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Remember Me, A Brand New Action-Adventure Game, Published By Capcom

By Ishaan . August 14, 2012 . 2:59am


Capcom and Dontnod Entertainment have announced a new action-adventure game for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, titled Remember Me.


The game takes place in Neo-Paris, in the year 2084, and has you playing as Nilin, a former elite “memory hunter” who can enter people’s minds and alter or steal their memories. Nilin herself has been arrested and wiped clean of her memory, and now has to rediscover her identity.


You can watch the reveal trailer for Remember Me above.

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  • Muffum

    A main character with memory loss! How innovative!

    In all honesty, the concept looks interesting, but the trailer gives the impression that the game won’t actually do much with it. I’m far more interested in the concept of memory hunting than I am in Nilin’s personal plight.

  • TheDarkEmpress

    Oh hey Motoko, it’s been a while.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Had a big grin on my face throughout the trailer because I remembered this:


    Long time, no see Adrift.

    A bit Total Recall-ish, but still thoroughly interesting. Nice to see Capcom tackling a new IP at this stage in the console cycle. Even nicer that it ended up being Adrift. Paris is a unique enough setting in the modern depiction, a game set in a future Paris immediately has my attention.

    • Aoshi00

      Yeah, Neo Paris is pretty cool.. definitely reminds me of Total Recall.. The remake w/ Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale was pretty good, amazing CG and cool city like Blade Runner, except this time it’s mixed w/ Chinese culture instead of Japanese.  I like the idea of “The Fall” connecting the UK and Australia.. But the original w/ Arnold was the best :)

      • Solomon_Kano

        I still have to see the remake. I remember seeing the original in a restaurant years ago lol.

        • Aoshi00

          The remake was not bad, very cool design and special effects, but it’s more like a non-stop action movie w/ a cool setting, would’ve liked them to delve into the sci-fi ideas more.. plus Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel weren’t bad to look at :) 

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, from the trailers it looked liked the director wanted to remake Blade Runner but got stuck with Total Recall instead lol. Visually it kinda reminds me of a lighter Blade Runner, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. Beckinsale and Biel are definite pluses too!

  • MrKappa

    Looks like Capcom has been watching Total Recall.

    Anyways these “games” are always less of a game and more of a movie. It may be called an “action adventure” but it looks like it will be like Heavy Rain… with just a little more action.

  • Vampiric

    this is not the kind of game I want capcom involved in in ANY WAY……….it looks so generic

    They need to kick there japanese stuff into high gear

    • Solomon_Kano

      Japanese =/= original. Making more Japanese stuff is no guarantee that it won’t be generic. There’s just as high a chance of us getting a generic product from one of their teams in Japan.

      I loved Dragon’s Dogma, but that game definitely looks generic. E.X. Troopers looks pretty generic too, when you consider its aesthetic against the tons of anime out there (not that I’m knocking it).

      • Vampiric

         yeah it might be generic but at least it might have soul…………

        • …that makes no sense whatsoever.

          • Vampiric

             soul is instinctive based on art style.

          •  What’s to say this game doesn’t have French Soul?

          • How come the art style is the only factor that can convey a game’s “soul”? What about game rules and mechanics? Or presentation styles? Or story tropes? Or even just being a tidily-made game?

          • Vampiric

             nm I can see your all getting hot.

  • Syltique

    Well it’s from Capcom, so I’m in.  Once you forget all the stupid MML3 Drama, and all the rest – Capcom and SQEX are basically the top two Japanese gaming companies out there.

    New IP from them?  I’m in.

  • amagidyne

    “I am the hunter. Why am I being hunted?”

    I’m having a hard time believing that someone here in 2012 typed that line and didn’t immediately pass out from the cheese.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Yea, that was cringe-worthy. Hopefully the entire game doesn’t lose itself in such poor dialog lol.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      I came in here to post the same exact comment, lol. Good job, brother.

    • It made me think of the old Hunter Hunted game for PC…

  • XiaomuArisu

    Why was I thinking about Deus Ex?
    Never mind Adam Jensen´s little sister has nice combatmoves and dat ass!

  • Shane Guidaboni

    They should have made an Inception video game. Think of all of the awesome graphical imagery they could create by entering people’s dreams. And since the architect can alter the dream, think of the possibilities with that in game. 

    • Solomon_Kano

      I seem to recall Nolan saying an Inception game was within the realm of possibility. So… some day?

      • Dream inside a dream inside a dream inside a dream inside a dream inside a dream inside a dream.

  • Wow unexpected games. I love this.
    The bits of action looks like Batman’s freeflow combat.
    Female Protagonist? Splendid.
    Setting looks great but the graphics don’t look that appealing though but it’s okay.

  • SirRichard

    It’s looking promising, the world is very interesting, and it seems that cyberpunk dystopian worlds are coming back into vogue lately, doesn’t it? There’s this and Watch Dogs on the horizon, and Deus Ex is back in the limelight.

    Not complaining, because I love these worlds when they’re done right. Here’s hoping Dontnod can pull it off.

  • Zonic505

    It’s like….a weird mix of Deus Ex, P.N.03, the climbing sections from Enslaved, Ghost Trick (when rewriting memories), & Total Recall.

    & I have no idea if it works or not.

    • Bloodmeat

      Add Ghost in the Shell, Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, Oni and pretty much many open world titles. But seriously, I think this game blends it all well. 

  • TheCynicalReaper

    Isn’t this using the Dragon’s Dogma engine? Look at the character models. You can even see it in the hair. I’m positive this is running off the Dogma engine.

    If so, then I hope they have a D’sD-esque type of open world with Neo Paris.
    …Man, it’s been ages since someone’s had the gall to use the “Neo-[blank]” trope. Kind of missed that cliche.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Well, Dragon’s Dogma ran on MT Framework like most Capcom games, so it would be a safe bet that this is also on that engine.

    • I doubt it, the job listings on don’t nod’s website are for unreal engine.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Like Amagidyne said, there was quite a bit of cheese to be found. Seems like it’ll be fun though, and she’s hot as hell too.

  • $30632660

    This trailer does not show me that Capcom starts with gameplay first then builds the graphics second.

    Also, this game looks like another “Western Influenced” game.So there’s a red flag right there.

    The game reminds me of Beyond Good and Evil.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      You know I’m enjoying you all’s western hate so figgin silly.

      • $30632660

        That’s fine by me, I’m also enjoying japanese developers trying to be something they’re not.

        And it’s not western hate, what? You think western developers are above criticism all of a sudden?Like no one can talk bad about western developers or no one can talk bad about Japanese developers trying to be like Western Developers.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          Where in my comment did I say any of that I called you out because alot of the ‘OHHH I HATE western influenced things’ has been with pointless rabble.

          Because they aren’t a western dev they can’t try and show some sort of ‘western influenced’ or A western dev can’t do the same? Boy I’m glad you aren’t a head of anything related to anything gaming sorry both sides try to share ideas even tho they don’t always come out just right.

          • $30632660

            So you get mad when people criticize japanese developers trying to be something they’re not and call it “Western Hate”.

            And I didn’t say Japanese developers CAN’T have western influenced games because that’s beyond ignorant when a lot of good games including Dragon Quest were western influenced.

            All I said was this game brought up a red flag because all of a sudden japanese developers want to try to be more western starting this gen, so I’m being cautious about the game and won’t get over hyped about it.

            Your little one liner was pointless rabble just so you know.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            Right ok great come back after your last post.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Again, it is also an issue of reading before you post as well. Googling Dontnod Entertainment will show you that the developer is in fact, French. Capcom is indeed only the publisher. There are plenty of valid business reasons for a publisher to publish works from many different sources. 

          • “[…] japanese developers trying to be something they’re not […]”

            So because Japanese developers (which is a criteria easily fulfilled by merely operating from Japan) have been using their own cultural tropes for so long, they’re not allowed to expand their scopes into other cultures’?

          • $30632660

            @DrakosAmatras:disqus So you take something I said out of context and completely ignore the rest after that.


          • @google-0d0dae381da7be0e8b821f8dc608f595:disqus
            I was merely addressing the key point your entire argument revolves around.

    • Anon-non

      it’s made by a french company i think.

    • Oh, for god’s sake, stop being such a drama queen. I’ve yet to see you post a single valid, well-articulated criticism about this game aside from “NOOOO WESTERN!!!!”

      A couple of things:

      1. This game is published by Capcom, not developed by them. 

      2. As it is a NEW franchise, there is no reason for it to be Japanese. 

      • $30632660

        Being cautious about a game is the equivalent to being a drama queen all of a sudden? Ok.

        As I’ve said before, I have no problem with western influenced games or even western games themselves. However, I do have a problem with Japanese developers attempting to be western or vice versa, because usually it leads to them making bad games.

        So the game is not being developed by Crapcom, that’s fine.I’m still going to be cautious about the game and not get hyped for it because it’s a new ip.

        Seems to me like you can’t accept other people’s opinions being different from yours.

        • You didn’t articulate any of this “being cautious of a new IP” stuff in your post at all. Let me remind you of what your first post said. It said:

          “This trailer does not show me that Capcom starts with gameplay first then builds the graphics second. Also, this game looks like another “Western Influenced” game. So there’s a red flag right there.”

          Then, you arbitrarily added: “The game reminds me of Beyond Good and Evil.”

          That tells me absolutely nothing, beyond that you dislike western games.

          • $30632660

            I do not see how what you quoted states that I dislike Western games.

            Yes, I said the game reminds me of Beyond Good and Evil, so what?That was a good game that I liked.

            So just because I didn’t say “OMG BG&E WAS SOME AWESOME” or anything similar to say it was a good game, that means I was talking bad about it?

            Since you claim to have read all the posts I made about the game, you would have seen that I said “Look how Dragon’s Dogma turned out”, which would tell anyone who read that, that I didn’t like that game, which was what? A new IP.It was western influenced and it was a bad game to me.

            The fact that I said I would be cautious and not get overhyped should’ve been enough, but it seems I have to go out of my way to explain every other thing so that you will feel better that people aren’t bashing your oh so precious western games.

          • Well… If you care about expressing your perspective across to people with as little misunderstanding as possible, yes, you should explain yourself thoroughly. You said you consider the fact that it’s Western-developed to be a “red flag” (i.e: a negative factor); making premature judgements on a game that is literally just announced based solely on its region of development has no logic in it at all.

            And “being cautious” about new IPs have to have reasonable thinking behind it too. How in the hell do you figure out whether a game is “gameplay first, graphics second” from what’s pretty much the very first trailer?! That makes no sense. What makes even less sense is the fact that you drew a negative conclusion just because the initial look didn’t have enough information – instead of waiting for more info.

            Lastly, we’re not saying people shouldn’t bash Western games; we’re saying people shouldn’t unreasonably bash any game based only on their preferences.

          • $30632660

            @DrakosAmatras:disqus There’s a difference between Western Influenced, which is what I said, to Western Developed, which I didn’t say, it’s just you putting words into my mouth.

            And yes I consider ANY game that’s designed for a western audience by a Japanese developer, a.k.a. Western Influenced to be a red flag, so deal with it because that’s how I feel about it, a.k.a. it’s my opinion.

            I only made judgements based on what I saw.Just like any other game.A

            All I said was the TRAILER did not show me what Crapcom claims, which is they put gameplay first and graphics second, that is it.It’s not the end all be all, the game is still in development, with more info, my views can change.

            Let’s just be real and get down to the reason that you’re upset about my opinion, which seems to be that a lot of people doesn’t have the same opinion as you do.

            I NEVER see anyone of you talk about anyone being positive about a game, yet you always seem to get on people that are being negative about a game.

            Double Standards perhaps?

            And unreasonably bash a game based on opinion? Are you serious? People can’t have negative first impressions of a game?

          • M’iau M’iaut

            “I NEVER see anyone of you talk about anyone being positive about a game, yet you always seem to get on people that are being negative about a game.”

            So you are asking us to mod folks for being passionate about things they love and of importance to them? Sorry, I just don’t see that a happening.

          • $30632660

                To Miau Miaut So it is about Double Standards. Ok.

          • “I NEVER see anyone of you talk about anyone being positive about a game, yet you always seem to get on people that are being negative about a game.
            Double Standards perhaps?”

            You can’t be serious. You just can’t be. Did you even read it yourself? Have you heard people asking for more diseases in order to “balance out” all the good modern medicine brought? Have you heard of people demanding more crime to match the magnitude of peace and order? NO! Because it’s not productive, and it’s not wise!

            The reason we don’t stop people from being positive about games is due to the fact that no one is being victimized in that; if anything, they’re supportive of some others’ livelihood and creations. But we do stop people if they become overzealous about something and start slandering others, like console fanboys, or followers who aren’t content that their favorite franchise is heading in a different direction.

            Even before bringing in the issue of “victims” in this, I’ll just point to the Golden and Silver rules on why slander is just inconsiderate. A Double Standard is a notion that is unfair; what we’re aiming here is for nobody to be treated with disrespect. I don’t care if you “personally” want to call it a Double Standard or not; it yields positive benefits, and that’s all that matters.

            “Let’s just be real and get down to the reason that you’re upset about my opinion, which seems to be that a lot of people doesn’t have the same opinion as you do.”

            Ask the site regulars whether my perspectives always match with theirs. Ask them whether I always call them out on it. Ask around whether those users are reasonable people or not. Go on; knock yourself out. It’s not related to the fact that you hold a different opinion; it’s because your opinion doesn’t hold water. If we didn’t question the logic in it, somebody would have anyway, sooner or later.

            “And unreasonably bash a game based on opinion? Are you serious? People can’t have negative first impressions of a game?”

            Acknowledging the pros and cons of a game is one thing; being negative is another. The former leads to better understanding; the latter just leads to a gloomy mood. If you were a creator, how would you feel when your creation is slandered by people who don’t know/understand about it? It’s called having “manners” and “empathy”.

            “There’s a difference between Western Influenced, which is what I said, to Western Developed, which I didn’t say, it’s just you putting words into my mouth.”

            Yes, I did use “-developed” instead of “-influenced”; that’s my miss. But do tell what difference it makes to what I said. Another reason I accidentally used it is because the developer seems to be in France, and Capcom is just publishing the game.

            “And yes I consider ANY game that’s designed for a western audience by a Japanese developer, a.k.a. Western Influenced to be a red flag, so deal with it because that’s how I feel about it, a.k.a. it’s my opinion.”

            That argument again. Whether you’ll keep that idea or not is your decision. Just don’t be surprised if people don’t take you seriously, or question your logic, because of it; especially since the Internet is already full of people who hide behind that excuse.

          • ” To Miau Miaut So it is about Double Standards. Ok.”

            Only if it’s your personal definition of “double standard”.

          • Jack Oz

            What a way to randomly attack someone out of the blue for having a different opinion. Lol wow. 

          • “Having a different opinion” says nothing about the validity of that opinion – basic logic. If somebody thinks shoving a knife into their eye-sockets is a health treatment, and I call them out on it, it’s not because they “have a different opinion”; it’s because of all the undesirable consequences that are bound to follow – aside from the overall lack of logic.

          • $30632660

            @DrakosAmatras:disqus Validity of someone else’s opinion? You seem to think that Opinions=Fact.

          • @google-0d0dae381da7be0e8b821f8dc608f595:disqus

            I didn’t say that; as someone who prioritizes logic, I’m more than just aware of the difference between opinion and fact. However, opinions based on facts can be reliable perspectives to give others a more complete scope on the topic. On the other hand, opinions that aren’t based on facts are merely wild delusions; even if they happened to be right, it’d only be out of dumb luck. They’re ultimately useless, and don’t give a productive scope on things.

            If you think opinions don’t need to be facts, feel free to try telling people that the Earth is flat, or that the Sun and the Moon rotate around the Earth, and then observe their responses.

          • $30632660

            @DrakosAmatras:disqus So you believe my opinion, which is basically a negative first impression of the first trailer, to be a wild delusion.


          • @google-0d0dae381da7be0e8b821f8dc608f595:disqus

            If you believe that your opinion isn’t based on any solid information, yes. To be more specific, I’m talking about the conclusion you’re drawing about the game based on whatever miniscule info there is at the moment. If you want to be cautious about a new IP, fine; I can understand that because I have my share of titles I’m skeptic about. But being skeptic and drawing conclusions are exclusive to each other – that’s all I’m gonna say.

          • $30632660

            @ DrakosAmatras So basing my opinion on what I see with my OWN eyes isn’t solid information? Ok.

          • @google-0d0dae381da7be0e8b821f8dc608f595:disqus

            “So basing my opinion on what I see with my OWN eyes isn’t solid information?”

            The trailer showed little beyond graphical quality and the premise, without any notable details. That’s far from enough to form a useful perspective, let alone justifying caution or deserving negativity. Again, basic logic.

            Speaking of which, are you gonna keep throwing one-liners at strawmanned interpretations of what we said? Because those aren’t gonna help convey your point. Just saying.

  • Kai2591

    Hot damn. Looks cool.

  • Jonathan Keycross

    While it doesn´t seem to be an all that original theme or plot at first glance, I like the way it is presented. This is just my opinion but the combat reminds me of Oni and the first person scene of Mirror´s Edge.

  • So Total Recall with a FeMC, right?

  • Remember “‘Remembah Me?’ Guy”?

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Yeah, it just gave me some Oni flashback too, for some reason…

    • YEAH! Except without Konoko’s crazy hair.

  • Never heard of Dontnod, but it’s really great to see Capcom collaborating more with other developers. Inafune would be proud.

    Also, might I just say that I am really glad that we actually have a female protagonist and not another short haired wise cracking dude.

  • l777l

    Oh good. Now there’s only a need for 20.000 more female protagonists and feminists will stop complaining about the numbers. Well, some of them, perhaps. Of course they’ll still complain about misrepresentation and objectification, no matter what. They are great.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Folks, please be aware of some updates that have been made to our posting guidelines, we will be following them forthwith.


  • Sho Zero


    “Who erased my memory!?”

    Cheesy as hell…at least her ability looks cool though. Looking more forward to “Beyond Good & Evil 2” than this tbh.

  • Istillduno

    Does she get to go inside John Malkavitch’s head?

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