Weak Console Game Sales Responsible For $26.5 Million Square Enix Loss

By Ishaan . August 6, 2012 . 11:31pm

Weak console game sales were the cause of a 2.077 billion yen ($26.5 million) loss incurred by Square Enix in their three-month quarter ended June 30th. During the same period last year, the company saw revenues of 690 million yen ($8.8 million).


While sales of Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D were strong, Square Enix say that sales of console titles were weak, although they don’t mention any titles specifically. Additionally, content for PCs and smartphones such as Final Fantasy Brigade and Sengoku Ixa performed favourably.


Square Enix’s earnings release document states that new business models offered by networking and smartphones have “triggered a fundamental change” in the business environment, and that they view this as an opportunity to “capture new profit sources”.


Square say they plan to expand their content and services to meet emerging consumer needs, and mention plans for the launch of “full-scale commercial services for major MMO titles,” likely in reference to the relaunch of Final Fantasy XIV and the launch of Dragon Quest X.

  • imaguni

    Cue parade of smug XIII-2 bashing?

    • Luna Kazemaru

      mhm going to say it now its going to be good

  • awaiken

    At least they’re fixing 14. I’m more forgiving of FF14. FF13 was a fundamentally flawed game that they fixed with a $60 sequel.

    I will instantly forgive them if they make Agni’s Philosophy FF15

    • Arrei

      Personally I’m rather excited about 14’s potential. I might be disappointed again, that risk is always there, but…

      It might be the first big MMO to have player houses since 2003, you guys!

      • awaiken

        Player houses? Do you mean like actual attainable real estate/land purchases in the game? Last time I heard of that (and maybe I’m living under a rock) was with Ultima Online. 

        • Arrei

          Well, I’m referring to any incarnation of players owning a customizable home, and housing nowadays exists pretty much exclusively in instanced format, but the last major MMOs to feature housing at all were FF11 and Star Wars Galaxies, which came out in ’03… every major game since then has completely ignored them, even the bloody upcoming Elder Scrolls MMO.

          I remember hearing talk of having player houses in 14 2.0, so my interest is piqued.

    • Benny Tormoes

      And that $60 sequel wasn’t even THAT great, though a significant improvement…

  • Luna Kazemaru


    • LightZero

      Yup the bashing will be coming in waves.

    • Paradox me

      Edit– This comment no longer applies.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        LOL ishaan is such a meanie :3

        But nah I’m fine with excitement in all but dat bashing…I mean you REALLY have not seen it the bash few post about SE? Its giving me flash backs of gw2 fanboy’s >.> I will not lie I am a hard person to please tho lol.

  • Arrei

    What console games did Square-Enix have on the market during this quarter?

    • Anime10121

      FFXIII-2, that is all. 

      I’m sure the lack of profits is mainly because of XIV’s extended free trial and its complete restructuring.  Vs. XIII could also be a cause because of it’s lengthy development.

  • Ricewarrior

    “Square Enix’s earnings release document states that new business models offered by networking and smartphones have “triggered a fundamental change” in the business environment, and that they view this as an opportunity to “capture new profit sources”.”

    So are they going to be reduced to a social and casual gaming company now?

    If that’s what it’s exactly implying, then all I can say is lol.

    • I wouldn’t read into it like that. I’d say that they’re going to also focus on social and casual games, in addition to their traditional games. This is something they’ve been saying for a very long time. The key word here is “expand”.

      • Luna Kazemaru

         You forget when company’s expand into social and casual games its A) they are selling out or B) its the end of the world but most of the time its both with people now.

      • Ricewarrior

        Yes, but a company can only put so much resources into multiple projects. While I’m not doubting they’ll work on more bigger budget titles, I wouldn’t be surprised if they put most of their focus on social and casual gaming since it’s more profitable.

        And in any case, I still wouldn’t be surprised if they abandoned console gaming in general since they’ve been worrying about making big profits lately. Though I’m not saying they would.

        • Well, of course we’ll see more casual/social games from them than console games. Console titles take longer to develop, require more manpower, and more money. Mobile games can be churned out chop-chop. 

          It’s just like portable games, really. We see quite a lot of frequent portable releases from Square. Just this year, they’ve had KH3D, DQ Monsters, Theatrhythm. By the end of the year, there will also be Bravely Default.

          The real culprit here is Final Fantasy XIV, which hogged a lot of Square’s resources, in terms of manpower. Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII are equally to blame as well, in that regard. 

          So, ironically, the most traditional of console games that people expect from Square are the ones damaging the company most at this point in time.

          • animaster

            I would like to see how things would happen if SE put more resources on storyline and gameplay (and perhaps, music), instead of graphic quality.

            I guess Theaterythm’s graphic with FFVI’s level of story development would be awesome.

            … and they don’t even need to create new IP – simply continue their existing IPs like Threads of Fate, Valkyrie Profile, or Chrono Triggers and re-use the resources. It should be enough to kickstart the project.

            Just my 2 cents though.

          • Anime10121

             Do NOT want to see Theatrythm’s graphical style in a fully fledged RPG!  For KH mobile and Theatrythm its fine, but for a full fledged RPG NO WAY!  The graphical style of Bravely Default, FF III, and FFIV is also simple and work much better for long time playing, but the KH mobile style, while “cute” just wouldn’t cut it for me.  I would not be able to feel any attachment to those “things”.  Those things look uglier to me than FF1’s sprites!

  • Letiumtide

    I’d say it wasn’t weak sales so much as weak offerings.  Square-Enix has really gone downhill in terms of quality, certainly they are still quite formidable in terms of graphics, but so much soul is missing from their games these days.

    • SaberSaurus

      I agree, Instead they should be offering games people ask for or are interested in, maybe then people would actually ‘Buy’ their games. 

      • badmoogle


    • Lightthrower

      So much great games in the PS1 era before the damned Square-Enix merger, Legend of Mana, Xenogears, FF7-9, Saga Frontier 1/2, Threads of Fate, Front Mission 3 (the best one), Parasite Eve, and for Enix you had titles like Valkyrie Profile, Dragon Quest 7, Star Ocean 2, etc. They were so artistic, were taking risks with new IPs, were producing all (or mostly) their games in Japan……. man I miss those days…

  • XIII-2 is great. blinded haters should be ashamed of themselves for bashing it.

    • Arrei

      What if we hate it for perfectly legitimate reasons formed through our own experiences with the game?

      • Luna Kazemaru

         Then that’s it doesn’t need to be brought up in the comment EVERY time tho and then it doesn’t help when the haters want to bash on people for liking the game.

        • Arrei

          Now, I’m not one of the typical haters, but…

          If that’s the case, isn’t leaving comments like “inb4 haters” or “haters should be shamed” doing the same thing? Throwing the first stone doesn’t do anything to stop the arguments.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      I understand what you mean there lol. I believe it is okay if people actually played the game and don’t feel that the game there is their cup of tea however some of the blind hater really should try first before complaining there.

      I myself haven’t played the game there.(Going to borrow from my friend this week.^_^) But i never said the game is bad there unless i try by myself lol.^_^

    • theoriginaled

      X-2 was also a fantastic game. Eff tha haters. FF direct sequels are some of the best FFs.

      • Anime10121

         I agree! while the plot may not have been the best, the battle system MORE than made up for any short comings.  I was actually hoping when XIII’s system was announced, that it would’ve been similar yet an evolution of X-2’s as it was just magnificent!

    • Not my cup of tea but don’t dislike it either. It’s way better than AC and X-2, I’ll give it that.

  • Damn, that’s a lot of money. I can throw away any hopes I had for new IPs now. But I can say this: You guys better hunker down and put some real thought into Versus and that rumoured XV.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Considering they only releases FF 13-2 this year? and not really any other consoles game there, i believe that should be the main reason for the heavy lose there.

    If we see on the hadheld front there, they are releasing Thearythm, DQ and KH3D there which i believe is very succesful. So i believe the main reason for lose there is the lack of game.

  • idrawrobots

    I guess they don’t have enough hand into Arkham City to make much money off of it.

    • Anime10121

       Nope Square has nothing to do with Arkham City.  Eidos (so by extention Square) published Arkham Asylum, but the publishing rights for Arkham City went back to Warner Bros after they saw the success of the first game.  So Square couldnt “reap” the profits of the sequel like they did the first.

  • animaster

    Lesson learned: It’s time to go back to the basic, Squenix.
    Create a game with a solid storyline and exciting gameplay. Do not rely solely on graphics.

    • I don’t think they were relying solely on graphics. But I do think that maybe they got a little lost within their own storytelling methods. They certainly are trying to make a solid storyline, they’re just not really succeeding.

      • Well, using the stunning graphics like XIII or XIII-2 does consume a lot of space for more gameplay and story… right?

        • I guess it can, but I get the feeling that they were going for this kind of gameplay and story in the first place. Therefore, no matter how much money to put into it, the results may still be the same. And it’s not really a problem of space either, because XIII has plenty enough to work with already.

          XIII’s story was complicated and full of terminology. It had an in-game encylopedia. When a game has that much content, it’s safe to assume that they put a lot of thought into the story. But there were a couple of mistakes that really hindered the game – none of them have to do with graphics. They’re all to do with storytelling technique. I’m thinking that’s why they also made the game so strictly linear, because they wanted the player to stay on the plot.

  • Reno Evangelista

    I have a strong desire to watch them crash and burn.

    Years on end now, the problem stands before them like a hulking cancerous mass and they just totter on thinking that what the reason their games aren’t selling is because the graphics aren’t hyper detailed enough and the gameplay isn’t either ridiculously complicated enough or streamlined to remove the player entirely and the characters still have a few cups of personality left that ought to be replaced with more zippers and belts.

    I loved Square Enix as a child, which is why it depresses me that everything they make these days has a bad habit of putting me to sleep. It’s would say that it’s just a matter of my brain keeping pace with the faster games of the new century but I never got that feeling playing FF3 on the DS, a game I had never played before.

    Pacing, characterization, music, aesthetic (and NOT GRAPHICS): Squeenix doesn’t know how to do any of these things any more unless they are FORCED to restrain themselves (as is the case with games like the DQs on the 3/DS and in Theatrhythm). Any time they’re given a big enough budget, all they do is find the fastest way to turn it all into garbage.

    Of course they’re trying to fix XIV. Of course XIII-2 is better paced than XIII.
    These are already the byproducts of their fucking around. The only time they can produce something worthwhile is after they’ve royally cocked up. Even then, it’s only mediocre compared to what they’ve produced in the past long gone. 

    They’re desperately trying to reclaim their high pedestal, and I say that we as consumers should kick the ladder out from under their feet since they’ve proven that they don’t deserve to be there.

    • So many words only to say that you prefer the old Square and all should think like that.

      • Reno Evangelista

        So few words to voice so much ignorance. If you actually read it, then you would’ve noticed I said that the new DQs and Theatrhythm are good because of the fact that they don’t overblow them as much as they do their console games.

        • Sorry, but it’s you who didn’t understand what i mean. And i even used few words. Sigh

          • Reno Evangelista


             You want to simplify my beliefs into a sentence and pretend I’m the one who doesn’t understand? Get over yourself, jerk.

          • Eliézer Dos Santos

            Please, no offenses here. If you can’t discuss something, stay quiet.

          • Reno Evangelista


             You want to simplify my beliefs into a sentence and pretend I’m the one who doesn’t understand? Get over yourself, jerk.

    • Paradox me

      They’re desperately trying to reclaim their high pedestal, and I say
      that we as consumers should kick the ladder out from under their feet
      since they’ve proven that they don’t deserve to be there.

      Except that they’ll never reclaim their place atop that pedestal unless they deliver, and if they manage to do so then kicking the ladder out from under them would be counterproductive.

      Also, using the present to form any kind of permanent opinion of the company would be a bit silly. They don’t deserve a pedestal at the moment, yet just a decade ago it would have been the exact opposite. Square, much like the video game industry itself this generation, is proof that things change. Maybe they pull themselves out of this rut, maybe they don’t. The smart thing to do would be judging each of their future games individually, on their own merits.

      Will Square ever be the company that produces hit after hit like they did in the old days? Probably not, but they’re very capable of producing a hit every now and then. By hoping the company fails, we don’t even get that. It’s easy to ignore a company that makes games you dislike, but it’s very difficult to play potentially good games if the company that would make them doesn’t exist.

      • Reno Evangelista

        Thanks for not labeling me as a hater and writing me off and actually showing that you read what I posted.

        The problem is that continuing to support them in the hopes that they potentially create a good game comes at the expense of the support you would give people who have better earned the rights to that support. I’m spending like 50-60 dollars a game here. I think the more sensible thing is just to boycott everything Squeenix because no matter how good their theoretical next winner is, no matter how good the minority of their titles are(their DS Dragon Quests and smaller games), I can almost be sure that the money will then be spent on producing more games like FFXIII. 

        When I spend money on a game, I’m also investing in a company that I believe has the capacity to produce more than one work worth looking at. It’s the same reason people would buy paintings from a painter who’s still alive.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Lol, this is surely one of the worst hater post i ever read lol. Even though they are trying their best to clear all their mistake, they deserve to crash and burn??? What logic is this???

    • Monsley

      You don’t like their games, so you hope they “crash and burn”? Wow.
      I don’t like Bethesda, and I think that their games used to be better than they are now, but that doesn’t mean I hope they cease to exist. How would I benefit from that? If anything, I’d miss out on any good game they might deliver in the future.

    • I met butthurt haters and you.
      Don’t like it? Fine. Wish for a company to fall? That’s some malicious feelings there. Watch ou for the Karma, you might end up crashing and burning.

  • evilmoogle

    Need more Saga and Mana games.
    Seriously, they are both dead right now.

  • Kitestwinblades

    The last Square-enix game I bought on Console was probably Nier.
    I’m pretty sure I had Star Ocean 4 before XIII was out, but even though I picked up FFXIII, Resonace of Fate(Tri-Ace) stole all of my attention the week after XD
    All of that in 2010…

    I know I’m getting Sleeping Dogs but now that I look back over the last 2 years Square’s been Publishing a lot of console games rather than developing them. Some games I honestly thought would never have Square Enix on the box lol
    (including Sleeping Dogs XD)

    They seem to be on top of their Handheld games though. They would make some of that money back pretty fast by giving us some version of type-0 :3  I’m pretty sure that finally releasing FFX, Versus, and the console updated version of XIV would help out quite a bit. Looks like the XIV thing might actually happen. And it doesnt have to be just Final Fantasy. Surprise us with an original Square x3

    SaberSaurus Is Right too. r.r; Square should really ask the fans more questions. It seems more like “did you like this?” rather than “what would you like to see?” XD

    • evilmoogle

      Does handheld games from SE sell that well?
      Then they should Phoenix down the old games and release it on handhelds.

      Like a new saga game with alkaiser cameo (japanese people love alkaiser) or Legend of mana 2.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Well considering DQ on 3DS sold more than 500k there so yeah. and Thearythm is also selling quite well there so i believe their handhell front is doing damn well here however on consoles front, i am not really sure considering only one game there.

      • Kitestwinblades

        Yeah, they sell quite well. Reviving the old games on handhelds would be great. I really wish they would realize that their repertoire is absolutely golden. I mean they did something like it during that FFVII outbreak with the movie and ton of games like Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus… which means their options are pretty far out there with Prequels, sequels, reboots, and even remakes. They have a lot to fall back on but they have to make the move lol

        Agreed and It would probably feel right at home on the handheld too. Any Saga and Mana news would blow my mind XD

  • Guest

    Does handheld games from SE sell that well?
    Then they should Phoenix down the old games and release it on handhelds.

    Like a new saga game with alkaiser cameo (japanese people love alkaiser) or Legend of mana 2.

  • Ayaka

    I think the Q&A is one of the best system for both sellers and customers.

    You can understand the point of view of your future buyers, know what they desire and what to avoid, try to realize their dreams within your possibilities.

    We are involved in the Internet-era, where you can leave a comment to almost anything you want: forum, social networking and such are widely used by companies to increase their way of profit by listen carefully to the customers’ needs. Square should try that too, a more human approach with your fans is the best way to make yourself and them happy.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      I am not really sure about this lol. While i understand what you mean there as having a good communication between consumer and producer is surely one way to sell the game there but, remember too that this will also bring lots of hater there and can really goes ugly there like the previous Harada and Voice Acting case or even Hideki Kamiya with PSBR cases there lol.^_^

    • komiko12

      They can even research the customer’s even without directly talking with them. They can look around in forums, comments, etc.

  • amagidyne

    So what happened to that Hiroyuki Ito project?

    • Anime10121

      Hasnt yet materialized.  Though personally, I cant wait until it does!

      Heck I’ve heard of lots of games that Square supposedly has in development, but they haven’t announced anything yet.  The only console games Square has on the horizon that are announced are DQX (just released in Japan), FFXIV, and vs XIII (still with no release in sight).

      Even when they do announce it, sadly for Square, it usually takes at the least a year after said announcement for a game to materialize (as they have to do a proper build up in Famitsu and advertisements).  So considering we haven’t heard anything about a console RPG from Square so far, I dont expect one to actually release until at least this time next year.

      • amagidyne

         Yeah, I guess they haven’t said enough for me to get my hopes up. There’s still TGS, though, so maybe fortune will smile upon us. Maybe.

    • Heartless ㅤ

      Lolwut? Haven’t started yet. 

      Still working on FFXIV. Then gotta start and finish the next Lightning Saga, then Versus, then FFX-HD, then Type-0 Localization, then KH-3 and FFXV. Ito’s project, yeah we’ll get around to it sometime in the next 40 years. >.<

      • amagidyne

        But he’s not even in that part of Square-Enix =(. Assuming Wikipedia’s table of Square-Enix development divisions is accurate, his team hasn’t released anything since XII. I just hope they haven’t secretly murdered him or something.

        • Anime10121

           Nah, he’s still alive, well,and working for Square.  It was less than a year ago that Kitase confirmed Ito was still working at Square, so he has to be doing SOMETHING *winks* hoping its XV.

  • The never release console games that people want. Where is a good final fantasy game? Chrono? Kingdom Hearts?

    • Anime10121

       XIII-2 was good IMO (though I didnt care much for the original).  Dont know what the hold up is on a console Chrono (considering the acclaim).  And Kingdom Hearts, (dont know how everyone doesn’t know this by now) is being held up by vs XIII’s extended development.

      • XIII-2 was better but it was forgettable. Plus it was the sequel no one asked for so sales were not so great compared to X-2.
        Kingdom Hearts is not being held up by Versus XIII. There is no reason Square couldn’t have made Birth By Sleep or Dream Drop Distance a PS3 game. Or had the team just work on KH3 instead of all the spinoffs to begin with. You don’t see 2K making 3 or 4 Bioshock spinoffs on portables before making infinite. Infact, they put the Vita Bioshock game on hold until infinite is done.

        • http://kh13.com/games/kingdom-hearts-3/

          Read the last “What we know” part.

        • Anime10121

           Nomura want HIS team to do Kingdom Hearts 3, which you know makes sense, since he is the creator of the series.  He has stated multiple times that his team is the one that will do KH3 and the reason it’s being held up is because of Vs. XIII (its engine is one they are going to use to build KH3).  His team is based in Tokyo, BBS/DDD team is based in Osaka, plus the Osaka team is not part of the 1rst Production team responsible for mainline Kingdom Hearts games.  Besides, the Osaka team has no experience in creating an HD game.The thing about 2K games has little to do with how Square runs their teams.

  • LustEnvy

    Perhaps if they actually brought out games from their best series (current and in limbo), they’d make some damn money.

  • SE used to make money because they used to release games. I mean look at SE booth from E3, if they didn’t bought studios like Eidos/Io they wouldn’t even be there. In the past SE booth was live and kicking with crazy titles. And if you compare the titles released this generation with the previous PS2 era….

    • LightZero

      Back then jrpgs were still cool. Now most people besides the diehard fans care about them. It’s all about western titles now in this gen. The console front in general is very lacking in Japanese titles whereas on handhelds they are going strong. 

      • I don’t know if I can call myself a diehard fan of jrpgs but I miss them very much. Western titles are ok but this gen western developers tried very hard to become Hollywood like. Japanese developers should stop westernize their franchises because it’s bad business as we all have seen. Final Fantasy’s decline, Resident Evil and many more but on top of that they don’t release their good titles to the west. If you look at SE now all you see is Eidos/IO work while they drag that FF MMO and…well…nothing. SE became popular because they used to release polished JRPG’s, high quality.

  • I do like it when you here the excuse of “it was weak sales!”

    you know, and I might be off here, but I think you need to actually release more than one game a year on a current console to actually make some money from it. . . that, and not make rushed sequels, but that’s just my opinion on it lol

  • theoriginaled

    “Square say they plan to expand their content and services to meet emerging consumer needs, and mention plans for the launch of “full-scale commercial services for major MMO titles,” likely in reference to the relaunch of Final Fantasy XIV and the launch of Dragon Quest X.”

    NO NO NO. This is so fucking stupid, the reason they are hemmoraging money IS UNBRIDLED FREAKING EXPANSION. FOCUS SQUARE! Churn out an actual product that people might buy without the “we’re a publisher too!” ADHD and it might go a long way towards fixing things.

  • Pff. As if they don’t DESERVE every penny of that loss. Their fans, including me, just don’t trust them to make great games the way they used to.

  • Less MMO, Casual and party games.

    All though these types of games sell, Square is best known for great Rpg`s, and it should contiune to live up to that, instead of trying to catch up to trends.

    • Luna Kazemaru

       Because expanding is trying to ‘catch up to trends’.

  • James Smith

    This is a good chance to evaluate their business models and seek improvements.
    For starters, reaching more people with the same content would help.
    Releasing content on more platforms, and developing the content with a more easily multiplatform porting structure, learning how to perform better tests to see buyer interest in games for localization and bringing more content to western markets.
    I don’t see a practical reason why all portable games can’t also be released as  downloadable games for consoles, or why the PC is left out so often.
    The costs to port go down once the structure for easy porting is there, it’s an investment but one that eventually pays well.

  • Anime10121

    Oh hold up, I’ve read that entirely wrong, this is only for 1 quarter/ a 3-month period, I originally read this as a loss during 3 QUARTERS (which should have been a red flag to reread it anyway).

     Square Enix has not released ANY console games between April-June, the quarter in which they’re referencing.  So yeah of course console sales are gonna be slow, especially considering not many of their franchises have wings that continue to sale incredibly well after the first month or two on the market.  So basically its no surprise that they lost money when they had nothing big but DQM3D!

    The next few quarters will be a guaranteed return to profit, what with Sleeping Dogs, Kingdom Hearts release in the west, DQX in Japan this quarter.  Hitman Absolution, Bravely Default, and FFXIV 2.0 the quarter after that.  And then you have Tomb Raider and the PS3 release of XIV releasing the quarter after that, they may have posted a loss last quarter (considering they’ve only had 1 major title released which was DQM and it was technically a remake), but they’re guaranteed to see better results for at least the next 3 quarters.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      I’m still not necessarily sure the PS3 release of FFXIV is going to be successful for them. A lot of my PS3-only friends are saying they won’t get it if there’s a subscription fee.

      • Anime10121

         True, the relaunch of XIV 2.0 isn’t quite guaranteed to be a success, but I still think it’ll end up being a profitable venture if it does indeed turn out to be a better made MMO.  And if it is good when it relauches, gamers are finicky, if it turns out good, I’m sure people will slowly jump on.  I mean XI started out slow too (though not quite as slow/bad as XIV), so it’s really a wait and see approach here.  But even without XIV, Squares still going to see a hefty profit for the full fiscal year I’m sure.

        • malek86

          The problem is that unlike when FF11 launched, now people really don’t care much for subscription-based MMOs unless they are already super popular.

          • Anime10121

            True Dat, True Dat, I’m not big into MMOs so I dont really know what’s “popular” right now besides keepin tabs on a few like XIV, PSO2, and ESO. So the FTP model really is that much more popular now?  From what I hear, people end up paying more for FTP than they do the subscription based model, so it’s kinda counterproductive aint it?

          • But that’s why it’s the better model. xD

            FTP makes money from it’s cash shop. The trick is to make a MMO where the cash shop is balanced.

    • Herok♞

       Wow so you are telling me the hate for FF13-2 was unnecessary because it didn’t even apply?

      • Anime10121

        Yep XIII-2 didnt even release in the quarter they’re referencing, so any and all complaining about that game being a “failure”, is just because yet again, because people want to find any and all reasons they can to dog the game as a “sequel to a game nobody wanted” (while I never personally asked for it, I’m sure as hell glad I got it)!

        • Herok♞

           So what do you think the real problem is for SE is it the money and time they are putting into FF14 or what?

          • Anime10121

            Yeah basically the biggest drain has been XIV, especially considering it had the budget of a Final Fantasy game, (which I’m sure was quite hefty) had been in development for at least 6 years (now going on 7) considering Square first mentioned its codename “Rapture” had started development in 2005, and the fact that they had been essentially running an MMO for almost a full year FOR FREE with no income coming in from it besides the initial sale (which honestly about 2-3 months had dropped about half the price it initially launched at).
            That game has been a MAJOR drain on Square and I just hope that all the effort they are putting in to revamp it will yield successful results for them, as you can tell that they really are trying (even with many wanting to see the company fail at every step).

            Vs. XIII may also be a big drain, but I have reason to believe that since it only actually started full development last year, that it hadnt been quite the resource drain a lot of people think it is.

            Despite what people want to believe, XIII-2 has been extremely successful for Square, even with its big drop off in sales since its predecessor.  I’m sure it didnt cost much to develop considering much of the work was already done (established worlds, character designs, and Voice actors already chosen).  It also had all the dlc which I’m sure didnt cost much to produce and did quite well.  Im sure they wouldn’t be continuing the “Lightning saga” for a third time, if they didnt find any success in the second game.

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    Well, sales do certainly tend to be slow during periods where you don’t release anything. 

    Not to mention, they are still sitting on a goldmine of titles people want to play and they either don’t have release dates for them (FFVersusXIII) or have no plans to even make them (a console FFVII remake or sequel). Can’t complain you’re not making money when you’re not doing anything to earn it.

  • revenent hell

    Is this a premptive excuse for why they might focus on MMO and phone game tittles in future? Im confused since they havent released any new console games durring the period of loss they are claiming for console tittles,you cant sell games you havent released. I know ive been waiting for FF Type-O and ,possibly canceled, Versus here in the US and yet we dont even get a mention about the games from the company,an official word about them would be nice after so long.. Of course a company is going to have weak sales for consoles if they arent releasing any games for them in that period does this honestly have to be pointed out to SE?

    Not to mention with  the sadening epidemic of a great deal of their fan base losing faith in them.A great deal of old SE rpg fans have just been so disapointed in them in recent years its hard to want to go buy a new game from them since it seems the new one is worse than the last since they arent as fun/interesting/innovative as “we” remember them to be.Perhaps if they decided to care about the product released instead of just milking the fans they would probably turn more of a profit. Cut out the remakes,spinoffs and making games in to interactive movies and focus on creating games people want to play that have fun gameplay empathy inducing charecters and a good story and sales of “recent” released games perhaps will continue on in to months where you dont actively release any “new” games for consoles…and yes this is my personal bitterness talking.

     I do adore Kingdom Hearts games deep down I still get a little irked at how many incarnations of the same story get released even though they stated III will be an end to the Xehonort saga its gone on for way to many games and im totally ready for an end to it,but I do still enjoy them but im just ready for a “new story” for the series I guess since its pretty much the only game series from SE I have faith in anymore to be good I cant wait to find out what the “new saga” if any might be and I semi wish they would take a step back from the Disney charecters as well I know its a main part of the game but im not a raging “Disney” fan so a little less of those charecters and more orriginal ones and worlds would be completely welcome to me

  • Chris Downes

    I think Square’s getting a little ahead of themselves… They can’t even keep up with their own games. Seriously, stop announcing so much stuff, and work on one thing at a time…

  • They should take it as a sign , for sure. 

  • LightZero

    To be perfect blunt Japanese developers in general don’t really have that huge of a presence on consoles. I really do find that unfortunate but that just how it is. FFXIII-3 or whatever they want to call their next entries in the Lightning Saga will probably give them some profit. Versus will probably sell like hotcakes. Although I don’t expect huge sales like with FFVII, VIII, and X. XIV 2.0 will either be a huge pay off or a huge failure despite it being better than the original. This is the case of high risk and possible high returns. 

  • They were better as SquareSoft.

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