Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Coming To PlayStation 3 In 2013

By Ishaan . September 19, 2012 . 6:53pm

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix is coming to the PlayStation 3, Square Enix have announced via The HD collection includes:


Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories HD

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days cutscenes in HD


That’s right, no Kingdom Hearts 2 from what we can tell! Both games that are included have been updated with Trophy support.


Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix will be available in 2013.

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  • SantiagodelosSantos

    So…none of the good ones? (imo) :/ KH2, KH 3D, KH BBS?

    • OBJECTION ! :D The first was good and Chain of Memories is one of the best with BBS and 3D :)

    • Solomon_Kano

      Ehhhh, I’d say the first is one of the better ones. Had the best story by far and the gameplay still holds up without some of the series’ newer hooks. Much as I loved playing BBS, that story wasn’t told very well.

  • I’m guessing there will be a 2.5 with 2, BBS and 3D cutscenes?

  • shion16

    No 2 and no BBS??
    Weird Decision

  • YoshEE

    That suck that they don’t put KH2 in them :(

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Best news of the day for games on Sony platforms. It will be so good to play CoM in HD as well as finally playing an actual mainline Kingdom Hearts game. Hopefully 2 comes swiftly thereafter and that this heads to the US. 

    Now Im back in the mood to return to playing DDD, though I wont understand it fully until playing mainline KH games.

  • ragnarok989

    Now this should lead to KH HD 2.5 Remix with KH2FM and Birth By Sleep FM on PS3…right?! 

  • I imagine they’ll be putting KH2, BBS, and coded cutscenes onto a 2.5 ReMIX in 2014 or something. That’s my bet.

  • Brandonmkii

    358/2, BBS and 3D are all way too new to have HD upgrades IMO. They should have done 1, 2, and CoM first, and then the rest a few years down the line. The only thing, to have proper contols, I think they could only do 3D on the Wii U. 358/2 would work well on it too.l

  • Reki Honoo

    As long as we get this in english, then I’m ok with this.

  • I’m so glad they’re doing it. I guess they’ll do 2.5 if this sells well, S-E like. I hope this comes here, I’d love the Final Mix in English finally. :3 And as I only own BbS (All the others games i played were borrowed.) it will be awesome to finally own this games.

  • Reki Honoo

    As long as we get this in english, then I’m ok.

  • Shiki

    I think that .. is great ?
    Well at least we can play it on HD , right ?
    Can’t wait :D

  • Ricardo Guedes

    mehh… i want ffx this year!!!

  • frank xiong

    KH, KH2, BBS HD, would have been a better choice in my opinion 

  • scratchbach

    I’ll take it- this is awesome. Please localize!

  • Hines Green III

     358/2Days CUTSCENES.
    You guy REALLY don’t want to make a decent multiplayer for KH, huh Square?

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    This is awesome.

    Judging by the title they’ll most likely release HD Remix 2.5 with 2 and BBS in HD. And maybe Dream Drop Distance cutscenes.

    Then finally work their way to KH3.

    • I doubt that the 3D cutscenes will be included. It’s faaaaar too soon for them.

      Most likely, the cutscenes will be the re:Coded ones.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Or both. That would make the most sense given the purpose of this/these collection(s). Wouldn’t do them much good to release something meant to catch folks up for KH3 and leave out the most vital game’s story. Unless, of course, they just put a recap in KH3.

  • Reiko_Chan

    Im happy this is coming out. When the first Kingdom Hearts came out, I was too young to understand the story. It would have made more sense to add KH2 though.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Cool, but all I really wanted was KHII FM to be on the PS3, even if it was released as a stand alone game.

  • sandra10

    They should definitely split these games up on PSN.

    • MrRobbyM

      Definitely. I already played through Re:CoM and would not want to play through it again. No interest in 358/2 Days either.

      Hopefully by 1.5 means they plan on releasing an HD ReMIX 2 with KH2 and BBS later on. That I would definitely buy.

  • Dylan Anantha

    I can’t imagine them putting BBS cutscenes in, most of the story is filler. Only a handful would actually be relevant, like the first and last two chapters, and one or two in the middle of the game.

    • Paradox me

      I can’t imagine them putting BBS cutscenes in, most of the story is filler. 

      How in the world can most of Birth by Sleep’s story be considered filler? The game essentially made the story.

    • KingNigma

      if by “filler” you mean essential to the story then yes. BBS’s plot is very much filler

      • FFmax

         Filler? Wut?

  • Total_Overdose

    …why is just the cutscenes of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days being included and not the game? But then again, it’s SE. I gave up trying to figure out a method to their madness a long time ago.

    • Christopher Nunes

      Because Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days was released on the DS and if they include the game on the PS3 they have to remake the models to fit the PS3 graphics AND make an overhaul on the game’s control to work on the PS3.

      Too much time and effort I suppose, but I guess they want everyone to be able to play/view the stories of the past Kingdom Hearts game so everyone will be ready for when Kingdom Hearts 3 is released on the PS3 (most likely that system).

  • rurin

    I would love KH Final Mix :)

  • imaguni

    It’s a little too early for a KH2 remake IMO so I don’t personally mind. Pretty excited about KH1 Final Mix though! Let’s hope the Final Mix re-release continues all the way to the inevitable KH2.5.

    • Solomon_Kano

      7 years is too soon for them to bump the game up to HD so it looks good on modern TVs? I don’t really see it, man. They aren’t actually remaking anything, just making it look better.

      • imaguni

        I did say “personally”.

        I personally don’t think it looks all that bad on modern TVs, and 7 years isn’t old enough for me to start complaining about aged graphics and clamor for an HD update. KH1 is a little difference since I’ve always thought that there was a significant graphical jump between KH1 and 2 for obvious reasons.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Really, HD (like Trophies) is for them justify a disc re-release to Sony. All that matters to me is that we get it on PS3. I see no reason for them not to bump it up if they’re gonna bring it over though. Definitely looks better than KH1, but it would still benefit from the HD treatment.

          • imaguni

            I don’t really object to an HD conversion, I just don’t see the need for it just yet, but I am aware it’s not my call. I guess it’s my fault for saying “remake” when I meant “port/HD conversion”.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I’d agree that it’s not necessary just yet but, again, the real purpose is to get it on the current consoles at all. Would that they could get a disc release out of it, I bet Squenix would just re-release it as is. But they can’t, so we get it in HD.

            Works out for me since there’s no BC for the majority of PS3 owners and, were it end up on 360 as well, they could never have played it prior.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days cutscenes in HD?  ok?

  • Heartless ㅤ

    Are these games coming to the West or just Japan?

    • Curan_Altea

      Haven’t been announced for the West yet, but give it some time. It was only just announced for Japan.

    • Solomon_Kano

      It’s pretty much a guarantee that we get this in the West. The series is bigger over here, after all. They haven’t announced it yet, of course, but I can’t imagine an announcement is far off.

  • Niermyico

    Now I’m wondering something. If this gets localized, would we received the FM versions as well?

  • Travis Nolen

    they will more than likely release a second HD remix including KH2 BBS and Re:Coded.  perfect business strategy to milk the series for all its worth

    • Christopher Nunes

      I don’t mind as long as they released them into the US so we can FINALLY have a localized version of the Final Mix games of KH1 and 2!

  • zweii

    Sounds great but where FFX HD? And what game will release first i wonder.

    Can anyone confirm? Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is suppose to be cutscenes only from what i heard.

    • Curan_Altea

      Seems that way. And it makes sense, 358 days was the only one not on PS2.

  • OathkeeperSoraXIII

    wow I scroll down and the 1st few comments are basically all negative. ‘no BBS, no KH2?’ NO this is the games leading UP to those would be pretty stupid to call it KH 1.5 hd remix and then have those games on it too… KH2, BBS and most likely Re:Coded will be on 2.5, there’s no need to remake DDD since it’s only just come out. a few months ago, when there were rumours of a KH HD collection people were foaming at the mouth ready to jump on it. now that it’s actually true, the 1st thing people critisize is ‘no KH2?’ seriously…just wait.

    Depending on how long it takes them to do this. I could picture this being released at the beginning of 2013, then the second half being released at the very end of 2013/ early 2014.

    because it shouldn’t take that long, if you have an emulator and a fairly good computer you can play the games in HD anyway. (358/2, BBS and Re: Coded would probably take longer though to change all the cutscenes into HD)

    i’m excited for this. when DDD came out I saw a lot of people confused about the story, saying how the series was way too confusing because they’d missed certain games etc. with this it’ll give everyone a chance to play them all on one system (assuming you have a ps3)

    • I agree with you! I find it silly that people are complaining about no BBS and KH2. And asking for DDD cutscenes? It’s really far too soon for any of that.

      I’m intending on getting this though. I’ve been wanting an HD port of at least KH1 for a long time now, and have been waiting patiently for them to announce it. Now that it’s here, I’m psyched.

      The only thing I am disappointed about, admittedly, is that they aren’t redoing 358/2 Days. I would’ve been curious to see what kind of jump that would’ve made.

      • Paradox me

        The whole situation is rather unfortunate though. HD collections would have been the perfect way to get people up to speed for Kingdom Hearts III, but there’s so little chance that Dream Drop Distance will be included in the next set that folks will still be missing essential plot info.

        I guess they’ll just have to do a ‘Memento’ thing with KHIII like they did DDD, recapping the latter’s events.

        • I think sadly while it might be a shame for people to miss out on stuff with DDD, I just can’t see any other economical reason for porting it already.

          They will probably just have a memento thing though, when it comes to that.

          • Solomon_Kano

            The biggest reason for them not to port it would be the number of changes to fit the PS3, really. The game didn’t sell nearly as well as previous entries, so that’s certainly reason enough for a port. It’s just that said port would take more work than it would likely be worth.

          • It’s sad that apparently DDD didn’t sell as well as previous entries– I really enjoyed DDD. But I really really would not see them porting it anytime soon. It’s more likely that they’ll just try to do another promotion of it at some point since the 3DS has gained a lot more steam.

      • OathkeeperSoraXIII

        yeah i’m psyched too. I recently did a playthrough of KH1 on my YT but, I regret that now since I could have had it in HD goodness if i’d of waited haha but oh well. 

        yeah it’s unfortunate with 358/2 days. I hope they do their best with it though, because I can’t imagine the quality being very good at this stage. but I’ll stay optimistic and wait for some screenshots of it or something.

  • ResidentMetroid

    I’d like to see this on the 360 for NA but I know there is a little to no chance for that to happen.

  • Zonic505

    While I do question why no KH2, I’m still pleased by this, especially if we get the Final Mix should the US get this (which I’m sure it will).

    Maybe later, we’ll get 2.5 Remix, with HD ports of KH2 & BBS.

  • Christopher Nunes

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Awesome news! ^_^

    I’m a happy camper that they’re going to released Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix on the PS3 finally, and hopefully it will be localized so we’ll finally have the Final Mix versions of the game seeing as the Final Mix versions contain extra scenes that were story important to the series overall plot.

    Can’t wait until they announce Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix in the future! ^_^
    Though I’m miss using my Action Replay to get two Ultima Weapons to dual-wield I don’t care as I’ll be able to play the Final Mix versions of the game on the PS3!

    Great day to be alive and this is awesome news to hear for me as the rest of my day wasn’t good.

  • Xapth

    So THIS is what the secret message in KH3D was referring to,

    “The past will be reawakened as a new number in never-before-seen detail. Prepare yourself for the awakening of the next number.”

    If this game is localized, it means the original Kingdom Hearts Final Mix will finally see a release overseas! IN BEAUTIFUL HD! 

  • Riian

    I’m honestly a little disappointed. I was hoping for KH2FM and BBSFM, but it seems likely those’ll come at a later time. Maybe I’ll finally finish CoM this time.

  • Laith Rem

    I already played all of you. I did. Why do you not leave me alone TT_TT

    (I’ll buy it if it has new content that fits all the retcons (minor as they are). Otherwise, it’s in the maybe pile.)

    • MrRobbyM

      But did you play them in *echoey announcer voice* HIGH DEFINITION?!

  • Solomon_Kano


    Screw all the “where’s KH2”, it’s been AGES since I got to play the original and CoM (never even played RE:, just the original). SOOOOOO EXCITED.

    I’m actually baffled that KH1 is included and not KH2. I thought for sure there would be problems with 1 and the whole Deep Jungle/Tarzan thing so, if anything, I expected a collection like this but with 2 instead. But this!? YESSS! And with all of my favorite PS2 series now on PS3 (‘cept Onimusha, but that’s never happening), just… just… YES!

    Thank you, Square Enix and goodnight!

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Wow, wow Square! How are they going to adapt the Nintendo DS game into a PlayStation 3 without remaking it? I mean, will 
    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days be playable or it will be just a cinema mode?

    And about KHIII… guess we really have to wait for Versus to be released which means we have to wait for Lightning Returns to be released which means we have to wait for Lightning Returns to be given its release date which means—-Wow! That’s a long road there.

    • It’s just the cutscenes from Days unfortunately.

  • Nicolas Vasquez

    this gives hope that they are preparing for KH3 and in PS3(or at least HD console/s).

    • Solomon_Kano

      After 3D’s performance (and confirmed loooooong before that, anyway), KH3 will definitely be on consoles.

      • Nicolas Vasquez

         but then compare with PSP, also KH has more games on portable than on consoles, so i wouldn’t  be so sure about that, specially when the japanese side of SE is so heavily focused on portable, mobile and social.

        • Solomon_Kano

          See: “confirmed loooong before that, anyway”

          Nomura said some time ago that the next game would be on consoles by way of referencing it being in HD. This is why KH3 isn’t happening until he’s done with Versus. If SE wanted a portable KH3, why would they wait on Nomura to be done with Versus like all of the portable titles already haven’t been made without his team? Between 3D doing worse than the last title and Vita not being a viable option, there’s no way KH3 is going to be portable. That goes against everything logical.

          • Nicolas Vasquez

            nomura said, not confirmed, also thats something he said way back, not to mention he has been involved in several other projects including some KH(the ones that werent fully outsourced), wich pretty much shows the priority SE gives to the 3rd and Versus, and it certainly doesn’t go against logical, portable games in japan have much bigger profit in a cost/sales relation, and the only JRPG franchises that havent moved to portable are FF and tales, and both of those had started to recycle resources in order to gain higher profit, pretty much what KH has been doing since 2.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Indeed that was way back, but he also hasn’t said anything to the contrary since. I’m going off of what he’s actually said rather than trying to speculate.

            To be clear, nobody’s disputing Japan’s preference for portables, but here’s the part that defies logic if KH3 is on portables:

            KH 3D sold LESS THAN HALF of what the last big game sold first week and that was also on portables (BBS: 445,962; 3D: 213,579). 3D was released on the hottest system in the country and still saw a significant drop. It didn’t even match 358/2’s opening sales despite being touted as a much more significant game in the series than that title (358/2: 295,205). They won’t make more money by releasing another KH on the same platform, and they can’t move to Vita. On top of declining sales for the biggest KH game to date domestically, KH has always sold better in the West. That’s reason enough for KH3 not to be on portables since western gaming is more on console, and that’s without considering that this title, again, sold a great deal less than its predecessor.

            So, again, it would be illogical because the series is bigger in the West and console games sell better here on top of the fact that the last portable game sold significantly worse than the portable title before it.

  • Masengan

    I am SUPER excited! I don’t mind too much if we get Final Mix versions here in the states I just wanna be able to play those games and get me some Platniums for my favorite game series. I guess the 2.5 Remix will have KH2:FM, BBS:FM and reCoded videos (??) at least for Japan anyway.

  • I was hoping this was news on a Kingdom Hearts 3, but

  • xavier axol

    birth by sleep is by far my favorite, ’cause i get to play as aqua (gosh! she’s gorgeous!). oh and terra and ven are……cool too.

  • Godman

    Very interesting; I stopped play KH after 2, because I couldn’t get to play any other ones. But soon I’ll be able to get back into it and with trophies too X3

  • This is simply a Re-release of KH1! An enjoyable recap ported over to
    the PS3, thus explaining the 1.5 within the collection’s title.
    Honestly, I’ve seen a few fans asking about “Where’s 2?! Where is 2?!”

    This is about Kingdom Hearts 1, and most likely a way to celebrate its
    10th Anniversary(the franchise) since it all started with Kingdom Hearts
    1, and a way to keep interest within the franchise.

    (This is for future people asking about 2)

    • You do know that Chain of Memories was part of KH2 Final Mix+ and also had save unlocks between the two games, right? Right!?

      •  True, but this is mainly about Kingdom Hearts 1 and the road that leads up to Kingdom hearts 2. So within this reality, that’s all there is to the matter.

  • Nitraion

    What’s the difference KH1 and KH1: FM?

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      Comment removed: already replied the same by others

      • Nitraion

        Boss in agrabah? i remember i fight the snake thing and its very tough… *_*
        and Death in peter pan world tooo, Hmm i see that boss in original is there another boss in agrabah?

    • Paradox me

      It includes changes made for the English release (gameplay tweaks, extra bosses) as well as additional items and cutscenes.

    • KH1: FM (and all the other Final Mixes) was a Japanese exclusive re-release with more content (skills, bosses, and I think some bug fixes). Remember that flashback from KHII where Sora was fighting an hooded man revealed later to be an Org.XIII member? That was Xemnas as a KH1:FM secret boss. Cue “I went to see him” spoken by himself.

      • Nitraion

        Oh i see, it will be funny if i dunno how to meet this secret boss Lol

  • Lazulis

    Just the cutscenes? Multiplayer KH where you can choose which character you want to play as would be pretty cool on a PS3. Of course, that’d be rather difficult, porting 358/2 days to PS3…

    So will we get KH 3 after KH 2.5? 

    • Solomon_Kano

      Eventually. Remember, we’ve still gotta wait out… Versus. So… 2.5 in 2014, Versus most likely in 2015, and KH3 in probably 2017-18. Man, that’s a good while lol.

      • Never

        People keep getting their facts mixed up.
        Nomura has said himself that he’s working on a NEW KH title (alongside directing FF) and a movement to meet that title is coming (aka the 1.5 HD releases), 2.5 will probably come in either early or late 2013 then KHIII (Yes, I’m calling it) will consequently come either late 2013 or early 2014.

        It’s really just to introduce new people to the series and hype those who grew up with it.

        • Solomon_Kano

          So he’s working on KH right now? I don’t keep up with everything Nomura says, so I just remember it having been said several times over the last good while that he’d move onto KH once his work on Versus was finished. Supposing he was working on KH3 this year or next year, a 2013-14 release still sounds doubtful. I’d imagine Nomura’s got something a bit more ambitious planned for KH3 than what that amount of development time would allow him.

          • Never

            Depends, 2014 -a 1 1/2 – 2 year development- doesn’t seem like a very short one.

            Ever since Re:Chain of Memories in 2007 there’s been a KH game released every year, but since there was a 3 year difference between KH1 and KH2 2015 isn’t out of the question either.

            Though that was before it became a staple series so they may have more manpower now, but meh- no use estimating something that won’t change anyway.

            Nomura said he was too busy with Versus in 2010 and since DDD was made in 2011-released 2012 it’s safe to assume he’s no longer busy with it.
            The most he’s said is that he’s working on the story for the next game (Someone else has explained how the DDD ending revealed the next game was 3 on here) and he’s also said he fleshes out the gameplay while creating the story so it fits around that specific plot. Leaving us safe to assume it’s in at least partial development already or will definitely be by 2013.

            So there you have it, up to date on everything I know at least.
            It’s also been confirmed that KH3 will use similar gameplay mechanics to DDD, so if you hated that you’re in for a ride.

          • Solomon_Kano

            2 years isn’t short, just average. Considering this is the series’ big return and how anticipated the title is, I’d imagine that Nomura’s got a bit more planned. Wouldn’t really be any other reason for them have waited this long to make it happen. Since nobody outside of Squenix knew where the series was headed, they could’ve called 3D KH3 and been done with it otherwise, so that makes me think he’s got something a bit bigger than a 2 year cycle would allow.

            “Nomura said he was too busy with Versus in 2010 and since DDD was made in 2011-released 2012 it’s safe to assume he’s no longer busy with it.”

            I wouldn’t think that says anything about how busy he is since most of the work on DDS, like the previous portable titles, wouldn’t have been directly handled by him. From all indications, Nomura oversees all KH games but he hasn’t been actively working on them due to his work on Versus. Unless he’s said otherwise? With Nomura being the director of Versus, I’d imagine he’s still busy since the game isn’t done.

            I figured 3 would follow DDD’s gameplay though. Makes sense since each game builds on the systems of the last.

          • Never

            “I wouldn’t think that says anything about how busy he is since most of
            the work on DDS, like the previous portable titles, wouldn’t have been
            directly handled by him.”

            By that definition none of the KH games would have been directly handled by him. I said he himself has stated he handles both the story and, by extension (according to him), the gameplay- in every game -so he must have had the time in 2011 to do that. They aren’t spin offs someone else wrote and devised simply because they’re handheld titles, he handles them himself. Actually, what you’re saying he’s doing with KH is what he’s been doing with Versus, since he said that he’s “overseeing it” currently at least. This is all from outside Squenix anyway, so it’s just from what we hear and what he tells us.

            You can say that but Days didn’t really build off of anything else hah.
            Unless you want to link the cards from Chain of Memories with how you can only use spells a given amount per mission.

            Still depends, if they already have the gameplay down what’s left in a KH game beyond the story (that includes all the optional things like the reports/dalmations, collectables essentially)? If you consider DDD a test run of KH3 gameplay then it’s already been in development since 2011, it’s not as though they’re starting from ground 0 so it really doesn’t warrant a massively longer cycle. 3 years with greater manpower and no working on side titles would yield much more than the 5 years BBS took while making Re:CoM, Coded, AND Days.

          • Solomon_Kano

            “Actually, what you’re saying he’s doing with KH is what he’s been doing with Versus, since he said that he’s “overseeing it” currently at least.”

            Huh? It’s been said from day one that Nomura is serving as director on Versus. According to wiki though, he’s also been director on all of the KH games, so I guess he is working in the same capacity. Never called any of them spin-offs though, so I’m not sure why you threw that in there.

            I suppose KH3 could be here by 2014 but, by I’d seen of Nomura’s comments on the games, we’re supposed to be seeing it post-Versus. If it happens sooner, cool, but all we can do is speculate so there’s not really much point.

          • Never

            “Never called any of them spin-offs though, so I’m not sure why you threw that in there.”
            Oh, I assumed you thought they were since you said “since most of the work on DDS, like the previous portable titles, wouldn’t have been directly handled by him.” despite my saying that he handles the story and gameplay himself- which is pretty much most of the game since level design is based around the story and gameplay.

            Hey hey, now you’re saying the same thing I did. No use talking about a date that isn’t going to change anyway. I’m kind of hoping it comes later anyway, just so we have more to look forward to.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    No KHIII yet? You are tearing me apart Square! 

    And no news about the FFX HD version yet? ._.

  • Square, the only Company that can out Capcom, Capcom

  • Oh goodie! I can see my lovely Xion again in HD. I love that unfortunate little puppet. <3

  • Nooo, I hope they announce KH3 soon. :c

    • Permafry42

      they already did in dream drop distance.

      • RablaAndrews

        No, they didn’t. The message was “The past will be reawakened as a new number in never-before-seen detail. Prepare yourself for the awakening of the next number.”

        Aka, this. 1.5.

        • whoa. :) That sounds.. really appropriate. 

          Well, looking forward to buying a PS3 soon. Now I can finally play these games again… HD glory! 

        • Actually, before the ending, the credits play and, during this sequence, you are able to find hidden letters that create a message that, in turn, unlocks the secret message in the glossary.

          The message these letters form is “This leads to Kingdom Hearts”; afterward, Sora and Riku walk side-by-side in front of a light in such a way that the light is shaped in to the following: III.

          So, unless people are interpreting this in the wrong way, which is highly unlikely, they did confirm III to be the next game, or at least, DDD leads to III. Whether or not THE next game SE will make is III is a mystery, since they do like their spin-offs.

        • Göran Isacson

          … Aw man I thought that when they said “past will be reawakened” what they meant was that KH3 was going to tie up all the loose ends from the past, but now that you put it in this way it’s… pretty much obvious this is the game they’re refering to.

          • shafiq95

            if you look at the ending credit…..theres another hidden message with hidden letters that form a sentence, this leads to kingdom hearts,
            afterward, Sora and Riku walk side-by-side in front of a light in such a way that the light is shaped in to the following: III.

    • It’s already been said a bunch of times: when Versus XIII is done, then KH3 will be developed. Nomura can’t make the announcement yet UNTIL Versus XIII is done. So we’ll have to wait till that game is done before we get our hands on KH3. 

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Ohh, they are actually using the Final Mix version there.^_^

    And seeing this one is 1.5 means that we will get 2.5 before 3 isn’t it? Time to refresh my memory of facing all the secret boss in KH again and of course Xion.^_^

    •  Depends on how well this collection will sell and if there’s still a demand for a 2.5 collection release. And chances are, yeah, we’ll probably get it before 3.

  • FFmax

    Why no KH2 Square? It has the most content out of all the final mixes. Unless you’re going to make a 2.5 remix.

    • cameron forsyth

      oh man i’d buy that in a heartbeat

  • negineBIT

    Y NO KH3???? orz…

  • Permafry42

    Here’s my guess: They’re going to leave Dream Drop Distance on 3ds only for now since it is on a current gen console. They’ll release this collection, which will then cover 3 of the 7 kingdom hearts games. Then they will later release Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5, which will contain Kingdom Hearts 2 FM, Birth By Sleep HD, and Re:Coded. I’m also betting that they will release a bundle of the 2 collections that will have something extra to entice gamers into buying it (possibly a Kingdom Hearts Complete Collection with all the games besides 3??) After they release HD 1.5 and HD 2.5, now having bought themselves a year of extra time to develop Kingdom Hearts 3, will be able to release it on PS3 to it’s new and returning fanbase, allowing them to make sh*tloads of money off the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

    • Never

      It would be hilarious if it was a Wii U exclusive, and considering how Nomura has just loved jumping between consoles it’s not improbable either (though with handhelds so I could just as easily be wrong).
      Considering KH3 is only started planning phase recently it might depend on how well the Wii U sells.

      …Though maybe I’m just dreaming here since I don’t want to buy a PS3 for one game and I plan on buying the Wii U eventually.
      My wallet’s going to be in a lot of pain through 2013 & 14.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        Incredibly doubtful. 
        And if you can only find one game to like on PS3, then you haven’t looked hard enough at the system’s lineup.

        • Never

           Not really.
          KH3 has been confirmed to use DDD’s gameplay mechanics (Or similar ones), and what has a touchscreen like the 3DS? Why the Wii U, how ever could that have happened.

          Oh and I’ve looked so very hard and long at the PS3s line up and honestly there really are no console sellers for me. I apologize dearly if this bursts your worldview but there just so happen to be people with different tastes than you (aka GOOD tastes ohohohoho).

          I know, it’s utterly shocking- in fact it took me years to come to terms with that fact myself.

          For a while I thought humanity was beyond saving, but it’s the unfortunate truth- so I struggled through it. And so can you! Hang in there! We can get you through this- TOGETHER!

          …It’s still more likely to be on the PS3.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            Well, I could point out that Sony recently implemented the ability to use a Vita as a PS3 controller, thus bringing in touch-screen mechanics to the PS3, BUT instead, I’ll just point out that the sort of system wars silliness you’re speaking is against the rules of conduct for posting here. Feel free to catch up on those.

          • Never

            Bahaha oh dearest me! Whatever shall I do! I can’t have an opinion on my personal thoughts about a systems line up and its worth for me to buy without a console war going, who knew!

            Don’t worry though, I won’t mention how you blatantly said “Your opinion isn’t the same as mine so you must not have looked hard enough at my glorious console and its games!”, we’ll keep that on the down low- your secret’s safe with me ;)

            Oh and your idea is absolutely brilliant! Square will require everyone to own both the PS3 AND a Vita to play KH3 to it’s fullest extent. Ingenious! Keep the ideas flowing!

            Now remember, before you respond pull out your magic wand and say allakazam!
            It instantly brings another fallacy- just like the one in your previous post!
            Neat trick huh?

  • So, this is how I see it. 

    SE has all these KH games. Main-games, side-games, and all. The best way to make the most profit out of KH3 would be to bring in new fans, without having to boggle them down in the plot if they weren’t informed. 

    Out comes 1.5. 

    With that said, there’s a REALLY good chance a 2.5 is coming. Not only that, but I see KH is the Final Mix. That’s definitely going to bring in old players as well.

    So now we play the waiting game…

  • Zal_Yagun

    The Hell SQ? You said it will be a while for FFXHD, and now you announced more?

    • CirnoLakes

      Square Enix loves announcing things.

  • RablaAndrews

    As a Days fan this is a huge “Screw you”

    • Never

      Not really, what were you expecting?
      For them to re-release all the games on handhelds? The only ones they’re HDing already have PS2 versions, days didn’t.
      To be honest I’m more surprised they redid the cutscenes from days at all.

      If you were arguing “As a KH2 fan this is a huge “Screw you”” then yeah, otherwise don’t see it.

  • Xekyo

    I’m crying.  Crying tears of joy.  lol no but seriously.  Awesome news.  I’ve been waiting for a HD release for what feels like a gazillion years.  Although, there is no KH2, i’m sure they’ll announce it sooner or later packed in a bundle alongside Birth by Sleep.  Nothing to complain about here.  Just pure, uncontainable, hazardous fanboy love.

    Edit: Oh, no! Whenever I see “Mix” in the title, that usually comes with a “not available in the US” with it, when it comes to KH. Just a tad worried of it being an only JPN release.

  • What’s up with Japanese developers and releasing these weirdly incomplete, thrown together HD collections of games? I thought that the MGS HD Collection was weird, what with skipping the first game, and tossing one PSP game randomly into the mix, but this strikes me as even stranger. An HD remake of the original game, an HD remake of a remake of a half sequel/half remake of the original game, and a collection of HD cutscenes from one of the DS games. Why not toss an HD remake of Re:Coded in while you’re at it?

    Can you imagine a MegaMan HD Collection along these lines? It would have MegaMan 2, MegaMan 4, MegaMan 6, and the credits from MegaMan Soccer.

    It’s cool to see these games available in HD and all, I just wonder why they don’t make an effort to make these collections a bit more substantial.

    • brian yep

      That collection of Metal Gear supposedly left out MGS1 because of that Nintendo easter egg on gamecube.
      I guess they could have taken it out like with that Ape Escape minigame.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        Had absolutely nothing to do with that. It had to do with how awful a PS1 game would look in HD. I mean, have you ever played MGS1? The character’s mouths don’t even move. They wouldn’t have used Twin Snakes, not only because of Nintendo, but because it’s not considered canon, which is why Kojima encouraged all the craziness in the cutscenes that was never seen again. 

        Kojima himself has said that it was the graphics that kept 1 out of the collection and that he would like to remake MGS1 for the current gen, but he just doesn’t have time.

        •  Not to mention it would detract sales from MG1 on the PSone classic sections. Its more valuable standalone than trying to tack on another 10 dollars for a game that may not appeal to newer, short sighted gamers. Same reason why Silent Hill is not in the HD collection.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    What kind of bizarro world is this where we get something we ask from SE?

    Also wtf is “Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days cutscenes in HD” supposed to mean? Is the whole game now in HD as well as the cutscenes, or is it just a collection of HD cutscenes from the game and not the game itself?

    • Utku Savaş

      It’s pretty obvious if you ask me…

      • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

        Obvious, but pretty lame if they’re just leaving it as a collection of vids…

  • Hinataharem

    Holy crap! Final Mix!

  • Wow, O.O yet Iwanted mostly Kindom Hearts 2 Final mix that’s more challenging for my taste I want to battle linguering sentiment For a second Time and WIn X3

  • WAHT!!!! NO KH 2 can’t do that you Can’t 

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    This is a great thing. The Kingdom Hearts series has been spread over too many places, IMO. It’s become incredibly hard to follow, which is why sales of it are dropping. Having everything in one place is the best way to get people ready for KH3. 

    As others have said, I imagine there will be a 2.5 HD Collection with 2 Final Mix, BBS, and the cutscenes from the 3DS game. I look very forward to both of them.

  • could this be an attempt to draw new people into the kingdom hearts series as sales for every subsequent game are dwindling? i mean it is pretty clear that the story has gone down too many rabbit holes for any new comer to be fully immersed in the world. this could be a good thing. i would really like the series to be revitalized and for new people to experience the joys of this wonderful game , back when Disney was much more prevalent in the game. its just my opinion but i really really really miss having Disney side kicks, so much, the joys i had with goofey and donald

    •  Uuuuh, did you not see the sales on Dream Drop? Its one of the best selling 3DS games on the market right now…

      • 3DS yes, compared to other KH games the sales keep decreasing with each new game.

      • Solomon_Kano

        It opened at around a 50% drop from BBS and something like 100k from 358/2 despite being the more important of the two titles and also having added more. It also dropped meteorically in sales just the week after it’s opening, being down to only 20k two weeks later.

        Best-selling on system XYZ isn’t really relevant for Square. That huge drop despite the game being known about since the 3DS’ E3 reveal and being on the hottest platform at the moment is of their concern though.

  • AokiShizuku

    This is actually pretty nice considering I was never able to get my hands on a JP PS2. This will be a wonderful chance to play KH1 Final Mix and Re:Chain of Memories, another KH I never got to play.

  • Anime10121

    Yes! THIS is what I’m talking bout Square! Dont know why people were expecting ALL mainline titles in one collection though. What will probably happen is this will be released next year, then the year after, an HD collection consisting of BBS FM and KH II FM+ along with Re: Coded cutscenes will be released in 2014, we may get one more mainline KH title for 2015 and KH3 finally in 2016. That’ll mostly go with their claim of one title a year, so I think thats how it’ll work :)

    • KHSoraKeyBlade

      I think this is a great package! I’ll finally get to play Re:CoM now as well!

      I think people just want to see Kh1,2 & BbS in one collection because “Errmahgerd the others are spinoffs” ….. hopefully they add more rendered cutscenes for Days though.

  • Minko Tsurugi 民子鶴来

    I’m psyched. 
    Here’s hoping KH2 and Birth by Sleep are in the pipeline.

  • Garbage if it doesn’t actually have new content, or 358 days in HD. Sheesh.

    • KHSoraKeyBlade

      You know that the Final Mix version wasn’t released outside of Japan and Re:CoM never even saw the shelves in Europe right? So in a way it is new content to some people.

      Personally I am glad Days isn’t being put in HD because that would require an actual remake so that would take more time. Where as rendering two ps2 titles in HD and simply adding HD cutscenes for Days is easier and would speed up a release date.

      Re:/CoM is a vastly under-rated game and everyone complains that the Final Mixes are exclusive to Japan. Yet here they line up one and people complain. Sheesh.

  • AceWildCard

    See this sounds good in theory, But in reality you know there’s gonna be another collection pack with KH:2 and Birth by sleep. Would rather pay a premium to have Them all at once. Similar to the “New” god of war collection than have all the games scattered on multiple disks (Example: GoW 1&2 + GoW 3 + GoW Chains of Olympus & Ghost of Sparta HD = 3 Disks instead of one convenient Disk).

    • Barzh

       Well, now we have all 5 games on GoW Saga, but it’s just another release trying to get even more copies sold.

  • Go2hell66

    lol i first read “KH 358/2 days HD”, and i was like wtf? lololol


    Only getting it for KH CoM :D
    Me wants to play that game sooo much, godbless ps3 for region free lol.

    • KHSoraKeyBlade

      CoM is such an under rated game in the series, I am as well looking forward to this just for CoM!

  • I guess they will release a KH HD 2.5 Remix later on, with KH2, Birth By Sleep and HD cutscenes for Re:Coded and Dream Drop Distance… that way they can cover all the series in the same system they will release KH3 for.

    •  I have them all, and yet, I’ll gladly get it again. You just can’t go wrong with this series.

  • Before anyone gets their knickers in a twaddle over this one way or the other, don’t you think we should wait till we know this is even going beyond Japan? I’d like to say its a given, but given Square’s neglect of certain other would-be stateside releases, I wouldn’t put it past them to only put in the effort to sell this in their own home country. 

    • Dede Ogbe

      u make a good point. Final Fantasy type 0 i thought was a given release state side. Seems like it won’t happen though.

      • Talbot

        Well, Type-0 had that small problem of being a large-budget double-disc PSP title in a climate where the PSP is all but dead in the west. At least with this, it’s a PS3 title, so it’s more likely to come overseas.

        • Dede Ogbe

          Another good point. for a while now i’ve had a hunch the reason they’ve not mentioned it at all is for 2 reasons. One its been cancelled, and they want it to quietly die out. Two, it being remade/remastered for the Vita, kind of like a kingdom hearts final mix title, dubbing it ‘Final fantasy Type 0 International version’. I would love for this version to have bonus content as well, like a director’s cut edition or something. Both seem quite possible. But all in all just pure speculation. in any case i wish  they would just give us some clarity on it.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        Type 0 being a PSP title pretty much doomed it from the beginning in the West. 

    • SeventhEvening

      Really? Square Enix passes on localizing a single game and suddenly they have a habit of neglecting properties? Usually people complain about SE releasing too many re-releases. 

      We’re talking about a company that has released the original Final Fantasy more than 13 different times. A company that has a track record of milking and re-releasing everything they conceivably can to squeeze every possible penny out of a game. 
      Yes, they passed on Type-0, a massive game that would have taken serious effort to localize only for it to be released on a system during the devices twilight. While I thought it was a given that it would be localized, it also isn’t that remarkable that SE decided to pass on it; it is a sound business decision.

      But could you really believe that SE wouldn’t bring over a title that they already have localized? All the work is finished! They basically don’t have to do anything to prep it for a state side release and even in the worse case they can just pop it up on PSN and it won’t cost them anything. 

      •  Not just Agito. Every Mix and International has been bypassed. We get none of the side bonuses either.  Just as a reminder that includes
        Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission
        Final Fantasy X International
        Final Fantasy XII Zodiac
        Itadaki Street Special
        Kingdom Hearts 1&2 Final Mix
        The entire Ultimania Omega book series for both brandname franchises.

        Whoever is in charge of deciding what does and doesn’t get localized is a moron. All of these games have a strong enough market to the US.

        It wouldn’t have costed them anything to send us the Final Mixes in the first place. Square is just grossly negligent of their overseas markets.

  • Kamion

    Well, not getting this because I didn’t like KH1 and COM enough to buy and play them again.

    Now BBS… I would totally play that again. I hope it will be in 2.5 :)

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    I’m actually thrilled with this. I have never even played Re:CoM because damn you Europe so I am delighted. Great news as well about the Final Mix!
    The inevitable KH HD 2.5 remix though will be the better version just because they’ll more than likely add KH2FM :D

    Also, what is up with that social game for the pc? I lol’d but I will seriously play that.

  • Talbot

    A lack of KH2 seems weird, but never mind! If this comes overseas, we in Europe will finally get what I presume is the elusive PS2 version of CoM we never received. Mwahaha. Mwahahahahaha.

    • Yumii 123

      I’m guessing they will release a Kingdom Hearts HD pack 2 with KH2, Birth by sleep and cutscenes from Dream drop distance. That way they got all the games covered for KH3.

      • shafiq95

        cutscenes from re.coded*

  • Isaac Newton

    My guess: if you complete all KH 1.5 game you will see the KH 2.5 trailer or FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KH3!!!!!

  • HassanJamal

    I guess this kinda confirms that KH3 will be a ps3 exclusive. If it went multiplatform, they would have made the KH HD collection multiplatform as well.

    • SirRichard

      It might just be exclusive in Japan, they wouldn’t be the first to do that. If it’s exclusive outside of Japan as well, then we’d be able to assume that.

  • Oni123

    nice! does this mean we can finally have Re: chain of memories in the uk 8D?

  • $30632660

    I knew it was gonna happen eventually.What I didn’t predict was that they were gonna leave out Kingdom Hearts 2, probably to add Birth by Sleep Final Mix with KH2 Final Mix.

  • eliel

    add skip able scenes and im down to replay theses hi res remakes ;)

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      KH Final Mix already allowed to skip

      • Rentekabond

        Only after you watched it the first time though. You still have to view it at least once.

  • SirRichard

    Had to leave out KH2, of course. You could’ve filled that 38/2 Days space with something else, fellas!

    If it does sees an overseas release (and they’d be silly not to bring it), at least we’ll actually be getting the Chain of Memories remake this time.

  • CirnoLakes


  • Primal Link

    I had a hunch there would be SOME form of HD collection till Nomura was finished with a certain elusive title coughversusxiiicough. I just hope it comes overseas as I have nvr played re:chain owing to my location or the first one(mainly cause i dont have anything to run it anymore).

    As for Kh2 well maybe they plan to stick that with bbsfm, just speculation mind.

  • Awesome, I’m getting this! Will this be the first time we europeans get to enjoy Re:Chain of Memories? I loved the original Chains, but Re:Chains looks so great!

  • Alphabet Soup

    1.5?  Well that IS halfway to 3. ;)  

    In all seriousness, I am pretty excited for this.  I really enjoyed KH1 and would love to play it again on my PS3.

  • Göran Isacson

    Ha ha, WELP, wasn’t expecting that! I admit that I’ve been dreaming and fantasizing about a KH HD collection, but in my personal best-case scenario they would have included KH1FM, KH2FM, BBSFM and Re:COM in one package, since those games are the most relevant to the series overarching plot. But this is… well. I didn’t see it coming, I’ll admit that. While I’m glad we are getting the FM-versions centering each HD collection around a single games time-frame feels… I dunno. Kinda feels like we’re being strung along.

    But on the other hand, I can get why they’re doing it too. They want to buy more time for KH3 now that they’ve HOPEFULLY gotten started on VsXIII and this way they can make the collections feel a bit more focused, thematically. Sour grapes for fans of Days gameplay, but on the whole I wonder if this wasn’t the better option. Upscaling the whole game was probably considered more trouble than it’s worth, and I’ll be honest: playing a lot of missions where the most exciting thing going on in the plot is which kid is in a coma got old. Fast. They trimmed the fat, and I can respect that even if I would like to see different gameplay elements like elemental guards and maybe even restricted number of spells implemented in some way in the franchises future. There were interesting things going on in 35(‘s gameplay, but I don’t know if they’d be enough to warrant the game getting a full on make-over.

    Ah, whatever, we’ll see how the situation develops. I hope they do at least add SOME gameplay refinements, such as maps and right-stick camera control in KH1. And if I’m allowed to dream, it would be kind of cool if the now function-less shoulderbuttons instead pulled up short-cut menues with partner commands, so you could make sure Donald only healed you when you told him to. Kinda like Secret of Manas ring system, if anyone here remembers that? I think that could be a fun way to get the sidekicks more involved and feel less like walking meat shields. Another fun little addition I’ve been thinking of: how about you hold the attack-button to charge a meter, and when the meter is full you open a new short-cut command menu where you get to pick from the different super attacks Sora can do in KH1, like Strike Raid, Sonic Blade, Ars Arcanum and Ragnarok?

  • XiaomuArisu

    About time!
    so….when will the 2.5 come?

  • Natat

    Haha called it! … Although I expected KH2 FM to be also on the mix, and didn’t expect Days’ cutscenes or whatever it is. Anyway will be a great chance to play KH1 FM in English… provided it comes to US, of course.

  • SpaceOfSoul

    People shouldn’t get too excited..this could after all be exclusive to Japan… I’m not aware of the content final mix 1 and 2 have. But im pretty sure they have additional scenes with voice acting… Wouldn’t that be a problem? I guess they can hire the voice actors but I feel like the final mix is exclusive to japan… And the US will get the same hd collection except the original that was released in the US…
    But! Here’s hoping that the final mixes DO come stateside.

    •  You can always import the HD Collection; the PS3 is region-free, and since most people who would import these games know pretty much what to expect in terms of language barriers, it’s not too bad. That’s considering this doesn’t get a US release and/or people can’t wait for an announcement for the US.

      Also, I wouldn’t get my hopes up for the tentative US collection to include FM; they might just go with the regular US release for KH I. Then again, it would defeat the purpose of the ‘Mix’ part of “ReMix”, but that’s my opinion. Whether or not the extra content in FM is voiced in English already or not, I hope SE considers localizing all 3 FMs here.

  • Well, that’s pretty cool I suppose.  Strange they left out two, unless they want to do another HD release for that.  

    • Utku Savaş

      Which HD Collection was complete? None of them. At least SE bothered to include 358/2 Days’ cutscenes. And yes, there will be HD 2.5 Remix which will include KHII Final Mix + Birth by Sleep and the cutscenes of RE: Coded. And with the two HD Collections, it will be more or less the most complete HD Collection to the date. Surely they won’t include Dream Drop Distance because it’s too fresh and the copyright issues of Nintendo. But if one wants to catch up the story until KHIII, one must buy only 2 systems and 3 games; HD 1.5 Remix and HD 2.5 Remix for PS3 and Dream Drop Distance for 3DS. It is more profitable than buying 7 different games for 4 (or 5, if you count the original Chain of Memories for GBA) different systems.

      • Incredible!  You already know about the HD 2.5 Remix?  I’m so surprised they were announced so close together!  So, where did you read this?

        • “The past will be reawakened
          as a new number
          in never before seen detail”
          1:The Past Will Be Reawakened As A New Number in never before seen detail: Relived Stories In Crisp Clear HD (PS3) just a theory maybe we will get 2.5 before going to number 3, what do we know we might get KH2fm and bbs fm and bbs volume 2

      • Christopher Nunes

        How do you know there will be a HD 2.5 Remix? Honestly they’re going to do it to complete the Kingdom Hearts experience so everyone can catch up on the KH story to be ready for KH3 so there’s no doubt about it, but where and when do they announce it to make it 100% official?

        Now to sound skeptical, but I like to get the source to make sure the information is accurate.

  • Monsley

    I had almost completely lost interest in Kingdom Hearts, but now I’m actually excited about this! The first game is probably one of my favourite games ever and I’m so happy that I’ll finally get to play Re: CoM properly!
    Besides, if this collection gets a European release, we can finally play the game without those horrendous black bars/slowdowns/squashed picture! (I actually don’t remember how bad KH was, but I believe it was almost as bad as Final Fantasy X, am I wrong?)

  • Ben Sylvia

    We are actually truly getting Final Mix stateside?
    For real like??


    • Ibi Salmon

      I don’t think it has been confirmed for western regions, but I’m excited all the same.


  • I think it has two vol and this is vol 1 has 3 game and vol 2 has the order 2 game or 3 game like kingdom hearts birth by sleep, kingdomhearts 2 and dream drop distance or re coded in hd 

  • harmonyworld

    I didn’t get to have Re: Chain of Memories for PS2, so this’ll just gimmie a chance to play that.
    Also my KH disks are pretty scratched from years of play, so that’s good too!

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