Persona 4: Golden Reaches North America On November 20th

By Ishaan . September 18, 2012 . 3:00pm

Persona 4: Golden has a release date in North America. Atlus USA have announced that the game will arrive on November 20th for the PlayStation Vita, in line with an earlier Siliconera report.


Persona 4: Golden is an updated port of Persona 4, originally released on the PlayStation 2. The Vita version of the game has new character, new events, evolved Personas and other features that you can find out about by reading our coverage.


Atlus will release Persona 4: Golden in regular and Solid Gold premium editions. The latter will come with a set of stickers, protective skin, a pack of wallpapers, a Persona 4 themed hard pouch, and a face cover for the Vita. It will cost $70, while the regular edition will cost $40.

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  • Hope Ghostlight has this game on their radar

    • Arizato

       Import it! The Vita is region free!

    • KHSoraKeyBlade

       My thoughts exactly! I really wish this had a European release. Even though it’s region free I just can’t afford to import this..

      • Go2hell66

        its only 3.6 GB

        it will take like a min to download

        • SupaPhly

          with the latest update on the vita firmware you are forced to format your vita  when you switch user accounts, and the games you buy are tied to the user account.

          • Go2hell66

            Well good thing im on the us store already then :)

            Now i dont have to worry about sony’s stupid gimmicks

        • a Min in your region …20 hours in my region (too slow Net)

    • If they bring it over, I’m getting a vita the same day this releases in the PAL regions :D

    • Go2hell66

       import/psn you have so many options to get this game

      no need to wait for ghostlight

  • This isn’t anything new.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    But… it is April 16 in that picture!

  • Nice, not too long after I get my White Vita =^_^=

  • Nov. 20th? Such a long wait… -sigh- Oh well. xD I suppose it is an ok date.

    • Must. Resist. Quoting. Hiimdaisy P4.

      Ah whtever. One or two quote is fine ryte?
      More like one Yosuke and one awesome Yosuke
      Looks like someone order a stupid looking boss!

      The charac portrait and the background looks better than the PS2 ver and now the Persona is shiiiiniiing!! (lol)

      But I kinda miss the anime random stripping Yu awakening scene lol (^.^;)

    • Enma_Kozato

      So the Shiroku store DOES turn into a nightclub when the sun goes down 8U

  • I’m looking forward to playing this again on my Vita!! ^^’ It’s the main reason I bought the console.

  • Tales_of_Master

    Good thing I got my Sold Gold Edition pre-ordered :D Can’t wait to play the game…again.

  • November 20th cant get here quick enough! my Pre Ordered Solid Gold edition is waiting!

  • Zonic505

    The week of Wii U AND Thanksgiving? Well, that shall be one busy week….for both me and my wallet.

  • KingGunblader

    Hmmm… in the wake of all the Wii U stuff I forgot about this. The question now is: Do I get a Wii U + Rayman Legends, or a Vita + P4G?? Decisions, decisions…

    • Domii

      Is that even a question? Get the Vita unless a miracle happens and Ninty announces Bayonetta2 and 101(aka P-100) as day1 Wii U launch releases. lol

      • Barzh

         That probably won’t happen. I pre-ordered the Wii U thinking that Pikmin and P-100 were going to be launch titles but I may just end up reselling my system and buying it when those games come out.

        • Domii

          Well that’s why I said unless a miracle happens.

    • xavier axol

      stead you should be asking yourself, is the wii u launch (as it is now) have enough content for me to get it “right now”? i don’t want to be a fanboy, but just like any handheld or consel’s launch there’re mistakes that manufactures make. nintendo had it with the 3ds and the wii at it’s later cycle, sony with the ps3 launch and vita not to mention the psp in later years. what i’m suggesting is make sure you buy what your’s money’s worth, while i understand that seeing a new handheld or counsel is enticing and is like a fresh air. believe me hold on awhile when the wii u have that amazing content, i learned that the hard way. patience is a virtue, that is something that i not have and it ended up costing me alot. i bought the vita when it came out and while i liked it’s launch lineup, it later got dead for awhile because it wasn’t ready. i see the samething with the wii u, i’m telling you it’s not ready for gamers just look at the lineup, but give it some time and it will find it’s footing.

    • Well I think you are being force into the Vita + P4G due to the fact that you really can’t buy a Wii U since they are sold out everywhere. Unless you already pre-ordered it… in which case keep that pre-order.

  • Sardorim

    My body isn’t ready for that amount of swag, someone hold me so I can get through this!

  • Domii

    I missed out on this masterpiece back on my ps2 era, now I’m waiting to pick this up along with my very own Vita come Blackfriday. Can’t wait.

  • Crap The Wii U Deluxe that I have pre-ordered comes out two days before P4G hopefully I’ll have time to play it at a later time.

  • yoUNg_grOUp568

    The new VAs do a pretty good job in this game. What i Find weird was that they kept dave wittenberg as izanagi but he isn’t in the game anymore. I thought they would’ve done like the animation and have JYB do the voice instead.

    • Mr_SP

       They probably don’t want to redo anything they don’t have to. The new VAs are mostly redoing all the old lines because their characters have new lines in the game. Since Izanagi doesn’t, they’ll leave it as is, it seems.

  • Aoshi00

    My Vita is naked out in the open and can’t wait for the yellow P4 case :) 

    Uncharted GA, Gravity Rush, Dokuro, P4, Zero Escape, Time Travelers, Special Report Division, I’m all set :)

  • darkfox1

    Sucks because I have no VITA augh plus a price drop anytime soons seems like out of the question. Help……;(

  • TheRealMalek

    Sad because i won’t buy a vita anytime soon. i would have kill if it was cross platform ps3-vita. But i guess psvita crossplatform was just a marketing thing…

  • I just went over to my local game store and the price for a Vita is….. terribly out of my wallet depth :(

    Oh well. Someday…. someday I will play the heck out of it. (Hopefully it will be kind to me as well lol.)

  • the golden things is always hard to get.

  • Still, no sign of date release for EU…
    Kind of disappointing…

  • SupaPhly

    so glad I secured a premium edition <3

  • brian yep

    So um
    ESRB thinks this has no violence.
    It had violence on PS2, and in gameplay trailers.
    Hrm, may need to keep an eye out for a summary of it from them.

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