Sample A Few Pages Out Of Persona 4: Official Design Works

By Ishaan . September 12, 2012 . 6:05pm

Udon’s Persona 4: Official Design Works art book featuring illustrations and an interview with art director, Shigenori Soejima, is finally out (as of August 29th), and they sent over a few sample pages for readers to check out. Take a look at some of them below (click on images for larger versions):



Page 5 and Page 7:


Pages 20-21:

Pages 22-23:

Pages 24-25:

Pages 28-29:

Page 156:

Pages 174-175:

Pages 182-183:


Persona 4: Official Design Works costs $40 and has 192 pages of content. Amazon have it on sale for $25.

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  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Actually got this last week, I like the ones on Kanji, Yosuke (if its too scary make his skirt longer…), Narukami, etc and their different poses and in their outfits. The additional sections highlighted above was a nice choice, and its real nice and thick. Hope they do more artbooks to series I like. (p3 and disgaea ones were awesome).

  • Locklear93

    It’s a great artbook. I especially love how much background Soejima gives, on basically EVERYTHING.  Not one single character, shadow, or persona is what it is just because it’s cool looking.  There’s a story to all of it, and a reason for almost every little detail.  It really makes it worth sitting and READING the art book, not just flipping through and enjoying the pictures.

  • yoUNg_grOUp568

    I just got it today! It’s AMAZING!

  • djl33

    “If the Protagonist was a Power Ranger, he’d be the Blue Ranger.”


    He’d be the Black Ranger, amirite? ;)

    • Crok425

       I see what Yu did there. :D
      In Golden he wears the Red outfit :P.

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      Teddie would be the Bear Ra—Joke aborted!

  • Solomon_Kano

    $25!? That’s an effing STEAL! Curse my not having any money!

    • xavier axol

      as much as i would love to get it, i would much rather spend the money on the actual persona4 (golden) game along with littlebigplanet (it got great reviews so far), assassin’s creed 3:liberation (i might just buy the bundle, some how i kinda want the white vita), ragnarok odyssey, littlekingstory, playstationallstars, and dokuro (which will be caming to the u.s. sometime this year, i hope). oh! and ps1 classics looks and plays mighty fine on the vita except for soul reaver (i’m still not used to the controller layout and i’m using custom to make it less akward)

      • Solomon_Kano

        Yea, there are a lot of games coming. I want pretty much all of those that you listed. Still, I’ll give $25 for an artbook I’d have paid a good deal more for. Besides, not wanting LBP and PSABR will save me some money that I can put to this.

        • xavier axol

          oh! don’t get me wrong $25 buck for this artbook is a good deal, but when it comes to mind this is pretty much a collectable item that you want to keep it lock. i’m not into that sort of stuff, but i imagine (if i were, i would do so). and besides the only thing i collected through the years are games with their cover (that’s why i used to purchase physical games), i change my mind when i got really into the psn and later the vita (i’m diggin my 32 gig memory card, i got some many psp and ps1 games in my vita that i can change on a fly depending on my mood). it’s great to not worry if i lost my games that are scatter through my house.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I don’t even collect stuff really, I just like good artbooks lol. Always had a big appreciation for concept art and working designs and stuff, so I wanted to get this. Hell, I haven’t even played P4, I just really like Soejima’s artwork. It’d make a great companion once P4G comes out too.

          • xavier axol

            if i remember correctly, atlus annouced the p4G limited edition. is this artbook included in that edition or am i wrong. oh and i also like soejima, although i’m not sure if is the same person i think i know (he used to work in studio gonzo and help make the last exile, the count of monte cristo, matrix anime, and others)

  • AdventureTimeFinn

    I think you made a mistake. Here’s the real page.

    • DesmaX

      And there’s a major mispelling at page 156.

      They mispelled “Shadow Brosuke”

  • Corey Letcher

    got mine on friday, so worth the 25$

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    How come only the high school clothes are there?

  • Locklear93

    @axol44:disqus This artbook isn’t included in Persona 4 Golden’s fancier editions; it’s strictly a standalone purchase.  Also, no, this isn’t the Soejima from Gonzo.  You’re thinking of Yasufumi Soejima.  This is Shigenori Soejima.

    • xavier axol

      oh thanks… yeah so then which artbook is better the one you get in p4g edition or this one?
      and about soejima, is he a manga artis and what kinda other thing he’s done?

      • Locklear93

        This one is MUCH better than any other Persona 4 art book that might be out there, but I don’t think P4G’s collector’s edition actually comes with one. I’m not sure where you got that idea.

        As for Shigenori Soejima, he’s not a manga artist to the best of my knowledge. He’s a character designer and art director for Atlus. I’ve got his career artbook (2004-2010) at home, and could check the interviews to see what else he’s worked on, but I’m not aware of any major work outside of Atlus games, especially in the last 8 years.

        • xavier axol

          thanks.. somehow i thought that the p4G edition will have an artbook. and as for shigenori soejima, i’m interested to know more about him so i will look him up. i got hook on the shin megami tensei persona series when the persona psp came out and then persona3portable. don’t get me wrong i wasn’t new to new series, i played a little bit of persona 4 for the ps2. but just like the shadows of the colossus, i was overwhelmed and confused. i regret it so much for not stick with it longer to realize how awesome these games are. but they are now in my collection :-) it’s really a happy ending.

  • For $25 dollars it makes it impossible not to buy lol

  • DanijoEX

    Not to off subject…
    But who knew that Chie would so pretty in a kimono. =u=

  • Shadow Yosuke: Stupid looking, yes. Not anymore when you are the one fighting it.

    One thing I just realise, why there a armour at Izanagi underpart??

    Standing next to the human cast, Teddie looks….. weird lol. Never realise it be4…. Maybe the anime up the cute factor??

    SO MUCH WANT yet the only place I can get this is Kinokuniya which is far frm the place I’m staying >.<

    • >One thing I just realise, why there a armour at Izanagi underpart??

      Did you notice Rakusasha’s “drill” then? >_>

  • $24431191

    I got this a few days after it came out. It’s a great art book with beautiful illustrations. I highly recommend it for fans of the series. The P3 one is great too.

  • Mazdian

    Must get it… must support UDON for getting these books over to us!

  • Enma_Kozato


  • qlint chesney

    guess I should have waited and not bought the japanese ver.

  • miju


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