Ghostlight To Bring Console JRPGs To PC

By Ishaan . July 19, 2012 . 12:00pm

U.K. publisher, Ghostlight, are attempting to do what few other publishers will—bring consoles Japanese RPGs to the PC.

In a recent post on their blog, Ghostlight say that they’re currently in the process of discussing the subject with some of their contacts in Japan, pointing out that a high level of interest from their fans helped speed the process along just a bit more.


“We do already have one or two particular target products in mind, and if they work out then we’d definitely be interested in bringing more products to the PC platform,” Ghostlight’s Ross Brierley writes.


Additionally, it appears as though Ghostlight are also interested in releasing PC collector’s editions of these games.


“While our original plan was for the PC games to be released digitally, after reading the huge amount of feedback from you all, we’re now looking into the added possibility of offering a limited number of physical collector’s editions as well,” Brierley shares. “Where possible, we may also (for gamers who prefer to get their PC games digitally) offer the collector’s edition items separately from the game.”


Ghostlight haven’t announced any details regarding just which games they’re pursuing or when these titles will potentially be released, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more further news.

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    Hope they release on Steam too

  • SirRichard

    Honestly, I hope they go for it, JRPGs on PC isn’t as out there a prospect as some would think. If nothing else, Ys: Origins managed to be one of the early top-selling games in the Steam Summer Sale, so there’s definitely an audience there for the right price.

    I’d definitely partake in them, and if they use Steam they can get them out to a larger audience. I just hope it pays off for them.

    • PoweredByHentai

      Yes, but that is largely because of the anti-piracy deterrent known as Steam.

      Without Steam, profitability on PC can be very difficult, as Falcom have mentioned before.  I have no idea on Steam’s penetration or market share in Japan, but if Steam was more popular in Japan, then doing PC releases for JRPG titles would be much more feasible for companies like Falcom.

      Based on the data from last month’s hardware and software survey that Steam gathered, Japanese language users account for 1.12% of the total.  Just under the Italian language by 0.01 percentage point.

      This is considering the 40 million user accounts as of January of this year.

      • cj_iwakura

        Steam is pretty much a non-presence in Japan(much like the PC in general), which is why Japanese developers are so (unwisely) skeptical about its importance for other markets.

        Hopefully the success of Ys makes them take notice.

        • PoweredByHentai

          In the Japanese market, Steam has a long way to go before it achieves viability as a platform.

          In the English and Russian speaking markets, however, Steam is already a huge player so localizing a JRPG into English makes sense.  Making the JRPG and releasing it on the PC for the Japanese market, however, is simply not feasible.

          And therein lies the problem.

          • Göran Isacson

            Just asking to clarify here: what you’re saying is that while Steam COULD help the games reach a Western market, the Japanese developers wouldn’t be willing to do make a version of their game for the PC to begin with since the PC market is so lackluster in Japan. Have I interpreted you correctly?

          • PoweredByHentai

            Yes.  When you are a small Japanese game developer, developing a game for an “international” audience seems rather ridiculous, partly because it will alienate their existing fanbase and partly because of corporate culture.

          • mirumu

            I see your point, but I wouldn’t assume that it’s the Japanese developer doing the PC port. There are companies out there that specialize in porting games. All they need is the license, existing source code/assets, and a few months. Of course obtaining the license in the first place might be a challenge.

          • PoweredByHentai

            You are assuming that Japanese developers would be okay with letting other people touch their code.  I doubt that most Japanese developers would be okay with other people touching their code.

            Trails in the Sky, the Ys games and Grand Knights History come to mind.

          • mirumu

            I agree that some Japanese developers would feel that way, but doubt it’s “most” of them by any means. Time will tell of course, but I don’t think they’ll be so quick to dismiss the idea as long as it doesn’t negatively impact their profitability within the Japanese market.

            I don’t really consider those examples to be very representative. Xseed does not have developers so have no capability to do their own ports as it stands. They would never have needed or asked for the code. You could argue Falcom and Vanillaware would have never done a deal that would require a code handover, but that’s getting into speculative territory.

            Despite that however, Falcom themselves (developer of two of those titles you mention) did do Windows ports for those two Ys games and allowed Xseed to publish them no less. They did that despite the non-existent demand for PC ports in Japan that you mention. In that sense they’re more of a counter example to your wider argument. If games end up on Steam gamers won’t care how they got there or who did the port.

          • PoweredByHentai

            @mirumu:disqus :

            Regarding Falcom:
            No, that is because Falcom already had PC versions of those games that were just released on Steam.

            In fact, Origin is the most recent Ys game on the PC even though it was originally released in 2006.  Even Oath in Felghana was originally released in 2005.

            The whole reason why even Falcom switched over to console development was because the Japanese PC market became untenable.

            Here is the interview if you want:

            I’d love to see Falcom continue their tradition of doing PC development first, but something about the Japanese market needs to change before that can happen.

            Regarding localization:
            I don’t think that Atlus USA nor NISA have developers either.  Black Rock Shooter, anyone?

            I honestly doubt that any code handover would happen even if the localization company has a development team.

          • mirumu

            Falcom still had to rework those games for release on Steam. e.g. Making sure they were compatible with modern 64-bit Windows, adding achievements which is a non-trivial task, packaging them for Steam, etc. Xseed couldn’t do that alone. Falcom had to be on-board and committed to the Steam release for it to happen. It would have been a much smaller task than developing the game from scratch for sure, but that made it all the better for testing the waters on Steam.

            I’m sure you’re right in saying they won’t release first on PC today, but does that need to happen for releases on Steam, GoG, etc to be successful? I doubt it’s especially important to be honest. As you said, they won’t release on Steam to draw in the Japanese audience.

            The fact that Atlus USA and NISA don’t have developers doesn’t mean a lot. There’s been little requirement to have them for the purpose of localization alone. If PC ports become a direction the Japanese developers want to go then either they, or their western partners will hire the required expertise, or they’ll outsource to third parties who have it. Some companies may be reluctant to do the latter, but I don’t see it as the big obstacle you seem to.

          • PoweredByHentai

            @mirumu:disqus :

            Adding Steam achievements is definitely not a trivial task for Falcom especially when you consider all those empty treasure chest quotes in Trails in the Sky.  Ensuring that the game works on a 64-bit machine depends on the libraries they use and whether they practiced good programming methodologies to future-proof their code.  Ensuring that a software works on a 64-bit machine from a 32-bit system isn’t as terrifying as it sounds.  Many times, it is just a few lines of code in the make file that you need to edit.

            Tweaking the combat system into something other than its original specifications, however, also depends on programming practices.  It is a non-trivial task if you have to change all references of the old engine into the newer engine.  What would take the most time, however, would probably be the sprites and making sure that it plays nice with the new engine and basically fine-tuning the new engine.

          • Göran Isacson

            Question again: how would developing a version of the game for PC, a version that is essentially the exact same as the version on consoles, alienate the Japanese core audience? Because that’s all Ghostlight seems to be asking for here: not that the Japanese developers change the tone or content of their game, just that they develop a PC-version that can be sold via Steam.

          • PoweredByHentai

            I am assuming that your question rests on the premise of the console version being the first and only version available.

            Technically, it wouldn’t.  It just makes for bad PR if it weren’t also available for the Japanese market.
            My statement to SirRichard, was phrased under the assumption that he wanted more JRPGs on PC first, which was what brought this about.

          • Göran Isacson

            AH, understood. Yeah I was mostly approaching this from a “why can’t versions for both console and PC exist”, and I suppose we were talking about two different things… also what just happened to the comment-system?

          • PoweredByHentai

            Disqus occasionally borks itself.  =/

      • SirRichard

        So they use Steam, it’s still a move with a lot of potential. Even if the original developers don’t want to, Ghostlight’s in-house dev team (who also release games under the Laughing Jackal label) could handle it with their permission. In fact, they’re the ones who help Ghostlight with their localisation, and have been doing so for some time from what I can find (they helped with the Digital Devil Saga games, and SMT: Nocturne, for instance).

        So the Japanese audience is small, but that doesn’t mean there is no audience at all. Again, Ys Origins managed to qualify as a top-seller early on and I’ve heard a fair amount of talk about Oath of Felghana as well. There is an audience here for the right price, using Steam will help them get that audience.

        • PoweredByHentai

          The Japanese-speaking audience on Steam barely even registers 450k members.

          I agree that the Ys games have been profitable for Falcom and XSEED on Steam but the fact remains that the localization appeals to the 54.83% English speakers of Steam’s 40 million user base.  That is a user base of almost 22 million in contrast to the 480k Japanese speakers on Steam.

          • SirRichard

            I’ll be perfectly honest: I have no idea what point you’re trying to make here, mate. I’m well aware the PC market is minuscule in Japan and Steam has no real presence, but what does that have to do with English publishers putting English localisations of these games on Steam? The audience is there, XSEED have proven it, and Ghostlight’s positive reception to the idea has helped convince their Japanese contacts about it.

            Yes, there’s no real Japanese audience, not disputing that, but what’s your point? 

          • PoweredByHentai

            The point is that hoping that more Japanese games get ported to the PC is going to be rather absurd for many Japanese developers, especially if they don’t already have an existing PC version.  The only reason they would develop for the PC is if they thought there was a market for it in Japan, which is obviously not the case.

          • @PoweredByHentai:disqus “…
            but it doesn’t change the fact that they still have to develop and sell their game to the Japanese market first.”

            I don’t understand what this has to do with anything. Why would they have to change their games for them to be on PC? Why would Japanese gamers stop buying them if they were also on the PC? Did they stop buying games for PS3 because Xbox 360 versions also exist? I just don’t see your argument.

            “Language itself is a rather formidable barrier so any sort of headway has to either clear the native language hurdle first or do it in parallel.”

            I don’t understand this portion of this argument. Why is not possible to port games to PC at a later point in time? What do you think Nippon Ichi is doing? Not every game has to be on PC either. Just the ones that publishers feel have potential.

            Regarding item 2, releasing console games on PC, sounds like a fine idea but if it doesn’t use Steam or a service similar to it, then there’s going to be some issues on the viability of this pursuit.

            Why… wouldn’t they use Steam? Again, I don’t understand. Do you think publishers are so uninformed that they don’t recognize the largest, most viable platforms for PC games in the west?

          • “The only reason they would develop for the PC is if they thought there was a market for it in Japan, which is obviously not the case.”

            I think you missed the part where practically every publisher in Japan says how they want their games to do better in the west. Like @SirRichard:disqus, I don’t see your point here. 

            It’s obvious that this move would be made to make strides into the western market, not for Japan. If everything was for Japan, Japanese developers would stop making console games entirely and focus completely on portables.

            Now, granted, I don’t see someone like Namco Bandai wanting any part in this. But I do think other publishers are interested in the prospect of releasing their games on the PC for the west, including Nippon Ichi, Square Enix, Falcom (obviously), and perhaps even Atlus. 

            (Of course, a lot of those developers will probably publish their games on PC by themselves without Ghostlight involved in any way.)

          • PoweredByHentai

            I think there is some fundamental disconnect here.

            Yes, every publisher in Japan would love to see their games do better in the west but it doesn’t change the fact that they still have to develop and sell their game to the Japanese market first.  If doesn’t sell well in the home market, are they going to take a chance on it doing well in the international markets?  If the game wasn’t planned for an international audience, then there is that additional hurdle of convincing people internally especially if the game didn’t do well in the home market.

            Like, would it make sense for Torchlight to be sold in Japan first?  I highly doubt it.

            Language itself is a rather formidable barrier so any sort of headway has to either clear the native language hurdle first or do it in parallel.

            Secondly, piracy of Japanese PC games is pretty bad to the point where even niche genres (i.e. visual novels and/or eroge) are getting hammered.  The School Days developers went as far as making a virus to publicly humiliate people for pirating their game.

            Third, Nippon Ichi, Square-Enix and Atlus have international presence.  Falcom, not so much.  5pb, Marvelous, imageepoch, VanillaWare, CyberConnect2 and many other companies also don’t have international presence.  International presence as in having a regional office outside of Japan.  As a result, their day-to-day survival strategy is to cater to the local market first before they can focus on any international adventures.  Falcom itself is not immune to this even though its games have been receiving praise from the western market in the past few years.  Heck, even Nippon Ichi and Atlus generally cater to their home markets first before bringing anything over.

            The difference between those companies that have international reach and those that don’t is noticeable by both the titles they release and whether they bring it out of the home market or not.  Partnerships with companies that do have international reach also doesn’t guarantee an international release.  I mean, look at how long it is taking Block Rock Shooter to get over here.

            Which brings us to how all of this is relevant to this article:

            Regarding item 1, Language, I don’t think that Ghostlight is a good partner for localization efforts, but that could just be my being jaded with Ghostlight’s translation efforts on Agarest War.

            Regarding item 2, releasing console games on PC, sounds like a fine idea but if it doesn’t use Steam or a service similar to it, then there’s going to be some issues on the viability of this pursuit.

            Regarding item 3, international reach and localization, we don’t even know which two JRPGs they are planning to bring over.  If it involves any of the Legend of Heroes games (Trails onwards), then that would be a very difficult hurdle for Ghostlight.

            I forgot to mention that Falcom is obviously interested in PC development because a majority of their games were originally developed for the PC.

          • Manny Being Manny

            Why… wouldn’t they use Steam?”

            You need to go through an approval process. I know of a few niche developers that tried to get onto Steam, but failed the process due to “Quality” issues or some other stuff. Visual novels companies being one of them.

          • @google-27cbc826dd952ceb593d7d9af0774e11:disqus Of course you need to go through an approval process. You need to go through an approval process for consoles, too, and games are rejected/changed for approval all the time.

          • PoweredByHentai

            @Ishaan:disqus :
            Regarding Steam:
            Because Steam has an approval process and there aren’t enough people at Valve who would know anyone from Japan and be a part of the approval process.

            Sequence developer, Jason Wishnov, was just at Anime Expo and he talked about his ordeals on trying to get onto Steam.  He tried for months without hearing a pip from Valve.  It took a random person on Neogaf (who likely carried enough weight in the video games industry) to send an email to Valve and get his game into Valve’s attention.

            I believe that Valve also has a requirement that certain files or executables be converted into Valve’s proprietary format in order to be compatible with Steam and whatnot.

            Regarding language:
            I was under the mistaken assumption that SirRichard wanted more JRPGs to be released first on PC.  If he is fine with PC ports of console games, then there isn’t much of an issue.  However, it is an issue if you try to develop a game first for the PC.

          • @PoweredByHentai:disqus Every platform in existence has an approval process. Just because you don’t hear about how many times a NIS game or Compile Heart game or any other game is rejected by Sony and needs to be re-tooled, doesn’t mean that there’s no approval process on the PS3.

            “Because Steam has an approval process and there aren’t enough people at Valve who would know anyone from Japan and be a part of the approval process.”

            Why would they need to know someone from Japan? Isn’t that the whole point of having a foreign subsidiary or international publishing partner?

            “I believe that Valve also has a requirement that certain files or executables be converted into Valve’s proprietary format in order to be compatible with Steam and whatnot.”

            Umm, yes, just like Sony requires that all games be printed on Blu-Ray discs and Microsoft on DVDs, and Nintendo on DVDs/cartridges, and so on. What’s your point?

            This whole thread, the entire thread is about porting JRPGs to PC. You just wasted an entire thread running in circles constructing arguments out of nothing, then pulling in completely unrelated issues when people picked your arguments apart. I mean, Black Rock Shooter? What does that have to do with anything?

          • PoweredByHentai

            @Ishaan:disqus :

            I believe that I have mentioned this already:

            Regarding language:
            I was under the mistaken assumption that SirRichard wanted more JRPGs to be released first on PC.  If he is fine with PC ports of console games, then there isn’t much of an issue.  However, it is an issue if you try to develop a game first for the PC. 

          • malek86

            Like it’s been pointed out already, Ghostlight is very rare as a localization company in that they have a development team too. Therefore, they will probably actually make the ports themselves, specifically for the western markets.

          • PoweredByHentai

            I was not aware that Ghostlight has a development team.

          • SirRichard

            “The only reason they would develop for the PC is if they thought there was a market for it in Japan, which is obviously not the case.”

            Wow, you clearly don’t think very highly of Japanese devs and publishers, do you? If this was the case, then why are there two Ys games on Steam right now? The Japanese side of the industry does care about the Western part, because that’s the dominant side these days. Working through Steam would help them tap into that market much more easily, and Steam sales will help get their stuff out to people who normally wouldn’t buy it (as often happens in Steam sales).

            Hell, Ghostlight wouldn’t even need them to do the port, because as I’ve said, they have their own development team and have explicitly mentioned having them handle the porting job. Ghostlight wouldn’t have considered the idea if there wasn’t interest on the Japanese side of things, and they certainly have it now.

          • PoweredByHentai

            Wow, you clearly don’t think very highly of Japanese devs and publishers, do you?

            What?  How is it that you came to that conclusion?  When JRPG developers like Falcom have a hard time just selling the Ys or Legend of Heroes games on PC, what does that say about other JRPG developers?  And I don’t mean the ones who make Visual Novels and/or eroge.

            Alright, since you are so familiar with Japanese developers and publishers, outside of Square-Enix and Falcom, name me a developer that has a JRPG on the PC.  And I don’t mean indies like EasyGameStation or LizSoft.

            So tell me then, where are the PC Persona games?  Where are the Shin Megami Tensei PC games?  Where are the Disgaea PC games?  Where are the Tales of games for the PC?  Where is Yakuza for the PC?

            The fact of the matter is that the Japanese PC market is much too small for the return on investment to be worth it, hence why you don’t see that many corporate developers developing for the PC.  It simply doesn’t make financial sense for them to do so for their own market.  For any other region’s market, sure, but not for the Japanese market.

            Finally, Ghostlight having their own development team means nothing if they can’t get their hands on the code.  Whether the developers are okay with letting other people touch their code is something that has to be negotiated in the contract.

          • SirRichard

            @PoweredByHentai:disqus “Alright, since you are so familiar with Japanese developers and publishers, outside of Square-Enix and Falcom, name me a developer that has a JRPG on the PC.  And I don’t mean indies like EasyGameStation or LizSoft.”

            So, name you a JRPG on the PC, but don’t actually use these examples because reasons. Also, Capcom, Breath of Fire IV. And Namco Bandai/From Software, Dark Souls, for a more recent example.

            You don’t seem to be able to get this very basic idea, mate; they don’t have to care about the Japanese PC market. In fact, they very likely don’t anyway. This has nothing to do with the Japanese PC market, this has to do with bringing these games to a market that does want them. Why do you care about the Japanese PC market so much when not even they do? There isn’t some nationalistic drive to only care if they also care about their own dead market. 

            Their Japanese audience won’t boycott them for porting the game to a more suitable format for foreign markets, they don’t care. Money made in foreign markets does not vanish into the ether and it isn’t only held by XSEED or Ghostlight or whoever. This is not hard to grasp, it really isn’t, and I don’t see why you think this is a point worth championing or even a point at all. The Japanese PC market does not factor into it, they don’t have to care about it.

            Sure, the likes of Falcom pulled out when it died, but guess what? The PC is alive and thriving in the West, and now they have the opportunity to do it again and they have the audience. Whether they take that risk is up to the individual studios, but the market and audience are there, they just have to take the risk. Just like they do whenever they seek someone to localise their games or allow their games to be localised for any other platforms.

            And that’s just it, though; if a studio goes through Ghostlight, they could hand the source code to them, that could be negotiated. They don’t have to divert the resources to it themselves, just let Ghostlight handle it and put it on Steam.

          • PoweredByHentai

            @SirRichard:disqus :

            Dark Souls wasn’t even released on PC for the Japanese market and the PC version came out almost a year after the console versions.

            Regarding Breath of Fire IV, the game came out first on the PlayStation before it went to the PC in 2003.

            My initial comment to you was made on the assumption that you wanted more JRPG games to come to the PC first.  If you didn’t care where they started from, then this would be a non-issue.

            Regarding Ghostlight getting the source code, that would require some serious negotiations because handing over source code is not easy for any company that makes a living from selling software.

          • SirRichard

            @PoweredByHentai:disqus “My initial comment to you was made on the assumption that you wanted more JRPG games to come to the PC first.  If you didn’t care where they started from, then this would be a non-issue.”

            You are aware of the title and subject of this article, right? Where did I ever suggest, imply or otherwise state that I wanted full-on development of JRPGs for the PC as opposed to console ports of already existing ones? Maybe you read it that way, I don’t know, but I certainly never meant that.

          • PoweredByHentai

            @SirRichard:disqus :

            Quite honestly, I read the title as “Ghostlight to bring JRPGs to PC” based on skimming the URL line on my browser.

            And yes, I did misread your post completely.  It is also a baking 90 degrees outside, something that affects me terribly so as you can see.

      • Mike Pureka

         I don’t get it.  Are you suggesting that JRPGs are pirated MORE than any other genre?  Otherwise, the assertion stands that since Ys: Origins was a bestseller on Steam (in a space with no piracy) it would also have done “bestseller” levels of business in a space with piracy, though presumably moving a (probably only somewhat) smaller number of units.

        Think of it this way:
        Ys Origins on Steam moves X units.   Another Game moves Y units.  If X > Y then it means Ys has outsold Another Game.
        Ys Origins DLC free disc release moves X units of which 20% are pirated.  Another Game moves Y units of which 20% are pirated.  If X is greater than Y, Ys has STILL outsold Another Game.

        Now there might be other factors involved in why a game might sell better on Steam (Convenience and low price point being the obvious two) but neither of them has anything to do with the lack of piracy.

        • PoweredByHentai

          I’m not even talking about JRPGs specifically.

          Japanese PC games, in general, are pirated very heavily to the point where retail sales are abysmal.

          The whole point about having Steam around is because it serves two roles:
          1.  Digital Distribution platform
          2.  DRM

          At the moment, Steam’s adoption rate in Japan is decent, but not at a point where developers would willingly jump onto it for the Japanese market.  The larger developers/publishers like Capcom or Square-Enix have much more leeway and can afford to do PC releases on Steam, but most Japanese developers aren’t that big nor do they feel comfortable with taking that risk, which is understandable and weird at the same time.

          It is why you see everyone and their dog going for social or browser game development, because the risks involved with those are still much lower than the risks involved with producing something and releasing it on Steam.

        • TrevHead

          I would say that currently JRPGs and other Japanese games are pirated more often then other games, simply due to the fact that they arn’t available for western PC gamers.

          With, fansubbing, emulation and doujin the piracy culture is certanly there (I do it myself for games I can’t buy new). And while it does mean that there is a existing fanbase for these games with many happy to support Japanese PC games, publishers are going to have a hard time persuding some of them to pay anything over £10 when they are in the habit of getting JRPGs for free.

          Steam and GOG are changing ppls purchasing habits (plus the tighting up filesharing sites and piracy laws over the internet) and Carpe Fulgur and the Ys games paving the way for others to follow, plus helping to bring in new players into the fold considering PC gamers as a whole are more open to niche games other than the mainstream with word of mouth that louder on PC than console imo.

          Personally I think the idea of console styled collectors editions is a great idea, however a later steam release should follow.

          I suppose much depends on what games Ghostlight have in mind.
          We could have another Recettear if the game is interesting enough as PC gamers will lap it up. I also think a number of ppl would sell their own mothers to have Desgaea on PC

          • PoweredByHentai

            I sincerely thank you for being more eloquent than me.

          • James Smith

             I’d at least rent my mother for Disgaea or Atelier, Persona, Neptunia, Dark Souls or Tales games on the PC. And that’s only JRPG’s.
            And Dark Souls is coming already so only a bunch to go.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        “anti-piracy deterrent”

        Pick one.

        • PoweredByHentai

          Steam is a highly effective anti-piracy deterrent.  Low pricetags and ease of use.  Also supports achievements, which a lot of people seem to like.

          If you’re going up against people who just pirate your game by torrenting it, you would much prefer to have people buy your game on Steam.  The important thing is to get them to build up a library on Steam and once they have that collection of games, they have more incentive to not bother with pirating a game.

          Hence Steam being an anti-piracy deterrent.

          • James Smith

             Yeah, Steam doesn’t stop people from pirating but gives them a few pretty good reason to buy the games instead.

  • I want to request DOT HACK!!!!!


    • Hahaha, no. Don’t expect anything from Namco Bandai here. :P

      • PoweredByHentai

        How can you be so sure that it isn’t Namco Bandai?  o_o

        • Because Namco Bandai have a very lucrative anime license business going for them, and I highly doubt they need to or care to release any of those games on PC. Their PC content will likely come in the form of other titles that they’re more than capable of publishing themselves, as they’re doing with Dark Souls.

          • PoweredByHentai

            Ah, right, I forgot about their anime license business.  >_<

        • Pichu0102

          Namco Bandai rarely brings over anything probably.

          /might still be a little butthurt over no Tales of the World PSP 2 US release
          //just a tad

    • Testsubject909

      So… you want The World on PC and virtual helmets and all of us going comatose?

      • PoweredByHentai

        Isn’t there supposed to be a Sword Art Online game or something?

  • Spirit Macardi

    Like others, I’m hoping for this to mean sales on Steam.

    I am rather curious as to their plan though. Are they merely making PC versions of RPGs that were available in Japan available in the west, or actually porting games that were previously only for console?

    • “Bringing console JRPGs to PC” and “…interested in bringing more products to the PC platform” sounds to me like they’ll be porting console games over. 

    • “We’re still very interested in hearing your thoughts on the games you’d
      like us to look in to as well as your continued thoughts on PC ports in

      He does mention “port” there

    • Testsubject909

      How about games on GOG?

      • Spirit Macardi

         That could work too, though GOG stands for Good OLD Games x3

        • Exkaiser

          Not anymore! Now it doesn’t stand for anything!

          …Weird, eh?

  • Finally someone who realizes not everyone on PC wants everything digital.

    • Diamondragon

      Unless you’ve got a tape deck or punch card slot on your rig, everything on PC already is digital.

  • Crevox

    I want everything digital

    • Testsubject909

      I want everything to be on as many format as possible, that means retail and digital for the most parts since I happen to quite enjoy having my retail physical copy.

  • Göran Isacson

    Ghostlight if you manage to pull this off I will love you and cherish you forever and ever…. also am I the only one who’s kind of surprised at what a presence Ghostlight seems to be turning into? Up until recently I only knew of them as “the people on the box of my PAL-copy of Digital Devil Saga”, but now they really seem to be on the move. Have I just not been paying good enough attention to their previous work, or are they really making a lot of bold new moves lately?

  • Zoozbuh

    Hrmmm.. Depending on which titles they choose to bring to PC this might be very interesting… And I wonder if they’re only doing ones which have an existing PC port in Japan? Or making their own ports o_O

    • Ghostlight_Ross

       We’re actually looking at some that don’t have a PC version at the moment :)

  • amagidyne

    I love this idea. Keep being awesome, Ghostlight.

  • TrevHead

    I’m intrested in what games Ghostlight have in mind.

    Put it this way, I just bought Ys Origin in the steam sales, my first ever Ys game, now i’m a fan for life.

    •  Haha i did that just as well, my first Ys :)

    • PoweredByHentai

      Ys Oath in Felghana is also on Steam and still at 5 dollars.

      • TrevHead

        Yup bought that one aswell :)

        edit truth be told I would have bought it at full RRP

        • PoweredByHentai

          I know I did and I’ve been throwing Oath in Felghana at my friends.

          Steam gifts are one of the best parts of Steam.

          • TrevHead

            Sadly the few friends I have who I would gift games to arn’t PC gamers,

            Shame I can think of one person atleast who would love Ys Origin.

          • PoweredByHentai

            Yeah, I’m glad that I have a number of friends who do get on Steam from time to time.

  • SMT on Steam. Hey can I dream?

    • Testsubject909

      Technically speaking, there’s the SMT MMO which is basically SMT on PC.

  • SolidusSnake

    Those loveable scamps

  • KingGunblader

    Maybe Ghostlight and XSEED can work out a deal regarding a certain… sequel that we’ve all been waiting for?

    • JazzyMan123

      You do know that the problem with that certain sequel is because of a super duper long script right? Meaning big script = long time.

      • KingGunblader

        I’m aware of the length of the process, hence a collaboration could help make things easier and maybe get the game out here on PC?

        Of course, it might not be a good idea to release it on PC since the original was on PSP.

        • JazzyMan123

          “Of course, it might not be a good idea to release it on PC since the original was on PSP.”

          Uh, no. All three Trails games were originally developed for the PC platform starting with FC back in 2004. The PSP versions ARE the ports.

          So since PC versions of Trails already exist, it shouldn’t be too hard for XSEED to put them up on Steam.

  • Gyro Zeppeli

    If we could get Persona 2 on Steam, I could buy it for my friends and then guilt them into finally finishing it.

  • Glad to hear someone is doing it. Sick of all the shooters. I mean yes I got RTS games and MMOs too and plenty of Indie games but I wish I had more JRPGs on the PC.

  • l777l

    Physical is good. (That aside, I generally prefer console JRPGs to be brought to consoles. Irrespective of that, kudos, Ghostlight.)

    • Ghostlight_Ross

       We’re not abandoning consoles :) We just want to let as many people as possible play our games :)

  • We get enough of this crap from XSeed.
    JRPGs do not belong on PC.

    • Exkaiser

      Since when does XSeed port anything to the PC? XSeed has only published two games on PC, both of which were originally released for the PC in Japan.

      Besides that, why don’t JRPGs belong on PC?

      • Locklear93

        I’m going with, “Because he’s a purist, enjoys them one way, and cannot fathom anyone enjoying them in a way other than his own.”

        • JazzyMan123

          Heh, sums him up rather perfectly.

    • DanijoEX

      What do you mean? 

      Are you saying JRPGs have no place on PC…? I may not be a PC gamer but I know that JRPG’s do have a place on PC besides consoles. 

      At least, elaborate on why…

      Edit: On second thought…forget what I said, I regret commenting on this article.

      • JazzyMan123

        Oh, don’t bother with this….guy. He lives in another planet way different from ours.

    • JazzyMan123

      And here you are again….sadly. Besides, XSEED only published those two Ys games which were ALREADY on THE PC back in Japan, so really, what’s your problem?

      • Those of us who don’t game on the PC don’t want everything to shift over to PC just because companies think they can make more money abandoning the JRPG audience and moving over to Steam.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          I suspect you are going to find far more JRPGers willing to enjoy their hobby wherever it can be found. To think that broadening the number of folks who might enjoy our niche is somehow ‘abandoning the hobby’ reeks of a 1337ism that does only harm to the hobby.

          • Sorry, but you’re wrong there. 

            Shifting everything from multiple consoles to one, single platform (with no physical releases) does not broaden the hobby. It diminishes it.

          • I don’t think anyone said anything about shifting to a single platform. Either you’re very ignorant or you’re incapable of understanding the English language. Porting games to PC does not mean developing exclusively for PC. 

          • William Carpenter

            I am pretty confident that more people own personal computers than they do consoles. Digital releases also mean that the games are easier to access. I don’t see how that diminishes gaming. Can you maybe provide some stats to back up your case?

        • JazzyMan123

          Where in this article does it say “exclusive to the PC”? Maybe you need your eyes checked or you’re just illiterate.

          And again, those two PC games XSEED simply PUBLISHED were already on the PC platform way back in Japan.

        • JazzyMan123

          Are you really starting a console war now? You do know that it’s against the rules here.

    • Falcom would like to have a word with you.

    • ……

      Could you post more productive comments? I think it’s fair to say everyone here has been very tolerant of you. Please consider this a warning.

      • JazzyMan123

        Tell me about it, he’s starting to remind me of a certain infamous user way back on the XSEED forum…

      • I wasn’t aware that I wasn’t allowed to express my own opinion. Or maybe it’s just that you don’t like me criticising companies that buy ads on the site.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          When the purpose of that ‘opinion’ is to only inflame and anger folks, yes we will ask that such things be kept elsewhere.

          • I’m not trying to “inflame” anything. But when I see companies abandoning their core audience to try and make a quick buck, I feel obliged to speak up about it.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Making bucks that can be used elsewhere strengthens the hobby, it does not abandon it sir. VNs have been far more at home on the PC than consoles. Wizardry, the starting point of basically every JRPG is from the PC. Enix, NIS and even Square largely started on the computer side of things. The core audience has always been broader than one or two systems.

          • Luna Kazemaru

             They aren’t abandoning anything anything at all they are expanding or does can your small brain not understand this. Its amusing the Sh** i see posted from you and a number of other posters on here lately.

          • JazzyMan123

            As said before, they only talked about PORTING games to the PC which I’m sure most of them were already on your beloved consoles.

            And another thing, what gave the stupid idea that Ghostlight has the capacity to DEVELOP their own games? What you don’t know really baffles a lot of us here.

          • Ghostlight_Ross

             @JazzyMan123 Oddly enough we do have an inhouse dev team who develop their own games [cheap plug] [/cheap plug] but the closest they’ve come to doing any RPG’s is a couple of Fighting Fantasy adaptations

        • Luna Kazemaru

           Yes god forbid that ghostlight wants to expand its audience. Once again hiding your sh** posting in ‘in my opinion’ tagged to it buy. Oh lordly they want to give PC gamers a taste of JRPG’s BURN THEM WITH A STAKE!!!!

        • Ghostlight have never bought an ad on our site. Besides, you know the rules regarding complaining about consoles on this site.  I won’t warn you again. 

        • JazzyMan123

          Seriously dude, quit making exaggerated statements without any evidence to back it up.

    • Tatsuya1221

       Speak for yourself, i mostly game on the pc these days, and i want more jrpg’s on the pc, heck if i could get it made into law that all jrpg’s have a pc version, i would.

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    I guess when you’re known for your awful translations (Record of Agarest War, anyone), you have to find some other way to make money.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      My understanding is they have learned quite a bit from that mistake, which seemed to be more a rush at the end than a purposeful weak translation (thinking the a*s job done with Lux Pain here). Several Euro posters whose opinions I respect have written to this effect.

  • James Smith

    Sign me up.  I bought a PS3 only for a few Japanese exclusives but I’d buy them for the PC, Steam would be my preferred method. 
    As someone who loves the nature of the PC as a gaming platform and JRPG’s this makes me very happy.
    My best wishes for them, the PC has great untapped potential for new markets and if they play their cards right they could be rewarded well, this could be the first steps towards something great.

  • Nitraion

    Hmm i dunno it’s good but in my country games on PC is straight out to the piracy basket….for some reason if there are PC version of the game just wait 2 or 3 weeks and viola the pirate game is set

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Well, this is a great news there.^^ As this will increase the number of gamers who plays Jrpg.^^

    However, i do have a bit concern here about piracy lol. Considering that piracy in PC is still very rampant.

    Even if many said that Steam make people pirate lesser, consumer will always wanted something free here so, piracy is not really stop by Steam here.

    • William Carpenter

      I think as long as the games are easily accessible and sold at reasonable prices, people will be encouraged to buy them legally rather than pirate them. 

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        I am not really sure that.T_T As for example: some manga is sold quite cheap especially in my country here, but people will still pirate them and just read them online here.

        I still think that if the game can be easily pirated and the consumer can at ease obatin them, the game will not really sell well no matter how easy to access there as consumers there will always look for free ones.

        • Wolframium

          To is not a matter of price, is a matter of convenience.

          Most often than not the pirated media is easier to come by, faster to obtain, runs everywhere and is free.

          Yet still Steam is flourishing, why? Because it is convenient.Games have decent prices, their servers are fast so downloading is a breeze and they have a nice and strong community.

          About your manga issue, here in my country manga is sold at a good price, but with shoddy quality and with sh*tty translations, so, as result of that,  scanlators have the lion’s share of the market.

  • Z3

    Please bring Growlanser to EU!!

  • While I’m a bit skeptical about bringing JRPGs to PC, will it sell well considering the hardcore audience??? 

    When I think of PC gaming, I think of AAA titles and PC fanboys sprouting BS lines… Encouraging console wars is the last thing I wanna see….

    Porting PS3 titles to the PC is less likely to happen since they need to recode due to the PS3 SDK nature…

    • Ghostlight_Ross

      From what I’ve seen of the Steam charts Carpe Fulgur and XSEED seem to be doing fairly well on there. 

      As a long time PC gamer I’m quite looking forward to seeing some of our games on PC :)

      • Yes I heard of it so kudos to them at achieving that… As long as my crappy PC/Laptop can handle your games, I can’t complain much….
        Haven’t seen you commenting here for a while.. How are you??? I thought Ghostlight blog, Facebook and Twitter were keeping you busy…. But since you’re here, mind telling us what games you’re bringing onto the PC??? ^_^

        • Ghostlight_Ross

          What with all that and testing I don’t get much time to myself :) But I’m good thanks.  How are you?

          I can’t say which ones we’re doing yet but at the moment we’re mainly looking at ones that already have English translations.

          • JazzyMan123

            This is a reply about the in-house devs:

            Oh, I see, interesting to know, thanks.

      • Pichu0102

        I love the idea of collectors editions with physical bonuses but digital copies of the games. This way I can keep a bunch of games on my PC/console at once but still get collector goodies.

        • William Carpenter

          Yeah, that is a cool move. A lot of the nicer Kickstarter projects offer physical copies of the game that can also be redeemed digitally, so you can have both. If Ghostlight can manage that, then that would be super cool.

      • William Carpenter

        Yeah, Ys Origins was the highest selling game on Steam a few days ago. It was pretty incredible. Even got the Falcom Twitter account to tweet in English! =D

    • William Carpenter

      You’ve completely misjudged the PC platform. Steam curates stuff, but it’s a mostly free market, with plenty of creative independent games that have tons of personality and sincerity. The PC elitism is a small subculture that has mostly been silenced with the rising widespread popularity of Steam. As for the AAA stuff, like I said, there are plenty of indie games. Empirical data even shows that it’s generally more profitable for smaller, non-AAA games to sell on PCs. The Super Meat Boy profits on XBLA is a small fraction of what they made on Steam.

      If JRPGs can’t sell on PCs, it is because the hardcore JRPG audience has similar misconceptions. You say PC gamers are fanboys that “spout BS lines”, but to me, judging the PC platform so incorrectly seems just as bad. =P

      • I’m judging based on my research and experiences… But It’s still too early to give a final say about Steam when it comes to JRPGs…. It’s good that Steam is a free market but that market is situated in the west… Meaning if it doesn’t cater to westerns, don’t expect huge numbers…. By hardcore, I meant people who plays western AAA titles all day long…

        As for the PC fanboys, take a look at multiplatform titles especially comparison videos, there’s bound to be at least one PC fanboy giving “PC is better” lines…. Say what you want but that doesn’t change the fact…

        • TrevHead

          Theres Gears-tards and plenty of bro gamers on console, does that mean that every console gamer is the same?

          While it’s ok to just cast judgement on call all PC gamers as elistist its worth taking note that many of those ppl are purists who were been ignored by the gaming industry, little PC FPS games, bad ports with missing features, bugs with no support or patching, Ubisoft DRM. I can imagine why so many would be annoyed.

          With more and more games been made for the PC this past year or so, much of this sentiment has gone away, funny that.

          However AAA FPS ports have always been a thorny issue. From what i’ve seen of the steam forums of indie Japanese games is that many on them are willing to give indies a break as long as the devs communicate with them properlly.

          • Yeah, pretty much if they don’t have something productive to say….

            Platforms have their own benefits and misfortunes so that would be saying everyone would be annoyed…

            Yes, I’m starting to see the sentiment going away which is good…

            As long as the devs communicate with the fans, it’s understandable when reasoning if something goes wrong….

          • TrevHead

            “As long as the devs communicate with the fans, it’s understandable when reasoning if something goes wrong….”

            Expanding on the idea, one only has to look at Fez and the wave of unsympathetic feeling over the patch issues to see what happens when devs don’t get their PR right.

          • That’s mostly Fez developers’ fault for publishing the game on Xbox Live…

            Screw the PR up and who knows what might happen… PR is important in the gaming industry as far as I know…

        • SirRichard

          I think you’re taking one guy every now and then trotting out the tired “PC master race” claims way too seriously, mate. Extreme PC fanboys like that are the minority, they’re the equivalent of any console warrior talking up the 360 or PS3 or Wii, or their handheld of choice or what have you.

          The PC market has proven to be a much more varied one than console markets, if only because Steam has really opened up people to games they wouldn’t play through sales. And it definitely has proven itself for JRPGs, the Ys games certainly made quite the splash in the ongoing sales and Carpe Fulgur have managed to find a decent sized audience for their stuff. 

          I’m with William on this one; you’re being as unfair as you claim PC gamers are. Steam has around 40 million users; if you think that all of them are just loudmouthed fratboys that only play AAA games, well, what does that say about you?

          • (Sigh)
            I knew somebody misunderstands…

            For the record, I’m referring the PC “fanboys” who got nothing to do than give praise to PC around the internet…. If the PC community are not annoying and obnoxious, they’re okay in my book and I’m happy that Steam is doing well and I might be making a switch someday depending on my situation….

            Okay, maybe I am being unfair… Hopefully, my views might change as time passes…. Again, I want to be clear about this is that what I said is based on my “experiences” which may or may not reflect yours…

  • Praise be to Ghostlight!

  • Talbot

    If they release a healthy bunch of them on Steam, then I welcome it. Steam is fantastic and would certainly benefit with a wider selection of JRPGs.

  • Yuri

    The last story and Xenoblade.

    One can dream always hope/dream right? 

  • I’ll support Ghostlight whenever and wherever I can, so I’ll get everything they publish in Europe :)

  • Kai2591

    Now this is interesting….my new rig is ready.

  • Do it Ghostlight do it.

  • Razentsu

    Sweeeeet. I hope this stuff takes off, I would love to have more JRPGs on the PC.

    I wonder which two games they have in mind.

  • Akaahn

    The one genre PC is missing, Ghostlight FTW

  • exhume

    Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but it’d be great if they could make them Mac compatible. Bootcamp is a hassle…

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