Milla Maxwell Returns For Tales of Xillia 2

By Ishaan . September 11, 2012 . 9:00am

We already knew Jude Mathis is going to be making a return in Tales of Xillia. Today, a leak from the latest Jump magazine has revealed that Tales of Xillia’s other protagonist, Milla Maxwell, will be returning as well.


Milla will once again be voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro, and is described as proud and somewhat on the stubborn side. Her image in Jump shows her wearing a new outfit, too.


Additionally, Jump also shares the game’s main visual, which was collaborated on by longtime Tales illustrator Mutsumi Inomata, Tales of the Abyss art director, Daigo Okumura, and Oh My Goddess! manga-ka Kousuke Fujishima, who did character design for Tales of Vesperia, Symphonia and Abyss.


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  • rinalicat

    Ooh, Milla looks so pretty!!!

  • Klaus00

    oh namco

  • Mike Pureka

    Much better than her last outfit. x.x

  • Tales_of_Master

    Oh Milla looking hotter than ever :D Now that my last request has been granted….

    • Raul Indries

      from what anime is the imgur link? please tell :D

      • MrKappa

        Pretty sure it’s from Carnival Phantasm.

        • Tales_of_Master

           Yup that’s the one :D


    Gaius my husband i wub you so ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • C.C.


  • Natat

    Whoooa Milla looking great in this game, although that was to be expected.

  • Yes! Milla is back baby! Now this game is complete! =^_^=

  • So is the dramatic ending of the first game gonna be nullified, or what?

    • katzedan

       Thanks for the spoiler :(

  • Jonathan Keycross

    Well now I feel I just spoilered myself…

    Two-Face Ludger and the rest of the cast look good in the picture.  Milla´s new outfit reminds me of Marta from DotNW.

  • In be4 ppl complaining abt Milla outfit. (I kid)
    She has some good outfit style.
    Somehow the official group pic looks good considering tht I feel the in-game model looks better….

  • Akarnage

    I spy with my little eye Gaius and Myuze on the top-right side…

  • YoshEE

    Pretty awesome that she also returning. :D

  • Sergio Macellaro

    Milla pretty as always.
    Man that game is spice even more my resolution to plat original Xillia next year and, Namco be good boys and bring this pearl to us in 2014 in (worst case scenario) 

  • IshimaruKaito

    i kinda figured they would bring milla in i just wonder why they waited so long to announce her and jude…i mean it would be weird if all the other characters would be in this one and not them right? im just glad they’re in and i hope we get a US release =D

  • Astrid Huang

    LOL they sure saved the best news for the last.
    Milla looks more elegant in her new appeareance. I like her current outfit much better than the previous version, eventhough she looks less masculine now (which is kinda her trademark).

  • LightZero

    This is much better than her hooker look in the last game. This is far more elegant. 

  • MrKappa

    Looking quite glamorous, her outfit kinda reminds me of Tifa from FFVII.

    I’m glad she is back but it looks like the whole cast returns and the only new playable character is Ludger.

    I truly hope her presence in this game does not mean more annoying as hell Jude. I was disappointed he returned but Milla being around could make it worse. :(

    • raymk

      I’m with ya on that one bud.  I’m glad she’s back but I really want more than just one new character.  Though at this point I don’t want to many characters now that I think about it.

  • Nitraion

    I’m pretty sure she will make any man nervous around her…
    she give me mitsuru’s vibe….actually

  • malek86

    Oh hi there, Two-Faces. I think you got the wrong turn somewhere. The DC headquarters are on the other side of the ocean.

  • Arrei

    So… did anyone else notice, the green tint in her hair seems to be gone? I wonder what that means…

    • Anime10121

       Noticed that too, but I dont want to know, because its probably a spoiler for Xillia 1.

      • Yeah, it is a little spoiler.

        • Anime10121

           Figured as much, thanks for the heads up, although honestly, I think I already figured out what happens just from seeing the hair.  Hopefully what I think happens, happens in a way that’s still surprising, and isn’t as generic as I expect it to be (although I dont think I can give Tales Studio THAT much credit when talking about story/plot).

          The only Tales games so far that have generally had good/great stories to me were Abyss (it did the whole clone thing FAR better than most stories) and MAYBE Symphonia, the rest, generic anime plots that while enjoyable and had (at least most of them) great characters and extremely fun battle systems.  I hope Xillia falls more in line with Abyss and Symphonia as far as plot goes, while not surprising in the slightest, they at least had consistency and generally a well thought out story with great characters.

          • Darkrise

            Hey hey, give Vesperia some credit too, it was a pretty fun ride and some elements were pretty original, especially a main character that was different from among the typical MC’s from any other jrpg’s. Sure the story wasn’t completely original but it surely had a lot of effort put into it.

          • LightZero

            Yeah but the story wasn’t exactly handle that well though. I honestly think it could had been so much more if they went further with the vigilantism theme and Yuri pay some kind of price as a few characters hinted at. Over all it’s still entertaining though. 

          • Anime10121

            Yeah as @LightZero:disqus mentioned below, Vesperia’s cast were among the best cast in the entire series (second only to Abyss’ IMO), but the story lacked consistency, it felt like 3 separate story lines melded together by a hasty conclusion that lacked proper buildup.  Dont misunderstand me though, its actually my second favorite Tales (again, after Abyss), but the game had MANY flaws in regards to its plot.

          • William Carpenter

            The only reason to consider Yuri unique is if you exist in a vacuum. There are plenty of protagonists that fit his same mold – even in the realm of video games! – that are also more well rounded and better developed. I thought he was a pretty terrible character and one of the worst parts of the game.

          • Arrei

            If you’re thinking what I think you’ll be thinking (wait, huh?) after seeing her hair…

            I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    • kevinposta

      Notice they also are promoting her as just “Milla” and not “Milla Maxwell”.
      I’m assuming it’s going to be meaningful? Maybe she’s an alternate version of the Milla we know.

  • Learii

    this game just great everytime i check lol

  • KingGunblader

    Milla looks great. I’ve been waiting for this announcement. Unfortunately, it just reminds me that Xilla 1 is at LEAST 8-10 months away for us. 

    Hurry Namco, my wallet is ready.

  • William Carpenter

    Wow, Jude looks cross eyed in that second pic. Awkward.

    • Splash (눈‸눈)

      Agree, that Jude is very awkward. Unless they change something, that’s going to be on the game’s cover as the main visual tho >_>;

  • Darkrise

    I would give anything to hear Miyuki Sawashiro’s voice as Milla in the U.S version, so what I mean is dual audio. But still, her outfit is a major improvement over the first game and I think I see… Presea in the background?

  • l777l

    I’m starting to be seriously interested in Xillia 2.

  • Nee Nee

    Playable Gaius please.

  • 8D

  • Hopefully Gaius makes it into this one. His time is NOW.

  • AokiShizuku

    Is it just me or do I see Gaius and Myuze in the top right corner?

    • Splash (눈‸눈)

       That’s what I see too :3 ~ We’ll find out~

    • Souji Tendou

      Yeah both are definitely Gaius And Myuze.

  • of course… 60% of people bought Xillia because of Milla.

  • Alexander Aubert

    the game cover?

  • Elemiel

    If that’s the game cover, does this mean Ludger is the only new playable character? (Unless they decide to make the two who were supposed to be playable in the last game playable…)

  • MrJechgo

    Well, at least the 6 Xillia characters are back, that’s good enough news ^^

  • Reiko_Chan

    Happy Milla’s returning. Jude’s pic is very unflattering.

  • Of course Millia had to make a comeback!

  • Jazlynn Lim

    They had better come up with a good excuse to have Milla take a break from her umm…duties to team up with the gang again.

  • Lol seems like SE wasn’t the only one who were apologetic of their butchering their main title aka FFXIII. Xillia II is a big “we’re sorry, we f’d up on Xillia” game.

    Which I am happy to see.

    • Again with that… Xillia was a plenty serviceable game, okay? It combined a lot of the good elements from previous games to present a really smooth game free of design frustrations. Exclusion of some elements fans were expecting doesn’t equal to a “f*** up”.

  • Freud_Hater

    …Is that Gaius in a tuxedo, in the background? O_O

    • Arrei

      That most certainly is Gaius in a tuxedo.

      Well, more of just a suit, really, but as with most RPGs, it’s a really bitchin’ suit.

  • akiko_sakuraba

    MILLA! I hope she and Jude are reunited…

  • Unfortionately, The Milla in this post isn’t the Milla from the original game, she’s from a different time line according to Abyssal Chronicles plus she doesn’t have the green hair thingy the original had. Luckily, a recent post reveals that Milla Maxwell will be in the game though its not yet confirmed if she’s playable… Why do they have to make things so confusing… X_X

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