Rhythm Thief And The Emperor’s Treasure Dancing To iOS This Winter

By Ishaan . September 6, 2012 . 1:00pm

Sega are bringing their Nintendo 3DS rhythm title, Rhythm Thief and the Emperor’s Treasure, to iOS devices, the publisher revealed this week.


They say the iOS version of the game will have social elements and will be a free-to-play game with item charges.


No release date has been announced for Rhythm Thief on iOS yet, but Sega say the game is scheduled for release in winter. It will be at the Tokyo Game Show this year as well.

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  • SantiagodelosSantos

    So i payed $30 to support a new and creative IP…then i come out for free a month later on ios? That doesn’t seem like a good business practice :/
    edit: it was also REALLY hard to find. It took me like a week after the game was supposed to come out to find a copy. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad one (probably bad)

    • Free to play, big difference. Trust me, it’ll cost iOS owners about the same to experience everything 3DS owners did. Some of the challenges were brutal and almost impossible to beat without an item. Now they’ll cost gamers REAL money. Plus it’ll probably cost to unlock new chapters. Not sounding so cheap now, ehh? :)

    • kylehyde

      I kind of know how you feel, this week I was celebrating that my copy finally arrived (I didn’t find in any of my local stores) and was happy that I choose this game over theatrhythm final fantasy (anyway, I don’t regret about my choice at all since the Square Enix game is very expensive for my taste). Even that I’m not sure about how I feel about the trend of porting everything to IOS, @DeShaun:disqus is right, on the long term these ports can be as costly as the 3DS copies.

    • sd28

      yep this announcement saved me money

    • Grenalie

      Be glad you got a complete copy and not some ripoff free2play/pay2win game.

  • Still going to buy this game on 3DS because I like rhythm games and want to support a new IP, but… it’s sortof a shame to see Sega adopting business practices that I consider somewhat of a scam. Purchasing a game for $30 dollars is one thing, but downloading a free game that has the potential to run you infinite money seems like a bit of a scheme. At what point do these stop being games and start being a means by which you can deliver money into a publisher’s bank account?

    Perhaps instead of trying to shoehorn these social elements into games they have already created for other platforms, developers should be trying to find experiences that lend themselves well to being native to the machine. That way, iOS users won’t be just getting ports. I know every other console out there doesn’t want sloppy seconds.

    That said, I hope the game at least finds a market on the device.

  • Better add up to at least 20$.  The game came out in the US like a month or two ago!
    Oh well I”m happy with the 3DS version, I don’t know what they will do with the controls and rearranging the interface with this version.

  • Herok♞

    Maybe I should just give up and get a IOS device just for games.

  • Lazulis

    Yeah, I’m still going to get a 3DS copy. Nevermind the fact that I don’t have an iOS device, even if I did, I’d still get a 3DS copy.

  • kool_cid414

    I played and beat the game on the 3ds and loved it I do not regret the money spent on that game and only wish that a sequel will exist. I don’t own any smartphone or I stuff so I’ll just stick to what I got now.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

     I’m happy with the 3DS version >:} its awesome

  • Well, if it’s free, I’ll gladly get it.

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh. Now I’m wondering what these items do, because there must be SOMETHING about them that will have peoples bucks pouring in if they’re the only ones that cost money.

    For MY money though, I would probably still just buy the 3DS version… when I eventually work up enough cash to buy this game…

  • neo_firenze

    Rather than the usual hand-wringing about iOS games, free-to-play (and charge for items), etc. – I’ll take a different approach here and provide a recommendation of a GREAT iOS rhythm game that should appeal to people who also like Rhythm Thief who may be reading this. 

    Beat Sneak Bandit.  Just play it, and thank me later.  It’s a 2D stealth-platformer-puzzle where you can only move your character by tapping on the beat.  It’s super fun with a great visual style and great sound design (kinda important for a rhythm game, no?).  I’d love to see it get a port to 3DS or Vita to get more exposure, but for now it’s iOS only.  

  • Ty Arnold

    As someone who bought and loved the 3DS version (probably one of my all-time favorite games, no lie), I am not sure what to make of this announcement.

    For what it’s worth, I found the game relatively easy to beat without using a single item, so I’m not sure how the game’s actually going to make money. But maybe more people will play it on this platform (and the game is great, it deserves to be played). But then I’m worried that future sequels might be stuck on the phone even though it was one of the prettiest 3DS games I’ve seen.

    I’m just conflicted here.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    This does makes me feel a bit bad here considering exclusive is now not really exclusive anymore.T_T

    But seeing this is free-to-play? I wonder if gamer will need to purchase chapters? to continue playing too or only for items here.T_T

  • Now I’m happy I didn’t spend $45 on this game after all. :) I needed to save the cash for the upcoming Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, anyway!

  • Still proud that I paid $30 on release date to support a new, interesting IP that I wanted to succeed… and ended up thoroughly enjoying. Hopefully the increased exposure will help us see a 2nd game. Though, I hope it would still come to 3DS in the same way that the first did.

  • XypherCode

    30 bucks for the 3DS version isn’t bad though. I enjoyed the demo and got really hyped for the game so worth every penny. Items and controls are already there and you don’t have to pay to get them. Even if the iOS version game itself is free, in the long run you might even spend more than the 3DS version. I’m loving my copy of the game but if they’re releasing a free version of it then that’ll likely tick some people off. And it’s only been a month or so.

  • SupaPhly

    well at least I got a physical copy

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