CyberConnect2 Want Your Suggestions For Future Naruto Games

By Ishaan . August 7, 2012 . 10:45am

CyberConnect2 have erected a new suggestion form for Naruto fans to send in their feedback and suggestions, the developer revealed this past week.


The form isn’t just for Japanese fans either; there are separate forms for people in Asia, Europe, America, and “Other” regions, and you’re free to send feedback in several different languages. You can access the form here.


“We are open to any comments and suggestions not only for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 but also for our future Narutimate games,” CC2 say on their blog.

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  • shion16

    Remove the frenzy pill !!!!

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    My suggestion is to make another single player action game just like Naruto: Ultimate Ninja was on the PS2. I would love to see a mixture of Naruto and Asura’s Wrath. Campaigns and missions that either follow the manga or have seperate stories.

    • revivegamesrise23

      that would be sick man!!! nice idea. look at mine i just posted , but it’s pretty long though.

  • Domii

    The best suggestion I can give them is to make the combat deeper. That’s it.

  • $30632660

    Best suggestion ever: Stop making Naruto games.

    • Anime10121

       Um no, I hate when people believe that just because YOU dont like something, means that no one else should enjoy it.  While UNS is the only Naruto game series I like, I’m not going to wish death upon it (or any other series for that matter) just because I dont care for them.

      • $30632660

        I don’t care about anyone else, I care about what I want.

        I hate when people believe OTHERS should WANT what THEY WANT.

        • andref

           Problem with your comment is that was an unintelligent one liner that contributed nothing to this conversation except for riling people up. If you don’t like something at least explain your dislike not spouting off something you normally would just hear from a little kid not a mature individual

          • Asura

             I thought he made a comical joke post. Apparently he didn’t…

        • Anime10121

          I never said you should want what anyone else wants, but to suggest that they should stop making something that you dont want is childish. 

          It’s like saying I dont like ipods/iphones/ipads/imacs (just as an example), so Apple should stop making them and screw everybody else who likes them they’re opinions are stupid and what they want doesnt matter.  It’s a completely childish and juvenile way of thought.

          I’m honestly not the biggest Naruto fan either (I do love the UNS series though), but I’m not going to wish that they stop making the games and thusly disappoint everyone that does like them.

          • $30632660

            That’s what you’re making it sound like.Like I should have the same opinion as you.

            I don’t like the Naruto Games Cyberconnect2 makes.It’s becoming like the Call of Duty series, rehash after rehash.

            Some people like rehashes, that’s fine, but I don’t.That’s all I was trying to say.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          All we want here is for folks to be able to post and discuss their hobby in mature ways. For your next time, please be aware of our rules.


        • WO~~~W. The magnitude of irony and hypocrisy in those two lines is just astounding. You hate it when people believe others should want what they want; yet you’re suggesting that CC2 just stop making those games altogether – not even caring what others (including the developers themselves) want.

          Please behave. Nobody likes that sort of unreasonable comment. Let this be a warning. CC2 is just trying to make money for their livelihood; they’re not doing anything illegal. Even though I’m not an eager fan of their Naruto games, I’m not gonna stoop so low as to wishing somebody’s “meal tickets” to burn.

    • Gaara D.Dragon

      they have 10 000 000 reasons to go on.

    • Domii

      You must be crazy..

      • revivegamesrise23

        i know huh?

    • revivegamesrise23

      you cazy man! that means no one will enjoy the rest of epicness!!

  • Scoops Skywalker

    make the combat deeper and make it not so free roam. kinda like how the older naruto games were specifically ultimate ninja 3

    • Anime10121

       But thats the main thing I like about UNS is the free roam story mode :(

      Thats the reason I never picked up Generations because of lack of said story mode.


      Yes those games were sooo good!! Amazing quality with those games

  • gave my two cents. more like a dollar.

  • l777l

    Greater emphasis on story (telling).

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Make combat deeper. I know they want to make it faster for online but I want longer jutsus, like in the first game. Character Creation with short story mode with it’s own boss battle would be pretty sweet too. Original music track would make everything more epic.

    • Christopher Nunes


      Character Creation & Story Mode for it, a new Guest Character, the return of the Justu Clash, and longer Justu combos.

  • KotaroInugami

    JUTSU CLASHES! *Drops the mike and walks away*

    • revivegamesrise23

      you just read my mind!! thanks! lol but yeah what i want from Future Naruto games is Justu clashing, but make it more exciting where we have to either press buttons or spin the along stick. another suggestion would be awakening clashes. for example say if Naruto where to go nine tails charka mode and your opponent goes sharagain mode as sasuke, once that happens your characters start to collide, making you press this one button as fast as you can in order to take an advantage ( note: it’ll start to change what button to press like X then to o and so on) Deeper combat game play to makes online matches and offline challenges more exciting. more cool cinematic cut scenes like Ultimate ninja storm 2 but more badass like and they already showed us that in the trailer. get better and more combos and not make substitutions so easy, like if you are doing a combo, your opponent as to spin its along stick in order to get out of it. make story mode fun as hell with the justu clashes. Oh! and ultimate justu clashes where if you both of the opponents unleash their ultimate justus at the same time, they will have to start mashing buttons in order to get the upper hand. sorry guys for making this too long, i just got excited when Cyberconnect 2 was going to hear our suggests. so yeah that’s about it. Thanks and Cant wait for This amazing ultimate badass game spring 2013!! :D 

  • AlteisenX

    Better combos, don’t allow substitutions to happen so easily [ie. breaking out of combos with such ease and turning a fight into a shuriken fight], longer “finishing” style jutsu’s… kind of like a fatality, but without the blood/gore/limbs, story mode similar to Storm 2, more animated cutscenes and boss fights…. and good netcode for online fights is all I can really ask for.

  • Anime10121

    My only suggestion, bring back clashes from UNS1 and make the story mode just as fun as UNS2’s was :)

  • French

    Make it less cheap

    • Zi

      that means make it more expensive lool

  • French


  • andref

    Well I’m not sure how many might agree with this idea but often times when you have the tag team ultimates sometimes they were a bit disappointing just watching all members jutsus happening one after another. My idea would be to have for certain combinations or special teams since we do have the special team combinations anyway so why not special tag team ultimates? An example being one of ino-shika-cho’s unique styles that utilizes all three of their specialties 

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Add a new guest character. How about Haseo from .hack//GU? Both Storm 3 and GU are developed by Cyberconnect so there shouldn’t be difficulties. Also the English dub of Naruto already has Yuri Lowenthal (Haseo’s actor).

  • Deeper combat.
    That’s all I want.

  • ResidentMetroid

    Indeed deeper combat! If not then do something about Jutsu spam as no one really does any combos. 

  • Josh Strange

    Take out that annoying substitution gauge. 

  • One thing is for sure, the time consuming way of picking up itmes in Storm 2 was annoying! not played since, so might been fixed.
    i dont need to see the charachter kneel down and pick up every single item O_O

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    I would take a playable Konohamaru!

  • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

    I dont think they should care too much about story, cause we all already know it and a game can’t tell better than the anime. Not to mention that story telling it’s the Anime/manga job. It would be nice if the game had its own story, and exclusive characters. OR would be great if they use the game to focus on characters that was left out after Shipuuden started. I for one care a lot more for Neji, Hinata, Lee and Shikamaru than Naruto. And find a fix to Kawarimi no Jutsu. The game needs it, but the last game were all about it. My friends used to say that the Kawarimi bar was actually the HP bar in Generations.

    • revivegamesrise23

      have separate stories, one for your character that you created and the story mode for Naruto’s saga with Anime English dub that’s not off and Graphics so intense, you have to take a bathroom break and come back to the action! Lol

  • bluegarigari

    guess it’s not really a major suggestion, but I’d like to have some of the soundtracks from the anime in the game too

  • RedShadoww

    My brother imported .hack//versus and I must say it’s probably the best battle system they have ever made. And it would work so well with Naruto. You could have 4 jutsus per person (L1+triangle,circle,square,X->each takes up 25% of chakra, chakra can’t be charged, only earned by combos, getting hit, or blocking), Awakenings (Exceed mode-L1+R1->a couple seconds of lag before it activates, takes up 100% after success), Ultimate jutsus (L1+R2->
    takes up 100% of chakra,  50% if missed/blocked), Substitution (press R1[guard]-Quick evade-> only works right before getting hit by an attack, will not work while getting hit, very hard to pull off), Chakra Burst(?) (R1+triangle, should be L2 since nothing uses that button->Knocks back opponent far away if they’re up close, deals no damage and can be used while getting hit, takes up 25% of chakra, must have 50% or more to use it.) Chakra dash (takes up 25% of chakra, works in air only if opponent is also in the air). X to jump, circle to grab, triangle to hit them into the air and dash to them by pressing the button it shows right after, square to attack (like circle in storm series). I’d prefer they take out the triangle attack and put in stars, then mix up the 4 buttons commands to fit the storm series (circle to attack, square to throw stars, triangle to grab, x to jump). I seriously hope they dont scrap the Versus battle system because it could work perfectly with the storm series. The only things they need to fix is Chakra Burst so we can use it as L2 instead, take out the hitting into air move and put throwing stars and make grab weak so that it becomes unspammable. Please tell them to use the Versus battle system for their next naruto game with the changes I listed!

  • You need a Naruto game where you can make your own ninja and it is from the original Naruto TV series and goes into parts of shippuden. It can be in an alternate narutoverse/universe. You should start in the leaf village and later on if that game does successful you can add other villages and more items/costumes.  You start the game by making your character. Your choices are male or female and then you choose who you want to be your teacher Might Guy, Kakashi Hatake, Asuma or Kurenai. Depennding on who you pick your story and some of your jutsus will be different. You have three different builds heavy, medium, and light  You need to start the game off learning how to do the shadow clone jutsu for graduation. It tells you the controls and once you do it you graduate. I will email you more sugesstions. But this is my idea so far.

  • Setsu Oh

    unknown canon stories of chars who are not the main naruto team and appear every twenty chapters. we know the naruto centric missions already

  • Aoshi00

    No random side missions.. just char & epic boss fights like Asura’s Wrath..

    And if I could put something non-Naruto related, for the love of God, someone pls make a Kenshin fighting game alrdy *.*! You can do it CC2, if not Aksys..  Persona 4 (RPG) gets one, JoJo (old manga) gets one, Nurarihyon (new manga) gets one, pls, make a worth 2D console fighter for Kenshin..  and I totally loved Asura’s Wrath, that’s not even based on an anime..

  • Asura

    For future Naruto games, buy the Gekitou Ninja Taisen license from Tomy and whoever else owns it.

    Then use the exact combat system of GNT4 – it was perfection. Not any of the Revs, not SP, just stick to the exact formula of Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4. Then throw in the characters from the SP game, rebalance all of ’em, and throw in some new ones.

    I would kill endless people to be able to play a graphically redone balanced GNT4 with online play, and would kill many more if the game actually had more characters.

  • kaimonorukia

    No more QTE’s.

    Im astounded no one else has said this yet.

    • cameron forsyth

      so you would prefer a non interactive cutscene? QTEs are only there to make fighting scenes more engaging to the player.

      On another Note
      why not complain about the move hit priorities which make UJ spammers all the more aggravating. sure i can just block them but i never feel like im in a actual fight when im just cautiously approaching the enemy, i want to fight aggressively without having to worry about such questionable mechanics. and don’t get me started on the unbalanced characters.

      • Asura

         Almost all UJ have tons of vulnerability and hence can be punished very easily. Everyone can KnJ everything anyway though so it doesn’t matter in the end how you play as long as you can time trigger button presses. Run straight into the UJ, KnJ, punish them, have them KnJ. Ah, CC2’s idea of fun…

        • cameron forsyth

          i can’t believe im saying this but…
          i shouldn’t have skipped generations. lol

          But Still, don’t some UJ have priorities over others, mask man’s being the worst as it is almost neigh unstopable, throw that together with his main justu that hit’s you after substituting and you have got a very over powered character. though your right about the KnJ

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Emulating the storytelling of The Broken Bond would be pretty cool. It kept a very good tone and it often surprised. For example, there is a scene where you play as Sasuke in a nightmare where his brother tortures him with the day the clan was destroyed. 

    The player has to help Sasuke avoid losing his mind as there are moments he loses as he starts holding his head as his body shakes a lot. It looked like a horror game, but it captured the Sasuke’s fear very well. 

  • For NUNS 3 i want to see more playable characters, like :

         Sakon and Ukon;
         Darui (he will be playable)
         Kurenai Yuhi

    but also the Salamandar Hanzo, Nagato and Madara Uchiha, Uchiha Izuna, Shisui Uchiha, Uchiha Kagami;) (I know I really like the Uchiha clan)

    For the gameplay, the fighting more intense as the Naruto Accel for Playstation 2, with different Ougi for each character,^_^

  • Christopher Nunes

    Sent in my request, here’s what it is.

    It would be cool to see a Create a Ninja mode, using the same style as the Ultimate Ninja Storm, and create our own Ninja character and have a mini-Story Mode with they team with other Naruto characters depending on which land you pick your Ninja to be from.Also another guest character would be great! I like to see Haseo from .hack//GU to make an appearance in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 or the next Naruto game.I like to see the Justu Clash system from Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 1, because I loved clashing my own Ultimate Justu or normal Justu with someone and trying to beat them in a small mini-game to determine who wins the clash! In my opinion I think NUNS1’s battle system was the best one since it had Justu clash, but I do like the improve battle system from Generations. Think you can add in the option to have Justu clash on or off?Also I like to see longer Justu combo, I don’t mind if the matches are longer I like to use different combo no matter how long it is!Finally, I like for the Awakenings have an Ultimate Justu too… for example Naruto Four-Tails Mode firing that Charka Gun he used on Orochimaru. And maybe have the Awakening Mode as selection? I like to replay the match between Naruto One-Tail Mode and Sasuke Cursed Seal Mark 2 form without having to pray for the AI to activate the Awakening to fight with… maybe have this option for Offline VS Mode and Player Matches only?

    Does that sound alright to anyone?

  • I would like to create my own ninja. tat would be fun!!! :D

    • Abel.exe

      they need to make an option so you can create your own ninja, choose jutsus, fighting styles, weapons, clothes, hair, acessories, etc

  • how much clueless bufoons can CC2 be? They create average games tied in a mediocre fighter wrap. Just try to convey your “cinematics” prowess into something that is actually playing and not QTE Cutscenes… and for the love of god, make a 5-10 hours game, but a real adventure/rpg game with depth like the superior ubisoft naruto games… i don’t want to go over boring filler of non-game to play your mediocre fighter game compared to Gamecube’s Naruto.

    • Koibito888

      Even though this style of fighting game is better than all others. It’s faster, more fluid, and is truer to an anime than any anime based fighting game. Plus it’s freaking beautiful. Keep up the good work CC2.

  • isfuturebright


  • kenneth merseal

    I would like to see different ninjutsu in the new game.. to have 3 characters do two two different versions of the rasengan, if getting really lame… each character has their own unique abilities and they are not being displayed to half the potential that can be created.. Naruto,Jiraiya, the 4th, their ninjutsu is the rasengan and the ultimates are a pumped up version… I’m sure you acknowledge this, and I’m sure you get many complaints but I haven’t seen a difference.. I see the mechanics are different…. Sorry but I think precious memory space is being wasted on all the gimmicks like the cards, jutsu videos, and the miscellaneous blazay blah.. 1 1/2 ninjutsu and 1 ultimate is just getting really old…. I’m a gargantuan fan of the show and you are not doing justice to the show by giving the characters the same moves as the previous games…. and on top of that giving characters jutsu that they don’t even perform in the show… I think more work should be put towards jutsu and ultimates… there should at least be 3 regular ninjutsu and an extra for the powered up characters… then there should b at least 2 ultimate’s and an extra for the powered up… not meaning the same version of the ultimate’s just pumped up a little. The mechanics are awsome… the game is awsome… The fighting is what needs the work… The game is becoming to easy and repetitive.. which makes it worth only a couple play after you beat the game… even online… doing the same two jutsu over and over gets old fast… plus these shinobi they posess more than one jutsu… please hook us up for Storm 3.. I appreciate your time….. Shinobichef1

  • Put Madara and Masked man and GG

  • Adeeb Sharif

    An Elder Scrolls like Naruto game but with the Naruto cell shaded graphics (Borderlands type exploration) and level trees including:

    (Destruction = Ninjutsu, Hand to hand = Taijutsu, Kenjutsu (bladed weapons), Projectile Weapons, Illusion= Genjutsu , Conjuration = Summoning, Sealing, etc.

  • 1.awakening for jiraiya,Tsunade,Orochimaru,naruto minato  to have summoning jutsu.
    2.sharingan when awakening young sasuke,kakashi to be able to copy the jutsu 
    and maybe the fighting style and substitution like itachi´s crow substitution. have online battle jutsu clash

  • Here goes everything. I would like more charaters, both pre shippuden and post shippuden, like the Sound Four and Madara Uchiha. Also, more combos, and longer ones as well. More jutsus and ultimate jutsus would make the game alot better too. I would really like to see characters’ bloodline traits make more of an impact in battle, lie Sasuke, Kakashi, Itachi, and Madara being able to copy jutsu from other characters. Also, I would like to see more of Sasuke’s mangekyo and possibly his eternal mangekyo sharingan. Also I’d like to see more of Naruto’s new ninetails mode, the one where he is surrounded by flame like chackra and moves super fast. Longer health tanks would be great. A big thing is the awakening modes. I would like to see them happen sooner, and not just when you’re close to dying. It might be cool to see them capable of awakening at anytime. I’m not sure how far along with the story you’re trying to go, but I would love to see Sasuke’s new summoning jutsu where he summons hawks. Sasuke’s fighting style needs to be improved, as should Kakashi’s. I would love to finaly be able to play with Gaara’s tailed abilities. But my number one desire and hope is to finaly be able to create my own ninja with customizable bloodline traits, substitution jutsus, ultimate jutsus, fighting styles, jutsus, and appearance, and being able to take that created ninja online and do battle with other players’ created ninja, and for my created character to have their own story complete with awsome battles, and the ability to make my own choices that would impact my character’s storyline, like joining akatsuki, or orochimaru, gaining advanced bloodline trait abilities, improving their fighting style and jutsu, maybe even learing some new ones as their storyline unfolds. My personal favorite bloodline is the uchiha clan’s, so I would want to make a ninja who could use the sharingan and mangekyo sharingan. Jutsu clashes should be brought back. I like the substitution bar, because it keeps players from doing substitutions all day. More types of substitution jutsus would really be cool as well, like Itachi’s crows, space time teleportation, etc. Adding summoning jutsu combat would also be a great new mechanic to add. I mean like being able to actually sommon something in versus mode and play with that summoning. New jutsu are long overdue. In my opinion you should look to the manga for inspiration on jutsu, as it shows more than the anime does. And finaly on my wish list is more things to do online. Like there could be a special online mode where players use their created ninja and form teams of three with other players’ ninja and carry out missions, group fights, and explore the lands. Kinda like a Naruto Shippuden Online kinda thing. Similar to how DC came up with DC online. Not the same style of gameplay, but more of the same kind of features. Moving around the land, ninja battles, forming squads, trading and collecting different jutsu and appearance items, and performing missions. I have millions of ideas, but I’ll stop here because I doubt you’ll read all of this, and if you do, you’ll be pretty damn tired. But thanks for hearing out everyone’s opinions and allowing us, the gamers and fans to finaly have more input about what we want in a game. I think more gaming companies should start doing that. I mean who knows what gamers want more in a game, than the gamers themselves, right?

  • lilstunna109

    1. Jutsu Clashes: have them in all modes! (at least offline) (This can be set to button mashing, spinning, or button combination) (optional)

    2. Dash Clash: when two characters chakra dash at one another or hit each other at the same time, they will begin fighting really fast like in Ultimate Ninja 5 (weapons can be heard or hitting sounds). (This can be set to button mashing, spinning, or button combination) (optional)

    3. Weapon Clashes: similar to how itachi and sasuke with shuriken but more (kunais, swords, scythe and etc) (This can be set to button mashing, spinning, or button combination) (optional)

    4. Choose your Ultimate and Jutsu: every costume should be able to use any Ultimate/Jutsu ex: chuunin sasuke and regular sasuke should be able to choose between fireball jutsu (air also), pheonix flower jutsu (air also), chidori

    5. Environmental Effects: if kisame or the 2nd hokage use their jutsus in the water (even a puddle), the attack should be amplified (making it bigger, multiple sharks etc) (optional)

    6. Stage Transitions: it can be like Ultimate Ninja 1-3 (after getting knocked down, you can decide to go somewhere else and gain health) or be completely different (if part of the area is destroyed by an Ultimate or Jutsu, using a genjutsu, etc) (optional)

    7. Life Bars: add the option to increase the amount of life bars (to make the battle longer or shorter)

    8. Attack, Defense, Chakra, Substitution, etc: like the Clash of Ninja games, you can increase a character’s attack, defense, chakra recovery and etc before the match starts (optional)

    9. Awakening Mode: During this mode, you fight the entire match awakened!

    10. Survival Mode: make the hack/slash part in story mode an actual mode

    11 Co-Op: Make any and everything Co-Op! (this includes split-screen) (hack/slash parts in story mode, survival mode, awakening mode and ect)

    12. Huge Characters: be able to use the tailed beast, toads, slugs, snakes and etc (make them have the same attack power or even lower than everyone and treat them like awakened characters)

    13. Transformation: you should be able to select your awakening while picking your character (naruto: 1-4 tails, 6 tails, 9 tailed chakra mode and etc, sasuke: sharingan, cs1, cs2, mangekyou, susanoo and etc, lee: drunken, 5-7 gates, jugo: cs1, cs2 and every other character as well)

  • Edu Mabbbitt

    Instead of only two types of jutsu, he had always wanted three or four, it would be very good at the game naruto ultimate storm has a very fuck gameplay, and increasingly stay similar to the anime with more jutsus in battle would certainly get better. The awakening thought so cool that it will be used without being yellow life, most only use once for battle? did not like it would take to use as often as necessary, or for a long time. Impact of jutsus like Rasengan and Chidori between it can not miss in the Storm 3.

    New items in battle like as an item that was in the Ultimate Ninja 2, and 3 that it plays in the opponent’s chakra becomes zero for a short time, and also an item to play it on a substitution opponent becomes zero for a short time this would be a small advantage in battle, the game would be more complete.

    More what I came to talk about what I want most in this game I’m waiting for years, UCHIHA MADARA character I am waiting this game, I did that he will be present in this new game of Naruto. As a fan I’ll be very happy to play this new game of Naruto with madara or not madara without the important thing is that I’m waiting anxiously for this game and that’s it.

  • Zi

    I would actually like to suggest a few things, some of which people would have already said but just to make sure.

    I think there should be co-op in story mode too, aswell as versus mode. However I think that in story mode it should be optional, so it can either be a friend or computer fighting with you.

    You should also include jutsu clashes with certain characters if not all, examples: tailed beast bombs, rasengans v chidori, lariots (only against lariot), dust element, etc.

    You should also add more jutsu’s, like a character should be able to do at least most of their Moves maybe you could add more button combinations that would do different jutsut’s, that would definately make it more epic.

  • Zi

    I also think that there should be more transformations, like stages, for example Jinchuriki’s, rock lee & guy they could go into both 5th and 7/8th gates, although most characters don’t transform so maybe this could be an option for story mode in boss battles. Like naruto could go sage mode, or biju mode. Also killer b has stages to like stage 2. this could be a feature for the “spoiler” battle between naruto, killer b, guy and kakashi against obito, madara and the jubi. And other boss battles could include this.

    I think the war should be like a battlefield, like a huge area where you could run far away to charge your health (automatically) and chakra in boss battles.
    Another thing I would like to suggest is being able to switch between characters in boss battles. For example “spoiler” five Kage vs madara, reanimated Kage vs alliance (only naruto, gara, tschushikage)

  • Zi

    Summoning jutsu in boss battles example tsunade, naruto etc.

    Naruto could have chakra and health for him and nine tails. Kuramas chakra should be red. And you should be able to switch between the two.

    Also in the boss battles (during the war) you should be able to run around 1 km away from the enemy to regain health(automatically) and chakra, you should also be able to lock onto them to do a long range jutsu for example rasenshuriken, tailed beast bomb and others depending on your character.

    I have high hopes for the next games, I’m a big fan of the series and games. So even if it’s not in the next game maybe in the one after, since the manga is still ongoing you could take some of these my comments in consideration.

  • Zi

    In an epic boss battle for example “spoiler” naruto, killer b, kakashi and might guy vs madara, obito and the jubi when it is revived, or the 5 Kage vs madara or gara, tschushikage, naruto (clone) and other allies vs reanimated kage’s, or in any boss battles like this where it’s 4vs3 or 5vs1 or 3vs4 your comrades should be fighting beside you (instead of just being support) and the same should be for the enemy aswell, in addition if this option was available you should be able to switch between the characters your fighting with (during battle), for example if you where naruto and you were fighting with killer b against opponents you should be able to switch from naruto to killer b (and then naruto would be computer).

    (Story mode only)

  • Zi

    Should be able to run far away (in boss battles) to regain health(automatically) and charge chakra. (at least twice as far as you already can)

    • Zi

      Maybe there could be a sprint button where you can run faster and freely for example pressing L3(clicking)(ps3)

  • Zi

    Long range jutsu’s for example rasenshuriken, (and what I hope to see) tailed beast bomb should have more accuracy and a longer range. You should be able to perform a long range jutsu from a long range (obviously dogdable) otherwise what’s the point of having a long range jutsu that disappears mid-way.

  • Zi

    More characters (all playable)

    Kage’s henchmen,
    Reanimated kage’s,
    All reanimated characters,
    All hokage’s(100%),

    These characters and a lot more will make it very interesting

    • Zi


  • Zi

    More jutsu’s!!! for example most characters are only able to do two, they should have More. Maybe you could add button combinations that perform different moves/jutsu’s. It’s a real drag only having two jutsu’s, and they are always the same thing, there needs to be some alternatives where we could have more options because the way it is now the opponent can always expect what you will do, so could you throw in some addition jutsu’s. Like shadow clones, summonings, “spoiler” mini-rasenshuriken, etc more for each character.

    • Zi

      An example of an additional button combination for more jutsu’s could be (ps3) triangle, up, down, (hold)circle, or something along those lines

  • Zi

    (spoiler) When naruto becomes friends with Kurama, he should have health and chakra for him and Kurama, kurama’s chakra should be red. You should Also be able to switch between naruto and kurama (like in the manga) also this should be available for killer b too since he also has the full power of hatsan(8tails). This suggestion is for story mode

    • Zi

      This could be performed by pressing both L1 and L2 at the same time.

  • Zi

    In some part of the “story mode” there should be a different kind of awakening/transformation for example naruto can either go into sage mode or tailed beast chakra mode so there should be the option to choose what you want to transform/awaken into (during play, not in character select), this could be an option for other characters to such as rock lee and might guy (1-8th gates, only have two e.g 5 and 7/8th gate) also killer b could have Either version1 or 2 transformation and Full eight tails form.

    In conclusion I want to some up that this option means characters (that have more than 2 forms) can transform more than once.

    Story mode only

    • Zi

      An example of how this could work is by using the (ps3) R3 or L3 buttons (clicking and holding it in) and dragging it to what transformation you want to perform

  • Zi

    Please try your best in improving the future games, please note that my suggestions are realistic(in terms of naruto) and possible, all it will take is adding to the buttons and making it flexible. Thank you for your time

    • Solomon_Kano

      Is this what you submitted on the site and you’re sharing it with everybody here or did you not submit this?

  • I hope the Tobi orange mask in Storm 3 is normal without the follies with the sharingan since the beginning of the fight, without activating the Awakening to use the Sharingan. Ultimate Jutsu of Tobi could be perfectly Izanagi because he used in the fight against Konan, and could be justu standard the fireball jutsu or a paper or bomb explosive like the Masked Man, oh yes I like to play with my favorite villain from Naruto. Please CyberConnect2 Tobi Sharingan on Storm3 without the follies PLEEEEEEEEEESE

  • Gunawan Fkip

    hello CC2, i m a fan of naruto anime and naruto games as well. for the future naruto games(right now the newest one is naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm revolution, right?),
    1. please provide the capability to costumize the character’s moveset. for example; naruto can use lee jutsus, combo attack and so on.
    2. next, we the players can create our own characters with our desired movesets available that we can copy from the available characters in the game, for ex; i create a player with naruto’s moveset.
    3. then, i wish one character does not just have one jutsu and ultimate jutsu in a fight. the character should be able to apply various jutsus and ultimate jutsus.
    #for instance; itachi can apply fireball jutsu for neutral jutsu(triangle+circle), hosenka no jutsu for up jutsu(triangle+up+circle), exploding clone jutsu for down jutsu(trianggle+down+circle), suiton no jutsu for left jutsu(triangle+left+circle), fire shuriken jutsu for right jutsu(triangle+right+circle). realistic amatersu(the fire directly hits the opponent, not like what we see in the today’s games, the fire approaches the opponent slowly through the ground)for enhanced jutsu(triangle+holding circle), triple spinning fireball jutsu for air jutsu(jump and press triangle+circle).
    #the character has various combo attacks as well. there should be neutral combo, up combo, down combo, right combo, left combo, air neutral combo, air up combo, air down combo, air right combo, air left combo. #there should be various ultimate jutsus in a fight, for example the character can aply neutral ultimate jutsu(trianggle2x+circle), up ultimate jutsu(triangle2x+up+circle), down ultimate jutsu(trianggle2x+down+circle), right ultimate jutsu(triangle2x+right+circle), left ultimate jutsu(triangle2x+left+circle)
    4.there should be available items in a stage, so the character can obtain the items to use it without afraid of running out of items(ninja tools)
    5. the characters should be able to use 3 types(ultimate jutsu type, awakening type, drive type) in a fight.
    6. there should be not just 4 characters in a fight like in storm revolution but more than that for instance there should be 10 characters in a fight, so each character competes to obtain as many orb as possible.
    7. there should be an open world mode where one character can venture the entire world, meet any kinds of shinobi, doing missions, get more jutsus as the character explores the world.
    8. as a ninja, the character should have various shuriken and air shuriken techniques(press triangle+square and triangle+up/down/right/left+square) available for ex; neutral shuriken jutsu, up shuriken jutsu, down shuriken jutsu, right shuriken jutsu, left shuriken jutsu
    that’s all from me for the moment, i wish you CC2 can make it come true ^_^

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