Evil Cole MacGrath Joins The PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

By Ishaan . August 28, 2012 . 2:30pm

Another character has joined the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale roster—Evil Cole. This version of Cole can hit opponents with fire and electricity from afar, or get up close with incendiary strikes. He can also suck AP out of his enemies, and is described as an offense-heavy character. Take a look at him below:


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  • コルセット

    Clone characters already?  How disappointing.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. They really should be announcing completely new fighters.

    • Yes, because everyone complained when we had a normal Link and a Toon Link in SSBB.

      • zferolie

         Normal Link and Toon Link were different characters. They were clones in fighting style, which is what I disagreed with. Toon link should have played much different then normal link.

        This is the opposite. They are the same character, but different movesets.

      • But on the other hand, they also had characters that were effectively 2-in-1, like Zelda and Samus. 

        Edit: And the Pokémon Trainer if you want to count that, too!

  • MrJechgo

    So we have normal Cole, with electricity and possibly ice powers, and Evil Cole, with electricity and fire powers. Wel, as long as they don’t look like clones, I’m fine with it.

  • zferolie

    I know he’s not a clone in the way most people think he’s a clone… but I’m still calling him a clone. Yes, he fight’s completely differently then cole… but he is still Cole. We have 2 Coles in a game celebrating the diversity of the playstation history. Someone should have realized this was a stupid idea, and give the slot to someone, ANYONE else. I mean… where the heck are all the female characters?!

    •  Yeah… no Aya Brea or Regina from Dino Crisis just to mention some . But seriously like you mentioned, they are celebrating the “diversity” and not even Crash Bandicoot or Gex made it there >_> (at least Parappa made it u.u ).

      • Xeawn

        I want Lammy

  • RmanX1000

    Cool character, waste of a roster spot. Honestly shouldve been a alt skin for Cole. 

    • midgard229

      like that makes sense, he has different moves, so why would it be just an alt color? lol

      • LynxAmali

         It’s still technically the same character.

        In some fighters, it’s not really that hard to give characters alt costumes that vary their move sets.

        • midgard229

          i dont agree, In guilty gear, Sol bad guuy and Order sol are the same character but different moves, same with SF and evil ryu and normal Ryu, in tekken its Jin and devil jin, in dead or alive there is hayate and Ein, etc etc

          most fighters make it a seperate character so i dont know what your talking about.

          as long as the move list is different they dont count as a copy character.

          • LynxAmali

            A few fighters I play have alt costumes that alter the move set in addition to the appearance.

            That’s what I was saying.

            If it’s a character that’s vastly different in terms of play style, personality and/or appearance, then that constitutes a new character. But Evil Cole could have just been a costume with an altered move set, similar to how Saber has the Saber Lily costume in Fate/ Unlimited Codes for the PS2 and PSP.

          • midgard229

            But lily saber is just a different costume, she doesnt fight different -_-.

            if you noticed Alter Saber is saber but she is a seperate character so i think you shot yourself in the foot.

            same with Shiro and Archer, Same dude, different move sets

      • RmanX1000

        But does it really make sense to literally have the same guy twice? I will admit that im glad he has a completely original moveset and isnt like Mario and Luigi in Smash Bros. But seriously, what about Nathan Hale from Resistance? I mean the badass one. He deserves a spot.

        • midgard229

          nathan hale? as much as i like him, they already have killzone character. its just a shooter….for unique gun types ratchet is in there.

          personally i need to see cloud strife XD

        • Ty Austin

          Time and effort to reuse an already existing character =/= Time and effort to make a whole new one.

  • SirRichard

    inFamous 2 varied the sets of powers enough to change up gameplay a bit, at least, and they seem to be doing the same to distinguish them here beyond the fire/ice difference, I wonder how the roster’s faring given that they decided to have two versions of Cole. At least you can decide who’s better.

  • omeganeko

    The final finisher was epic. I’m kinda glad they put both versions of Cole but i guess they could have just give him a move that lets him switch moves instead.

  • ivanchu77

    There´s so many nice characters out there  that they could put in this game instead of this guy , I don´t care if he has different/cool gameplay or whatever, he is still Cole, a character that was already in the game so he is not needed.

  • Muffum

    Waste of a character slot, quite frankly. Why not just have one Cole and have him use solely electricity powers or all three powers? I don’t think there’d be as many people complaining “THIS IS SO NON CANONICAL” as there’ll be people complaining about the waste of a slot.

    Also, I find it funny that Evil Cole has to be designated as such, while Good Cole is just “Cole”.

    • Ty Austin

      I think the reason that he’s a clone would explain why they put him in, it takes less effort and it adds another character to the roster.  The time and effort it takes to reuse the same character versus making a whole new one are not the same.

      Similar to how Scorpion and Sub-Zero were created because they didn’t have the time or room to add a new character.  This isn’t a wasted slot, it’s most likely him, or nobody.

      • Chow

         I’ll say this again about Sub-Zero and Scorpion (and I bet it’ll get ignored YET AGAIN ;), but they were never really palette swaps to begin with.  Their character sprites were actually different in that Scorpion had his arm up and Sub-Zero had his arm across his chest.  How would that save space if they had to use entirely different sprites anyway?

  • Valtiel Ikari

    even if he has diferent moves, he still come off as a wasted roster spot, they could have made him change style in game, like Zelda changes to Sheik in SSB.

  • There are plenty of good, memorable Sony characters out there to choose from and you decide waste a spot on… EVIL Cole.

  • …What the hell?!
    We better get “Classic Dante” if there’s room for “Evil Cole”

    • MrRobbyM

      I’m afraid that would start a new World War

  • Laharl

    Sony could have used this game to show the strength of Sony’s first and 3rd party exclusives…

    But hey, Evil Versions and Reboot Characters from unreleased Multi-Platform games is just as good right?

    Because New Dante and Evil Cole are way better choices than Kazuma Kiyru or    or Parasite Eve… Or Even the old Dante who was PS exclusive at one point. 
    Even Big Daddy could be considered a Rep for Bioshock Vita, so at least that kinda makes sense.

    • Xeawn

      Aya or Kazuma would be way beyond awesome :D

      • Laharl

        Kazuma has tons of moves available, Hand to Hand master, environmental master, even Gun play.
        I see Aya kinda like Jill from MvC2. Use Overdive to dash around like Jill, Summon NMC as attacks, even use guns and PE energy.Level 1: Daniel Punch (PE1 fans will know what I’m talking about)Level 2: Inferno (Surround Aya in a huge tornado of fire)

        Level 3: At the Opera/Liberation (Teleport to the Opera intro of one, and have EVE appear on stage and sing, Lighting enemies on fire while Aya turns onto her liberation form, killing all foes in one hit)

  • Domii

    Hmmm I don’t know about this game. So far I haven’t seen enough memorable characters to make this a day 1 for me. We’ll see, maybe they’ll have something good to show at TGS.

  • Ben Sylvia

    Unlike most everyone it seems, I welcome the non-canon version of MacGrath, aka “The Demon of Empire Citae” It’s important for you to pronounce that last word the way its spelled, preferably with a southern accent.  Looses the effect otherwise.

    I kinda like how his level 3 has him channel power from The Beast.

    Although a part of me kinda wishes you could just switch between fire and ice on regular Cole.

    Other than that, was that a stage based on the plane crashing in the desert from Uncharted 3?

    Edit: And still hoping for a Folklore stage/character. And maybe Demon’s Souls.

    • Xeawn

      Keats would be amazing :D

  • doemaaan

    lol, i’m still waiting on some square-enix-japan characters. how naive of me?

  • Herok♞

    They could have at least made him the unused cole redesign, but whatever it really doesn’t matter.

    • Colonel Custard

       Honestly, two Cole’s is fine with me considering that Brawl and Melee used two Links.

  • Kris

    Man, I love Cole (more than any other Sony character, TBH) but there’s still something that looks off to me about the way PSASBR plays. I know there’s talent behind it, but I need to put some time into a demo or something before I’ll be convinced to purchase it.

  • rinalicat

    Two things:
    1. I’d play against the two with Star Wars music playing in the background. Dunno why.
    2. I’d LOVE to see Gitaroo Man as a playable character! It seems unlikely but it would be so AWESOME!!

  • Fitzkrieg

    Waiting on the Dark Knight Artorias.
    I’m going to be waiting for a while.

  • Klaus00

    im beginning to doubt the spots for Dart(legend of Dragoon) and Leonard(white knight chronicles) are gone 

  • Chow

    I’m actually surprised that they didn’t call Evil Cole “Infamous Cole” and Cole as “Hero Cole”, as those were his designations while he was on opposite sides of the Karma meter.

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