a new one’s out. Strange that it’s for the PSP, but whatever floats – I guess.

  • Zonron

    must have!! i love thous games! i remember playing them on game boy advance(im pretty sure of it)
    i didn’t realize they where on ps2 and ps1. i hope we see them over here some day :)

    i wounder how 3 and 4 are, i didn’t realize there was a 3 and 4, and now there is 5!!? O.O

    yes, my mind just blown up.

  • Palmer Nyako

    Yep! Can’t wait, the summon night games on gba were great.

    • Vampiric

       those werent even real summon night

      • Zoozbuh

        Inorite? 90% of people on here are excited because they liked the GBA titles.. but english-speaking gamers never even got to play the real SN games :/

        • Vampiric

           which means i have to work double time to educate

  • oh god damn it please release it here in the US and Europe as well!
    If I remember correctly we (here in Europe) didn’t even officially get Summon Night, which is a absolute tragedy considering how much fun those games were. I was lucky enough to import 1 and 2 used for GBA but that’s about it.

    Thank you for the news, I will definitely keep an eye on this! :3

    • Vampiric

       summon night GAIDEN 1 and 2

      Those werent real SM games

  • Vampiric

    Vita is such an abysmal failure in japan I cant blame them for going the psp route

    • Disappointment? Yeah, no doubt. “Abysmal failure”? I wouldn’t go that far. I’d attribute this trend of strong PSP development in spite of the Vita to the PSP’s overwhelming success, not the Vita’s failure.

      • Vampiric

         the vita has been second in japan only ONCE since launch

      • Kuroki_Tenshi

        No, he’s right. For Japan, Veeta is an “abysmal failure”, since it was too early for Japan to get it’s release, well, in a way so. Japanese gamers don’t pursue graphical capabilities, most just don’t care about them, it’s the westerners that care about it. If they released Vita to the world just 2 years later, it might’ve been not such a failure. But, PSP died in the west. The sales went through the floor(despite nice prices, I’d say), no more localizations or development was going to come, so Sony got impatient(and lame) and released Veeta.

        • That… is actually a pretty insightful way of thinking about it! Yeah, maybe if the PSP didn’t fail so hard here in the west, the Vita wouldn’t have even had to come out yet, and they could have waited a bit more…

    … Oh, who am I kidding. At least I can dream…

    • disgaea36

       I know right i wish. A man can dream tho

  • Yuan

    I wonder which will be the developer, Apollosoft or Felistella?

    • Yuan

      Felistella as the developer confirmed :D
      The game announced just as Agarast Senki Mariage released. Very timely.

  • komiko12

    Wow. I thought the series was left behind. Great!
    I hope they get outside of Japan since the main series is quite obscure overseas.

  • Nitraion

    Hmm PSP again…I think this will be little ensure that sony will be not release next-gen console for a while…. i think

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Ohh Summon Night.^^ And here, i thought Flight plan is no more??? And Bamco is the one making this game? Man Jrpg fans is really spoiled here by PSP lol.^^

  • Didn’t their company go under? O A O


    hopefully we see this here. . . though I am more a fan of the spin-offs on the GBA

  • For those that don’t know the details: The Summon Night games released in North America are mostly from a side-series. That’s why they’re “Summon Night Swordcraft Story”. The main Summon Night series is more along the lines of an SRPG. I mostly played Summon Night 2, which was a blast: The magic system is a combination of mad experimentation and summoning troops to fight for you. Also, shared EXP: At the end of a battle, you get to distribute EXP amongst your team to level them up.

  • pothier.adrien


  • The only Summon Night games I played were the Swordcraft Story games.  I would fork over gobs of money to play a new game in that series.

  • Kuroki_Tenshi

    This is great. I just finished playing Summon Night Ex-These, so I was thinking like “oh, too bad they don’t make those any more” and I see this. Just great. Need to get ready to import.

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