Twitter Adventures Of PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya

By Ishaan . September 17, 2012 . 12:00pm

Developers are often not allowed to speak openly about their projects without the consent of their publishing partners. PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya knows this all too well, but it doesn’t stop him from replying to all of his Twitter followers anyway.


Of course, whether or not he says anything of substance is a different matter entirely.


Here are a few choice selections from Kamiya’s ongoing Twitter adventures with his horde of persistent followers, who keep asking all sorts of questions about his ongoing projects, including Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101, both of which are being published by Nintendo:









(Yes, that last one’s a joke.)

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  • shion16

    Cool posts, but the real fun starts when someone ask him about the new dmc or vergil or capcom related stuff.


  • So.. how is this really anything new or special?
    Plenty of publishers, devs and studios are extremely active and approachable on Twitter, up to the point where they document the daily lives of their interns and show people there’s more to the studio than just the end result aka the games.

    Not to complain about having such articles on here, but apart from Platinum Games getting a few rage-tweets due to the WiiU debacle, I don’t really feel like this is relevant like that. Personally, I’d have enjoyed reading about how the individual devs and staff members cope with the rage regarding Bayonetta 2.

    Just my 2cents.

    • I believe this is the second time you’ve done this. If you aren’t interested in reading something, you could simply just choose to ignore it and move on. 

      While we do normally stick strictly to posting news-worthy content, every now and then, there’s something that’s amusing or just entertaining, and we put it up. It doesn’t happen every day, and we see no harm in it, as long as it doesn’t spread misinformation.

      In fact, we deliberately chose not to post the “rage regarding Bayonetta 2” because that would be even more unproductive. People on the Internet are angry? News at 11. :P

      Platinum have already posted their reaction to the Bayonetta 2 news in an official statement. You aren’t going to get much more out of them than that.

    • I asked Kamiya via Twitter about how he’s managed to deal with all the mad people and he said “I’ve got used to it.”  So, there’s that.

  • Kamiya’s Twitter feed is endlessly amusing. Easily one of the most entertaining among Japanese devs. His tussles with /v/ a couple months ago were priceless.

    • I laughed so hard at “Next week in magazines…” especially because of the last time he did that, and people reported it. Hilarious.

  • Yea… that’s what I want to know the most lol. PG staff’s reaction to the Bayonetta 2 Wii U exclusive hate.

  • Shadowman

    Demon Hunter Vs. Angel Hunter My type of game B)

  • Thanks for not showing tweets of Kamiya wasting his time on confronting the rage. Thank god even he admits Twitter can be…”scary.”

  • Kamiya is funny as hell. Recently he was trolling to SEGA fans from Japan asking “what is “Dreamcast”?.

  • Göran Isacson

    Darn those Nintendinjas and their well-honed blades and ears. Guess we’ll just have to wait as he says… question though: what was up with the “Sakurai caught in Platinum games” tweet? What was that about?

    • A few months ago, Sakurai tweeted that he’d been “caught” sneaking into PlatinumGames’ office. The Platinum guys joked about it, too. Then, at E3, they revealed Project P-100 and more recently, Bayonetta 2, for Wii U.

      • Göran Isacson

        Aah I got it, he’s been sneaking a peak at how the action-masters do their thing  now that they’re working together. Maybe they’re gonna show this influence in the next Smash Bros game… or whatever it is Sakurai will do next.

  • SirRichard

    I love Kamiya’s Twitter, the guy’s funny and can deal (sort of) with idiots bothering him on it. It’s a shame to hear that people are still going on about the Bayonetta 2 thing, and that he’s getting attacked for it in the first place, but great to see he can still joke around.

  • Kamiya also has said that his twitter feed is not something newssites can use on a slow news day. I think it was when his tweets were quoted about Capcom’s DLC methods. 

    Try not to piss off Kamiya, please.

    • I feel terrible for Kamiya, given how often people take the things he says out of context. Capcom often have a lot of trouble with the same thing, too, actually.

  • evilmoogle

    He also said that PS all stars is just a rip-off.

    I don’t agree of course.

    •  …but it is…that’s not a bad thing but yeah it pretty much is in some aspects

      • By your logic, every visual novel is a rip off of the last visual novel that came out before it, every fighting game is a rip off of the last that came before it etc

        • SantiagodelosSantos

          Wait, some people actually dont’ think it’s a rip-off? I’m actually kind of shocked o.o I thought it was quite obvious. The team behind the project pretty much wanted to make a super smash bros with sony characters. 

      • Mildra

        The bigger question is “why should nintendo be the only company that makes this kind of game?”

        • SantiagodelosSantos

          Well, they are not. There have been several similar games based off the super smash bros formula. 

          • Mildra

            I know (and have a couple in my library). My point is that I resent the attitude that nintendo should have some monopoly on this style of game.

          • Justin Graham

            Then perhaps one of these devs should make a Smash Bros.-style game that is better than mediocre.

            And having playing PSAS at PAX, I can’t say that it’s looking any better.

          • I actually would of prefered Sony take the “Power Stone” route with Playstation All-Stars to be honest I think it would have suited them better and would of made the game not look so much like a cross between Smash Bros. and Street Fighter with the supers. 

  • $3587643

    Gaming journalism at is very finest.

    Edit: now with white knight defenders of poor quality replying to me. Yeahhhh.

    • God forbid people try to have a little (non-news) humor on their own sites.

    • Hraesvelgr

      You didn’t have to read it or even click it at all, so your complaint is entirely unjustified (surprise).

  • Those replies are awesome, especially the “ninja” one lol =^_^=

  • z_merquise

    Kamiya is really a funny guy. It’s just that there were lot’s of people who like to troll him or ask him stupid questions sometimes that’s when he get pissed off.

    But I do like most of his responses:

    I see.
    You do it.
    Next week in game magazines.
    Ask Mikami not me.

    Kamiya-san, you’re awesome I know
    Kamiya-san, can I rub your bald head? If you’re a sexy girl, yes.

    • Souji Tendou

      I agree, he’s one awesome guy.:)

    • Some other favourites include:

      “My mom.”
      “Your mom.”

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Haha.^_^ The Kyoto Ninja indeed is one of the funniest there lol.^_^ As they show that developers seems to be afraid of Nintendo policy there lol.^_^

  • XypherCode

    LOL Ninjas from Kyoto always pertains to Nintendo. Other developers sometimes used that funny phrase :)

    Even it was a joke I hope there’ll be a BayonettaVsDMC in the future xD

  • Ninjas from Kyoto….hmmm (imagining Miyamoto, Iwata and Aonuma in the Ninja outfits throwing Pikmin Shurikens xd) I like it! ;p

  • Andrew Chen

    ….Am I the only one that thinks his unwillingness to comment on a Bayo1 release for Wii U to “prime the pump” basically CONFIRMS IT?

    • $3587643

       Yes, because that’s not how it works.

      • Kevin Chambers

        Actually, that’s usually how it does work. “No comment” or complete avoidance usually signifies something is either being considered or implemented. Otherwise you get a flat out “no plans” or “no”. Doesn’t mean it will happen, but they’ve thought about it.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Real Ninja…………. Shhhh

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