Hatsune Miku Project Diva f Trailer Shows Song Footage, AR Features And More

By Ishaan . July 26, 2012 . 12:02pm

Sega have released a new trailer for Hatsune Miku Project Diva f, showing off more footage of the recently announced songs for the game, including Freely Tomorrow, Unhappy Refrain, Summer Idol and more. You can watch the trailer below:



Hatsune Miku Project Diva f will be released on August 30th in Japan for the PlayStation Vita.

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  • One month and four days people!

    But I have to wait until January before I can get mine…


    • Equus


      I’m already in debt, so I’m just going more into debt for this.  :P

      • Maybe I should buy a Vita on her birthday (August 31st) and wait for my imported copy to arrive. At first, I was thinking about buying a Vita only after receiving my copy.

    • xavier axol

      there’re a million of possibilities on how to get hm:pdf, but you should stick with: break a tooth and asked the tooth fairy (by the way, if you need help just called me) or rob a bank. one of the two should do the job. :-D

      • Oh Im getting it. Im saving up for the Limited White Vita bundle. My friend who’s visiting Hong Kong to see his family around Christmas is getting his cousin to pick one up for me day one and he’ll bring it back with him. Hence why I have to wait until January. But thats good cos I have more time to save.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    awww man I don’t even have a vita and I want this to bad its never going to see the light of day here

    • Kefkiroth

      It’s pricey, but you can always buy a US Vita and import the game. Vita is region-free.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        I’ll wait for the vita 2000

    • You could always import. 

  • Equus

    Yay!  That was “1/6” playing when they were showing the AR stuff.  Love that song.

  • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

    It sucks what we have to do for love…

    Buy the japanese game, buy another MemoryCard, fell the pain of trading cards in the device EVERYTIME we want to play, and never be able to sync our trophies in our US account.Looking at the bright side at least we dont have to buy another console. =P

    Diva desu!

    • Kevadu

      Uh, you don’t have to do any of that.  Well, maybe if there’s DLC you want to get (I assue there will be DLC eventually).  But if you’re playing a physical copy of the game you can do so just fine under your US account.  Accounts only become a problem when interacting with the PSN store.

      • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

        I see. Didn’t know that, thank you for the explanation. But i think since this game will only have new songs, they will release DLCs with our beloved ones later. I would love to have my favorite songs in one game, i hope they can make that possible in this release.

        • PoweredByHentai

          That would be what my PS3 is for.  :P

      • Equus

         Do you even have to have multiple memory cards for DLC?  I thought that as long as you’re on the right account (i.e. JPN PSN) on the Vita, you’d have access to the content, but not if you switched back to a US PSN account.  Could be totally wrong though…haven’t tried any non-US content yet with my Vita.

    • PoweredByHentai

      You know, I have the physical copies of Ragnarok Odyssey (JPN), Gravity Daze (JPN), and Ciel no Surge (also JPN) on my Vita and I didn’t need to switch memory cards to play my US Vita games.

    • Locklear93

       As the folks below have noted, you only have to jump through those hurdles for DLC or digital versions of games.  If you’re willing to forgo downloadable content and import a physical copy, you can play just fine.

  • xavier axol


  • WyattEpp

    Huh, is that a Vita port of Vocaloid 3, then?  I’m trying to think of whether I’ve ever heard Vocaloid 2 sound so good.

    • makise kurisu

      there is no such thing as a port of vocaloid 3, that denotes the generation do your HW before you post like you know anything about vocaloid

      • WyattEpp

        Haha, what.  Vocaloid is the software voice synthesis engine written by programmers at Yamaha (based on research from 2005 or so, IIRC).  The software interprets combinations of phonemes and tones in sequence to synthesise a voice from pre-recorded sample banks.  The Character Vocal series from Crypton uses this software.  The most recent version is 3.x; commonly known as “Vocaloid 3”.  Programmers modifying software to run on a new architecture is called “porting”; and the resultant product a “port”.  I was speculating that this process may have taken place.
        Not that I expect you’ll admit you were wrong to take an aggressive tone in the first place, given that you’re anonymous.

        • Kevadu

          Dude, we know what Vocaloid is.  You don’t seem to, though.  These games aren’t running the Vocaloid engine at all, they’re using pre-recorded audio (which may have originally come from that engine but is frequently tuned in other programs after the fact).  makise kurisu is *right* (by the way, how is he anonymous…).  Vocaloid 3 has never been ported to anything.  It’s only on one platform.

          Furthermore, these are mostly well-known songs and they sound…exactly like they’ve always sounded.  Because they’re the same songs, they’ve just been inserted into a game.  On top of that, none of Crypton’s vocaloids even come in Vocaloid 3 versions (though you could run the Vocaloid 2 soundbank from Vocaloid 3, the benefits are minimal).  Your claim that the Vocaloid 3 engine was ‘ported’ makes absolutely no sense.

          • WyattEpp

            So what you’re saying is there are multiple people here who fail to grasp the meaning of a question mark.  I never made any claim or assertion that there was a port.  It was a question.  Speculation.  Hypothesis.  Conjecture.  And of course I was attacked and responded in turn.  Your explanation is appreciated, but your willingness to read your own meaning into what I wrote is a little bothersome.

            It’s kind of disappointing they just use post-process audio and video; from an engineering standpoint I think there are some good arguments for running at least the voice synth from the engine normally.

            (And to clarify, that first response didn’t have a name attached when I saw it; guess it’s a Disqus bug)

        • Peace Legacy

          Anyone can go to a quick trip to Wikipedia to paraphrase facts
          “Not that I expect you’ll admit you were wrong to take an aggressive tone in the first place, given that you’re anonymous”
          Funny, that statement seems to correctly describe you as well

    • this is sega cash cow 

  • Dokurochan

    Those few seconds of ACUTE looked awesome. Here’s hoping the full PV of it ends in blood… :P

    On another note, they haven’t announced any of cosmo-p’s songs yet. Either this game won’t have one of his ridiculously fast songs and Sega is planning to make the ultra impossible song something else (a wowaka song probably) or they’re still waiting to announce it. Personally, I’m hoping Anti the Holic or Nun and Idol Girl make it into the game if they do include cosmo-p.

    Anyways, I’m totally pumped for this game! Now I just need to get a Vita…

  • Project Diva f is going to be a godly game. I can’t wait! =^_^=

  • Domii

    I know I been harsh on these games, but this actually looks kinda cute. I think my girl will love it if I get her this game for her Vita. Being that she’s a huge anime fan and this being a perfect game for girl gamers, I say why not.

    • Kefkiroth

      “perfect game for girl gamers”
      You’d be surprised at how many Hatsune Miku fans aren’t girls (right here >.>). Vocaloid music isn’t aimed specifically toward one gender.

      • Domii

        I’m sure it’s not, although I think that the target market for these type of games are girls.

        • Even though I want to say Vocaloid merchandises are aimed towards all sorts of ages and gender, it’s still a hard fact that the main core audience is male. Sure, children and girls can have fun listening to Vocaloid songs and playing Project Diva games, but guys (like me) are the ones who’s going to spend hundreds or thousand of dollars for Vocaloid figures, events and video games.

          Guys are the ones who’s going to cross country for Vocaloid concerts and guys are the ones who’s going to buy PSVita to take pictures of Vocaloid girls on their beds. I’m a big rhythm game fans and still consider that Guitarfreaks, Taiko No Tatsujin or Jukebeat have better gameplay than Project Diva but that won’t stop me from buying a Vita to play it.

          Recently, I’d explained to one of my non-anime/Vocaloid fan friend on how cartoon girls are viewed differently in Western and Japanese culture. I told him that Barbie was adored by girls as someone who they want to grow up to be (with nice boyfriend and all) and Hatsune Miku or most Anime girls are viewed by majority of fans as their love interest.

          • Domii

            I still stand by my original comment that imo this will be an ideal game for a casual girl gamer, not a hardcore gamer like myself. I’m no one to judge anybody who likes these types games or merchandise though, so by all means continue enjoying them. Oh, and excuse my ignorance on the vocaloid matter even though I enjoyed some of the songs played in my favorite animes.

          • I can agree that you consider it as an ideal game for a casual girl gamer, especially if they are aiming for the Western market :) I just stated that SEGA’s main target audience for this game is Japanese male and majority of international male fans in general.

        • Ultimaniacx4

           Really?  With all the ecchi modules and suggestive dances?

  • @ 1:52 Lelouch? :P

  • AR feature really does work without the card…

    Boy, things like this is really tempting…. Darn you Sega, trying to tempt me with this trailer….

  • DS23

    This and PSO2 are my two most anticipated games (if you can count anticipating a translation in the case of PSo since I’m pretty deep into the Japanese version) and they’re both Sega games. In 2012. Freaky.

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