Watch The Nyan Cat Song In Hatsune Miku Project Diva f

By Ishaan . August 9, 2012 . 10:51am

Sega have released another lengthy trailer for Hatsune Miku Project Diva f. This one clocks in at nearly nine minutes and gives a preview of some of the more recently confirmed songs that are in the game, along ones you’ve already seen. You can watch the video below:



The songs (25 shown), in order of appearance, are:


“Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!” by daniwell

“Weekender Girl” by kz (livetune) / Hachioji-P

“Eh? Ah, sou” by Chouchou-P

“World’s End Umbrella” by Hachi

“Secret Police” by Buriru

“Dye” by AVTechNO

“Time Machine” by 1640m-P

“Left Behind City” by 40m-P

“Negative Positive Continues” by sasakure.UK

“Acute” by Kurousa-P

“Odds & Ends” by ryo (supercell)

“Freely Tomorrow” by Mitchie M

“Cat Food” by doriko

“Netgame Addict Sprechchor” by Satsuki ga Tenkomori

“What Do You Mean?!” by Kuchibashi-P

“Megane” by Ultra-Noob

“Remote Controller” by Jesus-P

“Fire Flower” by halyosy

“Summer Idol” by OSTER project

“Hai wa Hai ni” by Tennen

“Nostalogic” by yuukiss

“World’s End Dancehall” by wowaka

“Unhappy Refrain” by wowaka

“Melancholic” by junky

“Monochrome ∞ Blue Sky” by Noboru↑


Hatsune Miku Project Diva f will be released on August 30th in Japan.

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  • Razlo

    Looks great! I love the song list and from what I could see, the visuals. I just wish it wasn’t so damn expensive, or that it came to the West. 

  • Watch as Hard/Very Hard Mode has you pressing buttons to EVERY SINGLE “NYAN” in this song. xD

  • RaikageV

    I wonder if I’d have enough skill to play this…
    But I guess I’ll find out next month.

  • So no demo is coming out with it being here in 21 days? Shame, woulda liked to play some before its release.

  • neetloaf

    I can already tell that my fingers won’t be surviving through the onslaught that will be Nyan Cat Extreme Mode. It was fun while it lasted, my ten friends.

  • 猫 黒

    To be honest, I don’t really like some of the PVs (I love the rest, though, honest!).  Especially nyanyanya, it doesn’t really feel like it works in a rhythm game, nor does the PV match.  It’s simply too repetitive.

  • Equus

    I thought I was having latency issues or something in the nyanyanya PV because I have a copy of that song on a vocaloid CD and don’t remember the song doing that.   Heh.

  • KotaroInugami

    At last, I have the lyrics to the Nyan cat song. Thank you subtitles.

  • AzuNo17

    Those rolling chairs look awesome for Custom PVs. Now if only PVs were easier to make. DX

  • Rasec46

    Project diva videos already getting me more excited to get this game *__*
    Just hope “tell your world” still gets into this game.

  • superdry

    Oh, god, “Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!” has a total change in the middle of it – that’ll throw people off.  Like everyone else, I can’t imagine the chart for this on Extreme.  I have to wonder if it’ll be the last song to play.

    It would be awesome, even it’s slow paced, to see Daniwell-P’s song of Miku singing the number of pi in one of these games, especially the 60 minute version.

  • Aaaaa….. torn between ordering this at launch, or importing Dokuro now and grabbing this after a possible price drop. 

  • tubers

    Wish there would have been more rpg elements, some kind of tour mode, some kind of marathon mode where you choose several songs but only have 1 “life gauge”.

    I may feel sad that I could unlock all songs in one sitting xD

    Then again, I think I may be asking for too much from 1 rhythm game :(

    • James Smith

       Franchises grow over time so there’s a chance a later sequel might have more content and options.
      I’d personally like to see it evolve into a more complete game with creative options for user generated content and creation along the rhythm game.

      • PoweredByHentai

        Project Diva 2 allowed user-generated tracks and stages.

        • Fitzkrieg

           All of the Project Diva games allowed this.

          • PoweredByHentai

            Pretty much, I’m just going by the last Diva game I played (even though I have Diva 2 Extend as well).

  • Visa Vang

    I love the Nyancat’s lyrics!!

  • I can’t wait to play this! =^_^=

  • Nyandroid

    Too cute! I want this!! >w<~

  • JMaster3000

     Cant wait for PS3 version!!

  • Lelouch Lamperouge/Zero, Is That You? 6:52 min. :p

  • Left Behind City? Is that the official translation for torinokoshite? Because I always thought it was simply “leave behind”. Also, why is she driving a motorcycle in Torinokoshite? It seems really not related to what she sings…
    Anyawy, a great game indeed, and a system seller IMHO.

    • Kezi

      I thought it didn’t fit right either. But then again i couldn’t really think of a way it could be done , and it was only a few seconds of the whole video too.

  • videoman190

    Don’t forget to sign the petition to bring project diva f to NA

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