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A First Look At Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

By Ishaan . September 1, 2012 . 3:00pm

This past week, Kojima Productions and Konami announced Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, the next major Metal Gear Solid game. Developed using Kojima Productions’ new Fox Engine, the game serves as a prologue to Metal Gear Solid 5, and is an open-world game. Here’s your first look at it:



Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is meant to evoke a feeling of origin, according to series creator, Hideo Kojima, who will be designing the game himself.


Ground Zeroes is in development for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 (and the game was shown running on PC), but Kojima Productions say they’re working on next-generation as well.

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  • SantiagodelosSantos

    So wiiu as well? Since it is next gen

  • thaKingRocka

    The game itself has just under a minute on display. It starts at about 9m20s.

    • malek86

      What was visible looked pretty good for consoles. Models and textures weren’t particularly great, but the lighting was impressive. And I guess shadows and lights are most important in a stealth game.

      Apparently this was running on PC, but with PS3-like specs. If they are making next-gen versions too, models and textures are gonna look a lot better on those, and probably on PC too. But I guess they don’t have them ready to show yet. Too bad.

  • topdog2007

    necked snake is back big boss is going to kick butt and take names  

  • Godmars

    So Square will repeatedly show trailers behind closed doors from the public *YEARS* in advance any major release, while Kojima does this.

    This is why Kojima is Kojima, and why Square needs to be forgotten. Put back into a place where they need to earn respect.  

    • Paradox me

      This has absolutely nothing to do with Square. This is Metal Gear. Don’t drag your anger for some other company into Metal Gear.

    • Luna Kazemaru

       Whats this comment even called for? -_- what the hell does this have to do with square.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Leave the blind hate for a company elsewhere and please read the topic before posting. You have been here long enough to know our rules. Warned.

      • Godmars

        More an expression of frustration than hate. Right now both companies are showing off titles, but where Konami is showing off initial glitz, the graphics and hints of story, Square just feels like they’re blundering again. Doing damage control for XIII instead of what they really should, which is leave it alone, let it die, and move on.

        • Luna Kazemaru

           so they should stop 13 because you dislike it?

          • Godmars

            They should stop because 13-2 sold less than 13, same as this one will likely do because, regardless of title, its still connected to a story some just weren’t interested in.

            They don’t have to do Versus, but they should give FF13’s cast a rest.

            And that’s my last on the subject. Here at least anyway.

          • Herok♞

             All I want to say is a sequel a love it or hate it game always sells less because some people love it and others hate it, other course it won’t sell as much because the audience is established, most sequels sell less then their predicessors, and all numbered FF games sell like crazy, with their sequels and prequels selling alot less so by the it sold less logic they would never do anything to continue main game plot.

    • Herok♞

      Square never shows the public everything and nor does Kojima you are forgetting that the gameplay was cut off  for the public and the press got to see 3 more minutes of footage with vehicle riding and helicopters, that we only got to  see because someone was recording it, and it might be taken down.

  • konsama

    My god that was… and… god when i saw chico there and stuff… i can’t even…god!

    This is gonna be the MGS we were all waiting long, and seems it will also make good justice to MSF instead of a just a big time jump. GOD wanna play this!

  • alexis cortes

     Looks AWESOME!!!  but I wonder, why does it say “the game serves as a prologue to Metal Gear Solid 5” as if MGS5 already exists?

    • Godmars

      As far as anyone knows MGS5 could take place in the 21st, 2000+, century where this is 20th, 1960~70. With the event of one setting the stage for the other.

      • Eliézer Dos Santos

        He’s probably talking about Peacewalker that was made as MGS5, but since it’s not officially labelled as that, they could change it anytime.

        The same thing happened to Shin Megami Tensei – Strange Journey that was unofficially SMT IV in the production stages.

        • alexis cortes

           I thought so too, because I think Kojima himself called peacewalker “MGS5” at some point, but when I saw Big Boss and how old he is now, this can’t be a prologue to PW, but rather a sequel, otherwise he would look younger.

  • AJ

     So…what happened to “Kojima doesn’t have to make Metal Gear anymore”?  He could be doing something interesting right now.  Don’t get me wrong.  Metal Gear is alright, but when the creator is tired of it isn’t that a sign?

    He’s honestly wasting his talents, man-power, and money right now.  You mean to tell me that through his entire career of 25 goddamn years he hasn’t thought of any other new IPs?  I’m waging a bet that every time Metal Gear jumped the shark, that was a resource of some new IP that got scrapped because Konami has been afraid of risk since the early 2000’s.

    Maybe Neverdead would have turned out great if it were in Kojima Production’s hands?  Maybe Zone of the Enders needs more love?  Maybe Kojima’s Lord’s of Shadow advice was detrimental to what could have been a decent new IP?  Maybe I’m completely out of my mind?

    OR MAYBE, he should really try to push for a new IP.  This Fox Engine hype is going to be wasted if it’s just used for more tired Metal Gear games.  I’m just saying.

    • Eliézer Dos Santos

      Dude, he ALWAYS says that the next one will be his last Metal Gear, since 2.

    • ZEROthefirst

      Guess it’s to much trouble to actually look up everything else Kojima’s been involved with but here I’ll make a brief list for you.
      There’s Snatcher (5 games in the series), Tokimeki Memorial series (3 games), Zone of the Enders series (2 games with an HD collection coming), Boktai (4 games), he was the executive producer for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and there are other games he’s been involved with and or started.
      SO MAYBE, you can do a little research before making a post like this.

      • Eliézer Dos Santos

        And besides, Metal Gear has 25 years, but the modern metal gears are from 1998, so, it’s not so much time.

        And it’s not all about nwu IPs, it’s about you like Metal Gear or not. If you don’t like in the first place or are tired of the series, it will look like another game from a long running series that you don’t wanna play. For me is another game in a fantastic series that I hope it lasts for many years to come.

    •  over these few years and you haven’t learn what is like to be trolled by kojima ? =P, every time he says that “he’s not going to make a new MGS game”, out of nowhere a new mgs game appears, that’s how kojipro does things XD

  • Paradox me

    This looks amazing. I need more. More!

  • Domii

    Omg!!! MGS4 is already one of my favorite games of all time, and it seems like Kojima is going to top it. I can’t wait for this.

  • TheFoolArcana

    I spent 9 minutes waiting for gameplay and all I got was him walking around in the rain…

  • alexis cortes

     I think that kid is not Chico because Snake/Big Boss looks way older now so Paz and Chico are most likely grown up.

    • nvm, i was wrong, the end died long before peace walker..

      • Solomon_Kano

        The End dies in MGS3, which takes place before Peace Walker, which clearly takes place before this.

        •  *facepalms* yeah… forgot about that…, i will just silently re-write my comment…

          • Solomon_Kano

            Ha. It’s cool. With all the stuff going on in this series, it’s hard to keep track sometimes.

    • TheInternetNomad

       I think the kid might be a a child, frank, greyfox, but maybe not.

      • Frank Jaeger (Gray Fox) was already in Portable Ops.
        Chico could be a possibility, but he looks kinda too young.
        It could also be Jack (Raiden).
        Since there is no information on whether there are already clones of Snake or not, it could also be Solidus or Snake himself.

        There is also the question who that kid actually betrayed. Maybe, if it is Chico, he could’ve betrayed Amanda for example.

        Kojima at his finest again – leaving us with more questions than facts :P

        • TheInternetNomad

          portable ops is the only metal gear game i haven’t played. I wish it wasn’t so expensive on psn

    • SirTeffy

       The translator said, “The boy in the cage, Chico”. Ergo, it’s Chico. Deal with it.

    • Domii

      I have a strong feeling is Solid Snake, but who knows.

      • Solomon_Kano

        The presenter calls him Chico in the video you posted. He says it when Big Boss is looking at his map.

        • Domii

          Crap, I didn’t catch that. 

  • Domii



    It’s the continuation of the gameplay part. 

  • http://www.viddler.com/v/b54605c9?secret=73773358

    Skip up to 9:50   full 3 minutes and 30 seconds of gameplay showing vehicle driving, and many other options.  This game is definitely an upgraded Peace Walker.

    • Solomon_Kano


      Thank you SO much for posting this!

  • Anime10121

    My, that looked freking BEAUTIFUL! 

    Oh and, lemme get this out Mother freking crawling on the ground is back!!!!  I missed the hell outta that feature in Peace Walker, so I’m glad to see it back!  Hope this is coming next year, Rising, LRFFXIII, and this (among others like Ni No Kuni, Tales of Xillia, The Last of Us, and SO MANY MORE), would make 13 the luckiest number/year ever!

  • Gameplay has change

  • personablaze

    I tried to watch the whole thing but….I passed out when I saw Big Boss:p

    • Completely lost it at “Kept you waiting, huh?” (I read that with Hayter’s voice too xD)

      I just don’t know the right words to describe how I feel right know.

      My God. I’d refuse to live in a world without Kojima and his amazing games.

      • personablaze

        I did read that in Hayter’s voice XD(Thats why I passed out)
        An with so many Great games coming out all I can say is…Its Good to be a gamer right now.

        • *brofist*

          2013 is gonna be great.

          • So far the only thing I am currently looking forward to, besides PSO2.
            It just filled my imagination on how great a ZOE would look with the Fox Engine… T__T

          • Solomon_Kano

            Which is why it’s a good thing they already told us the next ZOE is on Fox Engine. They had to show that one later, of course. I mean, wouldn’t want to show that and Ground Zeroes off at the same time. Too many heads would explode. :P

  • Luna Kazemaru


  • Laharl

    They really should have waited until after Rising to show this off, The graphics are amazing, and make Rising look last gen.
    But TBH, I found all the Spin-Off Big Boss games to be convoluted nonsense that didn’t really add anything to the story. And the gameplay was hit or miss, and this seems to be along the same lines.

    • Paradox me

      This, to me, looks like the next big step for the series. Open world, the freedom to approach your objectives however you want, vehicles, etc.

      And everything after Metal Gear Solid is convoluted nonsense. :P Highly ejoyable convoluted nonsense, but that’s besides the point.

      • Laharl

        But the numbered games at least advanced the story, PO and PW just made simple past event immensely more complex for no good reason.

        • Solomon_Kano

          MGS3 advanced the story? Apart from EVA showing up in MGS4, there’s pretty much nothing else relevant in that game. So, no, not all of the numbered games. One would have a case for calling Raiden’s part in MGS2 something of a stopgap as well, seeing as most of it has no bearing on MGS4.

          You didn’t say anything about advancement in your comment anyway, you said they’re convoluted. This is one of my favorite series, but come on man. The entirety of the series is convoluted, perhaps with the exception of the original MGS. They don’t move the story forward, but backstory certainly constitutes adding to the story. It provides greater insight to the events we already know about.

          • Laharl

            ” I found all the Spin-Off Big Boss games to be convoluted nonsense that didn’t really add anything to the story.” Add would normally imply advancement.

            And MGS3 explained the origin and motivation of The Patriots, The Arc Villains. You really need a refresher on what “relevance” means.
             All PO and PW was add unnecessary details to the history of Big Boss and others while not pushing forward the story in any meaningful way. Not to mention all the creepy pedo action with Paz. 

            EDIT: Raiden has his own story, and 2 is a vital part of that, not to mention MGS2 was the first real mention of the Patriots. Look at Rising, His status as the next snake and all his actions in 4 are vital in building his character for Rising, and the regression to Ripper.

          • Solomon_Kano

            So MGS3 did have other things of relevance? That actually goes against your own comment that you graciously quoted for me, y’know, since it “didn’t really add anything.” Again, your point was that the Big Boss games didn’t move the story forward, so that still doesn’t really help your original statement.

            Raiden has his own story and it starts in 2, so of course it’s vital to his story, but the majority of MGS2 was unnecessary to the events of 4. The mention of the Patriots and Vamp and Raiden appearing are the main things that carry over. Past that, a majority of the game wasn’t relevant to what was going on in MGS1 and 4. That’s all I’m saying.

            PW sheds light on other events in the series. That’s its purpose. Fleshing out characters and adding details to prior events are additions to the story, whether they move it forward or not. PO, I have no idea, since I didn’t play it.

          • Laharl

            No, I said the big boss Spin-Off’s, Metal Gear Solid 3 isn’t a spin-off.

            The protagonist doesn’t need to be “Relevant” to the events for the story to be relevant. Look at Silent Hill, Harry is just some shumuck who happened upon a magic kid.

            EDIT: The Patriots were the ARC VILLAINS! MGS2 introduced them, It’s a pretty important part of the story.

            Christ, some people are so enthused to attack people with their rage boners they won’t ever read all of what people say. Hell, you are defending PW without ever playing it.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I don’t think you read my post. I haven’t played PORTABLE OPS, hence my saying I have no idea about that game. I also said the The Patriots were one of the important parts of MGS2 that return in MGS4, the others being Raiden and Vamp’s appearance. I didn’t say that Raiden isn’t relevant, I said that the majority of his story as told in MGS2 isn’t relevant to MGS4.

            I’m not sure where you’re perceiving rage. I merely said that the whole series is convoluted and that backstory is an addition to the story, I didn’t attack you. You’ve clearly either skimmed or not read my responses to you at all. I’m making statements contrary to yours. If that comes across as an attack to you then I don’t know what to tell you, since that’s certainly not the intent. I was attempting to discuss the series with you, if you don’t care to discuss it, say so. I certainly haven’t attacked you though.

            Apologies anyway, since you’ve clearly taken offence to something I said.

          • Laharl

            The entire plot of MGS2 is Ocelot staging his Coup against the patriots, and the revelations of the patriots. It’s also the origin of Raiden, which pays off in 4 and Rising.

            Even though I misread which PSP game you didn’t play, like how you somehow bunched MGS3 with “Big Boss Spin-Off’s”, it still shows that you have no right to defend PO for the unnecessary aspects of it, IE almost everything.

            We didn’t need to know anything in PW or PO to grasp the story. MGS2 introduces a lot of important aspects. Most importantly The Patriots, and the person who ultimately defeats them, Sunny.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Let’s not include ‘rage boners’ in our responses next time. It is probably best this line of ‘discussion’ end for the night.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I didn’t defend PO at all. I didn’t say you needed to know anything in PW to grasp the story. As I said several times, it’s backstory. It fleshes things out. I didn’t lump MGS3 in with anything, I merely overlooked what you wrote. My mistake. Sunny is introduced in MGS4, mentioned in 2. Ocelot’s plot is in the background for the majority of MGS2. Again, you don’t seem to be reading what I’m saying.

            I’ll leave it at that per request [email protected]:disqus

          • Laharl

            Then why are you even arguing with me? You are basically agreeing with what I said, or at least backtracking and redacting comments to seem innocent.

            You said 3 was largely irrelevant, then back pedaled once I explained how. You accused 2 of being fairly irrelevant, despite introducing the main bad guy, a reoccurring hero who keeps fighting after the fall, and the Girl who would stop them in the end (By Proxy).

            It’s possible 2 is much more relevant than MGS1, Which only introduced a few key players sans their major context.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            @Solomon_Kano:disqus was only reacting to what one person deemed as anger when I couldn’t find said anger anywhere in the questioned posts. Talk MGS all you want, just not with name calling when none was needed.

          • Laharl

            I worded it poorly, Perhaps I should have said “Zealous White Knighting”

  • MrKappa

    *Blind praise post that everyone will like*

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    Can the PS3 even run this?

    • Not by a longshot. Expect current gen console versions to look nothing like that.

      • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

        That’s what I think too. If they can make an engine this beautiful run on the current gen hardware, I think I can give them props. It looks likes it was made clearly for PC.

        • ZEROthefirst

          I’m sure it’s not impossible, look at the company High Voltage that did The Conduit for the Wii. I know it’s still not HD obviously but it was a big jump for graphics on the Wii. So there’s no denying that something could be done on the current gen consoles.

    • During the presentation, Kojima said that while the demo was running
      on a PC, the hardware specifications were similar to PlayStation 3, and
      the footage we were looking at would be comparable to the PS3 version of
      the game.

      From andriasang.

      An user there also points out how that imprisoned child could be SOLID SNAKE.



      • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

        Ahaha… I think I want to gouge my eyes out. I looked at the source and made me think, “Do we need a new gen of consoles if devs can pump out things like this with current hardware?”

        I mean, look at Luminous Studio. Judging by it, it won’t run on current gen consoles, but for Kojima to say this runs on a PC with specs similar to a PS3. I don’t wanna gets my hopes up…

        • As malek86 said, it’s probably just some minor thing taking advantage of the new Fox Engine, like the lighting and who knows what else.

          I’m quite confident it’s gonna come out late 2013 or so, but I understand your worries.

      • malek86

        Well, we’d also need to know what they mean by “comparable”. That definition can be stretched a lot. I remember for The Witcher 2 360, the developers said it “is comparable to at least the default medium settings on PC (the minimum level of quality of medium pc and often much higher)”, but in truth conceded a lot more in the lighting and shadows department and actually looked quite worse than the PC version even on Medium.

        Anyway, at least the assets themselves don’t look any better than current console games (in fact I daresay they look somewhat simple, presumably due to having to deal with an open world). And while it’s possible that the lighting will be watered down, I can’t really say that for sure, because for all we know, their new engine might make it possible. At least a bit.

      • SirTeffy

         The translator speaking over the demo clearly mentiones “The boy in the cage, CHICO.”
        So no, sorry, it’s not Raiden, it’s not Snake, it’s Chico from PW.

    • malek86

      Doesn’t seem too much out of its league. Textures and models are already on par with current games, only the lighting seems better. Depending on what they did with the engine, it’s possible that it will look similar on current consoles, maybe a little worse (perhaps lighting won’t be as high-quality, and I don’t expect to see much in the way of texture filtering).

    • ZEROthefirst

      Can the 360 run this is a better question lol

      Edit: To clarify, both the PS3 and 360 can run their games equally as well, however the 360’s limit is with the fact that it’s games are on dvds, so the file size is much more limited than on a blu-ray. I remember MGS4 being quite a large game too, and this looks like it’s going to take more space than 4.

  • Zeromus321

    BIG BOSS!!!! So this is a prequel game for MGS 5? Huh, interesting…. you have me intrigued Kojima…. granted I was already intrigued but now…. even more so. 

  • Guest

    Wow :O just wow

  • TheInternetNomad

    I knew, Paz was alive, no one ever dies. 

    • Zeromus321

      The Boss did and Gray Fox and a slew of other characters. :(

      • OatMatadoQuatro

        Well Gray Fox died twice if we count his self destruction (??) from Metal Gear 2

        • Zeromus321

          True, I always tend to forget about his first death from Metal gear 2.

  • SLick123456789111

    Welp . . .

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      yumm -_-

  • Solomon_Kano

    I almost threw up from how damn beautiful this is. Chico and Paz… what lovely timing since I just started Peace Walker yesterday.

    Man, oh man, just imagine what ZOE3 is gonna look like once they start showing that off! Ohhhhh my word.

    I dunno about how anybody else is feeling, but this and Lighting Returns have completely made up for E3 in my eyes.

    • Zeromus321

      When Kojima does decide to finally show off some ZOE3 footage….. Well I just hope my heart can take it. (Imagines Jehuty being shown off with the FOX engine)

  • evilmoogle

    The bald burned guy…maybe volgin?

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      Nah that would be too much. Volgin lost in a gunfight with Big Boss, survived to a series of explosions afterwards, and finally got toasted with a lightning. Was it just a flesh wound?

      • Mr_SP

         Hot Coldman, perhaps? Can’t be Zero, the only other MGS bald guy I know.

      • It would make sense that Volgin might still be alive. Imagine Raiden actually being the Genetical clone of his lover! Now THAT would be both a plot twist and kinda expected.

        But I’m more inclined to believe that’s Coldman burned. I mean, who else would care about Paz still being alive? Besides Big Boss and maybe Chico, I mean.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    It looks amazing. The graphics are mindblowing. It’s like if Metal Gear Solid 4 was from another console. Sadly there was only a minute of gameplay but it did feel like  Metal Gear Solid with such long cutscene. Can’t wait to see more and how it connects with Metal Gear Solid 5.


    • Kai2591

      Amazing indeed~

      btw, epic cat is epic…i wonder what breed is it..?

    • Solomon_Kano

      Do yourself a favor and watch the extended version below in the comments, it’s even better.

      Kojima’s really working on an incredible scale here. Jeeps are one thing, but when Snake gets into the helicopter the presenter mentions being able to fly to different countries. Countries. Plural. Kojima’s really going all out for this one.

  • Ace


  • SirRichard

    It’s been a hell of a while since a game has made my jaw hang open, however briefly, and this is the first, early peek at it and probably not even the engine really pushed to the limit. I’m seriously struggling for words to convey the awe. And this is just an early look.

    Move the hell over, Versus, there’s a new most anticipated in town.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Did you watch the extended version?

      If not, http://www.viddler.com/v/b54605c9?secret=73773358

      The presenter mentions being able to fly to different countries and I just kinda forgot about every other game I wanted. The scale of this thing! An open-world Metal Gear that gives us several countries to explore. Sick. And being able to signal for back-up? It’s like everything Peace Walker stopped just short of. Move over Versus indeed.

      • SirRichard

        I hadn’t seen that, and now that I have, holy hell. The scale of this game, and the untold potential it has, it puts a lot of the industry to shame, frankly! And this is just on the surface, imagining the usual madman levels of detail Kojima usually puts into these, well, I’m drooling, honestly!

      • MrRobbyM

        Snake…RIDING ON CARS!

  • theoriginaled

    8-D a followup to peacewalker?? I think Im drooling.

  • A little disappointed that Metal Gear can’t just be allowed to die like Kojima supposedly wanted, but eh, this does look pretty cool.

    • MrRobbyM

      I don’t know if I want Metal Gear to die as long as there is good stories left to tell, I just don’t want it to be the only games Kojima makes.

    • Godmars

      At the very least, Snake should be allowed to pass the torch as main character.

      Though he has in a sense, even if its only thorough past/future “clones”. Which hardly solves the issue…

  • Fidelis

    “Metal Gear Solid 5”

    It wasn’t enough that Kojima tied up all loose ends and loaded MGS4 with subliminal “LEAVE THIS SERIES THE HELL ALONE TO DIE IN PEACE” messages?

    Or by MGS5 do they mean Peace Walker..?

    • SirRichard

      No, this takes place after Peace Walker, they mean they don’t consider this MGS5 and that the actual MGS5 is going to follow it up.

    • “Ground Zeroes isn’t Metal Gear Solid 5, however. Instead, Kojima says it’s a prologue to Metal Gear Solid 5.”
      I got a feeling MGS5 will be closer to the remake of MG1 and MG2

      • Zeromus321

        I would make sense, considering Kojima has said he plans to use Solid Snake again as a protagonist at some point. Than again it could also just be the fan-boy in me hoping for a Metal Gear 1 and 2 remake. :(

    • Mr_SP

       Ground Zeroes is clearly a *sequel* to Peace Walker, so no. Metal Gear Solid 5 might fit between Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear 1, perhaps, and tell of Snake’s training, or his birth or something.

    • l777l

      Could be poor translation. Thus “prequel to 5” would mean “being released (directly) before 5”.

  • alexis cortes

    I wonder if Ocelot and Eva will appear this time. Also, the return of the LOVE BOX. 

  • enorka miho

    Zero graphic transition… Wow…. I am utterly IMPRESSED!!!! o_o

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Snake is back on Fox. Check your local tv listings…

  • Nitraion

    Yeah!!! back in action!!!
    Hmm i guess chico can’t wait to pursue his love lol… XD

  • Göran Isacson

    … And after I just went and posted that comment on the other thread. Eh, I guess I should just wait until I’ve checked every thread from now on.

    Welp, still not changing my mind. I’m not interested in Big Boss’s story because I already know how it ends. Unless this turns out to be some kind of AU, I just don’t see anything that will really bring me back to the series with this one.

    • Solomon_Kano

      So I take it you didn’t care for MGS3 and Peace Walker either then?

      Different strokes and all that, but I’ve never found knowing the ending to make the journey any less interesting. Unless, of course, the journey just… isn’t interesting. I’d never have been able to enjoy any KH game after 2 otherwise lol. To be fair, the movie Memento kinda killed the whole “it won’t be interesting if I know how it ends” deal for me though.

      • Göran Isacson

        See, it’s not that prequels are an automatic evil. When they serve to illuminate mysteries in the franchise and tie together plot threads, put old questions to rest and possibly pave the way for possible sequels, THEN I admit that I’m interested. MGS3 was mostly the latter- it showed us HOW Big Boss became Big Boss. He took The U.S treatment of The Boss so bad that he never really recovered from it, and his story ended with MGS1- technically, at least.  We found out what the Patriots started as and what their deal is, and the Patriots ended in MGS4. We had put a pretty darn nice bow on the whole series in my mind, wrapped it up nice and tight.

        That’s why a game like this, a THIRD prequel if you will, makes me wary. At this point, what mysteries are left to solve and wrap up but the mysteries which they’ve retroactively inserted?

        Kingdom Hearts is a pretty decent example, actually. 358/2 was, until re:coded, my least favorite game in the franchise. While I actually DID enjoy some of the mechanics in it, the story just felt so unneccessary. I had never felt curious over who Xion was, because she was just introduced in that very game and to be honest, I think the series could have been fine without her. All I had wanted from that game was to have it flesh out the existing organization characters, and yet most of them remained more or less the same characters. The only ones I got a renewed interest in was Saix, due to the revelation that he and Axel were friends once upon a time, but one interesting element does not a memorable story make.

        Birth By Sleep on the other hand WAS the “good” prequel. It was the MGS3 of Kingdom hearts, containing interesting insights into how Xehanort operates, illuminated old mysteries, showed us how Micke Mouse, a beloved character of the franchise developed in the ways he did, and set the stage for future installments. It felt RELEVANT, in a way that 358/2 never did. Re:coded… the less said there, the better. Simply put, I don’t feel like this is a relevant game for Metal Gear Solids over all story. I may have to eat crow once the game comes out and it turns out that no, the Big Boss we see in the ACTUAL games is a clone of the actual Big Boss! And he’s frozen cryogenically and is just waiting to come out and become the main character of a NEW Metal Gear Solid trilogy! But I’m not exactly holding my thumbs that that will happen here.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Hm. That’s a view I can respect. Essentially, it’s the reason I abhor Devil May Cry 4. It set up a mystery for the sake of setting one up since they didn’t know how to move the story forward. Same with 358/2, as you mentioned.

          That said, I should have a problem with this being a sequel to a sequel to a prequel (lol), but Big Boss is my favorite Snake, so another game dealing with him is alright in my book. More than that, I’m liking that Kojima doesn’t want any point of time in this series to go untouched. It’s a rare thing to see how a series’ villain becomes it’s villain from their own perspective. So, though it certainly doesn’t progress the story, I’m liking that we get to see more of the events that lead to Solid Snake’s saga.

          • Göran Isacson

            Yeah, I heard that DMC4 preeetty much dropped the ball completely regarding it’s story (haven’t played it yet, just… heard things).

            I can see where you’re coming from in that regard, and on paper the story of Big Boss becoming the villain he is SHOULD be exciting but, again… it’s a foregone conclusion that he DOES become a villain and that he loses to Snake, and it’s like… every interesting fact that will matter to the over-all plot has already been revealed.

            Really, I don’t know what is wrong with me right now. When Revengeance was revealed I just facepalmed because I do not see, I cannot see, how that game in any way, shape or form can be anything but an over-the-top, ridiculously awesome Platinum-action game. Which is GOOD and FUN, but it’s just so oppossed to the very spirit of Metal Gear Solid. But THAT game is at least telling us a “new” story, no matter how much I doubt that the story itself will be interesting. This is the game that looks like it sticks to the Metal Gear Solid spirit and tell a story with actual depth and emotion… and yet, I don’t feel like we’re getting anything new or interesting. I don’t know how this happened. Platinum is making a lightning quick action game, Kojima is making a big, open-world game set in the Metal Gear universe, and on paper these things should have me salivating so bad I need a bib. But nothing happens. My kokoro won’t go doki doki no more, so I guess it must be broki doki.
            (with apologies to the Japanese language. I really am sorry for that)

    • MrRobbyM

      I can see what you’re saying, but it’s still interesting to see what happened until that point. 

      • Göran Isacson

        I too can see where you’re coming from, but personally I can’t really muster much enthusiasm for what happened when I don’t feel like it’s going to lead up to anything we don’t already know. If they introduce any new, surprising elements at this point I fear it will most likely just water down the premise as everyone is just going to ask “but why didn’t we see THIS plot twist play out and matter in the games that takes place chronologically later?” I just don’t feel like there’s any new ground to cover in this game, you know?

    • l777l

      I find Naked Snake/Big Boss to be a more interesting character than Solid Snake. So far, he’s less stupidly following orders.

      • Göran Isacson

        I dunno, I kind of consider Big Boss a little bit of a meathead who places personal grudges over rational thinking, but I admit that to someone who prefers more active protagonists he is probably more intriguing than Snake. But a character is only part of a story, and it’s the over all story in this one that I just don’t care that much about.

        • l777l

          He indentifies his own goals, appears to show some critical thinking and principles and pursues his ambitions in an intelligent manner. Having a darker side to a character also never hurt (well, it’s usually interesting). What I’ve seen from Naked Snake so far is better than what I’ve seen from Solid Snake.
          I should add, though, that MGS 4’s version of Solid Snake damaged what I thought about him. Decaying Snake was surprisingly bland, and it was over the top (similar things can be said about Jake/Raiden). I find that Kojima should attempt to give his characters more depth and conflictedness. With MGS 4, he utterly failed at portraying meaningful emotion and relationships. Consider how he’s developed Meryl and her silly, ridiculous thing with Johnny. Jake and Rose’s relationship – an interesting one, based on Codec sequences in MGS 2 – has been reduced to almost nothing, and Jake has become a caricature. The family reunion was as flawed as the Meryl arc. And Big Boss’s return at the end is a questionable episode.

    • SirRichard

      That’s a really limited way of viewing and enjoying things, mate. Can you not enjoy simpler games like Mario, Zelda or Castlevania because you already know how they’ll end (the hero wins)? Can you not enjoy prequels, because you already know what the character does later? Could you not play MGS3 or Peace Walker because Big Boss was the star?

      Fair enough if you don’t like the series any more, but disregarding a game because you know what happens in games set after it is rather excessively dismissive. Yeah, we know how Big Boss ends up and the events that follow this rise to power, but we haven’t followed the rise to power and fame in itself, or the formation of Outer Heaven or any of it. 

      • Göran Isacson

        I think that most of the answers to your questions can now be found in the answers I posted below to the others re: my approach to prequels and going back to fill in “holes” in the plot. But TL;DR version- as long as the prequel feels relevant to an ongoing story, I’m game. This doesn’t feel relevant.

  • MrRobbyM

    I can die happy now.

    • lesangpro .

       no you can’t , you have to play it first or that gonna be a meaningless death !^^

      • MrRobbyM

        Seriously. The trailer was enough. Actually playing it would be like an upgrade to first-class seats on the plane to heaven.


    • Yeah, he’s just THAT awesome !

    • LynxAmali

       You can never have enough Burrito.

  • Two words: Holy ****

    Do we really next-gen after watching this???

    • Solomon_Kano

      This does make a case for letting the current gen go on, but there’s more to next-gen than having graphics improve. I say let it happen. It’s not like we all have to move on as soon as the new consoles hit.

      • Personally, creativity always triumphs over powerful hardware….

        • malek86

          Well I guess you wouldn’t mind this game being on the Saturn then.

          Jokes aside, I think it’s about time for next-gen. I’m not sure why everyone seems suddenly so much against it – nobody complained when the Gamecube came out, or when the 360 came out.

          If Kojima also wants give me better graphics on top of his new game, I’m all for it.

          • If it’s anything like Mincraft, I don’t mind at all….

            If Kojima goes to the pretty graphics route, so be it… I don’t have a problem with developers going their way of making their games… Whether if it’s weird or not…

          • Göran Isacson

            Speaking only for myself, I see two things that make me hesitant to face a new generation.

            1. From what I’ve seen so far, the developers clamoring the loudest for a next-gen change are the ones who make extremely graphically intense games that nonetheless play like a TON of games we’ve already played before, mainly FPS-games. For me and those like me, who don’t put much stock in their words, the next-gen change seems to just be them clamoring for better tools to compensate for their lack of imagination and vision.

            2. This generation has been MURDER on the industry with tons of companies folding due to increasing budgets and the demands put on what can be called a “triple-a” game. Now this may be an irrational fear- perhaps the next-gen could make things cheaper and easier on developers- but I don’t think I’m the only one going “if this gen was so expensive and problematic and led to increased genre homogenization among triple-a games, how expensive and problematic won’t the NEXT gen be?”

          • malek86

            There’s no relation between graphics and innovation. People like to think that somehow, awesome graphics means the developers spent all their time on that. But I’d imagine different teams work on the graphics and gameplay.

            Heck, one of the greatest non-innovators of this gen, COD, has had the same graphics engine for years. While Crysis, even with its awesome graphics, also tried to do something different by giving you the nanosuit enhancements. I think there’s roughly the same number of innovative games that have good and bad graphics, so I still fail to see a relation between innovation and graphics.

            Maybe you can say there’s a relation between bad graphics and different style (because developers would presumably try to cover the bad graphics with a different and eye-catching style), but even that got thrown off the window when everyone started making 8-bit homages. At this point, it’s not innovative anymore.

            The real correlation is between big-budget blockbusters and no innovation, because big companies don’t want failures, so they’ll play it safe. Which is linked to good graphics because big companies have a bigger budget… but that’s incidental, not the cause. Anyway, big companies are gonna release high-budget, non-innovative blockbusters regardless of whether it’s on PS3 or PS4. And if they are gonna be high-budget and non-innovative anyway, might as well have them with better graphics.

            As for you next point… well, it’s not like the industry can remain seated at this point forever anyway. They’ll have to advance eventually, and then you’ll just have delayed the inevitable. Better to face it now instead.

            If smaller developers can’t keep up, they’ll move to portables, mobile and digital delivery. It’s not like they are forced to make games on consoles.

          • MrRobbyM

            I’m not against it. I also too feel like it’s about time for new consoles. But I don’t mind if they take their sweet time because there are far too many games I need to play. -_-

          • Göran Isacson

            Well the thing is, I’m not even really talking about smaller developers. It seems like every other big-time developer is facing setbacks and lay-offs, and the really big distributors are buying up developers just to give them the shaft when they don’t make enough money back more and more often. Perhaps that’s not the fault of the hardware, maybe that’s just flawed business models at work, but my impression from most articles and editorials from various game-sites that I read sure make it sound like it’s a problem that’s become more and more pronounced with this console generation.

            It just really seems like there are these closely linked problems in the industry between powerful hardware and galloping development costs, and unless a solution to those problems can be found I remain skeptical that a new console generation will be a good thing for anyone.

          • malek86

            I don’t actually expect development costs to go up that much. Even today, most of the budget in blockbuster games is spent on advertising, not on development.

            You also seem terribly pessimistic about this. You said it yourself, this gen has been pretty terrible in regards to closing down studios. So why wouldn’t you want to move on? Whatever happens next gen, it probably won’t be as bad as this one, because we’ve touched the bottom of the barrel.

          • Göran Isacson

            Ha ha, I guess we can just chalk that up to a difference in philosophy between you and me. Me, I think there’s always a new bottom beneath the old one. And I acknowledge the possibility that the next one COULD get better, I’m just not gonna believe it until I see some improvement in THIS one.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Creativity is an avenue around hardware, not a bridge over it.

          I’m all for developers continuing to use the PS3 and 360 if they can still get stuff out of it we haven’t seen yet and if they’ve got the creativity to do so, but there are some ideas that can’t be realized until hardware progresses. Okami couldn’t have been a PS1 game, for instance. More than graphics, there are also things like more advanced AI that can be realized with more powerful hardware.

          This gen started almost 8 years ago, that’s certainly long enough. Again, it’s not like we need to get the new consoles as soon as they come out. I know people who still haven’t upgraded from PS2 yet.

          • True… But all that technical details could be solved with it’s game design, it all comes down to creativity and how you use it….

            Without creativity, there’s no unique worlds, characters, weapons, etc… You get the idea…

          • Locklear93

            Sometimes creativity really is all you need to get around a hardware problem.  And, sometimes it’s not: http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1407614-update-on-ps3-dlc/page__pid__21469935%23entry21469935 

            I’m not out to bash the PS3, just to respond to your point with a bit of evidence instead of just rhetoric.  Sometimes the current gen doesn’t do what you might need it to do.  Some detail on what PS3 is best and worst at: http://games.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=3086093&cid=41190211

            Simply put, creativity CAN solve or alleviate some problems.  Others really do require different hardware.

          • malek86

            Ok, but I don’t see why stall it. Why shouldn’t have creativity AND power?

          • I’m not saying we should stall it, I’m saying we should work with what we have before it’s necessary to go into next-gen… MGS:GZ is a proof of that…

            I’m saying we should favour creativity as the primary tool, with power as the secondary…

        • MrRobbyM

          [email protected]_Kano:disqus is trying to say, or well, wants to say is that, yeah, imagination and creativity are important, but with more powerful consoles, the limit to imagination expands.

          • What I’m trying to say to Solomon_Kano is that there are alternate ways to achieve your imagination… You don’t have wait for powerful consoles to reach that… Why not solve it using tricks and whatnot???

            Take Jak & Daxter for example, Naughty Dog wanted to make an open world game but they can’t due to the PS2’s hardware limitations… Instead, they use doors to mask those loading screens you seen in past games thus makes you feel like you’re seamlessly transitioning from one area to another….

            “but with more powerful consoles, the limit to imagination expands.”
            Funny… I thought I heard this before from developers who are wishing for next-gen…. The limit to imagination isn’t bound by hardware but the person creating it….

          • MrRobbyM

            What what if his dream is to make a huge, beautiful, detailed open world game with minimal loading times? Metal Gear Solid 4 sort of did everything except open world. If MGS4 was to be open world, another aspect of the game would have to suffer. Be it graphics, loading(lol) blah blah blah.

            Some things have to be sacrificed in order to achieve something else. Of course next gen will raise the bar of graphics but at least it will be more flexible.

          • I would love to see him try… How long will it take to make that??? At least 7 years??? aka FF Versus and Last Guardian…

  • Domii

    Hey guys, Here’s a better extended gameplay video from the one i posted before;

  • Laharl

    So how long until it gets canceled an outsourced to another team?

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      ???Umm how does that relate to this video???

      • Laharl

        I’m sorry, I should be discussing all the nothing that happens in the video.

    • Klarktastic

       yes, because this allways happens with metal gear games right?

    • MrRobbyM

      It won’t. This is Kojima’s baby right here. Rising is pretty much a spin-off game. Sure Ground Zero isn’t a numbered game either, but it holds more weight as far as story goes.

      • Laharl

        Baby? The guy who’s said he’s done making MGS games half a dozen times?

        • MrRobbyM

          You can tell Kojima still cares for the series. He does want to work on other things but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care for MGS.

          • Laharl

            Please, it’s his cash cow. Look at the Joker he has producing the,movie.

          • MrRobbyM

            Can’t argue with that logic. I’m done.

    • Mark Fate

      Except this isn’t a slash ’em up action game made by a team with no experience in the genre…?

      • Laharl

        It’s an open-world game by a team with no experience in the field.

        • Mark Fate

          Kojima is pretty much a genius at bringing new concepts and ideas to life and he never fails. If he thinks he can make open-world MGS work, I have no doubt he will pull it off with style.

          • Laharl

            Except how his team failed with rising, and had to outsource it to someone better.
            And also how he failed to keep his word and move on from Metal Gear into anything else.

          • Mark Fate

            Grade D trolling. He didn’t want to touch Rising. ‘Failed to keep his word’ as in he broke a promise and let his kids down? I’m sorry but the most he ever said was ‘I’m not planning to direct another Metal Gear Solid at the moment’. Which essentially means ‘if I say anything else the press will have a field day’ as they always have done.

            And I don’t know about you, but I much prefer finding out that there is another Metal Gear by way of awesome game footage like this. As much as most of his fans want him to move on, most of them want to continue to play new Kojima-quality MGS titles too.

            And it sounds like that was the reason for the development of the Fox Engine. So that he can put them out quicker and also have a versatile engine ready to do other things between that.

            Blame Konami more than Kojima. They probably freak out every time a Metal Gear game that isn’t directed by him doesn’t turn well. It’s basically their biggest IP.

            And that is the end of this conversation.

          • Laharl

            I’m surprised you can talk with your lips so firmly latched to his ass

          • M’iau M’iaut

            This is for the post [email protected]:disqus . We have given plenty of chances and yet you continue with the insults and repeated trolling of folks. Banned. 

  • $30632660

    At this point, I only care about how the women in Fox Engine looks, and that was no “gameplay” demo, that was a long interactive cutscene, just how Kojima likes it.

    • watch the ign video, it clearly shows it’s a demo, not a prerendered cutscene

    • “long interactive cutscene”, isn’t that like..uhh gameplay? you are controlling the character so that is an aspect of gameplay. I know you want gun blazing but for what he wants to show, it’s good enough.

  • l777l

    I like the style. Paz’s return is also great. Hopefully it’ll be fully based on what the (secret) audio tapes reveal. 

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Lol, game nowadays seems to grow closer to movie lol. Well, as this is Hideo game, i should not be suprised anymore lol.^_^

  • Bentan

    most likely volgin lol

  • well, it has 9 minutes of cinematics and 50 seconds of gameplay, so i suppose this is a REAL metal gear

    • Domii

      There’s more gameplay footage in the extended cut that I posted below. Do yourself a favor and watch it. 

  • When this came comes, I will await the return of making your own METAL GEAR(tm) mode from Peace Walker. Maybe even finally pilot it and play multiplayer online with it! How’s THAT for going on an End-Game “Open World” Rampage while one of Miku’s songs play in the background?

  • Herok♞

    I am starting to feel bad for people who want to play the games in chronological order because more and more keeps getting added to the story, I am about to start MGS(Only played Peace walker so far) so by the time I finish the games that are out this should be ready.

    • Kuro Kairi

      your not the only one! just played MGS1 and am waiting for my collection ;),

      but instead of being overwhelmed with the story I cant wait to play more and more of it!

    • Kuro Kairi

      your not the only one! just played MGS1 and am waiting for my collection ;),

      but instead of being overwhelmed with the story I cant wait to play more and more of it!

      • Herok♞

         Well what I do when I get confused about the Metal Gear story is look at the timeline since it is really comprehensive.

  • Mark Fate

    The footage in this video gave me chills and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was as good as my favourites (MGS1 and 2).

  • Katamari Toys

    just saying, I think that MGR will be better than MGS:GZ

    • MrRobbyM

      But they’re totally different.

    •  iirc MGR is non-canon

  • ZBaksh386

    im sold.

  • Scrooge_McDuck

    MGS4 soured my view towards the series a great deal, so I can’t feel as excited as I think I should seeing this. But dang it looks great.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Metal gear….open-world….big boss…..I came….

  • eliel

    sweet looks awesome whens the release date 2013 or 2014?

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