Game Republic’s Yoshiki Okamoto Is Working On Mobile Games

By Ishaan . September 17, 2012 . 11:15pm

Yoshiki Okamoto, the designer behind Street Fighter 2, Final Fight and later Folklore, is the only employee left at his development studio, Game Republic. Okamoto revealed in an interview with Polygon: “Game Republic has not gone away, but we ran out of money. So I had to let go of everybody.”


Okamoto’s still working on games by himself, but he won’t say who he’s working for or what he’s working on. All that he shares is that it’s a mobile game.


“For a game creator like me, one who’s been creating games such a long time, I feel like it’s more fitting to create a game where I know what’s going on [during development],” Okamoto says.”


“With bigger titles, there are so many aspects of development, so many people working on the game. It’s more fitting for me that I work on a game where I can see what’s happening, like it was during the beginning of the video game era.”


Game Republic lost a large amount of money after publishing partner, Brash Entertainment, closed down in 2008. Game Republic were working on a video game adaptation of Clash of the Titans for Brash at the time.

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  • Godmars

    Boy, what a happy story…

  • neo_firenze

    I love Game Republic.

    While they had a couple of missteps (Genji 2, Clash of the Titans), more often than not they created magic.  Folklore, Brave Story PSP (one of the finest games on the system), the first Genji, Majin, Dark Mist (why the heck that never came to the US PSN is beyond me), even the underrated Knights Contract.  I will never forget.

    And I’ll still follow Okamoto anywhere he goes.  All time great developer right there.

    • ShinGundam

       Sometimes, i feel like i am only one who liked Genji 2. :(

    • yeah always wanted to play dark mist… i just assumed it was coming t the states lol then i forgot about it.

  • rinalicat

    Yay! Game Republic are still here!! I feel like I’m gonna cry..!!!

  • malek86

    I guess, with the media usually giving spotlight to all those successful indie developers singing the praises of a publisher-free life, sometimes it can be easy to forget that reality is harsh.  Most developers need contracts to survive, and even then, there’s no guarantee they will do well.

    Too bad for GR though. They were working with Sony at one point, it would have probably been better for them if they had managed to keep it that way, cause Namco looked like they didn’t care much. I know it wasn’t up to them though, Sony must have had their reasons.

    Oh well, at least he’s not given up yet.

  • Fr33Kingdom

    Wow i’m literally just about to stop playing Majin after picking it up for the first time in a while and i just mentioned Folklore the other day! So sad about those guys, i look forward to his next title. I still really like folklore. 

  • Folklore, now that was a game. 

  • Oh my god, what a lonely road. :I

    I wish I could mail him a hug or something. Add oil, Okamoto! You can do it!

  • HassanJamal

    Oh man, thats sad :C Why doesnt he and his (ex)team just go to sony? They’d for sure support him and his team like with folklore.

    • sure his x-team went somewhere. He probably doesn’t need to go work anywhere for now would be my guess.

      • HassanJamal

         oh well, still sad though :’C

  • zferolie

    Folklore was a great game. I need to go back and finish it(I drop too many games, even the great ones like this)

    I wish Yoshiki the best of luck, and hope he can come back from this. I say go to Sony or Nintendo. Both are really pushing for great games.

  • brian yep

    I’m surprised it technically is still around.
    I was listening to this song as I read through that.
    It seems strangely fitting, almost like a theme of loneliness.
    I hope they (or him at least) will get back to making games like Majin, Genji, and Folklore.

  • Alexandra Cordes

    I really loved Folklore or FolkSoul, so this is sad news. : (

    Never played any of their other games, though…

  • Folklore was one of the best games I’ve played. The ending blowed my mind.

  • xxx128

    Damn shame. This guy is a living legend for his work at capcom.

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