Nintendo Likely To Stick With 3D For Future Portable Game Systems

By Ishaan . July 24, 2012 . 12:00pm

Speaking with British tabloid, The Independent, Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, says that Nintendo will probably continue to include include stereoscopic 3D visuals as a feature in their portable game systems in the future.


“So, now we’ve created the 3DS and 3DS XL and also have some games out there that are really using that 3D effect that we can see, from my point of view, that it’s an important element,” Iwata shares. “But as human beings are this kind of surprise effect wears off quickly, and [to] just have this 3D stereoscopic effect isn’t going to keep people excited.”


He elaborates: “But I think it’s an important element, it makes graphics more impactful, it proves a sense of immersion that 2D doesn’t have, so I would say generally that 3D is better than 2D.”


“It’s nice to have good graphics but not necessarily on their own, so I don’t think we’ll present [3D graphics] as one of the key features of our consoles but will probably stick with 3D as one of the minor elements of our consoles in the future.”

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  • As long as I can turn it off, I’m okay with it. Having only one eye to see with can make it very hard to look at a 3D screen.

    • :o Somebody like me! *hugs* You are now the best person, evar. :D

  • drproton

    I think it’s pretty great, myself. 

    I didn’t care about 3D at all until I got my 3DS and saw how it really did improve gameplay by making it easier to parse depth in games with 3D movement.  Otherwise for a lot of games it’s just a pleasant visual effect, like with my favorite 3DS launch title, Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars. It used the effect to look sort of like a table-top war game from above. 

    Obviously there will be times when the 3D is implemented poorly and detracts from the experience, but 3D should be considered as just another tool in the creative toolbox.  Nintendo has done a great job of showing how 3D can be done tastefully and effectively with their first-party titles, so I’d welcome more 3D on their next hardware platform.

  • James Smith

    Keeping it seems the most natural choice since they already introduced the feature and some players do seem to like it.

    But I really wish Nintendo would give developers the choice on 3D for their future hardware. So they could have it as an option.

    “Do I want  my game to use the hardware for 3D or for better standard graphics?”
    “What would the players buying my games prefer? What would be the best for them?”
     Normally I wouldn’t expect Nintendo to give anyone more options but a different business position and different consumer expectations could make it happen.
    Many doubted that Nintendo would ever take online seriously and look at them now, trying.

    • Developers do have a choice. They’ve been very clear about the fact that making games in 3D isn’t a requirement. However, a lot of developers have also expressed a fondness for the 3D themselves and a desire to include it, which is why you see it. That, and the fact that a 3DS game without 3D would likely be looked upon as an inferior product.

      • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

        Such was the case for Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked (bleh). It only used 3D for Demon Fusion and the Title Sequence.

      • James Smith

        Yeah but correct me if I’m wrong but it’s not optimized for that option. I’m talking about taking that to the next level and designing the successor of the 3DS with the possibility of using its power for 3D or something else in mind.

  • Mago Iichi

    The only game I saw that actually used 3D for gameplay was Super Mario 3D Land.There’s nothing else that really used it other than making the games look prettier.
    I wouldn’t care if the next handheld had it or not.

  • LittleMofreaky

    That’s fine. As long as they keep making the 3D-slider like the 3DS XL’s with the click.

  • Anime10121

    Well, as long as they leave it as an option to turn it on/off.  I’ve used the 3D on my 3DS and can see the improvements that it brings to the table, however it freaking KILLS my eyes and makes my head hurt after using it for more than 30 seconds at a time.

    I have 20/20 near-sighted vision, but I dont know why 3D hates me, its the same way with 3D movies, if it’s a 3D movie I’m watching, I have to take the glasses off, luckily most movies are fine without the glasses on.  So honestly I prefer 2D as its something I can actually game on, but its great for the people who can use the 3D, as it really does add a lot of depth to games!

    • Monsley

      I can relate to your experience. There’s a lot of 3D stuff I can’t seem to be able to see for some reason (I’ve been told it could depend on the different technologies and/or my astigmatism) and when I do get to see something, my eyes and head immediately hurt like hell.
      Unfortunately, the 3DS is no exception. :(

    • Kefkiroth

      I’m in the same situation as you; 3D glasses give me a headache. 
      However, autostereoscopic 3D on the 3DS never bothered me, though I hardly turn it on because of the small viewing range it requires you to be in when viewing 3D.

      • Anime10121

         I wish I could at least use the 3D on my 3DS, as I really did like what it added to certain games, but even that, is too much on my poor, poor eyes :(

  • KotaroInugami

    Don’t flame me for this people, cuz it’s really just my honest opinion, but I feel that 3D is overall, a gimmick. I don’t feel it adds to the gameplay of my videogames, nor enjoyment of movies. I have played the same game with and without 3D as have I watched the same movies with and without, and I don’t feel my experience was affected.

    • MrRobbyM

      To back you up, even though it’s a personal opinion, I want a 3DS not because of the 3D feature, but because it’s game lineup is looking better and better. I actually forgot the 3DS could display 3D for a while because it just matters that much to me.

      • James Smith

        That’s more or less the general consensus now, they don’t bluntly  call it gimmick but companies have acknowledged it no longer treating it as a killer feature or the next step in entertainment and more like a minor bonus.

        And in my case 3D was the reason I did not buy it at launch, only good games might make me buy it eventually and that would be despite the 3D.
        I just can’t get over the fact that games on the 3DS would look so much better if the hardware didn’t have to use many of its resources for the 3D illusion, that seems like a travesty to me.

        • MrRobbyM

          Same here. But Nintendo is all about incremental upgrades so I don’t mind it so much.

    • AuraGuyChris

      It’s a gimmick that’s being used everywhere as of late, even in the movies.

      The next step? Smelling what’s on the screen!

      • Kefkiroth

        I recall some movies giving your a scratch-and-sniff card and cuing you in whenever you had to scratch and sniff a specific item on the card. 

        •  It was the newest Spy Kid 4D movie 8D (was that the title..? meh) and it didn’t work well lol

    • James Beatty

      I completely disagree. 3D makes the world feel more real, i can judge distances, and when particles are involved (dust, fog, etc) it looks quite amazing. If 3D is to be considered a gimmick, then what does HD do other than make games look better? :P

      • KotaroInugami

        That’s exactly my point. It just gives the game a new look, but it wouldn’t be missed without it. Not everyone has an HD TV, but I’m sure they get the very same experience out of any game you or I would play in HD.

        • Fritz

          I actually have a hard time playing Kid icarus with 3D off because i’m more of a ranged fighter. Believe it or not, playing in 3-D has somewhat made me reliant on it being on. I’ve had instances where i don’t notice that 3-D is off and my accuracy goes all over the place when ranged. I dont get why people  play off 3D as useless because for many its not, i wish it were clear exactly how much of the 3D users and non 3-D users made up the complete userbase, because i would certainly hate if nintendo got rid of 3-D nxt gen or one after. 3-D in itself is a useful tool when applied correctly. Its purpose is different than HD and should be treated as such.

          • KotaroInugami

            Again my opinion, but no game has used 3D in a way for me to think GOD I NEED THIS. This includes Kid Icarus for me. In fact, I could say the 3D affected my accuracy in shooters due to the way the image flickers when the 3DS is moved.

  • riceisnice

    Nintendo announces new Nintendo 4DS. Now featuring a parallel world app that let’s you spy on what you would have become if you were actually cool.

  • Ugh. I have yet to play a 3DS title that didn’t compel me to turn off the 3D sooner or later once I got tired of the display being messed up every time I fidgeted my hands (then feel guilty for doing so, because IT’S A 3D GAME, DAMN IT). I could definitely do without it in future, but I guess they need some significant gimmick to hold over mainstream smartphones.

  • Okay. I’m in for the games, so just as it happened with the 3DS, as long as they get some nice companies to work on games for them, I’ll get their systems,simple as.

    The 3D doesn’t bother me that much, as long as it’s optional. I don’t use it, actually I sometimes forget about it altogether. I’m just in for the games, and up until now the 3DS has been delivering for me. Kingdom Hearts DDD and all :)

  • That’s a good idea, assuming they intend to work out the some of the flaws in the technology they’re using right now. The headaches over time, the inability to tilt the system, and the heavy battery drainage should be gone in the next system’s 3D, if it’s there.

  • Suicunesol

    I love 3D when it’s done well! In some games it’s really poorly implemented. But in others it really brings it all to life. I use the feature as often as I am able. And my hands are pretty stable.

    So I approve. Am I like the only one who never got any headaches at all?

    • I haven’t gotten any headaches from it either. I was actually a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to see the 3D, since I have some form of astigmatism, but I can see it just fine. 

      I always play with the 3D turned on, unless my battery’s about to dry out and I need to find a save point, or if I’m playing something hectic that makes me move about a lot (like Kid Icarus multiplayer).

      • JazzWithAttitude

        Same here,i was worried because of my color-blindness but its work very well and i never got a headaches too.
        btw i never see anyone havind headaches because of the 3D 

    • keithmaxx

      People should simply really learn to take a breather when they feel dizzy, anyhow. The 3D itself isn’t a bad thing; it’s when people don’t stop when their brains are already giving warning symptoms that it gets ugly.

      At any rate the way I see it is that if a game properly implemented 3D then I’d be using 3D whenever I can (heck, it’s part of what I paid for with this machine!).

  • Since when did consumers want 3D still?

    • Andrew Umukoro

      definitely a minority but ppl like me still like it

  • I’m somewhat afraid that he’s going to kill himself when he finds out everyone just turns it off. 

    • James Beatty

      I don’t :P I’m used to it, now every game looks considerably flat without 3D, that includes console game 

      • zeta

        same here. depth really adds a better view of 3D 

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Well as long as it is going to be optional there, i am more than okay there, considering some game does looks much better in 3D however, i would like it more if they can come out with something more interesting just like how when DS first introduced dual screenm.^_^

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    3D I hardly use it lol it kills the battery life 

  • Ben Sylvia

    I just wish I would remember to use it occasionally.

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