Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Will Make Hospitals More Horrifying

By Spencer . August 16, 2012 . 3:30pm

Team GrisGris has a new name and a new game. As Grindhouse, they’re releasing Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient. While the other games revolved around Heavenly Host Elementary, Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient takes place in a hospital.


The game begins when Ayame wakes up in a hospital with EKG pads and an IV drip connected to her, but there aren’t any doctors around. Ayame groggily gets up and slides off the table. Clueless on how she arrived at the hospital, Ayame is even more startled when she realizes her memories are gone. Bright lights illuminate the hallway, Ayame staggers down. She sees patient records and charts, but not a soul in sight. She resists succumbing to her sense of panic, and tries to find a way to escape from the dreaded hospital.


If you don’t have nosocomephobia you will this winter when Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient comes out for PC in Japan. While the game takes place in a new setting, Corpse Party 2 is a direct follow up to Corpse Party, which Xseed licensed for PSP.


Thanks for the tip Barrylocke89!

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  • Ayaka

    So excited for this even if chances of getting it localized seem to be… low. ç_ç

    •  First one got localized so chances are quite high.

      • Ayaka

        Not really, since Book of Shadows (sequel) and the Anthology (spin-off) aren’t even planned for a possible localization. Furthemore, Corpse Party is a series with a lot of fan-made games. A group of fans quite known is currently after translating those, and the original Corpse Party for PC-98 didn’t have an official translation until fans provided it. And since this game quite sure to be for PC too, chances are very minimal. That said, I really hope I’m wrong and we’ll get it.

        • Barrylocke89

          True, but what I’m hoping is that since this is an official sequel (as opposed to a fan game or spinoff), someone like Xseed may consider it. One positive is the fact that Xseed is localizing some PC games via Steam now.

          I suppose only time will tell, as we learn more about the game. Personally, I like how the gameplay (from what we see) seems to be closer to the original Corpse Party style, as opposed to the Visual Novel Style of BoS and 2U (though I wouldn’t mind trying BoS too, and 2U seems…interesting…)

        • Satoshi

          Well it’s looking more promising that we’ll get it since Book of Shadows was released in January in America. Blood Drive is slated for the Vita this year in Japan, which means the west will probably get it next year, considering how successful the previous two have been. They probably won’t consider a western release for CP2 until all the chapters are complete.

  • Safros9

    I like how nice the game looks. Hospital horror games have always creeped me out too… more so than most other horror game settings. I’m definitely excited for this, I just hope that there will be an English version someday.

  • For the love of god XSeed please localize this one.

    • Areuto

       For the love of people who want to be scared for life, you need to localize it.

      I still want that explanation on how someone can die of loneliness?

  • Doctor Nebula

    3D Corpse Party, it looks nice and reminds me of the Final Fantasy remake graphics.
    I still need to finish the first one, but the feels.
    Hoping this one will get translated.

  • 猫 黒

    For some reason Japan just gets horror at a level no one else does.

  • paulmurphy182

    Wait, i must be missing something …. Didn’t a sequel already come out ? Still after playing the first one i would love to get this.

    I finished the first game and everything but i didn’t get all the ending’s , is it worth me going back or are most of them just grizzly death scenes?  

    • There are already two official sequels to Corpse Party, titled “Corpse Party: Book of Shadows” and (no, seriously) “Corpse Party: Sachiko’s Game of Love: Hysteric Birthday 2U” — as well as numerous unofficial fan sequels.

      I guess the idea behind those, though, is that they’re ALL Corpse Party 1 because they all feature the same basic cast and the same basic setting, whereas Corpse Party 2 features a NEW cast and a NEW setting.

      But if you ask me, I think GrisGris/GrindHouse must’ve just received sequel numbering lessons from Capcom. I mean, that would pretty much explain everything, right? ;)

      As for the bad ends in Corpse Party 1, one of the bad ends in chapter 5 (generally referred to as the “time loop end”) is actually a must-see if Corpse Party: Book of Shadows should ever be released in English, since several of BoS’s chapters directly follow *that specific ending*.

      The others are all just grizzly death scenes, though, indeed. But some of them are pretty creative and delightfully cruel, so I’d still recommend checking them out. ;)

      • paulmurphy182

         At least they didn’t name them like square-enix right? Still , by basic cast/setting do you mean they take place with the same characters in a similar location? Or specifically in the school with sachiko?

        Which bad end in chapter 5? I’m trying to figure out where in the chapter i should pursue this from , i seem to remember getting a bad end around the manequinn with the sheet over the end but that might have been chapter 4 , anywhere near that?

        Although, after reading what you said about the creative ,cruel ending’s i will probably just get the rest of them….need to download it on to my Vita again though!


        • Yeah, both Book of Shadows and 2U take place mostly in Heavenly Host Elementary, with the same cast of characters. So same school and everything, just different situations. Book of Shadows handles this really well, too, filling in a lot of the blanks regarding side characters who didn’t get a lot of screen time in the original, like Mayu and Morishige, as well as all of Kizami’s classmates.

          As for how to get the time loop ending, I don’t recall off-hand. It’s definitely chapter 5, and it definitely involves playing through MOST of the chapter, but beyond that, I don’t remember the specifics on how to trigger it. Sorry!

          • paulmurphy182

             That’s fine , thanks for making the time to reply. I wish my japanese was better i really want to learn more about Morishige in particular.

            I think most people do to be honest… I’ll definitely go back and watch the ones i missed now though! Shouldn’t be many of them.

  • Game looks amazing
    hope Xseed grabs it soon

  • ivanchu77

    I loved the first game, so i hope we get this game localized.

  • Sorry but Hosptials were already scary enough thanks to Silent Hill and…my own persona experience 3; but i enjoyed Corpse Party so i’m interested 8D

  • Xseed, we’re counting on you~ 

  • Philip Irwin

    Considering it is confirmed to be set in the same universe, it makes me want to say that XSEED should just skip book of shadows and 2U and just see if they can get a release for Dead Patient out.

    I mean, AFAIK Book of Shadows is just a compilation of EX chapters that don’t follow up as any semblance of expanding on the outcome of the first game.  Sure, there’s a bunch of stuff that was never explained but I can’t tell if the story involving these characters was meant to be expanded upon or just left as is.

    I gladly welcome spoilers by the way or at least direction to detailed plot summaries of extra chapters that will explain the aftermath and strange scenes that were present in the first game and never touched upon again.

    • “I mean, AFAIK Book of Shadows is just a compilation of EX chapters that
      don’t follow up as any semblance of expanding on the outcome of the
      first game.  Sure, there’s a bunch of stuff that was never explained but
      I can’t tell if the story involving these characters was meant to be
      expanded upon or just left as is.”

      Actually, Book of Shadows explains a whole hell of a lot of really crucial things, and is an absolutely essential game to play for any future Corpse Party titles that follow the original game (and yes, there is another followup to Corpse Party 1 in production, apparently, called Corpse Party: Blood Drive — confirmed recently by Team GrisGris/GrindHouse themselves).

      That having been said, though… we’d love to work on more Corpse Party, and will do whatever we can to make it happen. Whether that winds up being Book of Shadows, 2U, Dead Patient, all of the above or none of the above, though, is anyone’s guess right now. You’ll just have to wait and see! As… SCARY as waiting may be. ;)

  • Bring it Xseed!

  • The fact that there’s english text in the video makes my hopes even higher for a release outside of Japan !! :)
    I’m totally ready for this *nudge nudge xseed wink wink*

  • PC… Steam…Xseed….

  • Juuu

    As if we needed hospitals to be any more terrifying…

  • AlteisenX

    If I knew Japanese I’d be stoked for this, but knowing there’s still other Corpse Party stuff that needs translated kind of bums me out because if we were to get everything… it’d take awhile. Sorry to be a downer, as much as I loved the first game and want more. Xseed needs clones of themselves to translate everything that is japanese into english. I would sell my soul…. “boogadabooga” *becomes a ghost*

  • said it before, say it again.
    If you want it over, buy the first one.
    a lot of people pirate and THEN bitch about the sequel not coming over to the states.

    oh the logic.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      But… I think this game isn’t really that well known to be pirated (not that it hasn’t, but it can’t be the downfall of it’s sales). Don’t popular games get pirated more often and still sell tons?

      •  i think that in niche games, piracy hurts more.
        they really need their sales.
        if 4000 is pirated, it can make a huge impact.

        while popular ( Why oh why ) First person shooters have such high sales, that they manage either way.

        popular games are usually part of a big company that has something to fall back on.

        many niche games is a only developed by a few people and nothing to lean back on if it goes bad.

        not absolute off course, but thats my impression.

      • WingsOfEternity

         Just so everyone knows, the state of hacking on the PSP has pretty much exceeded every other system: someone has already discovered the code that Sony uses to sign games, in other words, you don’t need to mod your PSP to play games, you can just pop files in to your memory stick and they will already work like a charm. The PSP owners don’t need to purchase anything extra to hack them such as a flashcart or a modchip, hence piracy is pretty heavy on the PSP and probably part of the reason why it’s dead in the west.

    • LynxAmali

      Considering the game was on the Top 10 of the PSP PSN for a long ass time…


      Also; I love how people automatically jump to piracy for games like this.
      It really says something about this fandom. :D

    • Zerg Hunter

       to true, but at the sametime there are people who buy and pirate. Mostly because they want to try out the game before they buy it, thats what i do at least. 

  • Make it happen for the PS Vita!!

  • hey the graphic reminds me of pokemon BW, time to hope for a localization

  • O_O! Yes, yes, and more yes! >_<

  • Go2hell66

    cool more corpse party is always a good thing, i was really blown away when i played the 1st one on psp, had no idea the game would be so much fun, i finished it in practically one sitting.

    btw anyone care to explain what nosocomephobia is?


    turns out it is a fear of hospitals, lol should have guessed

  • Detrimont

    excited for it, but would have liked a continuation on the heavenly host situation, since they found out they can go back and save people in book of shadows(though that didnt work), and not sure if i like the new graphics or not(though i like how you can turn the camera now)

  • WingsOfEternity

     This is what Corpse Party fans were waiting for. Not some non-canon ecchi spinoff

    • Luna Kazemaru

       To bad fans liked the spinoff..oh wait thats not bad at all.

  • Barrylocke89

    Am I excite? Yes, yes, I am.

  • pantsonadog

    Wow, looks amazing. Am I the only one thinking that this would be a cool game for the 3DS? In the trailer the camera turned in a 3D sort of way…

  • Detrimont

    i thought it was on 3ds at first as well, until i looked at the actual article nd saw it was on pc, im guessing they’re going back to the homage of the original, and then, like the original, will release around 4 remakes

  • Colonel Custard

    My body is ready…probably…who am I kidding, come on and bring on the fear.

  • Hello there nightmares. Nice to meet you.

    OMG those SH hospitals related flashbacks…. XSEED~ if u not planning on BoS / 2U then how ’bout this???

  • Alphabet Soup

    This should be interesting.  The main cast appears to be significantly smaller, which is probably going to make it even creepier.  I like the art style – it appears similar to the PSP version of Corpse Party, which was the one I liked.  Is it the same artist?  

    Here’s hoping for a localization!  Hey, XSEED, maybe we can get this on Steam?  :D (sorry, can’t blame a gal for tryin’!)

  • komiko12

    Good grief. When I thought hospital settings are just creepy.
    If I ever play this game, it would really frighten the hell out of me.

    Though I am creeped out by horror set in hospitals, it makes sense since corpses are more likely to be in hospitals than in schools.

  • Koulamatata

    Yeah, now THIS is the Corpse Party I was waiting for.
    It’s nice to see them getting serious again.

    And moving on to new characters/setting is a welcome change for me.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Twinkle Twikle little star….
    Is corpse party really spooky?Its looks so cute….when you ignore the blood…

  • Alexandra Cordes

    How much of a miracle would it take for this to come to our shores? ;-;

  • Eli kip

    I was born in the wrong country 0_0

  • Eli kip

    Man i was born in the wrong country 0_0
    I need to move to japan… :/

  • with them doing book of shadows anything is possible

  • chiba156

    The second PV for Corpse Party Dead Patient is out!
    Watch it here:

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