Sony To Release Limited Edition Hatsune Miku Walkman S Series

By Ishaan . August 3, 2012 . 2:15pm

Sony are releasing special Hatsune Miku versions of their Walkman S devices to commemorate the Vocaloid’s fifth anniversary. The Miku-version Walkman models come in blue, black and a second blue model that has external speakers.


Here’s a closer look at the front and back:



Each Walkman will come with the song “Hoshi no Kakera” pre-installed on it, and Sony are only producing 3,939 units in total. Why that number? Because in Japanese, that’s a wordplay on one pronunciation of 39—“miku”.


They’ll be available on Sony’s online store in mid-August. The blue and black models will cost 12,800 yen ($163) and the model with speakers will cost 15,800 yen ($201).

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  • If there was a Kamui or Luka version I’d buy it. It would look weird having a pink or purple walkman but screw people, I’d still buy it!

  • 猫 黒

    Expensive as always, *sigh*  I guess Walkmen are now just MP3 players (and not casette players =D)?  Anyone have any experience with them?  I’d like a decent player with a lot of storage (60GB+), but the only ones available are damned Apple iPods, and I hear Apple’s discontinuing them, too.

    • maxchain

      I used to have one.  You’ll kick yourself after about a week of watching videos doubly-convert themselves for play on that tiny screen.  The audio sounds pretty nice for the price, though.  Well, at least the price of the domestic units.

  • klkAlexar

    I’m not a fan but this is cute enough that I’m tempted to get one, especially with my current walkman almost falling apart. I wonder how much GB is has. 

  • imaguni

    My experience with these models wasn’t too great, but those are so cute…

  • … maybe ill get one it does look nice 

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    The price is monstrously expensive there.T_T but as a miku collector here, I want to get this no matter what lol.

  • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

    I just hope they’ll do for all Vocaloids. And i’m curious about the storage capacity. 

  • I must say, these do look pretty sweet. ^_^

  • Anime10121

    I dont even know much about Vocaloids, or Miku (only that she inspired Black Rock Shooter), but gosh darnit, does that thing look sleek!

    • well she had the song brs which then spawned the manga then ova then game then anime

  • Rasec46

    Entry registration has been closed

    Guess i won’t even try to have this xD
    also i don’t even know it you could ship internationally neither if this entry registration is already closed or it didn’t even began.
    little confuse, my knowledge of japanese isn’t enough to understand all that xP

    • akiko_sakuraba

      WWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwow that was quick. Quick as the Wii’s sellout on Amazon. I don’t care enough to check with my Japanese translation, but meh.
      I am very happpy with my iPod, and would not give it up for a new, expensive walkman with not that much space.

      • Rasec46

        well, that it’s true. guess i’ll still use my Vita as mp3 and to have some fun while i’m not at home.
        also i already gave it my miku touch to it xD
        i’m good for now xP

        • What kind of decal is that on the back?  That looks way freakin’ cool.  

          • Rasec46

            Well in my case it’s a skin i made in gelaskins.

            You can look for skins for the device you want and the site i use does their skins as vinyl decals with a adhesive called 3M material and i can only say that thing is resistant.
            So if you want to do a skin check in other sites, if you don’t want this one, if they use material like this.

            I have one on my ipad for a year and half and no signs of sticking out on corners and nothing.

            I think the image tells you how good the skin still looks after all this time.

          • Looks bloody marvelous.  Thanks a million for showing me this site, my friend!

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Man, the Japanese sure love their wordplay, don’t they?

  • Ever since I heard most Japanese has never heard of the “walkman”, this will probably convince them to get one…

    Man… Does that look slick as hell….

  • Damn, I want one. I want one so much :(

  • These are actually really classy.  Wouldn’t mind owning one at all.  Would be a good replacement for my not-that-old Ipod Touch that is absolutely falling to pieces.  

  • Xerain

    Correction: It’s not Vocaloid’s 5th Birthday, It’s Miku’s 5th Birthday. Vocaloid has been around for almost 10 years. It’s just no one outside of the music industry cared until Miku.

    • superdry

       I remember the days of reading Keyboard, Future Music, Electronic Musicians, etc., and actually being excited about Leon and Lola thinking it was pretty awesome technology (never was skilled enough to use them though).  And, here we are today.

      • Xerain

         I remember reading an article about Vocaloid somewhat prior to it’s release in either Wired or Popular Mechanics or something. It had to have been prior to summer of 2000, because I remember having read it when I still lived on the east coast.

        • superdry

           U might have read when the Spanish University was developing the technology because Yamaha announced the software around 2003 and the first two commercial vocaloids weren’t announced until like 2004 or so.

  • Solomon_Kano

    I don’t even follow Vocaloid stuff, but DAMN I want that blue one!

  • rebecasunao

    They look really pretty and all, but I wonder when they’ll give more attention to other vocaloids. 

    • When people stop fawning over Miku. lol 

      • rebecasunao

        There’s a lot of really good vocaloids out there, so that’s a shame. :<

        • Heh I like uh… the red head I think? I’d have to look at the vocaloids again it’s been awhile. And apparently there is Volcaloid 3 which I didn’t even know was out yet.

          • rebecasunao

            If you have the time please do listen to other Vocaloids, there are a lot of recently released ones that sound great. I can’t wait for Vocaloid 3 Kaito :<

          • Hmm… I don’t really listen to them. I wouldn’t even know their songs or anything.

          • rebecasunao

            @auragar:disqus Why not? I think Vocaloids are more about their voices and making good composers, musicians and singers popular than anything else.

    •  Well, at least this is somehow justified, since it’s Miku’s 5th anniversary. I’m sure they will do something at least for Kagamines and Luka when their anniversary comes.

      • rebecasunao

        But there’s a LOT of Miku merchandise, of any kind. She’s always used in products and advertisements and is the biggest star in games and live performances. The other Vocaloids by Crypton are popular enough but they don’t get that amount of merchandise or attention.

        • Locklear93

          Tell me about it.  I waited so long for a good (non prize, non-figma) Luka figure that I quit paying attention.  Naturally, that’s when one happened, and it’s pre-sold out. >_<  I've got a nice Rin, and several nice Mikus, but no Luka.

          • rebecasunao

            I feel your pain. :< I didn't like that non-figma Luka by Tony Taka but if I could I would buy it anyway so more companies would make more Luka figures. Vocaloids have gorgeous designs, not only Miku (and not only Crypton's vocaloids too).

          • PoweredByHentai

            So, let me get this straight.  You want non-Crypton vocaloids in a Project Diva game?

          • rebecasunao

            @PoweredByHentai:disqus No, I didn’t say that. But other Vocaloids (by Crypton or not) deserve more merchandise and everything else I mentioned before. I know that Project Diva is Crypton-only.

          • PoweredByHentai

            My Luka figure from Tony Taka is now standing in front of me in all her glory.  :D

          • Locklear93

             Yep, that’s the one I missed when I quit paying attention. >_<

        •  I feel you. I love Luka the most out of all the Vocaloids. I was pretty mad that the WonderFest last week there was like twenty different figures of Miku and aside from two announced figs for Gumi there was nothing for the rest.
          But you know, I think people are getting slowly annoyed with that too. Of course that’s only from what I read and not general statistics but still..
          I mean, why do we need a new Sakura Miku for next spring when it looks almost the same like the one they released this year?
          Anyway, Luka is getting an Append soon, so I reeeeeally hope they will make an append figma for her ^^

  • Not a Vocaloid fan but those look pretty sweet.

  • PinkEggsandHam

    I’m 10 and what’s a Walkman?

    • Herok♞

       A music tape player that was the thing people listened to before ipods.

      • Except they changed it. It is now a MP3 player. And weren’t some Sony CD players called Walkman too?

        • SuperSailorV

          Yeah. I remember those. Later models had ESP that prevented skipping if your Walkman happened to be under [heavy] movement.

          Walkman would be the brand, wouldn’t it?

        • Herok♞

          I know about the changes but when people say Walkman they associate it with the tape player.

          • I don’t remember for sure but didn’t it start with… 8tracks? Or whatever the tape was called before cassettes. I dunno…

          • Herok♞

             Well I didn’t know that, all I knew before they turned it into a mp3 player all I knew they were used for cassettes

          • Nah I guess there wasn’t any 8track ones. Though people have made their own. It must’ve been cassettes. I am sure most people know that I am a bit younger comparatively to other users. Therefore I know less about those time periods. :P

          • Herok♞

             I am 17 you can’t be that much younger.

          • Wait I thought you were in your 20s? lol I am 17 as well. Which is younger comparatively.

          • Herok♞

            Seriously what made you think I was in my 20’s?

          • I dunno you just seemed older.

          • Herok♞

             I guess I ll take that as a complement

          • Please do. I don’t mean it as an insult.

      • PinkEggsandHam

        Uhh. I…it was just a joke.

        • Herok♞

           I know it was joke, I went along with it. I know if you didn’t actually know what it was you would google it.

  • Ben Sylvia

    Darn it! I’m still poor! :(

  • Patrick Henry de Dios

    Oh god! I want to buy one! ;A;

  • Oni123

    Gonna be sold out before they go on sale unfortunately T-T 

  • Locklear93

    Does anyone know if the UI on these can be set to English?  I’d expect not, but Sony Playstation family products let you set the UI to any supported language regardless of region; you just have a regional default.

  • There a way to comand it to canada?

    • It’s selling for 600 on ebay +tax of course, I can’t afford it T_T

  • Robert Fortaliza

    Hi guys! I also want to order one

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