Dante Takes On DmC Devil May Cry’s Demon Newscaster In New Footage

By Ishaan . August 24, 2012 . 10:30am


In DmC Devil May Cry, demons have control of the media and use it to spread their propaganda. One way they do this is through Bob Barbas, a newscaster for the Raptor News Network—a not-so-subtle poke at a certain real-life news outlet—who publicly slanders Dante and The Order on the news.


Capcom showed off a new segment of in-game footage at their Gamescom presentation for DmC Devil May Cry recently, where Dante takes Barbas on in a boss battle in Limbo. You can watch this in the DmC presentation video embedded above (the part you want starts at 6:00).


DmC Devil May Cry will be released on January 15th, 2013. If you haven’t already, we’d recommend also watching this video that shows off the game’s new gauntlet weapons, and how they can be used in its multi-weapon combo system.

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  • Spirit Macardi

    Wow, a Bill O’Reily parody. That’s not going to be a pop-culture reference that people stop caring about in the near future and ends up making this game horribly dated, no sir :B

    You know, the original series may have some game mechanics that haven’t aged the greatest, but the stories still hold up because they were based on classic literature that has pervaded through the ages (The Divine Comedy, Paradise Lost, etc.) Of course mixing that material with some good old-fashioned nonsense and enough camp to rival The Rocky Horror Picture Show, because why not? x3

    Aside from mean-spirited political sniping, what basis does this have? I mean this question quite seriously: Does this new game have any parallels to mythology, literature, or anything beside current hot-button topics?

    • I think the question is more about whether or not it needs to. Not everything needs to make some sort of literary statement. So many of the best games are just dripping in pop-culture and what’s popular. 

      The Persona games and TWEWY both come to mind almost immediately. Sure, you could read a little deeper into Persona maybe, but I doubt most people would care to, just as I’m sure the vast majority of people even considered half the Devil May Cry references you’re talking about. :P

      • Spirit Macardi

        Reading deep into stuff is the entire point of Persona though. Those games are all about complex character-based narratives with real meaning and depth behind them, so it doesn’t really work as an example.

        Plus, what’s wrong with expecting something more intellectually engaging? If the old games did it, why can’t this one? The best stories are always the ones that hold up under finer observation. I’m not asking for Shakespeare (the old games were mostly just silly fun anyway), just something beyond “this thing exists right now, so let’s make fun of it!”

        • Yes, reading deep into the characters is the point of Persona, but I wouldn’t say that many people read into any literary influences behind the game. 

          The way I see it, Persona 4’s most obvious goal is to make you think about human beings and how imperfect they can be. It achieves that goal very well, but I don’t think people read into it beyond that, and that’s fine. 

          As for the “Why isn’t this game doing it” part… I think that’s just a creative choice. Ninja Theory already did a very obvious literary reference with Enslaved, so maybe they want to do something different with this game?

    • SirRichard

      Well, relating itself and commentating on current important topics in global news and politics, as well current culture and pop-culture isn’t a bad thing. In fact, if you’re clever with it you can make some genuinely great stories and games with plenty of nuance to them. 

      For instance, recent title Spec Ops: The Line does a damn good job of showing how war really is and goes a long way to deride the player for performing the atrocities and war crimes they commit over the course of the game. It also begins mocking and challenging the growing tendency of games to focus on the military and violence (one of the loading screen taglines is “To kill for yourself is murder. To kill for your government is heroic. To kill for entertainment is harmless.”, not exactly subtle, no). It takes what would be a generic cover-based third person shooter and turns it into a great, haunting game that wants you to look at yourself and what you’re doing.

      I’m not sure how I feel on DmC doing this; the way the developer/producer/whoever was talking from 6:00 on talks about it, it doesn’t sound like they’re trying to make a statement or force the player to think, it’s all just dressing and parody. Which is fine, and also can be quite fun and give your game a unique spin, but they don’t seem to executing it right. From interviews and such, they talk about it as if they’re going for a more serious thing that has a statement to make, but then you see the cutscene here where sensationalist news outlets are represented by a giant demon face made out of data.

      And the dialogue is trying to be goofy with the flipping it off and “I’m taking you off the air”, and it’s hindered by the delivery of the lines. The newscaster demon doesn’t sound particularly vengeful or angry or like he’s about to kill Dante, and Dante’s lines don’t fit his voice; he’s not particularly smug or even enthusiastic in what he says.

      I ran away with myself a bit here, but TL;DR what it’s doing isn’t bad, but how they’re doing it is iffy.

  • New Dante is still hilarious looking.

    Game will probably be fine

  • Domii

    Better late than never guys lol. While I saw this a while back, its always refreshing to see it again since it looks amazing. This Bob Barbas guy sounds like a pain in the ass. I can’t wait to beat him to a pulp.   

  • Shaun Huseman

    My god this game keeps getting worse and worse. Gameplay looks fun, but I just absolutely hate the story, character designs, and ideas behind it. Pop culture jokes thrown all throughout, reality tv shots, seriously the original DMC games essentially created it’s own elements and had a simple, yet serviceable story. DMC4, while backtracking was terrible, the story was a huge step up from the first two games (and I feel better than the 3rd which was a step up from the first two).

    And the Fox News bashing? Really. I love how everyone piles on Fox News (especially since this game is being made by a European company I believe), yet completely act like CNN and NBC are like the tellers of truth in the media. EVERY news outlet shows some bias, hence why different people watch different programs since they fall more in line with their beliefs. Yeah, the news should be completely unbiased, but it isnt anywhere. This is just another nail in the coffin for DMC for me. Not only because of the bias against one media outlet, but the fact they have to try and bring real world politics into the game. I hear enough about the news on the news, I dont want to play a game where they have to add “hilarious” satire into it.

    • Spider-Man

      DMC4’s story was a step up? Really? 2 and 4 easily had the worst stories in the series IMO. 

      • “I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with LAIGHTTTTTT!”

        • Bentan

           don’t forget the aweful manbra

    • Fr33Kingdom

      All news is bias but polls tend to show that fox news viewers are the most misinformed. So if fox gets more bashing it’s because they are at the bottom.

  • Dante Vs… Bill O’Reilly?

  • Peeka Chu

    I’m still rather on the fence with this. Seems like an Amazon fire sale buy.  I’m not being snarky, really, I’m just not certain I will enjoy it.  The whole reboot seems odd to me; like rebooting Bayonetta into a more story driven, brooding game.  Why? That destroys the fun to me.  Wait and see, I guess.  

  • cralling

    I don’t think that there is a problem with video games tackling current issues. It is hard to examine popular culture and the political climate of an age that we are currently living through. For all we know, the partisan politics and gross sensationalism of the past decade or so may be remembered as the zeitgeist of the early 21st century. The original dmc games did not have the greatest reverence for their source material and I don’t think the story contributed much to the games’ appeal. I think it had more to do with gameplay.

    Although I have been quick to defend this game in the past, the clip shown had me a little underwhelmed. There is no bite to the satire and the voice acting seemed lifeless. It would be nice to see ninja theory examine the consequences of our social mores (even if it is in a ham-fisted way) rather than simply tossing out references.

    All in all, I think the game will be pretty good. I have a feeling it will surprise a lot of people on the fence but probably won’t change the minds of those who set out to dislike it.

  • Spider-Man

    So the demo takes place during the middle of the game. I can see that Donte has several patches of white hair. Guess it’s from the constant use of Devil Trigger or something. 

    Regardless, gameplay is shaping up. And the story is far more interesting for me that DMC4 or 2’s. Still renting.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    ok kool looking boss fight 

  • Roubjon

    This game is doing some creative stuff, if it gets a good word I’ll probably check it out.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    the guy sounds like he can’t hide the fact he is worried that people wont like the game do to the negativiti it still has.

    Still feel that the platforming are a bit forced just for the sake of cinematic (his traveling to the tv screen felt to me really linear and forced on).
    Seems that boss fights will be acompanied of cursing, since both this one and the first (succubus) boss fight have gratituos cursing (although here is a LOT less than the succubus boss fight).
    The bits with helicopter camera could result in to something really bother some for some poeple (yeah, sure, sounds like a good idea on paper, but its doesn’t look so good in motion when you are fighting for your life)
    Hope they have time to upgrade the voice acting, since it’s feeling really off, like none of the characters really care about anything (or maybe they just picked the parts where the characters are just trying to hold their emotions off?).
    All in all, the game looks average, and the story seems meh, still might give it a rental, but not so sure about buying it.

  • ProfoundBadness

    Regardless of what you think about the design/gameplay, I think the one thing that is certain is that Tameem needs to never try his hand at writing scenario again. ‘Put a spin on this’ was cringeworthy. Donte seems to be written like a 12-year old on X-Box Live.

    • Fr33Kingdom

      I’m a little worried about the writing myself…some people think it’s the Voice acting but it really feels like the writing is the issue. Very hit or miss, sometimes it seems good or passable, nothing stellar yet.  

    • MrRobbyM

      I don’t think you’ve played with many actual 12-year olds on Live.

      I don’t think the writing is the problem as much as it is just the character Dante is.

  • Barbas as in.. The biblical Barabas?

  • Anon-non

    you can’t deny this looks amazing. i used to be a hater. i like the concept of demons responsible for the problems of modern society.

    • Thats the exact reason why i hate it, its political, its not crazy its not fun, and the gameplay is a mesh between god of war, enslaved and heavenly sword.

      for everything its doing its just a cheap knock off of what we as DMC fans deserve.

      • Anon-non

        the politics are just a base for which the concept of “what if all of the malice in the world are caused by demons” could stand on. in this example, if they wanna go into how twisted modern society is with how information is spread, you can’t NOT talk about news. basically, it’s all about the idea of having demons doing bad modern things, as opposed to the political commentary on what those bad things are. it’s a pretty cool concept. f games went political, they’d lose half the consumers. they’re not idiots.

        and gameplaywise, as far as i know capcom is in control of that. NT just develops it.  we can’t really judge gameplay until we actually play it. it’s not fair.

  • I have to say, with every new video I see of this game, more I am excited to play it. The gameplay looks awesome to me and I have to say I even like the dialogue. I smirked at the “Put a spin on this!” and “Segue into THIS!” even though they sounded a bit bad.

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    So they have replaced the classic DMC gameplay of searching for items through labyrinths (it did start as a Resident Evil game after all) with simple platforming.


  • LustEnvy

    Game looks great. Of course, with the overwhelming amount of whiny ass haters who can’t stop bitching about it not being old Dante, are gonna make this game flop. To everyone else who knows what a good game is, despite it being a reboot, this will more than likely be an under appreciated gem.

    • Gaara D.Dragon

      so, i just made a solid point of how they replaced the labyrinth gameplay with simple platforming and you are calling me a whiny ass hater without even trying to confront that point ?

      that is flaming sweetheart 

      • alastor3

        the labyrinth gameplay ?

      • LustEnvy

        Did I directly reply to your comment? No.

        That is called being self-centered, sweetheart. I was generalizing the overall tone of the anti-DMC whinefest that is prevalent all around the internet, not just here.

        Get a grip. This song wasn’t, in fact, about you.

        BTW, I hadn’t even read your comment, making all of this even funnier.

  • SeventhEvening

    “…Is less fantastical in terms of environment” he says after Dante finishes running upside down on a bridge that is in turn destroyed by a laser shot from a tower and leading to a platforming segment across bridge pieces that are inexplicably not bound by gravity and are floating through space.

    I’m not hating on the game or whatever for once, but this guy needs to look up what “fantastical” means. Adding a newscaster to a world of living buildings, flying platforms, demons and air jumping doesn’t make it suddenly grounded in reality. To me, the new DMC looks far more fantastical than the first three Devil May Cry.

    • Kyle D. Johnson

      You did catch the part where he was referencing the architecture, right? 

      You took that a little bit out of context.

      • SeventhEvening

        Oh, right, context. Except he doesn’t use the word architecture, he uses the word environment, which I included in my quote. But, why not, lets say he did say architecture. 
        I don’t know where you live, but in any of the countries I’ve lived, I’ve never seen a weird upside down bridge like that. I haven’t seen any tower architecture like that except….maybe in Lord of the Rings. I definitely haven’t seen a building with unrealistically massive CRTs on them either. And I’ve lived in Japan and Korea, two countries not afraid to attach TVs to buildings. The cityscape in the background doesn’t look less fantastic either. It looks like blade runner or something. 

        But I guess the architecture was too fantastic in the original Devil May Cry, right? Dante’s shady office that looked like a dive bar couldn’t possibly exist…. oh wait, actually, I frequent a bar that looks almost exactly like that. Or that castle! There aren’t any stone castles like….oh wait, actually, I’ve seen many stone castles that look a lot like that…. Aside from the fourth game, that was just a mess anyway, the architecture in Devil May Cry has never seemed fantastical. It was actually pretty normal most of the time and looks like places that existed. Even in the third game, which has a tower that came from the abyss or whatever. It was still pretty standard gothic stone work, the kind of stuff that….you know, isn’t all that fantastical. I love the art design in this trailer, and the boss fight with the floating cybernetic head is awesome and this is the first time I’ve ever seen assets from this new DMC that made me interested to play it. Actually, after watching this, I want to play it, which wasn’t how I felt a few weeks ago. 

        As far as environment and architecture, this is the most fantastical game in the series. Is it more contemporary? Yeah, probably. But, with the exception of the fourth game in the series, I felt like I was playing a game that was set in the same world I live in. The vibe and feeling of the first three games made me feel like demons were attacking Earth. My Earth. Looking at the assets and trailers for this game, I have no idea where it takes place. It looks like a future Earth, or maybe the underworld, or hell, maybe it takes place on a different planet. It is trippy and wild looking and I love it, but calling it less fantastical is completely disingenuous. It is less fantastical than a SUDA51 title and less fantastical than Bayonetta, but that’s about it.

        • Fr33Kingdom

          The guy made a mistake. He mistook gothic for fantastical for some reason. This game’s architecture is just more contemporary. This game takes place in two places, limbo, and the real world. Limbo shouldn’t feel familiar. It will be interesting to see how they make you feel connected to the real world.

  • Derek

    I have friends that dislike DMC because it’s cheesy but this takes it on a whole another level and I think they’ll reconsider after seeing this!

  • Bentan

     the demon newscaster looks like someone from Fox News :p

  • RupanIII

    Hah, I must admit I liked the inclusion of the Goldman Sachs line ‘Just doing God’s work’ in that demonic voice. This was the most interesting DMC trailer I’ve seen, so far as presentation goes (still prefer the original Dante though :P). I’m still skeptical it will go beyond being just an opportunistic/topical ‘f*ck you* though.

    Also, ‘sexual disease of the unholy kind’ lol as opposed to.. holy sexual disease?

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