“Black Rock Shooter” Is One Of Hatsune Miku Project Diva f’s Last Two Songs

By Ishaan . August 29, 2012 . 6:00pm

The last two songs from Hatsune Miku Project Diva f’s tracklist have been revealed—“Black Rock Shooter” by ryo (supercell) and “Yume no Tsuzuki” by Dixie Flatline. You can watch the video for Black Rock Shooter below:



Hatsune Miku Project Diva f is available in Japan as of today. Here’s the full list of all 32 songs in the game:


“Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!” by daniwell

“Weekender Girl” by kz (livetune) / Hachioji-P

“Eh? Ah, sou” by Chouchou-P

“World’s End Umbrella” by Hachi

“Secret Police” by Buriru

“Dye” by AVTechNO

“Time Machine” by 1640m-P

“Left Behind City” by 40m-P

“Negative Positive Continues” by sasakure.UK

“Acute” by Kurousa-P

“Odds & Ends” by ryo (supercell)

“Freely Tomorrow” by Mitchie M

“Cat Food” by doriko

“Netgame Addict Sprechchor” by Satsuki ga Tenkomori

“What Do You Mean?!” by Kuchibashi-P

“Megane” by Ultra-Noob

“Remote Controller” by Jesus-P

“Fire Flower” by halyosy

“Summer Idol” by OSTER project

“Hai wa Hai ni” by Tennen

“Nostalogic” by yuukiss

“World’s End Dancehall” by wowaka

“Unhappy Refrain” by wowaka

“Melancholic” by junky

“Monochrome ∞ Blue Sky” by Noboru↑

“Divine Comedy” by Onew-P

“Hachi Hachi Flowery Battle of Kagamines” by Moja-P

“Tengaku” by Yuuyu

“Stay With Me” by shu-t

“Sadistic.Music∞Factory” by [email protected]

“Black Rock Shooter” by ryo (supercell)

“Yume no Tsuzuki” by Dixie Flatline

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  • Budgiecat


  • kisunoyami

    You know, this is cool and all but what’s the point of telling us what songs are going to be available on the new Miku Hatsune game if….North America isn’t getting this game? ;u;

    Such a tease.

    /continues to play demo versions of Miku Hatsune games/

    •  This is the cruelty of the internet =_=

    • ragnarok989

      There’s always the incredibly INCREDIBLY unlikely chance that Sega will consider the reaction to the demo on the E3 floor to be worth releasing here. It’s not much work for localization, could be done in a week probably. It’s the song rights that would be the problem but I’m sure they’d get a profit of it since Miku is getting popular here too now

    • Curan_Altea

      People like me who shelled out nearly 7,000 yen for the game……..

    • I actually do a lot of importing, like that Silicon covers stuff that’s happening in Japanese gaming since my Japanese is good enough to play a lot of these games, but not enough to actually follow any websites.

      That said, the game is pretty importable, and from what I remember of the other Project Diva games, is playable with very minimal (no?) Japanese.

      I’m just really sad that they didn’t put it up on the PSN store last night.  Now I have to wait for next weeks update to download it, and here I was thinking I was pretty smart and beating all the importers to the punch.

      • Locklear93

        In response to your “no?” in parentheses, PJD requires some Japanese knowledge if you don’t want everything to be guesswork in the menus, and the new features are a little heavy on Japanese compared to the rest of the series.  BUT, if you don’t mind experimenting, it can be figured out, and the core game really requires none at all–the tutorial’s pictures make clear the handful of tricks the game can play on you that you might not guess (double presses, the new scratches, etc.)

        tl;dr: No Japanese required unless you don’t want to deal with experimenting.

    • Vita is region-free, and Project Diva doesn’t require any Japanese knowledge. This is pretty much the perfect candidate for importing.

    • JMaster3000

      Well its stupid for me to know what songs are in it.
      The first time i played Project Diva on PSP, i didn’t know about Miku i just got hands on the game and while playing i was hyped what kind of song is it gonna be :D
      But knowing all the songs is gonna have is just not ok…..
      They could add a BIG SPOILER!

  • Alright… now if they give Miku a brs costume everything will be perfect, And BGS for Luka…. seem appropriate.

    • And Strength for the Kagamine twins.

  • PoweredByHentai

    My Project Diva F has been shipped!  No idea when it will actually arrive because it still needs to clear Los Angeles Customs.  Soooooooooo excited.  XD

    • There’s a demo on PSN to tide you over until it arrives.

      • PoweredByHentai

        I’ve got Time Travelers to tide me over until it arrives, but thanks for the suggestion!  :D

      • Kefkiroth

        Sadly 1.80 firmware forces you to format your memory card before restoring (so you can access your JP account to get the demo)… I was so excited to try it out.

        • RaikageV

          I was planning to download it rather than importing it. But I have to delete all my savegames in order to access the Japanese PSN?
          Can’t you just take the memory card out and put it in again after formatting? (I can’t test it myself at the moment, so I’m asking.)

          • Kefkiroth

            You are forced to format or the card simply isn’t recognized when you take it out and put it back in.
            The only way is to have multiple backups or multiple memory cards.

          • RaikageV

            K, thanks for the reply.
            If I import the game (the retail version), can I play it without beeing forced to use a Japanese PSN account? Can I play it with my EU account?

          • Kefkiroth

             @RaikageV:disqus Yes, you can. Vita is region-free after all. You just won’t get access to Japanese DLC.

  • Anime10121

    That was actually…

    Pretty frekin awesome!  Brought back so many memories from the awesomeness of the BRS OVA!  While I’m not big on the whole Vocaloid/Miku thing, the designs for Miku are usually pretty awesome and this video, it’s a perfect music video!

    •  If you liked the OVA you should try thr TV series. It’s much much better.

      • Anime10121

         While I did like the TV series, I LOVED the OVA, I thought that the OVA was much better in art direction and story.

        •  The OVA trumps the TV… i cringed quite hard watching the BRS TV series… the character just felt IDIOTIC… the OVA wasn’t too different, at least it wasn’t a once a week thing… BRS TV series had such a weak story, it was like trying to be serious but failed pretty hard…

  • ThatAzure

    Really nice :D. I love Black Rock Shooter XDDD~ I just wish that Miku were wearing a BRS costume or something :P

  • This game looks great. The only song I wanted and didn’t get in was Yume Yume. I hope they announce the PS3 ver. release date soon.

  • Bruno Cesar

    Is this version new? Maybe it’s just me but it sounds kinda different from the original and 2m mix versions.
    Edit: Yeah, definitely different. Was it released before? I really like it.

    • superdry

       It’s like a remixed or re-recorded version of the 2m mix – notice that the drum patterns are very similar, but the original had simpler sounding drums.

  • Visa Vang

    @ 2:29

    Yeah, I was waiting for that. They really changed a lot on this BRS version, lyrics, voice, rhythm. The first original is still the best though. Hopefully they Project Diva F will have Rock’s costume too.

    • superdry

       This version of BRS is the same that was used as the OP for the TV anime which in itself is a redone version of the BRS remix that came on the Kotchi Muite Baby / Yellow single.

      •  Pretty sure it was Miku who got ryo into the limelight. Melt, BRS, Koi ha Sensou (Love is War), and one more song. Melt and BRS both had 2m-mix version (a remix that’s BETTEr than the original imo) to commemorate 2million mylist on nico.

    • Locklear93

      Is the “original” you’re referring to the version on “Supercell?”  That’s actually my least favorite track on Supercell, so I’m curious if there’s another version with which I’m unfamiliar.

      • Visa Vang

         Supercell is Ryo. There’s the original, the upgraded Miku voice version, the TV animation version and this one. At least that what I know.

        • PoweredByHentai

          ryo is the songwriter and leader of supercell.  I believe that Yanagi Nagi was what propelled supercell into the spotlight with her voice on Bakemonogatari’s “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari” up until her departure in 2011.

          I like both supercell and Yanagi Nagi, but man, Yanagi Nagi’s voice really puts me at ease.

          The new vocalists for supercell are wonderful in their own ways as the Guilty Crown anime’s OP/ED songs will demonstrate.  Also, EGOIST is still supercell, except that it uses the other vocalist.

          supercell (w/ Yanagi Nagi):

          supercell (w/ Koeda):

          EGOIST (aka supercell w/ Chelly):

          • superdry

             More like using Hatsune Miku propelled Ryo into the spotlight.  Yanagi came much later – she did help further his popularity though.

          • So Yanagi Nagi not in supercell anymore IIRC? Did she join any group atm??

            Koeda and EGOIST are not bad too. Especially The Everlasting GC and My Dearest.

          • PoweredByHentai

            Yeah, Yanagi Nagi left supercell last year.  She’s on Geneon’s payroll, I think, and has been working with key/VisualArts or more specifically with MAEDA Jun.

            They released an album not too long ago:

        • Kevadu

          Pretty sure he was referring to the album named “Supercell”, which has Black Rock Shooter on it.  And I agree with Locklear93, actually.  It’s definitely one of the weaker tracks.  I never really got why it was so popular.

  • superdry

    The inclusion of BRS makes the game even more awesome.  The only criticism I have for the video is really no BRS herself interacting with Miku – that would have been cool. But, the BRS related stuff in the vid is a nice touch though.

  • Syltique

    Shipped yesterday!

    • Locklear93

      I got lucky and mine arrived today.  Now I just have to quit playing long enough to sleep. >_<

      • PoweredByHentai

        Sleep is for the weak.  >:D

        •  Lack of sleep can make you weak too =P

          • Locklear93

            I’m trying to find the value of absolute weak; the point at which one can get no weaker. <_<

  • junjoontea

    I love the songs in this game, but I’m still kinda bummed that there’s only 32 songs. I feel like the other games had more songs, either way, still looking forward to my copy~ I think the last song to be uncovered will be 39 by Deco*27! It was played at their Project Diva f concert at Yokohama bay as an encore. 

    Some screenshots I took during the livestream: 




    • junjoontea

      to those that are wondering, the whole concert was projected on water, hence why the image kinda looks off. I dunno, maybe it was because I don’t know how to turn on higher quality streaming D: but yeah, it was really cool, gigantic Miku was awesome

  • Wait…. where BRS and her frenemies fighting w/h each other???? XD

    And lol, all of this is just actually Miku facing her fear on the stage. Just like the BRS anime. At least her “otherself” gets to “save” her w/out resorting to cutting heads off lol. Yeah, I loved the BRS anime.

    Hmm… it sounds a bit different this time around though.

  • Learii

    wow this song just made me want to get the game

  • Locklear93

    Fun thing to try when your copy of Project Diva F arrives: Go into Miku’s room, and tap her on the touchscreen for a closeup–then swirl your finger around her head really fast.  She tries to keep up with your finger, and gets annoyed with you. <_<

    • Equus

       I’ll have to see this when my copy arrives.  ^.^

  • miyamoto

    oooooooooooohhhhh yeeeeeeeeeahhhhhh!

    BRS coming to PSN this Fall! Thanks Exceed

  • Sammy Garner

    Sega needs to bring HATSUNE MIKU to the US n STOP PLAYIN’.

  • Kezi

    It was shipped!! I anticipate it coming in the mail, but i’m not sure how long it’d take to come. I’m not gonna check the mail box every day like i did when i was waiting for my vita though. My mom knew how much i wanted it so she hid it when it came so i could clean my room T_T

  • (✿❛◡❛)ノ:..。♦♫♦* My fingers will be busy when I get my hand on this game. (Still scared of how the nyan song will play haha)

  • RaikageV

    I already decided to buy it (as soon as I’m back from vacation) and now even BRS, one of my three favorite Miku-Songs, is in it? That’s just awesome. Just thinking of the game makes me happy.
    I can’t watch the video because of my extremely slow internet connection (currently online with my smartphone) but I guess it’ll be at least 20% cooler when I see it in the game the first time. :D


  • Göran Isacson

    So I might as well ask the question here: what IS Black Rock Shooter? A Vocaloid AU? I get that it’s a song sung by Miku, but what about it made it this giant THING all on it’s own?

  • Downloaded this at 12:00AM JST time. FREAKIN AWESOME.

  • Maia Kasoya

    Well, the B★RS PV certainly has the main themes of Black★Rock Shooter, chains and checkerboards, and the blue flame eye, along with some references (or throwbacks?) to the original Black★Rock Shooter PV, the OVA, and the TV Animation.
    And is that Insane B★RS at 1:58?

  • Rolling Guy

    This would be even better if there was a BRS costume/module.

    • Amy Nguyen

      Wait! So they’re not gonna have a BRS module? :ooo I thought they just didn’t show it :(

      • Rolling Guy

        I didn’t say anything about the game not having it. I’m just not sure if it’s in the game. I’m as clueless as you are. :P

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