Fractured Soul And Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Hit The Nintendo eShop

By Ishaan . September 13, 2012 . 11:30am

This week’s highlight Nintendo eShop release is a dual-screen platformer titled Fractured Soul, where you hop between two dimensions on the 3DS’ upper and lower screens. You can read our playtest of it here. Fractured Soul costs $11.99.


Also out on eShop this week is Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon for the 3DS Virtual Console. The game was originally released in 1998 for the Game Boy, and you can grab it for $2.99.


Finally, there’s also an on-rails shooter titled Heavy Fire: Special Operations. This game costs $4.99, and you can read more about it here.

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  • Zonic505

    Hopefully, considering they ported the GB Goemon game, we’ll see the N64 games in the future on Virtual Console.

    • Krisi92

      That would be awesome. But the GB game is easily the worst of the bunch, by far…

  • Jirin

    I’ve only played the SNES Mystical Ninja.  It was a pretty good game though I spent way too much time walking around farming money to pick up armor.

    That fractured soul looks really interesting, like a platformer Ikaruga.

    • Krisi92

      You should play the N64 games, too, they are awesome, and they came out outside of Japan. The first one is like Ocarina of Time, but with more like Super Mario 64 controls. It even came out BEFORE Ocarina!
      The second one is mostly a 2D platformer, with some villages between the stages. So it’s kinda like the SNES game, but with more stages, MUCH more interactive towns, and 4 characters with different abilities.
      Don’t buy the GB game, though, it’s pretty bad.

      • Jirin

        Are either of those in Virtual Console or do I need an N64?

        • Krisi92

          Unfortunately, you need an N64… Nintendo only released Nintendo-published N64 games for the VC, and these were Konami games. It would be sweet if they were on the VC, though.

  • NeoAthanasius

     The Mystical Ninja series is my favorite gaming series, next to Ys that is. I know categorically that they are not the best games ever,  but they are my favorite. I just love the wackiness! 

    • Krisi92

      Yeah, I love them too, but I actually think they are usually great games even without the craziness. The GB game was pretty bad, though.

      • NeoAthanasius

         Even though I know it is bad, I still think I’m going to get it so I can mess around with it in line for a concert I’m going to tonight. ;-)

        Now if we could get Victor Ireland to release the localized Ps2 Goemon game on PSN, we would be set. I want to play it SO badly. 

        • Krisi92

          It has a REALLY low chance, though. And I once read somewhere that actually the Playstation Goemons weren’t that good: Goemon was only good on Nintendo.
          Well… except for the GB game. The worst thing about it is that it automatically puts you to the title screen if you die. Not only that, but after every stage boss, you have to do a Track & Field type event without any clue what you’re supposed to do, and even if you know, it’s pretty much impossible. You screw up once, it’s game over. What are you saying? You spent half an hour on the first stage, and now it’s all gone? Well, Konami doesn’t care. And they don’t care about Goemon either. Seriously, his last game was for the DS 7 years ago. Before that, he had at least 1 game every year since he was introduced, with the exception of like 2 years. Congratulations Konami for letting your probably funnest and most creative franchises die.
          Umm… sorry forgoing off-topic there :D

          • NeoAthanasius

            I’ve got one of the PS1 Goemon games through my Japanese PSN account, and it isn’t terrible. It certainly wasn’t up to the quality of the SNES and N64 games though. I still had fun with it. 

            I agree with you! It’s shameful that Konami was let such a fun series lie dormant. Maybe someday we will see something new?

          • Krisi92

            I would be really happy to see a new Goemon game, especially outside of Japan. Also, I really want the Goemon series to be represented in the next Super Smash Bros. game.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Seeing news about Goemon always makes me hope for more Goemon game here.T_T I mean, 3DS now should be able to allow them come out with a good nice 2.5D Goemon game or even a simple 2D Goemon game.^_^

    And Heavy Fire does look quite nice here.^_^ My Eshop seems to lose money faster before i can said anything here.T_T

  • stardusty

    I would love to see the PS2 or DS goemon games get localized.. somehow. 

  • Göran Isacson

    I do so hope this will eventually lead to the N64 games being released for the VC. I mean, the Impact battles alone made that game amazing in all the right ways. Still have good memories of setting up my opponents with a flurry of punches and finishing them off with a beam from Impact’s giant, eternally smiling mouth.

    God how that robot both terrifies and makes me awestruck.

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