Play PSOne Classics On Your PlayStation Vita Starting August 28th [Update]

By Ishaan . August 14, 2012 . 10:39am


PSOne Classics will be available on the PlayStation Vita starting August 28th, Sony announced at Gamescom this morning.


The functionality to play PSOne Classics on the device will be added via a firmware update, allowing users to play games like Final Fantasy VII or Tomb Raider or other oldies they’re fond of.


Update: Unfortunately, not all PSOne Classics will be available right away. The games will be gradually rolled out over a period of time. Final Fantasy VII and Tomb Raider were two titles mentioned during Sony’s Gamescom announcement.

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  • I am far too happy for this. Just 14 more days until my Vita’s screen is even more filled with games.

  • Vita owners all scream in unison “About freaking time!”

    Is the update going to cover all classics or just a select few?

  •  Wish they had actually announced some new psone classics, c’mon Ape Escape *crosses fingers*

  • Rentekabond

    Incredibly pleased that you used Chrono Cross as the cover Picture, as that’s the first game I intend to convert over to my Vita.

    With that being said, while I personally don’t consider August 28th Summer because I’ll be back in school, it’s still a release date (and a pretty close one at that) so I’m satisfied enough.

  • Brandonmkii

    I’m more excited for people to stop complaining about the lack of this feature than I am for the update itself.

  • Ganali Castillo

    Whoop-tie-doo !! Played most ps one classics on my psp already. I really wanna play them on a different handheld device :(

    • Good for you. No-one is forcing you to play them on the Vita, it just increases the handheld’s appeal and to justify a purchase.

  • Budgiecat


  • Manny Being Manny

    Are they still rolling the games out at different times, or will it play all PS1 games on the 28th?

    • Rolling them out gradually.

  • This and the Cross-Buy are making the Vita all the more awesome. Going to have to buy a bigger memory card sometime in the future.

  • aquaticus231

    Heck yes bout time too! Final fantasy vii here I come! :D

  • RmanX1000

    “COMING SUMMER 2012!!!…….. but like a couple days before it ends.”

    • Aaron Brown

      The last day of Summer is September 21. Closer to a month than a couple days.

  • Gradually? ._.
    Hopefully that don’t take too long, Arc the Lad and Vagrant Story should look great on Vita and I’m looking forward to it when I get the handheld.

  • LegendaryLos


  • SuperSailorV

    Finally. Funny this came up, I only recently started playing VII on my PS3… had to put it on my PSP to play it on the go, leaving my Vita back home which I felt was very wrong.

    The PSP is much lighter, though…

  • BadenBadenPrinny


  • Front Mission 3 and Xenogears will have to wait :(

  • NoctisCrystallisXV

    About Time it going show up!

  • neo_firenze

    Hopefully this will be the same as PSP games on Vita, where even if they aren’t officially supported as Vita downloads most of them work fine if you DL them on a PS3/PC and load them onto the Vita that way.

    And while I feel a little excitement… I’ll probably stick to playing my PS1 Classics on PSP anyway.  Space is at a premium on my Vita memory card thanks to a lot of PSP games, so I’ll continue to use my PSP Go as my go-to PS1 Classics machine.  Video out with a bluetooth-connected Dual Shock 3, faster load times than the original PS1 discs, and the ability to play portable or at home means I really enjoy playing PS1 stuff on that system.  I actually re-bought the Square-Enix releases just because it’s a superior way to play them than the original discs that I still own. 

  • Solomon_Kano

    I was hoping they might be ready today, but this month is still great. It’ll be nice to play Vagrant Story and FF IX on my Vita finally.

  • I don’t understand why they can’t make all the PSOne games available right away. The PSP already supports them. Aren’t they basically using the same emulator for the PSVita?

  • Zonic505

    This is awesome news, not to mention all the other stuff the firmware is adding (like being able to use the buttons on the home menu).

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