The Nyan Cat Song Is In Hatsune Miku Project Diva f

By Ishaan . August 7, 2012 . 4:20pm

Famitsu magazine has revealed another three songs for Hatsune Miku Project Diva f this week. Joining the list of already announced songs are:


“Eh? Ah, sou” by Chouchou-P

“Left Behind City” by 40m-P

“Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!” by daniwell


Yes, that last one is the Nyan Cat song, but we doubt the modified Nyan Cat version will be included in the game. Screenshots should tell us what it looks like in the near future.


Hatsune Miku Project Diva f will be released on August 30th in Japan.


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  • Holy sh*t

  • Kefkiroth

    That’s just great… With this I can show my friends the true origin of Nyan Cat. :P

    • Testsubject909

      Using a fresh strawberry poptart?

  • Equus

    Nice.  I like 40mP’s stuff, and Torinnoko City is actually on a few of my playlists.  Nyanyanyanya is a fun one too.

  • WIN!

  • Kevadu


    “Eh?  Ah, Sou” and Torinoko City are two of my favorites.  I can live without the Nyan song, but it could be an amusing distraction.

  • Well dang. The Nyan Cat song may make me cave on this!

  • KotaroInugami

    Wonder what the button commands are like for this one on extreme…

  • I remember people making their own videos with the Nyan song before the poptart cat. I’ve always fancied this one:

    This is the Miku one that even people tried to imitate:

    • konsama

      My god the bollywood one cought me off-guard!!! I have to clean my screen of all the coffee i spat. +1 

  • Testsubject909

    And now I’ve got 4 videos that comes to mind… Sorry.

    TheFineBros’ Kids React to Hatsune Miku

    Kids React to Nyan Cat

    Elders React to Nyan Cat

    And… Nyan… Cat?

    And on another note. I will most likely get this game. Hopefully it gets localized.

  • Nyandroid

    This greatly amuses me! :D

  • komiko12

    The Nyancat zooming through space and propelled by rainbows is very entertaining.

  • Hoshi星

    How many songs confirmed now? I’ve lost count.

    This Project Diva will be glorious.

  • NYA! =^_^=

  • The Nyan Cat Song is starting to grow on me for some reason….

    • PoweredByHentai

      I’ve never associated the Nyanyanyanyanya song with Nyan Cat, largely because I first heard of the song in January of 2011 through this video: 

      The Nyan Cat thing didn’t take off until April.

  • s07195

    So…hardest song anybody?

    • My fingers went numb in disappearance… Can’t imagine what nyan will by like ( x.x)

  • PoweredByHentai

    Oh.  My.  God…

    This is already the BEST game in the series.  XD

    Also, related to the Nyanyanyanya music:

    This video has been around longer than Nyan cat: 

    Here’s the 1 hour long version: 

    • Mister_Nep

      Yuyuko must love this version.

    • Youmuu~ <3

  • Vyrus

    Mmmm… I don’t about you guys, but it doesn’t feel the same to me when Miku sings it… I still like the Momone Momo cover, IMO.

  • konsama

    The first time i heard this was while they were showing that stupid Monster Hunter dancing felyne speaker, i can’t help but see that speaker moving left and right whenever i hear this…

    And LOL i can’t let my bro see this ever, he’s a fan of music games and got crazy with nyan cat to bother me and some friends, this could make his head blow! 

  • Xerain

    If the Vita’s not already dead, it will utterly destroyed once you clear Nyancat on extreme.

  • Lol, this is too cool, non modified version of not. 

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    I smell Western release with that announcement.

  • Crok425

    I had enough with the normal version… oh well, still cool.

  • The idea of nyan cat on the hardest mode is making my fingers ache. I’ll still attempt to play though.

  • keithmaxx

    I really can’t tell the difference in the voicing… Maybe Miku and Nyan Cat are actually distant cousins from both sides of the Pacific?

  • RaikageV

    Whoa, wait. So Miku sang the original version of nyan cat?

    • DS23

      Think it was actually a touhou thing originally… oh hey Powered by Hentai has the original video I was thinking of linked below…

    • M_A_K

      YES. Originally by Miku, but for Nyancat, they used an UTAU cover.

  • natchu96

    Ironically, considering how fast this song goes, I think it’s safe to say that one day you’ll be telling your friends, “I played Nyancat in a music game and got owned.”

  • Kezi

    This is supposed to be a new song so it’s probably not the one we know already idk. But $10 says that it’s going to be ridiculously fast. How fun!! :D

  • Please don’t call this the “nyan cat” song. Nyan cat is just filth slapped together by some thief who stole both this and the gif that he used and and put them into a youtube video, while making a small fortune off of pointless merchandising.

  • ParaChomp

    A wild Kirlia appeared!

    *gets Pokeball*

  • Risingrose's a Preview.

    Looks like they’ve slowed it down a lot.

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