Ace Attorney 5 Coming To Nintendo 3DS

By Ishaan . September 4, 2012 . 3:54pm

This week’s Famitsu magazine has an article on Ace Attorney 5 and reveals what platform the game is for—the Nintendo 3DS. Famitsu’s report says that Phoenix Wright will return as the main character and has a new female partner dressed in yellow clothes.


No release date has been mentioned for Ace Attorney 5 yet.

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  • SantiagodelosSantos

    …Oh capcom, i can’t stay mad at you!
    (i’ll probably get mad at you soon again, but for now <3 )

    • Forgiving a company that easily will ensure they will never improve.

      • Tales_of_Master

         This is Ace Attorney we are talking about >_> Of course we can’t stay mad. Well, if this doesn’t come over then……..

        • That kind of attitude is exactly what I’m talking about. If you can’t stay mad, they can’t keep fixing themselves, let alone start. Therefore, they never will.

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            So you are not going to get this game? As you can not forgive the company here?

  • kylehyde

    Funny I watched the new on my cellphone and my reaction was this. Certainy I can’t hate Capcom (well I can’t hate Shu Takumi and other Capcom developers, theirs ceo’s are another story). In this moment I’m in my office and I need a new pair of pants and a mop.

    group hug

  • >It will never be released in the west.


    • Let’s not start this nonsense again, please. One game not coming over because the timing didn’t work out doesn’t mean the whole series is doomed to stay in Japan.

      • AlteisenX

        I believe there’s a group of people out there translating Miles Edgeworth 2 into English still [fans]… I’m out of touch with the project though and could be wrong.

      • MrKappa

        Allow me to introduce you to Capcom.

        • Yes, Capcom, the company that localized Asura’s Wrath.

          • And the same Capcom who partnered with Nyu Media who localize the more niche Doujin games.

      • Barrylocke89

        All I can say is that Ace Attorney fans, including myself, pray that you’re right.

        • SantiagodelosSantos

          They didn’t localize 1 game, and from my knowledge it was a spin off right? (investigations 2). That doesn’t mean that they won’t localize future projects. 

    • It will come. I mean… the Wright Trilogy is coming to iOS and the Wright Trilogy on the DS was a success. It will come. 

    • Here’s hoping.

  • DesmaX

    … Wait, what??

    He lost his job in AA 4.
    I don’t like this…

  • Karin Shita

    Phoenix Wright returns? Is this a prequel? 
    I haven’t beaten Apollo Justice yet, but it sure is weird to kick Apollo out already.

    • MrKappa

      Might have to do with the fact that not many liked Apollo over Phoenix.

  • Natat

    Heeeey about time! Getting hyped already. I feel bad for poor Apollo but seriously, most fans wanted Nick back.

  • WingsOfEternity

    inb4 Apollo Justice scrapped (“It was all a dream” / “It never happened”)
    it takes place in the 3 month gap between 3-5 and the Gramarye murder case
    he simply gets his job back (lame)

    •  The end of Apollo Justice implies Phoenix was going to take the bar exam again now that his name was cleared, ya big dummy

    • Krisi92

      What about it being a prequel?

  • Nadia

    Excellent news! Not that Apollo was bad, but the spaced-out, riddle-me-this Nick just wasn’t the same.


  • Ace

    Maya nuuuuuuuuu~

  • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

     Waait, What happened to Mystic Maya?D:

    • Bloodmeat

      She’s carrying Phoenix’s child as of now obviously.

  • RadShiro

    Wait, people thought it WOULDN’T be on the 3DS? Who are these cray cray peoplez?

    Also, Apollo better get that reunion he so rightfully deserves. Even if he’s just a side character this time.

  • DoSHachiko

    NO MAYA?! D: Though, I just wanna get it, since Phoenix is back as the main character. ; u ; 

  • Nicolas Vasquez

    phoenix? YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!; no maya? BOOOOoooooo!!.
    i really hope that they make something like another timeline different from the apollo games, the closure they gave phoenix in those was kinda depressing for such a character.

  • Zeromus321

    All I can say is……………………. OBJECTION!?

    •  No objections for Capcpom this time.

  • ffboi7

    My body is ready for AA5!!!!


    Yeeesss, Wright is back! AJ was pretty lame…

    Inb4 it’s not localized.

  • SirRichard

    Was wondering when they’d start talking about this, and now the 3DS technically has two Ace Attorney games in the works for it. Here’s hoping some art or something comes out soon.

    I wonder if they’ll use the 3D for puzzles, if at all. Could make the later cases’ twists even more mind-bending, and if not, well at least the court will feel fleshed out.

  • Areuto

    PHOIENIX!!!!!!!!!!!!! and possibly maya but in yellow

  • Booyah! Phoenix Wright is back! SUGOI! 

    I got no OBJECTION on that ^_^ With Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney coming along too… oh yeah! This is going to be a sweet, sweet thing to wait for on the 3DS 

    Better finish Apollo Justice before this game comes out. Oh and FYI I like Apollo Justice. It’d be nice to see him here on the new game. :D

  • imaguni

    Fantastic news! Can’t wait for more details!

  • ronin4life

    WOOT! ^0^

    Also andriasang is reporting that it takes place 1 year AFTER AA4.

  • O M G YES!

  • SuperSailorV


  • Whelp… Please excuse me while I pass out on the floor from sheer joy. _( x.x)_

  • **** YEAH

  • Tatsumarii

    Female partner dressed in yellow clothes? …! Please? 

    • Göran Isacson

      Oh if only. Those two games crossing over would make me weep joyful tears.

      • Zonic505

        Alas, Ghost Attorney may never happen, but we can dream.

    • keithmaxx

      If you’re gonna make a crossover, please don’t make Phoenix a ghost, okay? ><

  • Brandonmkii

    So, a year after AA4. Nick is probably a lawyer again after clearing his name, and maybe Apollo/Trucy are working under him, or maybe they have their own firm! Maybe nick is a freelance lawyer, with that somber attitude he had in 4 :3

  • Tales_of_Master

    Hell YEAH. Finally some news on AA5. I’m not too keen on the idea that the game would be a sequel to AA4, that game should be forgotten. Still, no words can describe my hype. Hopefully this get localized. Get your **** together Capcom, don’t screw this one up.

  • Göran Isacson

    Phoenix Wright is back in action. All is as it should be in the world. Seriously though, I hope that they at least acknowledge that Ace Attourney 4 happened and that Trudy and Apollo are still around.

  • Tales_of_Master

    These are the scans for the Famitsu article….
    Phoenix looks boss :D

    • Daniel Morandi


      The new female looks pretty, Pheonix awesome….and Payne looks…”cool?” xD

    • Göran Isacson

      Payne got his hand on a new wig from the looks of things, and Phoenix REALLY seems like he’s a far cry from his previous self. Looking kinda cool there, Wright…

      • Tales_of_Master

        That’s apparently Payn’s brother. Makes sense because Winston should be 61 year old by the time of GS5, so his brother probably took over as the “Rookie Killer”

    • LynxAmali

       Damn, Phoenix.

      You really let yourself..uh…gain something.

    • I feel like Phoenix fused with Clark Kent somehow but it’s looking awesome!

  • Coeurl

    This is all I want for x-mas/new years/halloween

  • gquain

     Don’t read further if you don’t want to be spoilered:

    The first case involves Apollo Justice being accused of murder.

    • Tales_of_Master

      We already know that’s not true.

  • Julian Esteban Soria

    I want Maya again, also dont leave others chars like Edgy, Iris, Pearl, Larry, Apollo and others in the void 

  • My pants are so frosted right now! Goddamn it Im really excited for this!! :D

    This post is irrelevant but I can’t hold my orgasms!

    *Dies in happyness*

    Capcom, I love you again! :’D

    Edit: *ahem* Well, I think I cooled up (further) a bit now so I kinda wonder if Phoenix will keep his funny, screwy attitude or he’ll keep his sarcastic, murky tone as seen in Apollo Justice? Well, either way it’s awesome!

  • rinalicat

    Currently feelings:
    2. Kinda wish Apollo was playable because I kinda feel his story was left in complete…but it’s okay. I like Phoenix as well!!

  • keithmaxx

    It looks like Capcom was very busy this year with all sorts of Ace Attorney goodness. Between the live-action movie, Layton collaboration and this new installment, I just can’t decide which I’m one happy about the most!

    Wright on!

  • SupaPhly

    if it does get localized, some of us would have to wait for the european release while dodging spoilers

  • miju

    Yo Nick. Please tell me you’ll tell Apollo and Trucy before something bad happens, like in hiimdaisy/peachifruit’s comic.

  • British_Otaku


    Between continuing the story from after Apollo Justice and trying to retcon the Apollo Justice, I’m not sure which would be better. Sure, AA5 is keeping continuity within the franchise and AA4 (Apollo Justice) despite being weak was good enough.

    AA5 means we have to go with how characters just disappeared for the fourth game however and how the old characters behaved, and if they make a full swing to their typical AA1-3 (+ AAI?) mannerisms, Apollo Justice will be remembered as “that game”.

    Looking forward to seeing Wright/Naruhodo do what they do best.

    I would hope Capcom is out of their bad habits which spanned cancellation, DLC bullcrap and leaving high demand titles in Japan despite the series and console of choice being of high relevance.


  • Yamaneko22

    Nick is back!!! Yeah!!! :D

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