Style Savvy 3DS Trailer Highlights Men’s Fashion And Returning Features

By Ishaan . August 8, 2012 . 11:00am

Back in 2008, Nintendo released a DS game titled Style Savvy (or Wagamama Fashion: Girls Mode in Japan). In Style Savvy, you managed a boutique, and grew it over time by adding a wider variety of clothes, accessories, hair styles and more. This week, Nintendo shared a trailer for the upcoming follow-up on 3DS:



Style Savvy on 3DS (or Wagamama Fashion: Girls Mode – Greed Declaration) adds new features such as men’s fashion to the game, as well as the addition of handbags. Syn Sophia, who developed the first game, are making this one, too, and say to expect a large amount of content in comparison to the first title.


While Nintendo’s official website for Style Savvy on 3DS doesn’t mention a release date, the company’s recent earnings report mentioned that it is still scheduled for a 2012 release in Japan.

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  • PersonaSpace

    Need a US release badly. I’ve put in over a year of continuous play on the first game.

  • kylehyde

    If I can dress a guy like phoenix wright (attorney and hobbo style) or travis touchdown then this game is going to be a must have for me.

    • puchinri

       That would be fabulous~! I want to dress them both at the same time and then have the guys nod at each other outside the fitting rooms.

  • Juuu

    At the risk of sounding silly, the original title was VERY good. It had polish and was a perfectly good simulation game, and it really did have quite a bit of content. I still play it to this day. If Syn Sophia says they’re packing even more content in, color me pleased. Ironic since the developer used to make wrestling games. ;p

    • Budgiecat

      Even Beyonce endorsed it

  • Jungo

    I’m definitely hoping for a localization announcement, considering the original was.

  • do want. the original was really fun. 

    • Budgiecat

      The Tecmo Koei game FabStyle is better plus less freaky eyes

      • Unfortunately, unless I’m badly mistaken (and for once I do hope I am), that series was never localized.

        •  You’re not. It was never released unfortunately. I heard it was awesome and even had players increasing stats for their character and dating sim elements.

      • Juuu

        I’m so mad that it wasn’t translated. :/ I heard Style Savvy did reasonably well, and it would CERTAINLY fill an empty/lacking niche on 3DS for sim/fashion games. I was really curious about the dating sim mechanics too, as a devoted otome game fan. It should’ve come over. >.o

    •  Absolutely. The only thing that could make this more perfect is the inclusion of otome elements.

  • Lisa Fraulein

    I can already imagine having fun dressing up the guys… 

  • Muddied_Waters

    I hope there’s a room-decorating element to it.  Or maybe the ability to rent different, more expensive apartments or something later on.  Or just something more to spend your personal money on than new hairstyles and makeup.  One problem I had with the first game was it didn’t take long to rake in the dough…and then you had no way to use all of it.  

    Been a while since I last played it, so I may have had some other issues with it I don’t remember right now, but just last week I was remembering the 3DS version was announced and hoping there’d be some new news on it soon, so yay~

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    The original is damn fun there lol.^_^ And now with male fashion too? This better come out here.^_^

    It is always nice to see some of these niche titles game there.^_^(Which is kinda sad that we don’t get Level-5 girl Rpg there.T_T)

  • GoldenRoses

    Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks…but seriously, I loved playing the first Style Savvy. I really hope this gets localized in North America.

    Did anyone else enjoy that transition in the music at 0:40 when the guys were introduced? I liked that.

    Hope we get more updates soon!

  • puchinri

    I still haven’t played the first (but I fully intend to~!), but I’m already totes excited for this one too. I hope it gets localized. ♥

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