Leon And Sherry Work For The Same Organization In Resident Evil 6

By Ishaan . August 3, 2012 . 9:00am

A couple of days ago, Capcom revealed that you’d be able to unlock a separate campaign for Ada Wong (see footage here) after completing Chris, Leon and Jake’s individual campaigns in Resident Evil 6. While Ada’s campaign will be a solo affair for the most part, Ada will on occasion be joined by other characters. For instance, the screenshot above shows her and new character, Helena Harper, together.


Capcom have also shared new details of the various organizations in Resident Evil 6. In addition to the BSAA, there are now three other new organizations in the game.



The BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) is the organization Chris Redfield works for. They were in both Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil 5. While the BSAA started as a non-governmental organization, the Queen Zenobia incident in Resident Evil: Revelations led to them being restructured as a special task force under the control of the United Nations. There exist eight branches of the BSAA around the world.



Leon now works for an organization called the DSO (Division of Security Operations). The DSO was formed in 2011 by U.S. president, Adam Benford, to protect the country from bio-terrorism. Leon was one of the founding members of the organization, and the DSO comprises mostly of flexible government operatives who report directly to the president.


Sherry Birkin, who’s back in Resident Evil 6, works for the DSO as well. When she joined the organization, Sherry was tasked with the protective detail of new character Jake Muller.



In addition to the DSO, the president also formed a second organization in 2011—the FOS (Field Operation Support). The job of the FOS is to provide support to government agents, not just from the DSO, but across the U.S. The FOS gives these agents their instructions. (Is this who Hunnigan works for now?)


Edonian anti-government mercenaries:

Finally, there’s the Edonian anti‐government mercenaries. Edonia, a European state, underwent a change in government when a group of officers staged a coup d’etat. The rebels didn’t manage to overthrow the government—instead, the rebellion caused the government to strengthen its resolve and the current ruling party was replaced by a new one that focused on strengthening ties with European countries.


In the years that followed, while most anti-government rebels went into hiding, other extremist rebels continue to protest, and have managed to get their hands on the C-virus, which creates the J’avo. This causes the BSAA to intervene.


Resident Evil 6 will be released on October 2nd in North America for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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  • Domii

    Wut up wit all these spoilers yooo?

  • d19xx

    DSO, BSAA, NFL, NBA, FSO, WWE, etc… I miss the days of just shooting zombies, Jill sandwitches and not having a single bathroom in the entire city. Man I feel old…

    • Speedo Redempteur

       You can still shoot zombies if you don’t care about stories ..
      There are , however people who care about RE stories and want more than just a mindless zombie shooting.

      It’s not a matter of being old, you’re just arrogant

      • d19xx

        Wow, did I just inadvertently insulted you or something?

        The I feel old part means I’m having trouble keeping up and not you’re all stupid little kids. Don’t be a defensive douche.

        • Laharl

          Don’t worry, the story is awful. You won’t miss much.

        • Speedo Redempteur

          i’m defensive? How about paying attention to what’s written or what happen to your characters .. or better yet ..playing the games while following the story .. ?

          Funny how you miss the days of just shooting zombies when there was still a story told in the very first biohazard .. And if you were not aware of this , then you weren’t just paying attention ..

          All the game are full of back stories ..if you want to keep up , then just play them

          • d19xx

            You really missed the point of my initial post.

            Hint: Don’t emphasize on the I feel old part and calm down. You’ll get it eventually. :)

  • SirRichard

    Things have certainly gotten a lot more complex now, haven’t they? I guess that’s good, it shows Capcom are serious about the series’ storyline if nothing else. They’re putting a lot of work into RE6, I think they’ve taken recent criticisms of RE5 and the series in general to heart. Here’s hoping it’s for the better.

    • xavier axol

      how funny would be if leon actually worked for WAL-MART, or better yet (if we replace those agencies with your everyday commercial private companies like target, sears, best-buy, the dollar store). i’m sure those companies would be in trouble for the zombie apocalypse, seen how everyone would be either dead or turned to zombies (yeah….they would be bankruptcy).

      sherry: oh hii!! leon.
      leon: sherry, what are you doing here?
      sherry: well…finding a way to end the zombie outbreak. what are you doing here leon?
      leon: the same, say who do you work for?
      sherry: well..i work for DSO, and you?
      leon: Hmmmm….well it’s a long and very complicated story.
      sherry: oh is ok, i have plenty of time. it’s not like this zombie outbreak will disappear anytime soon.
      leon: no it’s better to get a move on.
      sherry: what’s wrong? why are you upset?
      leon: it’s nothing.
      sherry: oh come on! talk to me will ya!
      leon: FINE!! i work for walmart.
      sherry: i’m sorry.. come again?
      leon: *wispers* walmart
      sherry: i’m sorry what?
      leon: *wispers* walmart
      sherry: what? i can’t hear you.
      leon: it’s WAL-MART!!, W-A-L-M-A-R-T!!!. got it!!.
      sherry: ok!! no need to be angry!…wait, why do you work for walmart?
      leon: let’s just move on please.
      sherry: ok (he has some issues).
      sherry: oh! it’s chris!!.
      chris: hey what are you guys doing here?
      sherry: finding a way to end the zombie outbreak… and you?.
      chris: the same, i also had something important to deal with that ada chick. anyways….
      sherry: oh i see that you work for the FBI.
      chris: yeah and you?
      sherry: well i work for DSO, the same agencie leon help created.
      chris: then that means you guys work together.
      sherry: no leon and i don’t work together. he work for a different company
      chris: then for who does he work for?
      leon: GUYS LET’S JUST MOVE ON!!
      chris: what’s wrong?
      sherry: well….it’s complicated…

      • lmfao best re-write ive ever seen

        • xavier axol

          oh believe me! it was gonna be funnier, but i got tierd and i wrote it when the other resident evil 6 article came out (so it kinda became overshadow by the recent post). anyways….it’s always nice to be appriciated, you’re welcome.

  • Hunnigan: I’m sending a official FOS signed Tutorial File!!

    Can’t resist lol. And SO MANY ACRONYMS. 

  • dang! so like leons a founder of a organization?
    that explains the facial hair, trying to look professional instead of just skipping out on the moring SSS ( sh**,shower&shave). must be another reason he said ” Not my lucky day” I mean sense the president is dead due to the fact he was asking out hunnigan again, which lead to objection no doubt lol. Man story looks promising :) 

  • Rohan Viajar

    weren’t chris and jill  founding members of BSAA?

  • haha,, seems Leon don’t want lose to Chris hah,,
    good job Leon,,,

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