Monster Hunter 4 Trailer Gives Us Our Latest Look At The Game

By Ishaan . September 19, 2012 . 6:44pm

While Capcom USA released new screenshots of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the U.S., Capcom Japan released a new trailer for Monster Hunter 4 at the Tokyo Game Show. Check it out below:



Monster Hunter 4 brings all the familiar weapons back to the series, and adds a new one. You can see a list of the weapons here, and details of their new jumping attacks here. Capcom have also added a new feature to the game in the form of multiple villages that you’ll get to travel between in your caravan.


Monster Hunter 4 is slated for release in Spring 2013 in Japan.

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  • Shane Guidaboni

    This game looks gorgeous. I hope Capcom sees a reason to bring this stateside.

    • Shiki

      I think the reason will be the sellings of MH3U , let’s hope that people will appreciate the game , and pay attentiont to it , we need more MH games here

  • SantiagodelosSantos

    Other than some textures…damn that looks amazing

  • shion16

    I was expecting better graphics for MONHUN 4.
    I mean, compared to the PSP it doesnt look that great

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Well, 3DS pics never do justice to the real graphics here. It would be better if you can try the demo first there to know how the graphics go.^_^

      • shion16

        I agree, 3DS screenshots never do justice to the real game.

        I just dont like the enviroment design, it looks kinda polygonal

  • XypherCode

    Looks great! It really does look western-ish. xD
    MonHun 4 HD ver. anyone? lol

  • kuroneko0509

    more action-ish :D

  • KnightBlazer

    Only thing I really care about is crafting new weapons,monsters,area,armors,and skills.

  • Looks good. lol I sure hope we can play this here.

  • FlameEmperor

    Capcom…… I already love you for localizing Monster Hunter Ultimate 3……….. Localize this……… And I’ll love you even more than ever before…..

  • this will make the rest of JPN buy 3DS.

  • It looks great!…so that means it will be cancelled soon. Jkjk I hope it is localized.

  • konsama

    Spider monster…SPIDER MONSTER god we’re barely getting 3U and they’re getting that. I hope MH4 won’t take 12342352 months to be localized (if it even does).

    • Syn

      Spider monster!!!!! I thought the exact same thing, was recent;y thinking wjhy they only had crab monsters before, but they get early, well,time to go and buy 3U so they know theres much MH love in the regions outside japan so I can hunt me a freaking spider in less than 
      12342352 months.

  • Fango

    oh sweet is this getting released on the N64?

    • Sheimi12

      Correct me if I am mistaken but is this the same bobo fango that runs the P3rd wetpaint wiki or something like that (the MH3g one too?)? Why degrade yourself by making the same asinine comments that certain nameless wiki contributors make? Even if I am mistaken comments like this are getting so old by now…

      • Hinataharem

        He’s salty cuz everyone has moved onto Tri G and 4, and making his P3rd-only site useless :P

    • sd28

      so you have never seen an n64 game then

      • Asura

         I’m sorry, but I HAVE recently played N64 games, and these ENVIRONMENTS specifically come straight out of N64 games…

  • looks magnificent

    please let it be released stateside~

  • EverEndingStory

    The use of color in the art direction of this game is absolutely flooring.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    This game can’t stop getting better here.^_^

    While i am quite concerned whether jumping is going to broken the game into too easy game there, i am really happy that we will get a lo new monster with a new way to kill us here.^_^

    • Syn

      Ave noticed in many of your comments you talk about how easy you think some features will “break” the games and make them too easy, like in every single one, are you really so awesome that a feature like jumping that will obviously leave you vulnerable if you missed will break the game? This is MH after all, if difficulty and game breaking are a concern, take high guild rank missions on with your with the bluntest weapon in your inventory, that should provide a non game “breaking” experience when the game comes out ohhh masterful player who thinks game makers dont think of balancing their games during development.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Well, i have played from the first one here and i have see some of the new titles getting a bit too easy there.(Except the sea section where i suck badly there.)

        Especially this time, i see how we are going to be able to combo Bow(Not bowgun.) and jump while shooting. This can allow player to keep hitting the monster  while maintaining distance and avoid most of monster attack here.

        I am not saying that implementing jumping is wrong though. I am just hoping here that the new monster or older monster there will come out with more moves to counter our jumping moves here.

        • Syn

          They probably will, every new generation of MH games usually update the moves of old monsters while trying not to over power the new monsters, also, with the terrain awareness feature as well as improved animation and physics overall, it doesnt seem like the monsters will be push overs, just look at the new trailer showing the Tigrex climbing a wall, it means higher ground will not be a safe haven as in some of the previous games.

  • PreyMantis

    Okay, everyone, start buying MH3U and/or MH3UHD when they’re out. If you don’t get one of the games, we’ll just have happy fun times of you getting your nails ripped-off while being punctured slowly on the stomach. ;D

  • -Purple armor looks friggin’ awesome
    -Jump attacks look sweet
    -That new insect weapon? Think I might try that one out just for those incredible acrobatics.

  • Draparde

    i think i just may have found my new main. or prehaps a sub. since Bow will always have a place in my heart. 

  • Ok…this trailer just sold me on using a Bow. This looks amazing.

  • Syn

    At exactly 1:30 in the trailer, the angle of the camera makes the monster look like it came straight out of an Aliens movie, this is looking epic as ever!!

  • I’m definitely getting MH 3G Ultimate on the 3DS, I want the series to be as sucessful as possible in the west so I can have a shot at playing this!

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