Circle Pad Pro For Nintendo 3DS XL Displayed On Nintendo’s Website

By Ishaan . September 20, 2012 . 8:50am

Nintendo have officially revealed the new Circle Pad Pro accessory for the Nintendo 3DS XL in Japan. Price and release date haven’t been mentioned yet, but the accessory is listed on their Japanese website and looks similar to the orignal Circle Pad Pro for the regular Nintendo 3DS model.


The original Circle Pad Pro was revealed alongside Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate back in 2011, and a limited number of bundles containing both the game and the device were made available.


Given that there have been commercials of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Monster Hunter 4 running on the 3DS XL in Japan, revealing a Circle Pad Pro accessory for the XL at this point makes sense.

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  • SantiagodelosSantos

    I might buy it. I liked the first one and I kind of want to play mgs 3d again with the extra circle pad

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    This thing is gonna make the XL laughably huge.

    • LustEnvy

       It’s already laughably huge…and I love it for it.

  • *sigh* I hate this is what it takes to play Monster Hunter properly. I guess not everything could have been perfect.

  • Renzouri

    If you squint your eyes hard enough it looks like a Wii U Gamepad…

  • XypherCode

    Nothing is actually portable these days. It’s huge but still playable so I’d still buy it. Nothing beats twin sticks with a game like this but when I played 3G the game didn’t really need the add-on. It’s fine without it and you can just use the touch screen for the camera.

    At least they kinda trimmed off the sides a little bit and some of those curvings and round edges. :P

    •  The swimming was awful wihtout it though i thought. 

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Lol, this is going to make XL into XXL there lol.^_^

  • ShawnOtakuSomething


  • Hmm…………..

  • Or they could (should) have just made the damn XL symmetrical with the second analog stick already on the system. So damn ghetto. #NintendoHatesLefties

  • Shadowman

    How will that fit in my pocket? I guess I gotta take it part and put it in separate pockets. 

  • $30632660

    If it doesn’t have an ac adapter where I can charge it then I don’t care.I’m not wasting money on batteries, it’s 2012 Nintendo.

    •  So you want a more expensive item because it needs an adapter than the one  battery that you need to change almost never? Do you actually have one that you’re saying this?  The battery lasts a really really long time.

    • Ah, Mago, ignorant as ever. You realize that a AAA battery on the Circle Pad Pro lasts something like 400 hours, right? :)

      • $30632660

        I also realize that I’d rather have an ac adapter that lasts as long as I pay for my electricity bill.Whose ignorant now? :)


        More expensive item? Because AC Adapters are sooooo expensive amirite?People pay more money for quality things all the time so don’t even try to go there.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          How exactly is a li-ion or ni-cad battery pack and charger of remarkably ‘higher quality’ than a good quality AAA. Both do the same power job. The cost of such a package will be far more than the $6 or less one can get 12 batteries for, which at 400 hours a piece is more than you will ever need throughout the lifetime of the pad.

        • AceWildCard

           Guys Cmon… you all are wrong, the big N needs innovation, conventional batteries or ac adapters wont cut it… SOLAR POWER~

          • Kitestwinblades

            Then we could have some games like Boktai hit the 3DS! XD profit!

            I’m actually more of a fan of rechargeable things because buying AA or AAA batteries is kind of odd these days(except for the occasional remote battery and certain toys i’d imagine). 

            But on the flip side, that is a LONG time for a AAA. One mega pack of 24 would last you a year and if those statistics are right, that means you would have to be playing CONSTANTLY… WITH the circle pad(naturally and…ouch) XD  Not to mention, refusing to buy it simply because it takes a AAA is a bit strange. lol but the idea(nearly ALL of it) does sound pretty silly on paper.

    • Isaac Newton

      Start saving money about a BILLINIONS….
      Then how about you buy your own power plant.
      Life is simple man.

  • AceWildCard

    Game Gear length <3

  • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

    US release date pls, Nintendo.

  • Scallion

    Nintendo’s become the king of planned obsolescence.

  • Aoshi00

    Looks rather natural to me.. actually I don’t find the XL that big to hold, it’s thinner, the matte finish giving a better grip, and the round edges feel comfortable..  this doesn’t seem to add that much on the side..

    I’m getting the XL Circle Pro Pad to play Resident Evil Revelations later on, or maybe Kingdom Hearts.. wonder if it’s gonna be a Gamestop exclusive again, hope it’s the same price for $20… seriously I’m very satisfied w/ the XL, I wish I hadn’t gotten the original 3DS.. the only thing that’s not as good is the sound volume is lower.

  • LustEnvy

    Recently got the 3DS XL (my first 3DS), and I WILL be getting the CCP XL. Playing KH: 3D and Resident Evil just BEGS for that 2nd analog. I don’t care about how aesthetically displeasing it is. I want functionality and comfort. 

    I am however scratching my head at Nintendo for not including the 2nd stick on the XL to begin with. The space is THERE. I don’t care about any excuses at this point. Yes, not all games support it, but not all games support every single function on portable systems to begin with.

    It’s stupid.

  • eilegz

    so big almost like a wiiu gamepad

  • Kitestwinblades

    We all knew it was coming…
    but nothing can prepare you for the 3DS XL Circle Pad PRO!! 

  • isfuturebright

    I think this Circle Pad Pro thingy is the like Nintendo is saying “oops, sorry. We forgot the second analog stick”. They keep saying the 3DS doesn’t need one, and release this. I’d love to get a 3DS, but I’ll probably wait for a redesign like the Nintendo DS had. 

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