God Eater 2 Trailer Shows Off The PSP And Vita Game

By Ishaan . September 19, 2012 . 1:05am

Now that God Eater 2 has re-emerged from its longer slumber as a PSP and Vita multiplatform title, Namco Bandai have released an “introduction” video for the game. Check it out below:



As previously detailed, God Eater 2 will feature connectivity between the PSP and Vita versions. You’ll be able to transfer save data between the two, and they’ll be cross-compatible for multiplayer as well.


God Eater 2 will be released in 2013.

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  • Go2hell66

    not the biggest graphics difference between psp and psv port, i can’t even tell the difference to be honest

    •  PSP video was only shown at a much lower res. But from what I can tell its much more flat (no normal maps), textures are lower res, models have less detail, and lighting is much simpler making the environments slightly less vibrant.

      I could be off on some of that given how little was shown and the format, but I doubt they’ll be doing much to advertise the psp release when they can make the game look better by primarily showing it on Vita.

      •  I agree 100%, the commercials will show the Vita version and just mention it’s on PSP too.  It’s just logical.

    • Shiki

      Screw the graphics! , I just wanna play it XD
      I hope a localization would be announced soon after its release in japan , or i’m gonna import it! such a GREAT game , please do it BamcoD3 T.T

      • Go2hell66

        haha yea i really couldn’t care too much about the graphics either to be honest, just wanted to point it out after they were boasting about their “gorgeous visuals” :p

        • natchu96

          This. It’s the FFXIII scenario. Sure, looking nice is good, but dangit I just want an awesome game! Screw what it looks like! If I can at least tell what I’m annihilating and where he is enough to pound him it’s fine by me!

    • LustEnvy

       Seriously? I mean, look at the GROUND. It’s obvious, even though the vid isn’t even running at the PSP or Vita’s native resolution.

      I’m willing to be that if you see them hand in hand, the difference would be quite obvious.

      • Go2hell66

         no i can’t see it, apart from the actual monster sprites and character sprites seem to have been smoothed out a bit, everything else looks the same as the previous games, i’ve been playing gods eater burst on my psv and from that short clip they look almost identical

        • LustEnvy

          In any case, the vid wasn’t exactly highlighting the PSP version, and it was shown side by side with smaller scale Vita screens, which makes it even harder to see the difference. You can bet a pretty penny that if they showed the PSP screen in full-sized, the differences would be obvious.

          They’re smart, as the differences would make PSP owners feel inferior.

        • Sprites?? What sprites?? ffs…
          The difference is so painfully obvious, I just….


          I need to stop reading comments because it just makes me want these games to stay in Japan.

          • Go2hell66

             hey calm down guy, whats eating you?

        • You mean the character models. Sprites are 2d. This game is in 3d. There is a definite improvement in the character models and monsters. 

          Also the fire effects and other effects look much more better and improved over the psp. The psp just can’t run those effects like that. It would seriously affect the framerate.

          Run it alongside a video of god eater 1 and you’ll definitely notice the differences. Otherwise you’re just trolling.

    • Dede Ogbe

      Are you serious? play the video in hd. it might help

      • Go2hell66

        the quality is on max bro, lol i’m guessing its just me then?

  • LustEnvy

    Digging that trailer music. Hopefully it’s in the game.

    • Barrit

      It was in the first one, so there’s a pretty good chance it will be :)

  • I spotted a Kota!! Looks like he switch his cap to a bandana.

    The Vita ver defin looks better than the PSP. It seems more colourful too. 

    The trailer music sounds awesome!! I wonder is it the Guild music??

  • Zeonsilt

    I wonder if D3 localize this.
    I want my PSV version!

  • psycho_bandaid

    Its still too early…. calm…. calm…..

    Screw it. GET HYPE!


  • Raze

    Screw all cameo from GE 1….
    Bring back Kanooooonnn!!!!
    Kanon x3!!!

    The PSV looking good…
    I think I will take the PSV ver.

    • Dylan Anantha

      K-K-Kanon? I-I-I need to get out of her line of fire!

    • Have it your way.

      With 100% extra ponytail and zettai ryouiki.

  • God Eater 2’s Cross-Play feature should sell a lot of Vitas in Japan.

    • Why?  It makes it possible for PSP owners to not have to upgrade.  Sony needs PSP owners to stop buying these type of games on PSP and to buy them on Vita.  I don’t see why a feature that ensures you don’t need to buy a vita sells even one more Vita.

      • I don’t see what’s wrong with this. This is an excellent move. At the same time they are supporting the Vita, providing extra features to entice people to buy it, and making a great amount of sales on the PSP. You have to remember that its really risky to develop at the Vita right now. 

        More people will buy this game with the Vita because they can play with their friends that don’t own the Vita. Their friends will see how beautiful it looks on Vita and buy it on it.

        I say the more features the better. After its one of the Vita’s selling points. Connectivity with other sony products like the ps3 with Wipeout.

        •  Sony needs to get people to move away from the PSP market.  Cross Play with PS3 encourages getting a Vita.  Cross Play with PSP helps you not have to buy one.

          In Japan, it was obvious all the DS support was moving to 3DS, 3DS essentially became DS.  In the stores now, you have two sections, PSP and Vita and PSP is winning.  Look at the release lists, PSP gets a lot of the better games.

          Sony needs the PSP audience to move to Vita, and when they do all the games will move to Vita.  Not every game will have this feature, and a lot of games will still be PSP only because their audience is not upgrading.

          • DanijoEX

            Dude…or whoever, it’s not that easy. There some people who are unwilling to switch from PSP-to-Vita.

            While others are waiting down the road to make that decision. Most are not going to just dump their PSP in favor of the Vita.

            Did you think about that? Honestly…

            But whatever…I regret commenting. 

          •  It’s the same in each software generation.  They stop making games for the older system and only make games for the new system.  If Vita is going to replace the PSP as the machine of choice for the PSP gamers, then some of them are going to have be pulled in kicking and screaming.

            No hate, that’s just the way it works.  We all want Vita to sell more, so we get more Vita games.  At least i think so…

      • HassanJamal

        So the devs should just screw the fun that can be had for vita and psp owners together? They can co exist you know and besides, once some psp owners can see what the vita do, they might just buy the vita version instead.

  • The Cross-play feature is a stroke of genius!

  • WOW the vita version looks amazing.Also is it just me or the monsters look a lot bigger this time around.

  • I want bigger tougher monsters and less missions where you fight 2 or 3 of them.  FIGHT 3 OF THESE AND 2 OF THOSE.  Boring.  But give me one that’s a little faster, a lot stronger?  More fun.

    Great game, so much that could be done with it.  Very exciting.  Love the anime influence.  People always bring up MH but it’s a lot different in how you play it.  

    • natchu96

      If you want strong or fast, try Dyaus Pita or Tsukiyomi. The first one has decent damage as well as defense, yet succeeds in jumping all over the place and hitting you at the same time. Takes a while to kill. The Tsukiyomi is even harder to kill for most people as, though attacks generally flash as highly effective and overall defense seems rather low, it appears it’s a glass cannon that’s actually also a Tank at the same time, possibly because of having a lot of HP (?).

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Since its on the vita too theres a high chance it will be released in the states. 

    •  The first one got brought over pretty matter of factly so i’d think this one will come over.  I CANNOT WAIT.

      Is it online?  We can have Siliconera hunting parties.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        I think its Adhc only but I hope it is

        • MCoelho

          If everyone has a PS3 then adhoc Party should do the trick!

  • Göran Isacson

    Curious onlooker here with a question: do the God Eater games have actual characters and an on-going story, or is it like Monster Hunter where there’s not really much of a story as much as it’s just you, your partners and big ugly monsters that need hunting?

    • thundergodCN

      Yes there is a legit story, with plot, character development and a final boss.

      • Göran Isacson

        Interesting. I guess that is what Capcom is trying to change with the new MonHun game, but it does make me at least somewhat more interested in trying out God Eater… though that also brings up the question of whether they’re available for the West in the first place.

        • natchu96

          If you mean if GE games were available in the west, the localized God Eater Burst (they were gonna do God Eater 1, but since the updated Burst version came out before they finished that one they figured they’d just move to that to save time). DLC is relatively lacking compared to Japan, but what can you do?

          It’s always fun to kill those aragami. They’re named after the gods for a reason. Outside of fighting fire with fire, they are literally unstoppable, which is why Fenrir even hires us. Dangerous line of work, but at least we get paid. And it’s so hard to die when your party is basically just walking meatshielding that can revive you within 30 seconds after you get incapped. Even if the timer hits zero the game just cuts an item from the preset mission rewards and respawns you, until that reward list goes empty. You WILL die, though. Which is half the reason guns are the superior weapon compared to blades most of the time, which are really only good for refilling ammo so you can keep shooting.



  • The big differences I notice graphically are the smoothness (of graphics and animation) extra lighting effects on the Vita version.

  • masaYT

    I always hear people say monster hunter clone etc. but i hate the monster hunter games as they have no plot or characters and are way to repetitive, for me God Eater is the better game, cant wait for this.

    • Brimfyre

      I agree with you 100%.

      I guess I could have just hit “Like” but it needs to be restated, I believe. God Eater is way more enjoyable than Monster Hunter.

    • quasadra

       different game for different people. i play both and love them both.

  • Rudy Soto

    There better be a data transfer feature in which I can transfer my GE1 data into GE2 for the Vita.

    I really, REALLY want to see my GE1 Protagonist appearing in this game.

  • Barrit

    Ah that familiar music! I can’t wait for this. These MH-esce games always jump to the front of the line in my backlog. First RO, SS, and this. Can’t wait, my Vita is going to get tons of playtime soon.

    This time around I’ll be sure not to play it while walking down my stairs, falling, spraining my ankle really bad, and damn near breaking it lol.

  • Rolling Guy

    I hope Alisa’s still in it.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Looking pretty damn nice. What little I played of the original didn’t really do anything for me, but I’d be willing to give it another go if this gets localized.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Beautiful monster-bashing at its finest! And with much much better controls to boot!! Now for a concrete release date…

  • Xmas Lopez

    Cross compatible for multiplayer?! BAD. ASS.

  • Asuna Ilano

    why!?? why 2013!? why not now!! D:

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