Recruit Raven And Barrett As Party Members In Rune Factory 4

By Ishaan . July 19, 2012 . 1:01pm

As reported last week, Rune Factory 4 will feature cameos from characters that were in previous Rune Factory games. Today, Marvelous AQL released screenshots of Barrett from Rune Factory 2 and Raven from Rune Factory 3 in the new game.



Barrett comes from Alvarna, the town in Rune Factory 2, and looks a heck of a lot cooler than he did in that game. The concept art on the right is his new look in Rune Factory 4. He’ll reinforce your equipment in exchange for raw materials.





Raven doesn’t look all that different from her Rune Factory 3 days. Continuing her line of work, she’ll sell you materials like including ore, which can be used to synthesize items. Raven’s still a little reserved, but has a more lively side hidden within.



While you will unfortunately not be able to court either Barrett or Raven into a romantic relationship (damn it), Marvelous say that both characters can be recruited as party members for adventuring.


Rune Factory 4 was released in Japan today for the Nintendo 3DS.

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  • “While you will unfortunately not be able to court either Barrett or Raven into a romantic relationship (damn it),”

    My thoughts exactly. :( Oh well, I was probably gonna switch to a female character anyways, and since this takes place after 3, I’d feel weird marrying Raven with two separate people anyways.

  • Blesmi

    Give me RAINBOW or give me deAINBOW!

  • MrRobbyM

    Wait. Barrett isn’t a hunky black guy with a gun-arm? 


  • Tricia Leavitt

    Dang it! I want a RF game that actually HAS Barret as a bachelor cause I love love LOVED him in RF2 and this new appearance is so hot. I really wish he was a special bachelor like they do in Tale of Two Towns where they have characters from previous HM games only older as a bachelor/bachelorette.

  • lesangpro .

    While you will unfortunately not be able to court either Barrett or Raven into a romantic relationship (damn it)

     Of course it had to be like that ! Tonaa is for Micah only , like hell I let other marry her !

    •  You can say that again! XD

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Well great then.^^ It means Raven is solely for Micah here.^^

    But………should i said BANZAIIIII!!! Raven is still Pettanko there?^^

  • (vara/バラ)


    • lesangpro .

       cause she is my ( Micah’s) wife .

  • xXDGFXx


  • lesangpro .

    the moment i hear she be in Run Factory 4 , i’m really feel bad more than happy . My god , Micah is living happily with Tonaa ( Raven ) and 3 cute kid in Sharance Tree village , why the hell make her go all the way to the floating island huh ? Did she need money ? I don’t think Micah let that happen ! Ok , she want to go travel around , sure , bring along her family  .
    The thing is , Tonaa ( Raven ) is a key and my ( every fan’s ) farvorite character of Rune Factory 3 . You shouldn’t make her appear in Rune Factory 4 , that just wrong  when i can’t see Micah standing with her . Natsume should take
    Monica instead , i’m sure she will fit the place perfectly now that she grow up . Right !

    • Peace Legacy

      …because he didn’t marry Toona
      He married Persia, the more worthy one *trollface*
      U Mad Bro? Yes, I am initiating a waifu war in this thread right now!
      (Natsume has unconsciously aid my ship’s side)

      • lesangpro .

         and you shall going down with it , baby ! Like hell my demiphoenix waifu is going to scare of your fish girl . Hey , Tonaa , bring on the heat , someone here order a Friedfish . Come and get me , bro !

  • Pichu0102

    “While you will unfortunately not be able to court either Raven into a romantic relationship”

    Then her being married to Micah had better be canon. If not, well…

  • Dylan Anantha

    No Raven threesome with the Micah and the new main character?

  • RaikageV

    “Raven doesn’t look all that different from her Rune Factory 3 days.”

  • SakuMo

    Putting them in the game but not allowing you to marry them is just a giant tease.  x__x  Especially Barrett, who fans have never been able to marry.

  • Coeurl

    BOTH of my past potential mates in 4? I didn’t think I could fall in love with this game than I already have… I was wrong.

    Married Raven before and woo’d Barret like I COULD marry him. Now if only Gaius makes an appearance.

    • Iris Miracle

          That was a great idea. I really wish they put Gaius marriageable in RF4, the fact he likes Evelyn doesn’t mean anything haha( Frey is more badass, She can use sword and talk with dragons). Marvelous you are a huge meanie!   

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Raven didn’t change at all

  • sonic2shadow


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