Community Update: Revisions To Posting Guidelines

By Ishaan . August 18, 2012 . 2:30pm

Lately, there’s been a disturbing trend of some of the newer (and some old) members of Siliconera’s community posting comments without putting much thought into them.


While this is considered the norm across most sites on the net, we try to encourage our community to partake in thoughtful—or at the very least, sensible—discussions around here. Siliconera readers that have been with us for a while and like to engage in discussions in the comments know that we don’t really appreciate pointless snark or negativity, and while this usually isn’t a problem, certain topics seem to bring out the worst in people.


While negativity isn’t necessarily bad or detrimental to discussion, pointless negativity without well-articulated reasoning to back it up is. With this in mind, we’ve made some revisions to our posting rules and guidelines that we’d like everyone to read. You can find these at the link below:




Please note that these rules will be enforced. We’re always trying our best to keep Siliconera a sensible, mature and accepting community, but we need the community’s help to actually do this. Especially with the Tokyo Game Show coming up in just a few weeks, we’re going to need people to keep their cool as announcements are made, feathers are ruffled, and Kingdom Hearts III turns out to be an iOS game.


(Kidding, kidding.)


Finally, I also wanted to extend a quick word of thanks to all of the commenters that have been partaking in reasonable and interesting discussions on the site.


Every now and then, I spot people who actually seem to have gained a little knowledge from all the news, interviews, sales columns and other articles that we (and other sites) post, and are applying this knowledge in their comments to promote thoughtful discussions.This is always fantastic to see. There’s no greater satisfaction than knowing Siliconera site is achieving its primary goal—to help spread awareness of games and the business surrounding them.

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  • KHIII as an iOS game? That would make everybody rage. Square Enix might be making some stupid decisions as you can tell from fan’s reactions. But this would just cause a pool of overflowing hate lava to spill. While I love KH and strongly strongly dislike mobile games I just simply wouldn’t play the game and just read about the story that took place there. I would also be very sad inside. And I really have nothing to say about the rest of the article. It seems completely sensical what has been said. I may make a stupid comment or two but I don’t want this (Siliconera) to turn into a cesspool of ignorance. I haven’t myself looked at the article mentioned because I am not a fan of DmC, but from what I’ve been hearing it is bad in there.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Off-topic, but that’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone say sensical.

      It’s one of those things that sounds like it means something, but doesn’t. Like aster.

      +5 points for using that lol.

      • Well there is the word nonsensical which is a real word. And if I wanted to I could replace it with “It seems to make complete sense.” or something. And I have never heard aster.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Aster’s a reference to the cartoon Young Justice lol. I get what you were saying, it just reminded me of that.

          It’s kinda odd how nonsensical is a word, but the opposite is sensible since nonsensible and sensical both aren’t words. English is just funny like that, I guess.

          • Sensible… yah I suppose that is the opposite isn’t it?

  • Selaphiel

     All these rules are like “Hey guys, don’t be haters.”

    And I’m like “Only 10% of gaming is actually playing games, the other 90% is complaining about them on the internet.”

    But I *guess* I can live by the whole “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” motto…

  • Expo/Convention time again, huh. Better be ready for announcements – and subsequent reactions.

    • Let see how the du-ra-ma unfold lol. *pass popcorn*

      • …That’s a “privilege” only you guys have. We moderators are the ones who have to clean up the mess.

  • Tales_of_Master

    I really appreciate your efforts in promoting thoughtful and sensible discussion in the community. I always get pissed off when I see comments saying “Why isn’t this game coming out for X instead of Y” as if all the other people who are happy with the announcement are morons. Hopefully you will succeed in enforcing these new rules, and let’s hope your efforts will pay off.

  • PoSiTiV3tEnSiOn

    Hurr durr hurr durr hu ~

    Sorry. I couldn’t help it.
    I really hope KH3 doesn’t turn out to be an iOS game.
    If it doesn’t support Android, I ain’t buyin’.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    “Kingdom Hearts III turns out to be an iOS game.”
    I-Ishaan what are you doing? You could be giving SE ideas!

    • @Anime10121:disqus @facebook-1786364591:disqus Micro-transactions to buy additional keyblades! DLC if you want to see the super secret ending that leads to KH4!

      • Anime10121

        Your words, they BURN!!!

        But seriously, if that did end up happening, I’d probably laugh, laugh, and laugh some more for hours!

        … and then cry :(

        Edit: and then buy an iPhone :D

      • LynxAmali

        inb4 Ishaan works for Square Enix.
        inb4 this is actually a subtle warning.

        Calling it.

      • Your words are hurting my heart sir! It might break and I might enter in comatose like Ven if that happens D:

    • they might announce a social game instead.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Andriasang could use some of these guidelines. The articles’ repetitive negative comments made me stop using my account from there.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Yea, it’s a pity too. It kinda bothered me when there were hardly any comments there, but now that there are more comments… well, be careful what you wish for, I guess lol.

      Poor, poor Anoop.

  • I only comment when I have something positive to say or I’m excited with anything (which makes it look like I’m excited for /everything/!) So, I hope I don’t look like I’m being sarcastic or anything. No one really talks to me here anyway so I never get into any deep discussions or release my “inner rage” eheh…not that I’d let it happen X);;

  • Anime10121

    Perfectly reasonable guidelines, and it really is sad that a lot of these have to be put down as “rules” for people to actually go by them.  A lot of these are just common sense and general good mannerisms, but sadly I know all too well that anonymity on the internet devolves many people back into primeapes !

    Oh and Ishaan, about KH3 being iPhone only, not cool man, NOT COOL :P

  • Andar

    There have been a lot of times (a LOT) where I’ve typed out a response, usually a pretty lengthy one, and before I posted it, stopped to look it over. Even though I always try to write thoughtfully and not emotionally, rereading what I’m about to share sometimes makes me realize that all I’m going to do is start an argument between others on the site, even though that isn’t my intention. So a good number of my would-be comments never end up getting posted at all. But is that so bad? What we really all love here is the NEWS, and I greatly appreciate the impartial approach this site takes to sharing it.

    Video games make their fans divisive by nature, especially due to the fierce competition among systems, as well as various games which share genres. Ultimately it’s a battle some people in the industry probably want us to fight. That doesn’t make it right though.

  • Kaihedgie

     Said it before and I’ll said it again, SRK NEEDS this like no tomorrow.

    Just think; comment sections that aren’t filled to the rim with DLC complaints and complaining about the same thing over and over again 8D

    KHIII on the iPHone? I somehow find that less tedious than all the re-releases we never get.

    • SLick123456789111

       or you could do like me & overlook them.
      I highly doubt everyone reads every post in every article anyway.

      • Kaihedgie

        You never know.

        Simply overlookin’ them won’t make them go away. They’re going to continue flinging crap at everyone and because there are no inherent consequences for doing so, they think it’s the cool thing to do.

  • pridesin

    Is there anyway to flag or some kind of indication to show that comment is spam?
    I am starting to see someone posts advertisement that has nothing to do with website.

    I am currently referring to “GalligaskinsPeon52”, I show website being listed in different article, and I was wondering if there is way to prevent this.

    •  i’m sure that ishaan will ban him sooner or later

    • Solomon_Kano

      If you scroll over the bottom left corner of a comment there’s a flag button that appears.

      • pridesin

         Thank you for letting me know, Solomon_Kano

        • Solomon_Kano

          No prob.

    • We notice that too, and we IP-block them as soon as we see them.

  • Based on my 2ish weeks of commenting here (and 3 years of observing ) , i found that members correct you, but not bash you, so overall i am very pleased.
    might be because this is more a niche site compared to many others, so the people who are here is here for a reason and not just a random browsing.

    knowing that the admins lurk around ready to kick your ass if you troll, also might be a factor ._.


    • Landale

       They didn’t even need to lurk around ready to kick ass, it was just a really nice place from what I could tell. It seemed to me that they didn’t really need to worry too much until around last year’s TGS, when they posted up the first instance of these rules, that it seemed like it needed to be done, and it’s just gotten worse in the last couple months.
      So they’re not really a factor that it was like that, only that it’s still like that. Which is rather depressing really.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Lol, I like that tidbit about KH3 :3 that was rather funny.

  • Solomon_Kano

    It’s pitiful, but kinda convenient in a way, that we can look at specific times of year when posters get particularly rash.

    This is one of the few gaming sites where there’s actually discussion to be had, so it’s always good to see that those of you in charge actively strive to promote it as such.

  • Xekyo

    I lol’d at the Kingdom Hearts III joke.  :D

    I bookmarked Siliconera a little over a year ago and i’ve enjoyed the news and reviews you’ve brought to us ever since.  I try to throw my 2 cents in everytime I go over an article that piques my interest, keeping the negativity to a minimum.  Thank you for doing such a great job on keeping the Gaming Community well informed. 

  • Peace Legacy

    Question: What’s up with the camel with 2 birds picture? I propose a replacement to them, may be something like a Siliconera-tan

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Sir, if we got rid of that camel, there is literally nothing that could be done to hold back the hate.

      • Landale

         You could assure people that he’d be back. That worked last time. Though I suppose it may not work twice.

    • Niermyico

       Happy Hump Day!

    • The camel with two birds just looks kind of amusing with his expression, and I suppose also serves as indicator of different kinds of people getting along. :)

      • DanteJones

        The camel is nice, but I kinda approve of a Siliconera-tan.. *cough*

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Siliconera deserves better than some generic kawaii desu lolimoe, kind sir.

          Not that I wouldn’t make her mai waifu, you understand.

          • Can’t we have both? Can’t the camel and SE-tan get along and be frieeeends?

          • DanteJones

            This city deserves a better class of moe-moe-kyun.

          • I wonder how many people got that reference…

          • Wake

            It’s about sending a message. Every camel needs two birds.

          • “Not a mascot it deserves… But the mascot it needed.”

          • Like this?

      • Wake

        “It doesn’t matter who we are…what matters is our plan. No one cared who I was until I put on these two birds.” -Camel w/ two birds on his head

        • PoweredByHentai

          +1 Dark Knight Rises reference

    • At least Camel-kun > Bar dude lol. I think it kinda turn into the icon/mascot of SE lol.

      But I do support SE-chan ^.^ And I will be nice so I won’t hog SE-chan for my owwn :D

      You lost me on the ref, Nyaa-Shan….. (Is it Dark Knight?? Haven watch it)

  • I am glad you guys try to keep this website troll free, its enjoyable to come here that way.

  • I’m stoked for TGS. It’s going to be hard holding back, but these guidelines are no biggie.

    Can’t wait to speculate.

  • Niermyico

    “… and Kingdom Hearts III turns out to be an iOS game.”

    and that will be the end of the world as we know it.

    Seriously, although I dont go too many news game sites. Siliconera is by far the best ones. Especially, in troll control. lol

  • konsama

    I bet you had shivers when you wrote “Kingdom Hearts III for IOS”. xD

    This is the only gaming site i comment in, the info is great and well displayed, and neutral enough to prevent the usual idiocy of console wars, etc, and people around here is nice and civil enough at least from what i’ve seen. 

    But i guess some topics really call the demon inside people, i know some do to me. xD

  • l777l

    Why don’t you sum up the changes?
    That being said, do you really think content-based discrimination limiting the expression of opinions and preferences is a very good idea?
    Take a look this: “If your reason for disliking a game is simply that you don’t like western games or western developers working on franchises you love, then this isn’t the community for you.” – What exactly does “simply” cover? What if someone has observed that Japanese and Western developers (and publishers) have different styles and design philosophies and he – based on that – prefers a game by a Western developer or a game by a Japanese developer? Is he allowed to express that? Or does that make him an outcast to this “community”?
    Is he allowed to express concern over shifting styles and design philosophies of established franchises to different styles and design philosophies which happen to be “Western” — or are we to applaud or ignore fundamental changes such as “Westernization”?
    What about expressing dislike for games that are developed for “broader audiences”, as in the case of, for example Fable 3?
    You may recall a recent article and interview in which team Ninja spoke about returning to the Japanese roots of Ninja Gaiden, after they tried to cater to audiences in the West (I think it involved and analogy relying on Sushi). Is it acceptable to express agreement with such a move or would that be inacceptably “anti-Western”? Will you still post such articles and interviews or will you only post stuff that is in no way critical or controversial? If so, do you reserve the right to post critical and controversial things for yourselves or will members of your community be allowed to post similarly critical things?

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Take a look at any DmC, RE or Capcom in general thread and you will see the problems we are trying to address. Folks who are not expressing their views about why they truly prefer one style over another, but rather dismissing games or concepts out of hand BECAUSE of what side of the Pacific they originate. And then repeating these same venom-filled rants in EACH AND EVERY thread.

      While niche and sometimes very niche titles have been a strong part of Siliconera from the start, we have never not covered a title because its target audience is ‘too large’. Fable games have been covered, and of course we deal with Final Fantasy, Fallout and Dragon Quest, about as ‘broader audience’ as RPGs get. At no time has anyone been banned or modded for simply talking about such titles. All we ask is that our posters think and consider their words before posting.

    • I think you’re looking too deep into Rule #6. Its main purpose is to block out people who speak as if coming from the West is an inherent flaw in itself, and somehow “deserves” the vitriol. The rule talks specifically about Western games because… that’s the problem we most often have; being a site dealing with Japanese game news, there aren’t many Japan-haters like I’ve seen in other news sites. If there were more “regional discrimination” from both sides, we would have made a rule addressing both.

      Aside from that rule, we have always highly encouraged people to treat each other respectfully, and that also includes when referring to developers. It’s not fair for them to be treated like garbage when all they’re doing is making a living. Note that this doesn’t mean their (and their games’) pros and cons can’t be discussed; but it is entirely possible to discuss the drawbacks without being a jackass about it. Everybody is free to express, but that freedom doesn’t have to come at the cost of manners.

  • konsama

    LOL i post something i was being honest and even praising this site without being offensive and stuff and my post got deleted… This is the way the new rules are going to work? I guess i won’t know what can i post anymore since it could be erased anyways.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      There are times the mysteries of disqus elude even us. Reviewed and approved.

      • konsama

        Alright, i knew that was too strange, a good thing it wasn’t you guys. xP

        • Unless a comment is very badly spelled/written/expressed – in which case we do consider the possibility of it being a troll post – we don’t delete it outright without notice.

      • Clearly we need more research on DISQUS. 

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Well that it is a herpy derp board program is well known. It just happens to be the best herpy derp board program by quite a wide margin.

          • You had discovered the secrets the DISQUS!! Here your nobel price!!! 

            *Imaginary Shiori :P*

  • WingsOfEternity

     Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the staff Siliconera. It’s a good choice to lay out some rules considering how fast the community has been growing over this past year or so. I don’t want Siliconera’s community to be like Kotaku’s (pretty much where I came from)

    • CirnoLakes

      I’ve tried for years to get a comment of mine to go through on Kotaku. Never could I manage that.

    • “I don’t want Siliconera’s community to be like Kotaku’s”


    • LynxAmali

      -I don’t want Siliconera’s community to be like Kotaku’s

      I honestly doubt it will get that bad.

      At least, I hope not.

  • CirnoLakes

    Were those rules about Western games there before?

    This might not be too respected, but I cannot lie, if were are in such a community that such rules had to be enacted in the first place, I feel at home.

    I’ve been to several anime communities, of all places, where jRPG fans where hated and the video game sections were dominated by wRPG elitists. And video game forums that practically refused to talk about any game that was Japanese. You could post a topic about a Japanese game, and it would get no responses. As if the community was trying to say “I’m not going to dignify this with a response. Why would you even post that? You  know we don’t like this filth. Let’s just ignore it and hopefully it will go away forever.” And literally when they did talk about it, would say things like “nobody likes Japanese video games. Don’t talk about them.” According to these folks, no matter where you are, talking about Japanese games is abnormal and abhorrent.

    It’s nice to see that this doesn’t encompass everyone, no matter the state of the industry. And that there are folks on the other end of the spectrum. It’s nice to know that enjoying Japanese games here, is seen as normal. And there’s a great deal of Japanese games talked about. It’s almost the opposite of many gaming communities I’ve been to. It’s a wonderful place.

    Well, I don’t know what I think exactly of the rules. But I’m glad I’m in good company. Among people who enjoy Japanese games like I do.

    • We want things to be fair and pleasant for both sides, really.

  • Wake

    Well, I just have to say this site has been sort of a haven for me. With the focus on a specific part of the gaming realm, you already have a community that obviously has the common love for Japanese games. Most video game sites tend to encompass as much of the video game world as possible, which is no way wrong, but tends to attract people who tend to dismiss a Japanese game just because it’s a Japanese game.

    Plus props to the commenting system and the community in general. The simple edit, reply and like options might seem trivial but it really goes a long way. With large communities you tend to see your comment lost in a sea of other comments and it just seems no one is really communicating. It’s like a mirror at times and it feels like you’re talking to yourself, but this site/community has done really well in managing that.      

    • Ultimaniacx4

       Ain’t it the truth?  The only reason I found this sight was because somebody linked it to me in a reply to a comment I made at Kotaku about people hating Final Fantasy.  You also won’t see any news about Project Diva f or other games of the like at Kotaku.

  • OverlordZetta

    Ah, was kind of hoping this was going to be in regards to how the open post turned into such a spam, random… thing after a few weeks of it being open. Pity.

    • The OT was re-moderated a while back with some new rules, in case you didn’t notice.

  • Jirin

    These rules have some reasonable interpretations and some unreasaonable interpretations.

    For instance, I agree ‘Wahhhh all Western games are terrible’ should not be tolerated.  But ‘I do not like these specific things which tend to be associated with Western games’ should be tolerated.

    Am I, for example, allowed to say in a thread about a new JRPG that I do not like the trend of JRPGs having allies you can not control?

    • M’iau M’iaut

      In both of your questions, if your specific concerns do not require you to launch into a stream of personal insults, vulgarity just for vulgarity’s sake and you can live with sharing those views once or twice and not twenty or thirty times, nothing will be done by us beyond engagement in conversation.

      Again, if there are honest questions about what led to these ‘new’ rules, which are in reality the same rules we’ve always had, just specific now to a few events, check out the links Ishaan gave or the threads mentioned earlier. Members of the community had asked us for help on such matters and we indeed were getting pretty tired of the venom ourselves. Disagreements and discussions are what we want, screaming and name calling is not.

  • KingGunblader

    I wonder how many KH fans died when they saw that iOS bit. :P

  • Setsuryuu

    *check the new posting rules* Wait, have I read that “snarky one-liners will not be tolerated”? Oh my… so… I guess that… I cannot finish this phrase now. xP

    Anyway, I hope that means it’s not unwelcome now to just post to make a lighthearted joke about the subject instead of starting a deep discussion on it, maybe as long as this joke doesn’t fall in the “pointless negativity” status. While I do remember to have seen some comments not far from “just annoying and repetitive complaints” that might justify this request for restraints, I think the Siliconera folks have always been quite amusing at the other side of the “one-liners” coin as well, so whatever measures are to be taken about these “disturbing trends” I hope the informal feel to remain at some level around here. xP

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Honestly, this is one of the only gaming sites out there I consider to be worth the time to comment on because of the rules.

  • Nikolai Sumcad

    As someone who’s still considerably new, I appreciate this place valuing and continuing this policy and rare etiquette. Of the gaming websites I tried checking on a regular basis before, this was the only site I actually ended up doing so. Of course I can’t ignore the neat and easy to read list format, but I think I realize now it’s because of the decent interaction I can experience using the comment section, which can be pretty damn elusive these days. 

    So thanks to Siliconera, keep up the great work, and here’s to more years of awesome gaming news!

  • imaguni

    Just wanna say I really appreciate posting rule #6. It’s surprising and, quite frankily, a little sad to see this kind of mentality so widespread lately and… with the way things are going nowadays (in regards to Eastern-Western collaborations), this way of thought is definitely backwards and could hurt potentially great, innovative games and their success.

  • Risalka

    Kind of a newbie here, but I just want to say how refreshing this kind of moderation and welcoming attitude is. Siliconera is a niche site, but it’s my kind of niche site. I love the coverage of games you just don’t see from Kotaku or IGN. And don’t even tell about the absolute vitriol, racism, and misogyny I see on a DAILY basis from those “communities,” if you can call it that. There is barely any moderation, and even some of the editors themselves love to stir up drama for page views. It’s discouraging. Siliconera, keep being awesome. 

  • Istillduno

    Sorry but this kid glove crap about “negativity” is so freaking dumb.

    Seriously if someone gets so butthurt over someone not liking what they like that they’ve made this an “issue” they are the problem, if your experience of a game is ruined because you can’t live in a happy fun house where everyone loves the **** out of everything you like then you need to MAN (or woman) THE HELL UP.

    Seriously, like a game all you like but don’t get so freaking butthurt when the whole world doesn’t agree that it’s the best thing since slicing bread.

    Don’t sweep a whole set of opinions under the rug because a bunch of morons bearing the flag of whatever company they are idolising at the moment can’t take any critisism of a bunch of people who don’t even know they exist are crying, discussion shouldn’t just be reserved for those who blindly follow whatever descision a company takes.

    • Yeah, you’re going to last real long around here.

      • Luna Kazemaru

         I give him a week that is if I don’t rip him apart :D

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Here’s the thing sir. A community (the requests for more focus on the boards did NOT just come from the mods) asking for a few less **** and seeing a little less nonsensical anger does not make them a bunch of ‘morons’.

      Go to that DmC thread, you’ll find open discussions on the ‘cheesy’ writing and the questioning of story aspects such as ‘why would demons run an orphanage’. Sorry, but I would not classify such things as ‘idolizing’.  There have also been plenty of conversations on the new RE about how its story could be accused of being written by a bunch of zombies, too.

      When we start putting subliminal ‘Tameem is great — All bow to neo-dante’ messages in our news articles, you might be able to make some claim we only want blind followers. We want discussion, but we don’t want anyone ‘butthurt’ because of year old venom.

    • What we’re talking about here is way beyond childish arguments about what’s “better” than another; that’s not even part of our consideration. This is about making a community where people can be treated with respect, including the developers. This is about courtesy and manners. This is about encouraging maturity and logic.

      Everybody can have an opinion on anything, of course; but whether that opinion is sensible, logical or productive is another matter. We don’t consider a comment whining how much a game sucks because it’s not to the poster’s preferences/expectations to be valid criticism or an opinion that can add to the bigger picture that can help understand the situation better. The Internet is more than just overflowing with these sorts of “opinions”, but we don’t accept an opinion just because they happen to belong to a random someone; we accept opinions based on logic and decency.

      And if you’re generalizing people here as mindless corporate followers, you don’t know this community at all. These people have their own preferences too; it’s just that they decided to be patient and have an open mind instead of whining about how things aren’t going their way. Hell, I have a big lack of confidence in Idea Factory/Compile Heart games, but I decided to stop being hung up about it, just acknowledge the facts and move on; I’m not gonna throw a tantrum on why they’re still having a job after Hyperdimension Neptunia (as shoddy as it is), because even people who aren’t good at what they do still need a job to feed themselves.

      Bottomlined, I’ll sum up our intentions this way: For a garden to grow healthy, the weed has to go. If you think this is “kid stuff”, and bashing and biting each other like animals is the “adult” way, you’re not going to enjoy this community.

  • Istillduno

    SRK does not need this, it’s a place where grown adults can talk about both the positives AND negatives of something without banner waving fanboys mashing the report button whilst salty tears rain onto their keyboard.

    Well, the forums anyway, can’t say much for the front page since I’ve been avoiding it like the plague since MyLifeisanRPG has learnt that searching youtube for a video and sticking it up with a vague “check this out” counts as an article and has decided to “write” many many articles.

    Edit: this was not meant to be a double post but a reply to a specific post, but discuss derped. (In before infraction for being negative about discuss)

    • Luna Kazemaru

      >SRK does not need this, it’s a place where grown adults…..

      Yeah I stopped there…Lol SRK has grown adults? All is all I see is man children all over and poorly done trolling.

    • (In before infraction for being negative about discuss)

      Classy. Real classy.

    • Kaihedgie

      First sentence….had to stop there.

      SRK is a place where grown adults act juvenile, unable to articulate negative opinions without placing homophobic tendencies or “fraud”  in their comments.

      SRK is a place where grown adults pop a vein should anyone say anything remotely positive about Capcom, race to post something negative about the company on and on even after declaring that “they’re done with them”. They also prefer to instead communicate via name-calling or just plain calling them out with wild assumptions and accusations of being a “fanboy/bought out/member of a ‘defense force'”, followed by promptly ganging up on said people while at the same time exhibiting double standards.

      SRK is a place where grown adults encourage negativity and disparage people and question masculinity and fortitude where criticizing things such misogyny, rude behavior and all form of unpleasant manner is frowned upon

      This is speaking from personal experience, being harassed by some people for not being part of the hate bandwagon and even having someone dedicate their time to creating a mock/troll account targeted towards me specifically.

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