New E.X. Troopers Trailer Shows Off Nintendo 3DS Footage

By Ishaan . August 29, 2012 . 9:15am

Nintendo showed off a new trailer for the Nintendo 3DS version of Capcom’s E.X. Troopers at their Nintendo Direct presentation last night. This version appears to show off 3DS-specific footage, which we haven’t seen in a while. Watch it below:



E.X. Troopers, which is actually a Lost Planet spin-off, will be released on the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 3 on November 22nd. The PlayStation 3 version has online play, while the Nintendo 3DS version is restricted to local multiplayer.

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  • Man, this game looks ridiculous even on the 3DS.  

    Though, like every other heavily compressed video trailer, I’d much rather wait to see actual gameplay in front of my eyes on an actual console.  Compression really likes to mess with the actual rendering of graphics.

    • This is especially a problem with portable systems. All games, whether they’re on DS, 3DS or Vita, look more vibrant on the actual system than they do in screenshots. Certain PSP games, too.

  • Rentekabond

    Did they get the same girl that Says “Bayonetta…” on the title screen for this game?

  • eilegz

    the game looks great, in many aspects the art direction and the comic feel fits very well the 3ds graphics, the gameplay looks fast and fluid, Cooperative seems to be very fun and addictive this game looks to attract more western gamers but art direction could attract japanese gamers too seems like a win win situation here

  • So much Shounen Powah!!! (Tht a good thing 4 me btw)

    But still, I wonder how shounen/anime will this go…. And why do I have a feeling tht lots of plot twist ala GC will be used?? 

    Localisation, yo. Can I be greedy and want this and LP3??

  • Godmars

    I’m just wondering if the PS3 version will be any different. 

    • SantiagodelosSantos

      The ps3 footage shows that the game looks essentially the same on both platforms. The only difference is resolution and the 3DS version doesn’t have online for some reason. 

  • Shadowman

    The music for this game is awesome I think I see this game getting localize anytime soon.

  • Yohanan

    Looks nice, reminds me of Okami and is it true they used the assets of Megaman Legends 3 with it?No bs, seems like a good fit.

  • I really pray for a localization for both versions. I mean the game and music just look and sound like so much freakin fun lol

  • margherita mastropaolo

    anyone knows if this will make it to europe and the states?

  • Is the PS3 version retail or PSN?

    • Code

      This footage is from the 3DS version >o>

      • I’m sure I’ve seen this footage already and I guess it’s the usual PR-footage. I highly doubt that’s the 3DS version -_-
        Ninty used PC/360 footage of multi platform games at E3 as well, so it would not be unusual.
        Or both versions look identical indeed. In that case kudos to Capcom.

        • Code

          Definitely the 3DS version, even watching the footage you can tell it’s a big scale difference between it and the PS3 version. Much lower resolution than the build running on PS3 (watch the trailers side by side) but also you can see the button indicators in-game, and the scale of the hud is made for the 3DS.

          • Thanks for investigating =)
            Capcom is developing the game, right? I’m not following the news closely, so I dunno. In that case I’m not surprised as Capcom produced the single best looking game on 3DS which will probably remain the graphics benchmark for a very long time.

            Honestly, I’m a happy Vita owner and a somewhat happy 3DS owner (Ninty’s region locking is simply draconian) but Biohazard Revelaitions (sic) looks better than anything on Vita yet. Uncharted looks nice, but the massive sub-qHD-ness does not do the image quality any favors.

            Guess ACIII: Liberation and NFS: Most Wanted will be the first Vita games to show what the hardware is capable of (in open world environments). Until then Revelations remains the mobile graphics king. Well, Killzone Mercenary will probably snatch that crown and remain a visual benchmark for handhelds for a long time,

          • I’d agree with you about Revelations, were it not for the fact that it has a few slight framerate issues in one or two of the environments. On the other hand, Monster Hunter Tri G both looks gorgeous and consistently seems to run at a framerate higher than 30fps. 

            I don’t know what sort of voodoo Capcom have going on with their 3DS development, but yeah, they already seem to have mastered the hardware.

          • Lots of credit has to be given to their engine. I think MT Framework is a great multiplatform engine. It’s low-profile because only Capcom’s own studios develop on it. It’s a shame as DmC, which needs constant frame rates to be enjoyable, is developed on UE3; I fear for the worst on PS3, still buying it nevertheless in support of Ninja Theory.
            MT framework produces beautiful visuals on consoles but it really shines on PC. Dialing detail up to eleven is a sight to behold.

            It must’ve taken genius coders to port MT Framework in its mobile iteration to 3DS. SSFIV looks almost as good as 360/PS3 footage sans detailed backdrops.
            I’m amazed how efficient their engine is and how well it scales. If Capcom can produce such amazing visuals (Revelations) with few performance issues on 3DS, which hardly uses bleeding edge state-of-the-art hardware that early in 3DS’s life cycle, then I can’t wait what they will be able to deliver a few years down the road or what they can do with Vita.

            My impression is that Capcom take all the flak for DLC (they’re a business, not charity) but that nobody points out their merits. I’m looking forward to their next announcements and I’m hyped for DmC and Remember Me, both look ace.
            Maybe some new IP will be announced at TGS, who knows.

            edit:// forgot to mention that Capcom are probably the most experienced major publisher/ developer on mobile gaming. They’re not specialists but they constantly deliver high-quality handheld games (e.g. MH). Guess they take their time to learn the hardware properly and usually their games are solid performers.

            I can’t comment on MH, as I never played it but I take your comment at face value. Beautiful visuals and constant 30fps, what’s more to ask for on a handheld.

          • sandra10

            Revelations doesn’t look better than anything on the Vita. Even if you think Golden Abyss looks worse (it doesn’t), you can look at Wipeout 2048 (runs at native res or pretty close to it) and see a clear difference.

          • Nah, I said: “Uncharted looks nice, but the massive sub-qHD-ness does not do the image quality any favors.
            Guess ACIII: Liberation and NFS: Most Wanted will be the first Vita games to show what the hardware is capable of (in open world environments).”

            It means U:GA looks good but the image quality suffers. The game is running at approx. 56% of Vita’s native screen buffer. GA runs at 720*408 pixels, while Vita’s native resolution accounts for 960*544 pixels. in numbers: 293.760 px versus Vita’s native 522.240 px.
            The image simply looks blurry, hardly pristine. The difference is immediately apparent when compared with games running at native res.

            That’s basically what my comment boils down to. Vita’s screen is gorgeous, so games look amazing. But besides U:GA and Wipeout 2048 there’s really not any game that pushes the hardware. Some of the Japanese titles like Tokushu Houdoubu (Special Report Division) are striking in an artistic way, but they don’t push many 3D polygons.

            Hope you understand my comment better now.

          • Yeah, MT Framework really is pretty marvelous. It’s unfortunate that Capcom won’t license it out to other developers, but I completely understand why. Doing so would require a lot of additional resources in the form of a tech support group and the complications that come with that. It’s the same reason id Software don’t care to license their tech.

            I’m also in full agreement about the part where people love to give Capcom a hard time for things that I feel ultimately don’t matter. At the end of the day, I can blindly pick up a Capcom game, no matter what platform it’s for, and 80% of the time, it will be both fun and interesting. There are very few other developers I can put my faith in like that. Regardless of what platform they’re working with, Capcom always put effort into their projects.

            They’re also a really good balance of Eastern and Western, which is another thing I love about them. I know some people want them to go full-on hardcore otaku Japanese and start releasing yearly Onimusha games and a new Okami every month, but that isn’t how the world works. 

            Given the state of today’s industry, Capcom are probably the most culturally-balanced developer out there, aside from maybe Nintendo. Not even Square Enix have a handle on the worldwide market the way Capcom do.

          • SE are getting way out of touch lately. Believe me, they’ll churn out FFXIII-3 before vXIII. They don’t seem to be developing internally anymore either. KH:3D was the last internally developed game by SE AFAIK. I’m just interested in Versus, didn’t even bother with international versions of XIII or its sequels.
            Gonna be interesting to see what they make of Luminous Engine and what their plans for future titles are. Some more Japanese-centric games couldn’t hurt. Lately it seems SE want to cater to westerners only.

            Capcom are really unique as they offer new IP (Dragon’s Dogma, Remember Me) and are not afraid of mingling with western developers. I think outsourcing DmC to Ninja Theory was a stroke of genius. Using UE3 obviously wasn’t, but there aren’t any alternatives. The script is written in Japan if I’m well informed, so the classic cheesy story and snarky one-liners are a given. NT may not be the most tech savvy developers (screen tearing and dropped frames are probably to be expected) but they know their gameplay and narrative. What I’ve seen of DmC so far looks ace and I intend to pick the game up once I’m back in Germany in March.

            It’s as you said: pick up a game by Capcom and there’s a high probability you will enjoy it. Heck, they even pitched the idea for Asura’s Wrath ^^

            Regarding the engine: I’ve read similar issues with outsourcing a proprietary engine to other studios with the Naughty Dog Engine. After Uncharted 2 shipped lots of developers wanted to license ND’s tech and they actually intended to comply. Soon they realized, however, that it was simply not possible. They have a specific infrastructure and development farm network that can’t be replicated outside the studio consequently making the engine useless to other studios.

            I guess it’s exactly the same with MT framework. Development wouldn’t be smooth outside of Capcom and would probably cost them more to consult than they would’ve earned by licensing fees.

  • Code

    Looks colorful and loud, I’d probably give it a shot >w<; Honestly though makes me reminiscent of 2005 uwu;; I'm kind of curious though if the game will have character customization at this point o3o; Seems like an obvious include for multiplayer, but maybe not~

  • This actually looks really cool, kind of reminds me briefly why Capcom was once so close to my heart. Very odd choice to suddenly branch out their otherwise super serious and not super popular franchise into a weird anime style thing, when they have plenty of weird anime style franchises (cough cough MEGAMAN cough cough) they could have just tied this into. Capcom confuses me constantly.

  • puchinri

     Ohhh my goodnesss~. So pretty. And badass. And fun. Er, fun looking, anyway. I really hope this gets localized! TTvTT

    Also, totes will get both versions, without a problem. And the 3DS versions looks really nice, so I’d probably main it~.

  • aoihana

    I think I’m about done praising E.X. Troopers’ stylish presentation, but that music, man. I love it! I honestly hope that a lot of the music in the PV’s make it to the BGM, because it truly fits the anime-esque style. 

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