“New Direction” For Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning Says Teaser Website

By Ishaan . August 22, 2012 . 7:38am

Square Enix have opened a new teaser website for Final Fantasy XIII, titled “A Storm Gathers”. The site is part of Square’s upcoming Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary presentation, which will be held on September 1st.


As previously reported, this presentation will bring to light details about the next Final Fantasy XIII project. The website confirms once again that the development team will present “a new direction” for FFXIII’s lead Lightning character.

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  • doubletaco

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    Read: I’m not quite sure what to think about taking a character in a “new direction.” FF13 may have been a bit lackluster, but I liked Lightning.

    • $30632660

      I agree FFXIII might have been a trainwreck, but I like Lightning, aka Female Cloud ;p

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Well I wonder when they will finally detail Noctis and Prompto’s direction for Versus XIII.

    Hopefully there is NoHope* in Lightning’s direction. Stylish site.

    *NoelHope shipping

  • Zeidge

    Hope they eventually compile everything into a single game collection or something. 
    Will be much easier on my wallet if they do.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Yay…moar XIII…

  • We need a GILGAMESH Saga rather then this crap.  And that website is pretty crappy IMO.  But I’m sure the XIII brigade will love this up, cuz I’m sure XIII-2 set things right and didn’t turn everything on it’s head with nonsense.

    • LynxAmali

      -I’m sure XIII-2 set things right and didn’t turn everything on it’s head with nonsense.

      Made perfect sense.

      I enjoyed XIII and XIII-2. More so than I did IV and VIII which arel my all time favorite FF games.

    • Elemiel

       Holy cow, it’s Magius Necros! :O

  • Xapth

    A new direction…

    I’m still really hoping for a XIII-3… but I wonder what they mean by “new direction”?

    I hope it doesn’t mean the series is going to get the Kingdom Hearts treatment with a plethora of handheld spinoffs before the story actually gets somewhere.

    Maybe she’s going to cross over into Versus XIII or something totally unexpected.

    • Yerld_CK

      Gameplay style, I think.

      I don’t think it’s XIII-3. Lately, Kitase has been talking about action mechanics, such as his work on The 3rd Birthday (which was partly a trial to fix the problems on Dirge of Cerberus and prepare his team to take on a full-scale action game). He’s also spoken of the rise of action RPGs and suggested that his next work might not resemble XIII and XIII-2 in terms of battle system.

      An action-oriented spin-off for Lightning seems plausible to me.

  • Voltech44

    A new direction…anybody think that they’re hinting at a new FF movie, like Advent Children?  And maybe they’ll make it a prequel or something?

    Or maybe it’ll be 13-3 after all.  I feel like it could go either way, though.

  • New direction for Lightning…hmm i think she starts having girly feelings for Snow.

    • Crimson_Cloud

       Or better yet, falls in love with a new female lead. That would get a thumb up from half of the crowd. ^^

      • Preferable a vampire. That would add some extra sales from the Tween market.

        • How about adding free DLC with nekomimi? That should boost sales too.

      • Monsley

        Count me in if by “new female lead” you mean Fang. :D

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    “you can’t have Lightning without Cloud” -_- woo…

  • kool_cid414

    As long as the story is concluded the conflicts are resolved I’ll take whatever they’ll give me…. as long as it’s still on a system I own. *Edit* I also what to know what happened to noel and the world which is why I disagree with those who say the saga was completed with the end of13-2 and its dlc.

    •  And XIII-2 did that right?  What makes this any different?

      • kool_cid414

        Just so we’re clear I love this game and the series. What I meant was that the end of 13-2 and it’s dlc added more questions and made we want to find out what happened after the game ended.

  • Unlimax

    Not again . . . I love lightning but but …. That’s too much for the sequel ~ !

    Focus on Versus give us information release date anything .. I Beg You , PLEASE !

    Looking forward to TGS to see what will happen …

    • Luna Kazemaru

       Or they can get done with the projects they are on and not rush another game just because some people don’t like this saga which is funny seeing as how versus is apart of the saga in away.

      • Paradox me

        There’s nothing pointing to Versus XIII being a part of ‘Lighting’s Saga’. The 2011 trailer shows a painting of Etro, but that has more to do with it being a part of Fabula Nova Crystallis, not directly connected to Final Fantasy XIII.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          I stand corrected then but my other half of my comment still stands. Verues is something i am looking forward to it but i would love they get this saga done this rush the game. I get the fact people dislike this saga but really some people need to show some class and not trash the game. Not saying the peson i replied to or you are but you get my point?

        • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

          Hey paradox! and dont forget Nomuras quote about them having next to nothing in relation to another

      • Unlimax

         We know that already .. Do not pretend intelligence.We know you indulged in lightning story and like to know full details of the story ~ Lightning took her right from the sequel as well as should happen the same thing with Noctis and the rest of other games that did not take their right by ~ I respect your point of view in any case whatever way you think.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          *points down to my comment below* Also i don’t pretend intelligence but i do post with intelligence.

          • Unlimax

            Good to hear that from you ~ ^_^

  • hadjimurad

    hope it’s XIII-3, and hoping for a XIII-2 “international version” or something with all the DL content…

  • João Madalena

    Here’s hoping for this to be a movie concluding the XIII saga, don’t get me wrong I enjoyed both titles but enough is enough, time to move on to better things like Versus or the potential XV

    • LightZero

      A movie cost too much compared to a game. It would be too risky at that especially when they put all their resources in FFXIV 2.0. They need a guarantee sale and a game is the most likely scenario. Besides I want FFXIII-3 to be an actual game. I could use another good to decent game to play on my PS3 especially when the PS3 is very lacking in jrpgs. 

      • João Madalena

         You are probably right, one option is make it for Vita, less cost and less development time, although Vita isn’t selling well so they wouldn’t risk it. Even thought the potential FFXIII-3 is going to sell even less than FFXIII-2 but probably is fine for a quick cash-in

  • Yay, in a good way, but just yay. Final Fantasy XIII-2 was very enjoyable in my opinion, but I would like to see more on this project before I get too excited lol

  • 果林

    wheres my versus 13 SE

    • In development hell.

    • LynxAmali

       With Robot Alchemic Drive 2, True Mazinger Impact Great Chapter and Sakura Wars 6.

      Development hell.

      (I wish I was kidding.)

      • Godmars

        Actually there is another RAC2. Its a PS2, JP-only title by the name of Remote Control Dandy SF.

        (Please try not to drool and/or cry too much.)

        Also if there were ever a game needed a PSN re-release…

  • Xekyo

    Lightning cloud?  XD

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Hopefully Lightning is actually the main character this time around.

  • RmanX1000

    To quote a certain someone: “THE STORM IS HERE!”

  • Cephrien

    Okay that’s nice, but how about dat Versus XIII

    • Chiupon

       jav, i don’t think it’s christmas of 2099 yet!
      it will be our dying gift.

  • Godmars

    So they’re actually going to give her a personality, as apposed to just having her fume at the other characters for no real reason?

    I really miss the days company’s let – waited – for things like fandom to develop on their own. Pretty sure its been the fact that Square forced XIII, that they initially planned the f*cking trilogy and have mutated it into another KH’s, that’s ruined the franchise.  

  • I really hope they don’t ruin lightning as a character; I feel like they already did in XIII-2. Many people don’t like her, but i feel like she actually had a solid, realistic transformation within the game. 
    And I’d rather see versus then a new XIII game and a ruined character >m>
    and because versus just looks amazing.

  • I love Lightning and I cant get enough of her, hence I’m very happy they decide to make another game with her as the main character.

  • Please let this be Final Fantasy XIII-3… I don’t want it to be anything else, really…

    • Unlimax

      How About making XIII-4 & XIII-5 … & XIII-∞ to make you feel better !

      …. Nevermind , Support whatever you like !

  • theoriginaled

    3rd person shooter. calling it.

  • imaguni

    It’s a little unfair to completely write this off with virtually no details known, IMO, but I can’t help but be a little mixed. I liked XIII-2: the battles had better pacing and were fun, I had fun collecting fragments and exploring and I feel that gameplay was definitely more lively overall.

    However, I only liked XIII-2 until its ending: the game ended with many unresolved conflicts and unanswered questions  Not only that, but it felt as if all efforts amounted to nothing, like all the time spent had been a waste… and that’s a terrible feeling to end a game with, especially when there’s no sign of a way to make things right.

    I’ll reserve final judgment as details come, but I have many doubts.

    • theoriginaled

      A lot of sequels end that way especially when they know its to be extended into a trilogy. Classic example: Empire Strikes Back. And most people I know remember that fondly as the best of the lot.

      • imaguni

        That is true for sequels, but in XIII-2’s case, I feel that the amount of actual progression and conflict resolution simply isn’t substantial enough to at least tide audiences off until the next installment.

    • eilegz

       the real ending dlc and many plot DLC didnt help neither.

      FF should only feature optional dlc that its not story based

  • Clifford Michael

    There’s a slight wording difference, that I feel makes a huge difference. It’s not a “new direction”, it’s “new information about the direction”.

    Like I said, it’s slight, but it could mean a world of difference.

    • It says that underneath the giant caption that reads:


      So I do think they’re trying to get that new direction point across.

      • Godmars

        But how are they not just simply saying, “We’re doing a new story in the exact same universe with most of the exact same characters, instead of like we normally do with a whole new world and characters.”

        They’re being lazy in other words.

        • I don’t see how they’re doing anything different from what they said they would, right at the start of the Fabula Nova Crystallis project. They said they wanted to do multiple games. 

          Besides, Final Fantasy XV is probably being worked on in some capacity alongside these games as well. Just that it’ll take time for that game to come to the surface.

          • Godmars

            At this point we’re looking at two separate FF related projects not including Versus, FF14 and the FF10 remake where they originally announced three specific projects. They’re all over the place.  

            I mean, i don’t about others, but I’m really fed up with how Square has been doing things this gen.

          • Tien Ron

            how about you leave the company to do it’s job and stop criticizing them for not *cleaning their room*?

          • Godmars

            Given that Versus is likely lost under a pile of pizza boxes and soiled clothing – THEY DAMN WELL NEED TO CLEAN UP!!

      • Clifford Michael

        Oh holy clap do I feel like a schmuck.

  • KingGunblader

    Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. :P I’m not exactly bristling with joy at the thought of playing another XIII, but I like Lightning so I’m interested to see what this ‘new direction’ is.

  • Brimfyre

    So will they show another trailer of Lighting, maybe if stylized Greek Armor fighting some dude and get people all excited and then when the game comes out you are playing as her third cousin once removed, Pharah, and never get to play as her except in DLC?

    • Claire Oga

      I agree. FFXIII-2 was shitty. It was literally (in my opinion) a middle finger to my face after I played FFXIII.

  • Talbot

    I see clouds. I think a squall is coming. This means Cloud, Squall and Lightning are going to team up with the…Cloud of Darkness. That has to be it.

    Meanwhile, Square continues to do a great job of winning back fans’ trust. But the laws of the universe dictate that there is an opposing force to every act, and I suppose Square did just publish the wonderful Sleeping Dogs… =P

  • SuperSailorV

    The storm is here!

    … Almost.

  • I bet Toriyama is feeling excited in pants and wants to announce to whole world “WE MAKING FINAL FANTASY XIII-3!!!” before causing a mess in his pants.

  • Benny Tormoes

    End the “Trilogy”. I’m practically DARING for them to do it at this point.

  • Levin_Scorpius

    Pfft, we all know it’s obviously gonna be Final Fantasy XIII-0. I mean what else could it possibly be? XIII-3? Don’t be absurd! The ‘storm’ was already here back in XIII, so logically the ‘storm gathering’ is XIII-0, where you play as Lightning when she was a newbie in the Guardian Corps with Amodar and some other newcomer losers who will predictably die by the end.

    (of course let’s not kid ourselves here Toriyama is probably the director afterall so the real plot will be extraordinarily more stupid and feel like some crappy fanfiction, with a completely nonsensical plot that has nothing to do with the original, McBland-Hipster-Sephiroth being shoved in there as a villian for no real reason, and ultimately being hated even more by the fan-base then the previous. But at least the battle system will be slightly more playable!)

    Also for some reason Google Chrome believes Sephiroth’s real name is Josephine/Spirograph for some reason.

  • Brimfyre

    They also need to go ahead and close that obvious plot hole where we find out that Sarah is actually a young version of Lightning and she helped raise herself and pretended to be her own sister.

    • LynxAmali


      You’re joking, right?
      I don’t think I ever heard that.


      • Brimfyre

        Stop! Stop! Yes I made the whole thing up. No need to go through that extreme!

        Actually I did like XIII-2 a lot more than 1 but I like to make fun.

    • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

      Lol did that actually happen?

    • Cjs0511

      Whut…this is a joke right?
      Where the hell did you get that from?

      Edit: Oh wait you were joking, my bad

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    “The website confirms once again that the development team will present “a new direction” forFFXIII’s lead Lightning character.”Oh yeah Lightning. The character that appeared for so little in FF13-2 even though she was on the cover. I kinda expected that the hero would be Hope due to all his actions in the second game.

  • Tien Ron

    i’m actually amazed by the amount of hate for this game and it hasn’t even been shown yet and whats worst is some of these people consider themselves *fans?!!!*
    Brava SE keep doing what you’re doing please do not listen to what we fans have to say about the game,dont let us influence you into bad decision choices.
    I cant wait for this accouncement! 

    • FFmax

      ^Thank god for posters like you. I thought I was the only person that likes Final Fantasy XIII, this fanbase is a mess :(

    • TheFoolArcana

      The fans? Influence Square Enix into bad decisions?

      AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s rich. They made their bad decisions on their own.

      And being a fan =/= being a blind fanboy. When Square is fucking up, we’re gonna complain, because we know they can and should be doing better.

    • Godmars

      Hasn’t been shown yet? Its FF13. Its going to use the same assets only refined.

      It should be a different game in the series, a different story and different setting – which actually wouldn’t draw as much complaint from me at least – but because Square has to get it out as ASAP to milk the fanbase they aren’t putting any effort into making a new story and characters. Its become too expensive for them.   

  • karasuKumo

    Looking forward to whatever they have lined up for her, loved XIII-2 so as long as it is as good as or better, I’m happy. Ashamed to see so many people lose faith in the saga and lose respect for SE overall, personally I now judge them for their many achievements and not by their few failures.

    Also … for Etro’s sake, will you all stop complaining and demanding Versus information. They haven’t released any because of the expectations WE have built! Imagine having to deal with the pressure of releasing the next bit of Versus news and having to make it live up to the hype AND show a few years worth of development at the same time. Give them a break. Rant over ._.

    •  I’ll be honest. “We” demand information on vs13 because they have been so tight-lipped about it and letting info drip out at a rate of once every year. They left the fans to their own devices and with what little info supplied to build up expectations. Whereas if Square had given more info to begin with then the fans wouldn’t have been in the ravenous state they are now. Thus, Square only has themselves to blame for this.
      So honestly, no. I won’t give them a break because this has been such a huge tease as compared to the speed that they churned out the two FF13’s out now. While I’m no fan of the current set of FF13 games, I respect those who do love them. I just want to see FFvs13 at least still be alive and well within progress of being made though with rumors of it being turned into FF15.

  • eilegz

    i really enjoy the XIII series, part of it its gimped by its inception.

    The multiplatform change obviously afected the series overall, the graphics suffer, the content suffered and production overall couldnt keep up to today standards.

    Its hard to scale a bigger content and expansive story from previous FF compared to dumbed down current one, we have to understand that japanese industry overall its imitating the west and the quality drops because of it.

    I have hope that Versus bring FF to HD era without compromise and limitations…

    I really want XIII-3 to conclude the story and not gimp the game with DLC like XIII-2

  • The only directions Lightning needs are the ones to the nearest beauty salon. Seriously, it’s time to cut that white-trashy pony tail.

    • Lightning’s hair pretty fashionable if you ask me.

    • james douche

      lol thats sara lightning wears her hair down.

  • revenent hell

    hopefully they will add in some charecters id like to play and induce some empathy id probably even overlook the  in my view horrid battle system if they did that though I doubt it’ll happen.
    Ive liked the stories,barring XIII-2 kinda because it was just to much with the “time travel” premise ..I cant explain it clearly but it didnt seem to “fit” in to me with the orriginal XIII’s story(wich I did like when read just not in play) Keep to a good story that plays out well with emotion enducing charecters,other than hate and rage I might add,and this “fabula nova Final fantasy XIII” series MIGHT be redemable to me…Though I doubt that will happen as well…

  • LiamMusume

    Please don’t let this end up like the Kingdom Hearts Series with 100 spin offs


    I’m interested in this since i would not mind a continuation to the FFXIII series.

  • Hinataharem

    I don’t care what it is as long as I’m not disappointed.

  • keithmaxx

    It was really obvious from the sequel, but unless we see Lightning ending up destroying the world I don’t think it’ll be much of a “new direction”.

  • Go2hell66

    i really think they’re gonna do a movie…

  • Sardorim

    Can we stop with new directions and just flesh out the one that’s already there?

  • Alphabet Soup

    A new direction, eh?  OK…Lightning gives up the warrior life, marries a doctor/lawyer/firefighter (who is also a Time Lord so he is able to work all three jobs simultaneously) and has a brood of little Lightnings.  The next game will be a family raising sim/RPG hybrid.

    How’s that? :)

    • WyattEpp

      No. Lightning KEEPS the warrior life, woos Lady Jecht (more commonly known as Fang) in mortal combat and has a brood of little Lightning/Fang hybrids.  The next game is still a family raising sim/RPG hybrid.

    • Kevin Lor

       LMFAO your comment is just too funny! Can’t stop laughing

  • Yamaneko22

    No more Lightning, please…

  • Herok♞

    Between the blind hate and praise and the demand for Versus info( just let it take it’s course if they show off to much it won’t meet expectations and we will have a new DNF) I am surprised no one guessed that the new direction for Lighting could be as a Villain.

  • Ho boy. 

  • l777l

    Hopefully the new direction will be onto a highway, minefield, or down a cliff. Or maybe have her get struck by lightning.
    Lightning is one of the most boring main characters I’ve had to deal with. The rest of the XIII universe doesn’t really fare better. (I consider Agito/Type-0 and Versus to be distinct products/universes.)

  • *Facepalm* so much hate on this project before anything was announced yet smh.I for one am anticiapating the announcement of the game since I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy 13.I just hope that Square Enix dosen’t mess up on Final Fantasy 13-3 and they give it a proper conclusion to the trilogy…

  • Rogerrmark

    Some people just exist to brag about VersusXIII on every FFXIII news/posts/topics.

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